Listed below are the stories entered in the 2023 Nude Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2023 Nude Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Popping The Bubble

by Voboy

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Little Waves

by Ian_Snow

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
The Model Sister

by lovecraft68

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2023 Nude Day Submissions
Private DickPMDlite
Down Around San Antonezoolicious
Nude Day From SpacePMDlite
Get with the Times, Honeydmallord
Popping The BubbleVoboy
Walk of Shamemadelinemasoch
Indian Summer at Beartoothzoolicious
The Zip Files Bk. 03: Wild GirlsMarkVSharp
Phone Recordings with MomHeyAll
Cool Aunt Trishdjrip
Ten Days at the LakehouseJustplainjeff
Young Detective HaremHeyAll
Western Bodiessr71plt
Girls Gone WildSmuttyandfun
The Pantyhose ParadoxHeyAll
Topfree at a Backyard BBQ142857repeat
Tulsa - The XXX TheaterMrPixel
A Model Garden - La Petite MorteTarnishedPenny
MILF Gets 18-Year-Old Dicksilkstockingslover
Revenge, Best Served NudeJuanSeiszFitzHall
Oz Beach Boy Rear Ends CleanerMyBareTorso
Barstow - Plan B: Their New HomeMrPixel
Breaking The DroughtLizzieWrites
Hero's HomecomingSams_Island
It's Good, VirginiaSoazoldman
Nude Day Camping with JannaTxRad
Locker Room TalkOffNSFW
Locked Out!Probus888
Blue Moon LakeDeLaFaye
Stripped of His DefensesMourningWarbler
Olivia Needs to ObeyHuckPilgrim
Naked HouseNotWise
Caught by a Tentacled MonsterTwistedEldritch
My Daughter's Scentsilkstockingslover
Nude Wednesdaylexlogan8
Oz Beach Boy & Odessa Caught NudeMyBareTorso
Spiraling in the NudeKeithD
Never Say NeverSmuttyandfun
Climax of the StormHeavy_Early
Ingrid In IbizaWriggleitlady
Bare Naked Ads (A Nude Day Story)PMDlite
Happy HomecomingsSams_Island
Clementine's BloomersTrionyx
Nude Day TroubleTxRad
Susan, Queen of Fucking EverythingSpaLoverBrian
Julia's GuitarTomh1966
Oz Beach Boy & Odessa Nude MorningMyBareTorso
The Nudists Next Doorregularguy13
The Model Sisterlovecraft68
Taken at the BeachApophenia
Nude on the RiverArtisticMystic
Finally, a Day OfftheWriterInTheNude
Maternity Hall PassPriscilla_June
Live! Sex Show! Fully Nude!ABeagle
Familiar StrangerAlex De Kok
The Bully Beatensilkstockingslover
Ann and Meyer's Epiphanyregularguy13
Beebe Lake Campronde
She Said, He Said: Mommy's Daysilkstockingslover
Cheer for Bri: All Eyes On Meblkmamba8
Fairy Fallsbareranger
Nude Day with DaddyArdentHemingway
Barstow - Plan B: On the RoadMrPixel
Emily and The Temple of NakednessCypris Media
Oz Beach Boy Enjoyed Nude By OldiesMyBareTorso
Little WavesIan_Snow
Naked Bisexual Lube WrestlingKumquatqueen
My Daughter, The NudistDjmac1031
Oz Beach Boy & Odessa Nude VideosMyBareTorso
Books, Butts and Bare BodiesPennameWombat
Naked in a CaveDeLaFaye
Bastille DayLitEroCat
It's Time to Get Nakedluv2custrip
Hosing OffDerFranz
Prim and Proper No MoreHotJim
Sucking Off His Friend at the BeachThe_Wagonmaker
Girl Industrieswildflower2176
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité - DEUJoeMo1619
Hole in One with Emilysemipsychotic
Beloved ScarsNoTalentHack
Hot Slutty Nudist Wife In Moldovaerectus123
Mr. Thomas in AustinTheThomas
Bikers Ride Free - Love Your BodyDaddysgirlfl
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité - ENGJoeMo1619
Luscious Curves ExposedDaddysgirlfl
Creating ConstellationstheWriterInTheNude
The Right Kind of PeopleRoyceFHouton
Caught in the RipTidekinkybunny123
Birthday Suit RequiredFatdog25
The Old Man and the BeachKazzandra
Good Naked, Bad Naked Contestcumbelly
The OverpassMrPixel
Three's a Party!chloehunt

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