tagNovels and NovellasThe Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant

byDeckard Kincaid©

Chapter One - The Interview

The listing with the headhunter was pretty straightforward: PERSONAL ASSISTANT NEEDED, Must be dedicated, Work intimately with company president, Wide variety of responsibilities, Excellent pay, Many benefits, Long hours. That was it in a nutshell. All I wanted was the best person for the job. Someone to take care of the details, both business and personal, with which a successful businessman has to deal. I'm active in the community as well, charity functions and social and civic engagements dot an already hectic schedule. The person hired for this position would need to circulate comfortably in any of these areas. I knew going in that finding just the right individual was going to be difficult, but this was beginning to seem impossible.

My last appointment of the day was with an applicant that the agency was sending over. It hadn't been a particularly trying day, still I wasn't too keen on the idea of interviewing another sub par candidate. I was reviewing the resume the agency had faxed over and it didn't appear to have any glaring problems. On paper, Darla Padgett looked pretty good. As a matter of fact, she seemed a cut above the men and women who had been parading through my office. What I needed was an assistant who could hire an assistant, but if I had one, I wouldn't be looking for one would I? Boy, this was getting to me!

There was a knock on my office door and as it opened a crack, Jennie, the temp informed me that my five o'clock appointment was here. I motioned Jennie to show her in and told her that I wouldn't be needing her anymore that day, that she could take off, put the phone on night service and lock the door behind her when she left. She thanked me, showed Miss Padgett in and disappeared in a flash. In walked one of the most striking redheads that I'd ever seen, hair shoulder length, green eyes, and full lips. I guess I didn't hide my surprise very well, given the smile on Miss Padgett's face. Clearly, she was pleased by my reaction to her.

As I shook her hand and bade her to take a seat, I noticed her beautifully manicured long silver blue nails. Obviously, they were colored to match her gray business suit. Even at that, the cut of her suit fit her well. Snugly fitting her waist and hips, yet flaring open on top to reveal a diaphanous black blouse which covered a full bosom, stopping several inches above the knees exhibiting slender shapely legs. A pair of black pumps completed the outfit. In my estimation, the perfect attire for an interview with single male, desperate for a qualified assistant.

"Well, Miss Padgett, did you have any trouble finding us?" I began.

"Oh, call me Darla. No, Mr. Saunders, none at all." She replied, crossing those lovely legs.

"Doug is fine. Well Darla, I hope they filled you in at the agency as to what I'm looking for in an assistant."

"Yes, they were adamant about the dedication and loyalty you're interested in."

"And you think you possess those qualities?"

"Without a doubt."

I liked the confident way she presented herself. I've always found confidence to be very sexy. This was beginning to look more and more like the package I'd been searching for.

"I need someone to look after the details of my life. Make appointments, and then make sure I keep them. Arrange social events. See that I'm on time and that my commitments or met. Keep an eye out for me, watch my back. I need someone to be my right hand, to jump when I say jump. Can you give me that kind of devotion?"

"This is just the atmosphere I've been seeking. To aid a forceful, competent man. To contribute to the success of a man of vision, who knows what he wants and has the ambition to attain it. I want serve in whatever capacity that's needed."

The look in Darla's eye told me that she was sincere, but I wasn't sure of the other signals she was sending. Was I just imagining the sexual overtones or was that the message she was sending? Was this woman, half my age, really suggesting a more involved relationship? The mischievous glint in her eye told me that I wasn't fantasizing about the possibilities.

Darla leaned forward in her chair to make her point and said, "I'm prepared to serve you in any position you require. It's my nature to be subservient. Let me make it clear that I will do anything, anything to please you."

Now we were heading into an area which I'd never anticipated. Could she possibly mean 'anything'? How could I put this to the test without courting serious trouble? I knew she was waiting to be tested.

"I like the women who work for me to wear skirts or dresses whenever possible. It that a problem?" I asked, knowing I was treading on dangerous ground.

"Oh, no. Not a all. I love to show off my legs. Do you like them?" She answered moving the hem of her skirt up a few more inches.

"Why yes," I assured her, "Would you ever have a problem serving as my escort to formal social functions?"

Rising, Darla removed her jacket revealing the lacy brassiere beneath her sheer blouse. "Only if you think that I would look good in an evening gown." She teased.

We were plainly bound for less businesslike territory. The line had been crossed and there was no reason not to explore how far this might go. These opportunities are too rare to ignore. What the hell, why not jump in with both feet?

"What if I told you that you should never wear panties in the office?"

Darla's hands disappeared under her skirt and before I knew it, there was a pair of black lace panties on my desk.

Hands defiantly on hips, she repeated, "Anything!"

I picked up the panties from the desk and held them up in front of my eyes. I was not surprised to see the Victoria's Secret tag on them. There were also a few stray red pubic hairs visible on the crotch. I brought the crotch to my nose and inhaled the scent of Darla's sex. A smile spread across the full lips of their previous owner. I pocketed the panties and moved out from behind the desk. Positioning myself between Darla and the desk, I leaned back making no effort to conceal the lump which had developed in my crotch. While not fully erect, my cock was well on it's way to being in need of attention.

"I was wondering when we'd get around to my qualifications for the job," smiled Darla as she undid the buckle of my belt and unfastened and unzipped my trousers. "I see we have a situation here that needs dealing with. Let's see if Darla can't be of some assistance."

My trousers dropped to the floor and quickly my shorts had joined them. My cock began swelling to it's fullest, average in length, but quite thick. Immediately, Darla fell to her knees and began fondling my manhood.

"Mmmmm..., I think I know what is needed here," the redhead offered, "a little TLC, I think. Here, let's get you comfortable."

With that, Darla lifted my penis out of the way and began kneading and squeezing my balls, pulling them down from between my thighs and massaging them in her soft, expert hands. It felt wonderful to be attended to in such a caring way. The pressure on my balls increased little by little and then freeing a hand, Darla began stroking my dick firmly. Her hand was so soft and smooth that it felt as if my member was encased in satin.

Precum appeared on the head of my dick and the tip of her tongue quickly cleaned it away. I guess the taste of my precum made Darla hungry for more and she initiated a series of long, slow licks up and down the entire length of my shaft. Occasionally, she stopped to suck on my balls, drawing them into her warm mouth. First one, then the other, she bit gently on my sacs.

"I love the way you taste," she gasped, "I want all of you in my mouth!"

"Ssssssss, yes!" I whispered, trying to control myself. "Suck me," I ordered her, "Take me down your throat!"

Inch by inch, by cock passed her lips and filled her warm, wet mouth. I looked down on the hot redhead attaching herself to my manhood and knew I had found my assistant. Faster, her head bobbed up and down on me. I was amazed that she hadn't passed out from lack of oxygen. Yet, Darla continued her assault. The entire length of my thick cock was engulfed by this accomplished cocksucker.

"Yeah, baby," I moaned, "Suck me, suck me! Oh, yes! Don't stop!"

I knew I was asking the impossible and that this couldn't last forever, but I held out. Suppressing my orgasm was a test of my will. Yet, my hot seed was building into a force that would not be denied. Involuntarily, I felt my hips begin to move back and forth. My motion meeting the head movements of my fellatrix.

Darla paused for a split second, the mixture of precum and saliva hanging in a string from her lips to the head of my dick, and gasped, "Fuck my mouth!"

I took her head in my hands and began to pump her mouth with my swollen dick. From the very first stroke my shaft entered her mouth completely, finding it's way to the back of her throat. I looking down into her beautiful green eyes and saw the look of satisfaction there. Her muffled moans of pleasure encouraged me to continue my invasion of her mouth.

The pleasure was becoming too intense to contain. The feeling of my dick in Darla's warm mouth, the sounds that both of us were emitting, the perfectly coordinated movements of our bodies was far too much for me to command. I felt my load rushing up the length of my cock.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck! God!" I screamed as my cum exploded into Darla's mouth.

I looked into those eyes as I filled her mouth with, stream after stream of my warm seed. She was enjoying every drop and squeezed my balls as if to say she wanted every last one I had. And not a drop was wasted. Every bit of spunk was consumed by my talented new assistant.

I helped Darla up from her knees and kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She responded by entwining her tongue with mine. I love the taste of sex. The taste of me in her mouth was a treat indeed.

As we continued to kiss, I slipped two fingers into her, now pantyless, cunt. How warm and welcoming it was. I fingerfucked her for a few moments in order to completely coat my fingers with her juices. Removing them, I brought them to our lips and together we consumed Darla's sex juices. This merely whetted my appetite for the delights my new assistant had to offer.

"I think you've got the job." I allowed.

"I knew you'd like my qualifications." She smiled.

"But, everyone who works here must pass a complete physical, you know."

"Oh, I see."

"Follow me," I said taking her hand, "I'm ready to give you your examination immediately."

"Yes, sir."

Darla dutifully followed me into the other office.

Chapter Two - The Physical

We must have been quite a sight as we hustled into my private office. As least I probably was, holding up my trousers with one hand and leading Darla with the other. I didn't give a damn because shortly we would be discarding most of our clothes. Just to keep things interesting, I continued with the 'physical charade' just to see if my new assistant would play along.

"So tell me, Miss Padgett, how have you been feeling? Any complaints or discomfort of any kind?" I began.

"Well, as a matter of fact, yes," she replied, "I've had a very persistent throbbing."

"Really, can you show me exactly what's been bothering you?"

"Right here," she said, hiking up her skirt and exposing her red pubic hair, "I haven't been able to make it stop. The more I rub it, the more it seems to throb."

"I understand. The more you scratch, the more it itches?"


"Let me have a closer look," I instructed, rising from behind my desk. "Spread your legs for me and I'll see if I can't diagnose the problem."

Doing as instructed, Darla parted her thighs and accepted my probing fingers. I slid into her wet hole and felt the sugar coated walls of her cunt. Next I rubbed her mound and experienced the silkiness of her pussy.

Her repeated moans of pleasure invited me to continue with my faux exam. Bending to one knee, I used both hands and with my fingertips, gently spread her labia apart exposing her inner lips and sticky pink hole. She was as beautiful between the legs as she was everywhere else. Darla was obviously pleased with the admiration I expressed for her genitalia. What a wonderful surprise to see her exercise her vaginal muscles as I viewed her. Expanding and contracting them in a way that only a young, well-toned woman could. The slightest trickle of juice ran from her and towards the crack of her ass.

"Everything seems to be just fine down there." I teased, "Perhaps we should do a more thorough exam. Please remove the remainder of your garments."

Darla stood in front of me, and without the slightest hesitation, unbuttoned her transparent blouse and tossed it aside. The skirt followed immediately afterwards. As her hands disappeared behind her back, the lacy brassiere ceased cupping her full round breasts, and momentarily hung from her wrists.

In a flash, Darla whipped the sexy undergarment at me joking, "You already have my panties, you may as well complete the set."

Indeed, I secreted my prizes away in my desk drawer and informed her, "That will be just fine, I believe."

Leaving her dressed in garter belt, stockings and heels.

My brand new assistant was an exhibitionist, if ever there was one. She reveled in the opportunity to parade her flawless, naked body in front of her appreciative boss. Cupping her full breasts and pinching her already hard nipples, running her hands down her hard, taut torso, continuing along her hips until she reached the insides of her thighs. What a show of decadence. My own private show and it was having the desired effect. Again my cock was hardening and my heart pumping a mile a minute.

Our roll playing proceeded as I removed my shirt and tie and approached my subject. I took her tits in my hands and fondled them, bringing a smile to both our faces. I tenderly kissed each and then gently nipped each hard nipple with my teeth, eliciting a sigh of approval from Darla's lips. Biting more firmly roused her to grasp my head and hold it, signaling me to increase the pleasure of her discomfort. I relished this moment of power. Inflicting even this slight bit of pain satisfied me.

"Ouch, yes! It hurts! Harder! Make it hurt!," cried Darla, "Bite me harder, you fucker, make me hurt, damn it! Prove you're the boss, show me who's in charge!" She bit her lip as I bit her nipples. My lust was incited my her squirming.

"So you like it nice and nasty, do you?"

"The nastier the better. Push my limits, I can handle."

"Turn around!"

"Yes, sir." She said with a smirk.

"Now spread your feet, bend over and grab your ankles."

What an incredible sight! I removed my trousers and shorts and discarded them across the room. As I approached, my erection waved in front of me.

"Does the big boss man like what he sees?"

God, she sure knows how to ask for it doesn't she? Well, I'm just the guy to give it to her. As soon as I was near enough, I gave her a severe whack on that perfect little ass. It must have stung because she let out with a sincere yell. Before she could say another word, I let her have it on the other cheek. Again she squealed from the impact. I loved the feeling of power and the way she offered herself to me. I decided to inspect Darla's exquisite ass a bit more closely.

My large hands grabbed her asscheeks and felt the firmness. So smooth and perfect were they that I could have fondled them for hours. Bending forward, I placed a kiss on each of those perfect globes. Then, gripping a cheek in each hand, I separated them exposing her crack as well as her puckered anus. I laid my hard cock in her crack and allowed the flesh of her cheeks to close around it. Slowly, I started rubbing the underside of my shaft up and down on her. Quickly, the pace picked up and I was slapping my balls against her backside with each forward stroke.

"Such a good girl, aren't you? You know just how to make your boss happy, don't you?"

"Yes, sir! You're the boss. Whatever you want. I said 'anything'."

A dozen strokes later and my cum was spewing across her ass. Stream after stream of my hot ball juice was deposited on Darla's ass and back.

"Don't move, I'm not finished with you." I ordered.

I ran the fingers of my right hand through my warm cum, coating them completely. As the tip of my index finger touched her butthole, she twitched involuntarily.

"Don't move." I repeated, giving her ass a little slap.

My fingertip eased past her rosy butthole, she moaned and obeyed. A little bit at a time I worked my digit up her ass. My cum acted as a lubricant and I easily pierced her. After working one finger around inside her, I added a second. Darla really seemed to be enjoying being penetrated this way. In short order, we developed a rhythm and her ass was moving to meet my probing fingers. The strong fingers of my right hand continued their task, but I couldn't resist some nasty talk.

"You love this don't you, Darla? You need a strong man to put you to good use, don't you? Now that I know what a horny thing you are, we should get along just fine. You're a very bad girl and you should do quite nicely here. This relationship could be very rewarding for both of us, don't you agree?"

"Oh, yes," she replied breathlessly, " I'll do whatever you want."

"That's my good little fucktoy!"

Having Darla at my mercy was intoxicating, to be sure. She'd already surrendered herself to the pleasure of having her ass fingerfucked by a man who she'd only laid eyes on less than two hours ago. The bizarre nature of this whole encounter was not lost on me. I'd never had an experience even remotely similar to this one, yet I was wholeheartedly participating in an evening of unrestrained decadence. Here I had a woman who had committed herself to total submission to a man she had just met and who had performed every act required without question. Who had even invited abuse at the hands of someone who would control her future, financial and otherwise.

This had become more than an interview. If this was the opening up of a relationship, could there be any limits to the twisted pleasures that lie ahead. How kinky were the needs of this woman? How fantastic might her desires become? How dangerous could this temptress be to my future, both personal and professional? Is this the woman who would satisfy my wildest fantasies? Or is she the demon who might lead me to ruin?

Am I crazy to even be thinking these thoughts? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd be in the middle of such a incredible scene. Was I afraid of my own desires and what they might lead to? Who's in control? I am using her or is she using me? Thoughts of all kinds raced through my brain. I'd become dizzy from the scenarios spinning in my mind and from the feelings of lust that this woman had laid bare in me. For a few seconds I was standing outside this scene, watching myself pleasuring this beautiful young woman. Watching myself working over her asshole with one hand while my other hand had found her clitoris and was manipulating it as she screamed with delight.

And in a split-second the decision had been made. The path chosen. Passion had won. The consequences of what lie ahead were never considered. Almost as if it had been preordained, I bent Darla over the top of my desk and took her from behind. She accepted my thick cock easily. Leaning on her elbows, her red hair hanging down around her beautiful face, her body moving to meet my thrusts, she knew I'd not have the will to resist her.

"Fuck me," she repeated over and over, "Fuck me!" Almost like a mantra, she repeated it over and over again. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Every time my dick slammed into her she demanded more, "Fuck me, fuck me!"

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