The New Slave Ch. 38


"Don't worry Doc, I'm doing fine," Ginger said, turning and staring at the doctor. She was smiling that odd fixed smile. She then winked at the doctor and then turned her attention back to Michael.

"I'm his reward, don't you remember," Ginger said dreamily. Her eyes never left Michael's eyes as her hand reached down and slowly pulled the towel off of his hardened cock. His eyes were wide and fixed on her. She tossed the towel over into a corner. The doctor knew Michael well. He was definitely a cocksman, self assured and cocky. He knew very well what power he had over women. He also knew that he could go all night, leaving the customer exhausted from repeated intense orgasms. It gave him great pleasure knowing his ability. He knew that all women wanted him. The doctor watched in amazement as Michael's cock twitched hard several times. A steady stream of pre-cum was oozing from the swollen head. Ginger wasn't even touching him. She was just watching his eyes and she had him on the verge of cumming.

"It's a beautiful cock, and so big," Ginger said out loud, speaking to no one in particular. She turned and smiled at the doctor, winking at her. In that one moment, the doctor knew exactly what made Ginger so special to her customers. She could make all of them, male or female, feel like they were special, the most desirable, and the most responsive lover. She didn't make the customer cum; she 'encouraged' them to cum. Ginger was very persuasive and knew human nature. The doctor knew, as well as Ginger, that Michael's cock was of average size, if not small. He was less than 6 inches long, and of average thickness. In actuality, he was nothing special, if not for his staying ability.

"If you continue to do such good work, I'll come back and properly reward you," Ginger said, the sex literally dripping from each word as she spoke. Still staring into his eyes, her hand moved down below her short loincloth. Michael couldn't see under the flimsy covering but he could see her hand moving seductively in and out between her thighs. She smiled at him and continued her little show as her eyes fluttered several times, as if she were approaching orgasm. She suddenly whimpered softly and then quickly pulled her hand out from under the loincloth. Her act was good. Michael felt that she was near cumming, just from being with him.

"Ummm," she moaned for Michael's benefit her eyes closed, her head tilted back as if she were on the verge of cumming. "But for right now, lets see if we can give you a little reward," she said as her hand moved down, her fingers slowly wrapping around Michael's hardness. He gasped and then let out a low moan as her fingers tightened around the base of his cock. Ginger knelt down on the floor and moved her face close enough to his cock that he could feel her warm breath on it. He moaned again, pushing his hips upward against her warm hand.

"This won't take but a second," Ginger said glancing at Dr Sherry. She smiled and winked at her as her head moved forward, her mouth opening to take in the wet cock head. Her mouth slipped around the head, engulfing it, sucking it in. Michael let out a long moan and thrust upward against Ginger's mouth. Ginger quickly moved her mouth downward, taking in all of his cock. She held it securely in her warm mouth for a moment and then began to work the swollen head with her tongue. Michael immediately gasped and started panting, his orgasm imminent. Ginger slid her right hand up between his thighs and found the hard sack containing his quivering balls. With her mouth quickly working him into a sexual frenzy, she knew that she totally controlled him. Her hand slowly closed around the small ball sack and squeezed softly. The sack was so tightly drawn up, that she knew he was going to spurt at any moment.

"Ahhhhhhh," Michael moaned loudly as his cock violently erupted into Ginger's mouth. Ginger continued working his cock fast, her tongue swirling around the erupting head as several more heavy spurts shot out of his pumping organ. His hips thrust up hard against Ginger, several times, indicating each spurt coming from him. His balls continued to pump hard as Ginger continued sucking the spurting cock. Within a few moments, his body dropped back down to the bed, his orgasm finished, the evidence of his pleasure, swishing around Ginger's still sucking mouth. Even as he quickly grew soft, her mouth was still working him, sucking out the remaining drop or two, from the softening inner tube of his tired cock. She continued for several moments till she finally let go of the soft flesh, letting it fall out of her mouth with a squishy plop onto his stomach. He was completely soft, but clean to the point that his cock looked almost dry, as if nothing had even been done to him.

"His cream is so thick and he taste's good too," Ginger said, lying out loud for Michael's pleasure. She swallowed hard several times, letting Michael see that she had taken his sperm and swallowed all of it. She had taken his seed and kept it. It was another way of showing her control over the male. She sat and watched Michael's face, licking her lips. There was no evidence of his orgasm, anywhere. He was spent. Ginger rose up from the bed, her hand still softly squeezing the spent ball sack.

The doctor stood there, shocked but aroused at what she had just seen Ginger doing. Ginger had just brought the number one male stud to orgasm, in less than one minute. He was known for being able to last all night, but not with Ginger. She had made him cum within seconds with only minimal handwork, and only seconds with her mouth. Dr Sherry had never seen any male cum that fast.

"Come on Ginger. Get up. Let's get you out of here," the doctor said, still staring at the soft cock on Michael's stomach. After witnessing what had just happened, Caren was now more worried about Ginger. She expected to see some fear, maybe even some panic in Ginger. It would be a slow process of getting Ginger with a male, but she never expected anything like this. Ginger almost looked like she had thrived on this male slave. Caren didn't know what to think. She was worried.

"That was nice," she said dreamily to Michael. He was spent, his eyes half closed and his breathing deep and relaxed. "How many times should I reward him," Ginger said, turning and looking at the doctor with that odd smile. "He still has plenty more left in him," Ginger said, her hand still softly massaging the slave's now soft and pliable sack.

"I think you've done enough Ginger. Get up, we're through in here," the doctor said firmly. She wanted to get Ginger out of the room. To the doctor, she was worried that Ginger had finally gone over the edge.

"Done? There's plenty more left in him," Ginger said dreamily. She continued to massage the soft sack between his thighs. "Give me a few minutes and I'll take an even bigger load from him," Ginger said, glancing back at Michael, smiling at him. She reached over and began to gently rub the obviously spent cock. It would be long time before the doctor's stud could get it up again. He was literally, spent.

"Ginger! Stand up. We're through," the doctor said loudly, grabbing Ginger by the arm. Ginger seemed to snap out of it, shaking her head as the doctor pulled her to her feet.

"I'm fine. I'm ok," Ginger snapped back. She was smiling but she had that odd look on her face. She pulled away from the doctor. She turned and glanced back at Michael for a moment. Ginger wanted to savor the moment when she was in control, not the male.

"Honey, would you like me to do you again?" Ginger said seductively to Michael. His head began to bob frantically up and down, his mouth begging from behind the gag. He was soft but he wanted more. Ginger stood facing him, both of her hands up to her breasts, gently playing with her hardened nipples. "Would you like to make a deposit in me?" she said, a big smile on her face. Her hands had moved down and were holding her loincloth up, exposing her smooth skinned pussy. The unfurled pussy lips told Michael that she wanted him. He was frantically trying to get her to come back over to his bed.

"Ahh Honey, I'm sorry. We can't this time. But I'll be back for more. Until then, you'll just have to play with it and think of me. Will you do that for me," she moaned. His head was bobbing up and down, telling her that he would be more than thinking about her. "Baby, I can still taste your juices, and it's so good," she said, licking her lips in an overly obvious manner.

"Ginger, let's go," the doctor said grabbing Ginger's arm and literally pulling her from the room. As she shut the door and locked it, the doctor grabbed Ginger, staring into her eyes. "Are you ok?" the doctor said, her face only inches from Ginger's. Ginger was blank in the face, almost as if she were unconscious with her eyes open. It took several moments and the doctor calling her name before Ginger finally responded. It was as if she snapped back to reality.

"Sure, sure, I'm ok," Ginger replied, hesitantly. She sounded shaky, her voice almost a monotone. She stood for a moment, looking around as if she didn't know where she was. The doctor just held her up, staring into the dark lifeless eyes.

"Ginger!" the doctor said loudly. Ginger coughed several times and bent over, holding her stomach. She was starting to get sick.

"What? What's wrong?" Ginger said, snapping out of it. She was smiling the odd smile at the doctor. "I'm fine. You worry too much. That was no big deal. I think that I just made his day," Ginger said with a laugh. She was still holding her stomach.

"Made his day. Ginger, you probably just made his entire month," the doctor said laughing. She was relieved that Ginger seemed to be back to normal. It was normal except for the dull eyes. "You had me worried," the doctor said, slowly relaxing and giving Ginger some more room.

"Worried, about what? I'm fine, believe me, I'm fine. That was actually fun. He was cute, wasn't he?" Ginger said. Ginger was still holding her loincloth top, but she was now holding it up close against her exposed breasts, clutching it like a shield, her arms across her chest. Ginger turned and headed for the main door to the male's quarters. The doctor walked in silence, watching her. Ginger didn't say anything more as they left the building. She was trying to pull herself back together mentally. She could still taste the male in her mouth. She thought she was going to vomit as she walked ahead of the doctor.

Then the tears began to fill her eyes, running down her cheeks. The doctor was far enough behind her that she couldn't see it.

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