The Model Sister

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Kenny's little sister is full of surprises.
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Author's Note: Welcome to my entry in the Literotica Nude Day Story Contest 2023! Last month marked my 13th anniversary here on Lit, so I wanted to do something fun. Over the years I've been asked if I have a favorite story of my own. This is that story. Bro/sis is my personal kink, and I think this one delivers, Now, let's see if you agree. LC68

Chapter One

"Goddamn, Kenny, you're really going to make a porno?" Danny asked excitedly. "Can I be in it?"

"Hell no!" He grimaced as he struggled to unfold the six-foot-tall set of white panels. "Why would I want to see that little thing?"

"Ask your mom if it's little," Danny laughed.

"Funny. Now how about you get over here and help me unfold these things instead of acting like an asshole?"

"Jeez, lighten up will you?" Danny grabbed the back panel and pulled it out while Kenny held the other. "Going to be getting laid on camera, and you're all serious."

"First of all, it's not porn, it's an erotic photoshoot." He pulled his end around the foot of his bed which they'd moved to the middle of his bedroom. "Bend your end around the foot of the bed."

"What's the difference?" Danny did as he asked, then flipped the metal brackets on the back, locking them into place. "You're going to have an escort over here to strip and get all sexy for you. Not telling me you're not going to fuck her."

Kenny stepped over to the other side of the bed where his Nikon was set up on a tripod.

"She's not an escort, she's model," he insisted.

"Can I see a picture of her?"

"Yeah, why not?" He tried to sound casual but couldn't pull his phone out of his pocket fast enough.

He pulled up her page on the RI Models website and handed the phone to Danny.

"Jenna Styles?" he laughed. "Sounds like a pornstar to me." He shook his head. "Goddamn, look at her!"

Kenny smiled as he watched Danny scroll through dozen photos that he'd pretty much memorized at this point. Jenna, a tall busty blue eyed blonde, was absolute perfection, and it showed in her photos which ranged from an elegant evening gown, to a naughty schoolgirl outfit and lingerie.

"Available for erotic shoots." Danny read part of her description. "I am as playful as I am professional and will pose semi-nude. For an additional fee I am willing to engage in photos portraying simulated sex. I am not an escort or sex worker, so please be professional and a gentleman. Modeling is a career, and to many, art. It's not pornography."

"Bro, you're really paying this girl $250 and you're not getting laid?"

"I told you, it's for class. I'm not looking to hook up."

"You're going to want to after you spend an hour taking pictures of that fine piece of ass." He handed his phone back to him. "Seriously, I bet she puts out, that last line is to stay out of trouble with the cops."

"If I wanted a hooker I could have gotten one, but this isn't for fun, Danny, it's a third of my grade. I need a woman who knows how to pose and love the camera."

"Screw the camera, I'd pay her to love something else."

"Because you're still fourteen up here." He tapped his head, then pointed between his legs, "And down there."

"Don't act like you're not going to get all horned out taking those pictures."

"I didn't say that," he laughed. "But this isn't about sex, just sexy pictures."

"That's a lot of money though. You could find someone cheaper. What about a girl at school, there any girls in your class?"

"Hey, want to come over my house and let me take pictures of you in lingerie, maybe topless so I can show them to my photography teacher and the class? Yeah, that will work."

He walked over to the tripod that held his Nikon, and stepping behind it, peered through the lens, and adjusted it so the entire bed was visible for when needed a wide angle shot.

"But like I said, I need someone who knows how to pose and smile and act natural. Plus, this is her job so she's fine with it being shared for my project. Its advertising for her."

"Then why are you paying so much?"

"Trust me, that price is a deal for what she's going to do, she's giving me a break because I mentioned RISD and her brother went there three years ago. She's even going to post some of the pictures on her profile and credit me. Other models who are looking at her page might hire me to shoot them."

"That would be hot! Taking pics of sexy girls and getting paid!" Danny whistled. "I need to get a camera."

"Only if you can take pictures one handed, perv boy," Kenny joked.

"Where'd you get that kind of money anyway?"

"My parents gave me the hundred dollar fee to rent a studio for an hour, but seeing they're away for a friend's wedding, I'm doing it here so I kept that and the rest I've been saving the last couple of months."

"What about your sister? I know she's a little spacey, but she's okay with you bringing some girl up here to strip and roll around on your bed?"

"Josie's working tomorrow. I did tell her I'm having someone over to take pics, she doesn't care."

"Probably too stoned to care," Danny pointed out. "Girl's a damn pothead."

"She doesn't smoke that much," Kenny defended his younger sister. "She's just kind of out there in general. She's got that whole flower child thing going."

"Yeah, too bad she dresses like a hippie, bet she'd be really cute if she tried."

"Bet she cares you think what she looks like," He rolled his eyes. "What is it with you and my sister? She's two years younger than you, and..." he stared at him pointedly. "She's my little sister."

"Little sis is 18, bro," Danny grinned seeing he'd gotten under his skin yet again on the subject. "She's a woman now."

"Then maybe when you become a man that will matter," Kenny quipped. "Besides, I don't think my sister has any interest in seeing anyone. She dumped Jim a few months ago and as far as I know hasn't met anyone else."

"Think she's into girls? A lot of those free love types go both ways."

"Thanks for helping me get these things in the house and set them up." Kenny ignored that last remark and indicated the panels which he'd found for $100 on Craig's list two days ago, a deal, but his bank account was close to zero after he took out the money to give to Jenna tomorrow.

"Wonder what she has going on under those weird dresses and baggy ass clothes she wears." He gestured to Kenny. "You live with her; you must have seen her in shorts or a shirt that fits. She have an actual body, or she really skinny or something?"

"Knock it off," he knew Danny was teasing, but he was on edge about tomorrow. The shoot would be a big part of this semester's grade, and he was taking a risk going with an erotic theme, but he wanted to do something bold and different.

"Just kidding around, man, ease up." Danny told him.

"No, you're always saying things like that, and you try to talk to her whenever you see her here and she told me you stop by Subway when she's working."

"Maybe I just like to ask if she still has the five dollar footlongs." He laughed. "Remember that commercial?" he stopped l when he saw him scowl.

"Okay, sorry," he shrugged. "I know she's your sister, and she's kind of in her own little world, but there's something about her. Maybe I'm a sucker for hippie tomboys."

"You're digging a deeper hole."

"Only under your skin," Danny smirked. "I just like to bust your chops, man. Besides, she's so into that sixties shit I bet she doesn't even shave her pits," he scrunched his face up. "Or shower. Her hairs always kind of a mess so maybe..."

"Bye, Dan, thanks again."

"No problem, that's what friends are for." Danny waved his hand. "Back to this photo thing. I still don't think you're being honest. You must be getting something out of this other than a grade."

"Maybe," he admitted. "I'll tell you if you promise to lay off the sister cracks."

"Promise, no more wondering if your sister has a body or if she's a stick figure."

"I plan on being in a few of the pics myself."


"I told you this is an erotic theme. I'm going to get some shots of her posing with me," he winked. "Topless hopefully."

"I knew it! That's more like it, Mister this is professional."

"In fact," he figured he'd really get him going. "I was thinking of a couple of her between my legs, maybe with her tongue out. She said she'll do simulated sex."

"That's the only kind you have anyway, so you should be fine." Danny clapped his hands at his own burn.

"Rather have it with myself than the skanks you date," Kenny retorted. "I figure I'll have a little fun while staying in line with what I asked for." He lifted his arms and did a quick flex. "I think I can pull it off."

"Yeah, you're a real stud. Thought you wanted a pro, why not hire a guy to pose with her?"

"Because I can't afford it and this way I can get a cheap little thrill I guess. Besides, I take so many pictures of people, I wonder sometimes how I'd be on the other end of the lens."

"Lame as you are no matter where you are."

Kenny's reply was cut off by a soft knock on his bedroom door.

"Hey, Kenny," Josie called out. "Can I come in?"

"Sure can!" Danny replied with a smirk in his direction.

Josie entered the room, and as always looked as she'd just fallen out of bed. Her long, dark, naturally curly hair was loosely piled on top of her head, held there by several small purple clips. Long strands of it hung in her face and on either side of it, partially obscuring her wide brown eyes.

Josie wore no make-up, and proving Danny's point her mode of dress couldn't be more unflattering. The yellow flower printed blouse was loose enough to fit another person in there with her, and the wide voluminous sleeves were too long, covering her hands and leaving only her fingers visible.

The slacks were just as bad, bright orange bell bottoms so shapeless people simply had to assume she had legs in there somewhere. The cuffs flowed out over her feet leaving them invisible until she walked over to him.

She wore yellow flipflops with a purple butterfly mounted to the strap between her toes. In keeping with her absence of make-up, her fingers and toes weren't painted, although her nails did have some length, but she kept them plain.

Kenny gave her credit. Most girls would be embarrassed to be seen in public without their hair and face done and dressed decent. But not his little sister. Josie gave zero fucks about what people thought about her.

He wondered if it even occurred to her what people said or how they looked at her. Danny wasn't wrong when he'd described her as spacy. Josie seemed oblivious to everything around her, and she spoke slowly. Her voice had a smoky quality to it which could be described as sexy, but she always sounded distant, as if she weren't really interested in the conversation.

Josie did smoke more than her share of weed, but her personality in general was as Danny had said kind of spacey. At this point Kenny was convinced his parents knew she smoked, but seeing she never did it, or kept it, in the house they let it slide.

Well, she didn't do it in the house when their parents were home, he'd smelled it in the hall at seven this morning when he was heading to the bathroom. Then again, according to his folks Josie was a lot like mom when she was younger, and a self-proclaimed "Love child". So maybe that's why they didn't care about her mode of dress or coming home smelling like pot.

Josie was also a straight A student, had held her part time job at Subway for two years and paid for her own insurance. In that sense she was a bit of a paradox, the look and mellow disposition of a burn out, but more responsible than a lot of kids her age.

His sister also possessed a sweet disposition and the one feature she couldn't hide or diminish was a huge and genuine smile that always touched her eyes and tended to make people around her smile with her.

Josie would help anyone who needed it, including Kenny whenever he needed a favor of any kind including borrowing money in between his pay checks from Walgreens because unlike him, she knew how to save money.

His sister was 'good people' as his dad would put it, and it was why he'd always taken exception to anyone who mocked her throwback look or made fun of her as being 'special' because of her slow way of speaking and tendency to zone out.

"Hey, Josie," Danny greeted her. "I bet you're hot under all those clothes."

Kenny wanted to smack him but settled for shooting him a look.

"No, the fabric's thin, I made this outfit myself."

"It shows."

"Danny was just leaving." Kenny informed him.

"How you doing with the design thing?" Danny kept talking. "Sell anything?"

"I sell some of my bead jewelry, but none of my dresses yet, but it's okay, I do it for fun more than money."

"You should make things most girls would wear. You know, short dresses, things that show they have a body?"

"There's a ton of that out there. My stuff is for women who don't care about anything but what they like."

"Hey, its rude not to share you know." Danny put his hand out.

"Share what?" Josie asked, her eyes growing wider, causing Kenny to notice they were red.

"What you've been smoking to sound stoned out of your mind." Danny snapped his fingers. "Oh, wait, you always sound like that don't you?"

"Bye Danny." Kenny shoved him in the back.

"I guess," Josie didn't seem offended. "Kenny, can you help me for a few minutes"

"Maybe I can help?" Danny offered with a grin.

"Kenny said you were leaving."

"He is." Kenny leaned close and whispered. "Get out of here before I smack you for being a dick to my sister."

"Hey, yeah, have to run." Danny nodded. "Good luck tomorrow, bro. Make sure you get your money's worth."

He walked past Josie and paused to sniff loudly. "Damn, girl, I could get a contact just standing next to you."

He waved at Kenny over his shoulder and left the room, seeing himself out as he had been since they'd first become friends in middle school.

"What are you getting your money's worth from?" Josie asked. "What are these partitions for around your bed?"

"I told you I have my shoot tomorrow. Doing it here to save money on the studio."

"Thought mom and dad gave you money for that."

"Yeah, they did, but I spent it on these and paying for the model."

"Oh," Josie looked at his bed. "You're paying a girl to take pictures on your bed?"

"Its kind of a racy shoot." Kenny said evasively.

"Mom and dad don't know you're doing it here, do they?"

"No. You're not going to tell are you?"

"Tell them what?"

"That's my cool little sis!" Kenny put his hand on her shoulder.

"No, seriously, tell them what?" She cocked her head and looked up at him from under her unkempt hair.

"Wow, how much did you smoke?"

Josie giggled. "I'm kidding, I'm not that bad."

"Okay, sometimes its hard to tell." He hesitated. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Josie walked over to his camera and peered through the lens.

"Do you really not know when Danny or other people are making fun of you, or you just ignore them?"

"I know, I don't care." Josie turned to face him. "They make them look bad, not me, is how I see it."

"Never thought of it like that. But I'm sorry Danny was a jerk just now."

"You don't have to be," she smiled. "You always stick up for me, don't you?"

"I try."

"Its nice, but you don't have to. People like that don't matter. People like us do."

"Like us?" Kenny raised his eyebrows

"People who care about each other and help each other matter. Mean selfish people don't."

"Got it, you should look into writing fortune cookies or inspirational slogans." He laughed. "You said you needed help?"

"I made some new bracelets last night. Can you take pictures and send them to me so I can add them to my Etsy store?"

"Of course," he plucked the Nikon from the tripod. "I'll do it right now."

She gave him one of her huge smiles. "You're an awesome big brother."

"Thanks, you're an okay sister so it works out."

"I'm only okay?"

"Yeah, I mean, you are my little sister, I have to kind of pretend you're a pain in the ass."

"Too bad I'm just okay," Josie sighed. "Seeing mom and dad are gone for the weekend I bought a bag and was going to share. But being as I'm only o..."

"Okay?" Kenny put his arm around her shoulders. "Did I say that? I meant to say best sister ever!"

"Then I guess I can share, but only because you take the best pictures."

"A picture is only as good as its subject, sis." He told her as they left his room and he followed her down the hall to hers.

"Never thought of it like that," she replied as she drifted slowly in front him, as always moving as if she were in another world.

"Its true, pretty things make pretty pictures."

And tomorrow he should be taking some damn pretty pictures.


Chapter 2

Kenny stood in front of the bathroom mirror. He wasn't busting Danny's balls; he did plan on being in a few of the shots. It would add a lot of heat if he got pics of Jenna up against him or maybe straddling him on his bed.

For that position he'd get a pic from the side with the Nikon on the tripod, but also use his second camera, the Cannon Rebel his parents had bought him for his birthday, for a POV angle. He was hoping for a couple of sexy shots of her leaning over him with her tongue out either just over his stomach, or even better, his crotch.

That was if he could get himself to ask for what he wanted. Now that he was only hours away from the shoot, he was getting nervous. Jenna was a pro who had a few magazine credits and a swimsuit catalog on her resume and was accustomed to working with people who knew what they were doing.

Except for taking pictures at local sporting events, Kenny's only experience with people were just shots of family, friends, and kids at school. He had no real idea how to direct a model, let alone for an adult themed shoot.

Maybe he was no better than Danny and had been thinking with the wrong head when he came up with the idea of an erotic project. Could he ask Jenna to take her top off? If he could manage that would he be able to ask her to get into some intimate poses with him? In addition to wondering if he could ask for what he needed, he worried about how he'd look to her.

Jenna could easily think he was just an immature kid looking for a cheap thrill if he wanted anything beyond just shots of her by herself. Inserting himself into the shoot now seemed unprofessional and pervy.

But he couldn't afford a male model, and its not like he knew anyone. He took a deep breath telling himself one thing at a time. His hope was that once he started he would quickly get over seeing a hot scantily clad woman on his bed and turn into a professional photographer who wouldn't act like a flustered boy when presented with a sexy subject.

"Better get a grip hotshot," he mumbled to his reflection. "She's going to be here at noon."

He titled his chin and moved his head side to side, making sure he didn't miss a spot shaving. Kenny considered himself a decent looking guy. Unlike Josie who took after their mother with her dark curly hair and big doe eyes, Kenny had his father's looks.

Deep blue eyes and short blonde hair he used some gel in to give it a tousled look, coupled with high cheekbones and a strong jaw, gave him what he felt was a ruggedly handsome look. He'd made the mistake of saying that to his mother who insisted he was more pretty than rugged.

But he had generally done okay with girls so whatever way best described him didn't matter much. Kenny's last girlfriend Laurie had decided some jerk off on URI's football team was a better option and dumped him three months ago.