tagBDSMThe Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch


"Damn, tonight just sucked," I said to myself kicking over some pumpkin remains laying in my path as I walked along the moonlit dirt road. I hadn't been laid in almost two months now and my cock wanted relief. The locals were getting old and I was just begging for new pussy, any pussy really.

"Why the fuck couldn't I find a quick lay tonight?" I thought as I continued walking home. "Sure there were a few cute chicks down at Bugger Tavern all decked out in the spirit of Halloween. The gal dressed in the cat suit had pussy written all over her. She might have at least sucked my cock for a bit if I had been sober enough to talk to her. This is just all shit."

As I walked the long country road back home I began to regret the last few beers I had downed before leaving the small redneck bar. That all too familiar urge to piss would not subside so I veered off into a field to finally take a much-deserved leak. Little orbs lay shining in the moonlight, I had apparently come across a pumpkin patch. I picked one up, ripping it off of its dried stalk and dropped kicked it further into the field. As I kicked over a few more pumpkins, one was so rotted it squished open in my hands, spewing warm pulp between my fingers. I thought, what the hell I'd just piss right on it. Kind of like a big fuck you to Halloween in general. I fished in my jeans for my cock and upon retrieving it I let out a long steady stream of hot piss.

"Ahhhhhhh, man that feels great," I said out loud to the empty field as steam began to rise from the orange mush at my feet.

"What do you think you're doing in my field," a feminine voice growled at me mid flow. I turned abruptly still holding my pissing cock and faced a ghostly figure. She had long brown hair that glistened in the moonlight and a sheer white nightie draping the ground. I blinked; thinking to myself this woman could not be real.

"I don't know who you think you are Mister, but you have no right coming onto my land and pissing on my pumpkins." "I..... Ummm, well I needed to take a piss Ma'am," I managed to stutter still utterly shocked by her presence in the field.

"You'll have to pay now," she said sternly placing her hands on her hips. "I don't take vandalism lightly and I expect compensation for such violation to my property."

"Well yes Ma'am I'm sure I could pay for this," I mumbled as I noticed I still had my member pointed out toward her. I reacted by taking my penis and putting it back in my pants so I could fish out my wallet.

"Leave your puny dick out, I'm not looking for money. You'll have to make restitution in another form." She said this with an almost sinister smirk on her face. Her eyes glowed through me as if she had some devious idea forming.

"Miss, I'm sorry but if you don't want money how am I going to repay you?" I questioned with slightly slurred speech as the alcohol continued to work its magic on me.

"Silence bitch," she barked at me. "Now get on your hands and knees."

"What Ma'am? I don't believe I understand what you mean."

"On your knees now," She yelled as she came forward and pushed me to the ground so that I could grovel at her feet. "You do not have the right to question me bitch. You'll be free to go as soon as you pay your dues."

I really didn't have it in me to protest so I obliged but skeptically. While on my knees I looked up at this woman and began to take her beauty in. Wavy hair feel all-round her shoulders and down her back in a nice flowing cascade. Her gown, practically see through, was eerily glowing in the night. When she positioned herself in front of me I could make out the full tear drop shape of her breasts as the light from the moon passed through her garment. Those nipples were taut underneath the fabric, as they swayed with her movements.

"Don't look at me you fucking bitch," she said as she walked around my kneeling body inspecting her prey. "You have not earned that privileged yet. Now get on all fours and stick out your ass."

"What........" I began to question, which was met by her forceful hands pushing my body to the ground and smashing my face into the dirt.

"I told you to silence yourself, you did not listen. If you do not obey me you will be made to suffer more." She continued to hold my head down to be certain I got the point that she was in charge.

"I'm sorry Ma'am," I said as I spit pieces of dirt out of my mouth. "I'll obey you." The thought of my submission began to excite me and I began to feel my cock stirring. When she released my head I assumed the doggy position and held it while she once again inspected me, her victim. She positioned herself behind me and I could only faintly hear her movements. Her hand collided hard against my upturned ass. The sharp jab of pain bolted through my body and awakened all my senses. Next came an even harder blow. I whimpered under such force.

I turned to block the third smack to my ass and caught her hand in mid swing. Again my slightly inebriated state hindered me and I could not hold her grasp.

"You bastard," she howled at me and this time flung me completely face down into the ground and stood on my back to pin me. "I am not pleased with you at all." As punishment she walked up and down my body, each step piercing my flesh with her small pointed heels. I cringed from the pain, but did not attempt to stop her.

"Forgive me," I cried allowed, "I'll do better to please you Ma'am. Please forgive me."

With that she got off my back and stood over me. "Look at me," she said "get up you worm and strip. Do not tempt my anger with resistance." Her eyes flared with fire as the temper she had began to surface.

I stood up and slowly removed my soiled shirt. My shoes were the next to go, followed by my pants. As I stripped of my jeans she ordered me to toss them over to her. I then removed my boxers and stood before this vixen stark naked. My balls clenched tight because of their loss of warmth. I felt so humiliated just standing there being scrutinized by her eyes.

"Pathetic," she said as she circled around my naked body. "What the fuck can you do with that sick thing." She growled after taking my dick between her fingers in disgust. From my pants she removed my leather belt, an act that sent fear surging through my body. Would she be so cruel as to use that on me?

"You have insulted me by resisting my punishment. Therefor I demand harsher payment." She said this with a slight hint of mocking laughter in her voice. "I am going to give you 50 lashes with your own belt. And you Mister," she said grabbing my face so that we stared eye to eye, "you are going to count them out loud. Do you fucking understand me bitch!?!"

She walked to my backside and ran her bare hand over my ass, caressing it as if she cared. She couldn't be serious about all this, I thought to myself. But then the first blow struck my unprepared ass. It tore through my flesh, coursing pain throughout my body.

"Fuck," I yelled but she yanked my head back.

"What number was that?" she barked into my ear.

"One," I said through gritted teeth.

"Very good, you can be taught." The next blow shuttered up from my ass shaking my whole body.


"Ah, you are getting better." She said with delight in striking my body again and again. With each lash the leather bit into my skin. Massive heat began to swell from my body and I could no longer shut out the pain. By blow 38 my body fell to the ground from such ruthless beating. She was unrelenting still continuing to strike me, as I continued the count.

"Fifty," I counted as the last lick ripped across my swollen ass. I had somehow made it through the ordeal.

"Ok, you bitch," she said, "you have made it through the first part of payment."

"First part?" I thought, "this was just the first part? No fucking way." I wanted to run, free myself from such evil grasp. The beating had taken so much out of me I could not even move to flee.

Then she did something I had not expected. She dropped the belt and bent to kiss my ass. I felt her lips moving from cheek to cheek, kissing the throbbing pain away. Her touch felt so inviting and loving. I could not believe that someone like this could have possibly beaten me just moments before.

"You withstood my wrath," she said with gentleness in her voice, "I am greatly pleased."

She tenderly rolled me over onto my back so that I could gaze up at her soft face. I watched as she stood again over me now with me between her legs. She brought her white gown up over her head revealing her curved body. I was breathless and felt my member coming to life from such display of beauty and my still stinging ass. The blood pulsed into my dick and stiffened, yearning to find the warm place between that small mound of hair.

While still standing I watched as she wet her hand with her tongue. The moistened fingers moved down her body and lingered on her lips before she spread them apart and smeared the wetness between them. She fingered herself momentarily, giving me such a heavenly view of her pussy. Then she straddled me and guided my hardened cock to her warm lips.

My cock begged entrance to such a small opening. I wanted to squeeze inside her lovely cunt as it juiced my seed from my body. She held this position for some time, making me wonder if she ever did intend on bidding me admittance to her warm pussy. My desire for her swelled and my cock stiffened even more. Feeling that the teasing had finally run its course she pressed herself firmly down onto my hips and my cock slid deep inside her tiny hole.

"Oh fuck," she smiled as I filled up her pussy, "You feel so hot inside me. Stretch me open!"

I felt her vagina spreading to accommodate my swelling cock. In no time she found a hard fucking rhythm and mashed herself harder and harder onto me. Her nipples jumped up and down with each bounce. I thrust upwards not wanting to ever be free from this powerful grasp. The juice from her body ran down my cock and onto my balls.

She tensed around my cock and I could tell she was about to climax. I plunged myself deeper into her body to be met by her jerking motion. As she threw her head back she screamed out into the night her cumming. She gripped my shoulders, digging her nails into my skin to prolong her orgasm, and my body began to pump its load into her pulsing twat. She rode me so powerfully as each spurt of cum spilled out into her body.

I must have passed out from such a fuck because the next thing I remembered was waking up to a strange sensation on my hips. Something wet was pressing against my cock. "Someone's ready for round two?" I asked smiling from the memory of last night.

My eyes hadn't adjusted to the morning sun and my head was swimming from the beer the night before. That didn't prevent my cock from thickening inside such a slippery hole. The fit was so tight and exciting, I began to thrust upward. I tried to make out what was holding my cock so firmly in place.

"Was this her mouth or pussy?" I thought to myself.

Squinting, I detected an orange color and the faint smell of freshly carved pumpkins. I sat up in shock as I realized that a large pumpkin sat on my stomach with my hard dick squashed inside. Dried cum had formed around the opening in the pumpkin and my balls were completely smeared in its pulp. Still, I did not remove my cock.

"What the fuck," I thought, "ready for round two?"

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