tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Show Must Go On Ch. 04

The Show Must Go On Ch. 04


Please note: this story will make much more sense if you read the earlier chapters!


Kate lay on her bed, unable to sleep, her mind racing. She was excited, nervous, confused.. In fact, a whole range of mixed emotions.

Earlier that day she had said her goodbyes to her husband Ed and swapped ships to a new cruise liner, along with her new work colleagues - if you could call them that - Nick and Lara. The whole idea of being a magician's glamorous assistant was scary, but exciting. It didn't feel like work! Her first show was to be tomorrow night and although she was nervous, she knew what to do.

Nick and Lara were breaking her in gently. She didn't have too much to do in the first show and it gave her a chance to explore her new exhibitionist feelings a little further. She loved the control, the power over an audience. She had only experienced it once but it had been exhilarating. Tomorrow night she would not be naked, but she would be in a tiny bikini in front of a packed theatre. And she was getting paid for it.

The feeling of control was, she reflected, a big part of this. She had experienced something of the shy Kate of old earlier that day, when they changed cruise ships. They found that because the ship was very full - completely booked up - they had been allocated a room all together. Kate had to share with Nick and Lara, something none of them had anticipated. She was glad Ed didn't know and although they had seen her naked, it still felt uncomfortable to be sharing a bedroom and undressing in the same room. She had no control of these arrangements and that did not feel good.

Which was why she was in bed. It was early and Nick and Lara had gone off for a drink, so she had taken the opportunity to shave her pubes, take a bath, change into her night clothes and get into bed before they returned. Hopefully she would be asleep when they came back and would not have the awkwardness of them changing with her in the room.

In the midst of all her old fears Kate was still aware of her growing sexual self-discovery. As she lay there she felt.. well,... horny. She missed Ed. Not they had a very active sex life - she supposed it was probably "normal", whatever that means - but she knew that if he were here they would be at it without much delay!

Kate's hand slipped down to her thigh and she stroked it in the same way Ed would have done. After a while she gently probed her labia. She let out a little "Mmm" as she would have done to show Ed her approval. Then her middle finger slipped into her pussy. It was moist.

She lifted her finger to her mouth and tasted. She had rarely ever done that. She found herself wondering what Lara's pussy tasted like and the thought jolted her. Ever since that evening earlier in the week she had been asking herself:" I'm not a lesbian, am I? I have never fancied women."

But she had enjoyed he attention, the caresses, the touches. It could have been a man, couldn't it? It wasn't sexual desire for a woman, it was... well... a desire to be sexually desired.

Her finger returned to her pussy and she began to stroke her clitoris. That felt good. Really good.

Suddenly the door rattled and she froze. A key turned in the lock and light from the corridor picked out Nick and Lara as they crept into the dark room.

Kate pretended to be asleep. In fact she tried to make a sort of quiet snoring noise and wondered if it sounded genuine.

"Shhh!" she heard Nick whisper. "Poor thing must be tired. She's out like a baby."

"Mmm." murmured Lara in a positive way. "Then we can fuck!"

"You naughty girl! With someone else in the room?" laughed Nick in a whisper. "What if she can hear you?"

"She's snoring. And I need some cock."

"Shall we wake her up and see if she fancies a threesome?"

"No way. I want your dick for myself."

"Well let me use the bathroom and then I'll give you a good seeing to."

"Don't make me wait, honey."

Kate kept her eyes closed and listened as the bathroom door opened and closed. She heard the faint sound of Lara undressing. The bathroom door opened, closed, then opened and closed again. Lara must have gone in there now.

Kate heard two gentle bumps as Nick removed his shoes. She peeked through a slit in her eyes and realised she could just about see him. He reached out and pulled back a curtain and more light fell into the room. It seemed he wanted to see better what her was doing. They were still in port and light from the harbour was shining through the window - just enough for her to see Nick unbuckle his belt and drop his trousers. He was wearing boxer shorts underneath.

She held her breath and watched as he pulled his shirt over his head. His back was to her and he dropped his shorts to reveal a nice tight bottom. Kate realised she was squeezing one of her breasts and stopped as though she had been caught.

Then Nick turned round and she saw his cock. It was about the same as Ed's - average size, she guessed, and not erect - but she wanted to reach out and grab it. It was only a few feet away. She wanted it inside her and she slipped a hand down to her crotch where a finger found her clitoris again and started to stroke gently. She squeezed her breast again with her other hand and imagined Nick was doing it.

She froze again as the bathroom door opened, even though she knew Lara would not know what she was doing..

"Oooo, is that for me?" whispered Lara and for a moment Kate thought the words were addressed to her.

But then she saw Lara approach Nick and immediately take his cock with both hands.

"Let's get into bed." breathed Nick. "We'll need to be very quiet."

"Aw, if Kate wakes up she can join us." said Lara.

Kate wondered if that was a joke. It made her finger move a little faster.

Nick pulled the curtain across the window and the room went very dark. From the other bed Kate heard the noises of love making. Little words of appreciation. Sighs and moans. Some gentle creaking of the mattress that grew in intensity. They were not taking their time.

Kate began to rub furiously at her clitoris. She arched her back. Nick gave a groan that was obviously an orgasm. Lara squealed and Kate stifled her own whimpers as she came too.

She hadn't done that since she was a teenager. She felt guilty but still happy. There was a sudden stillness to the room and then she heard Lara's voice in the darkness. "Goodnight, Kate."

Kate was surprised to find herself grinning rather than annoyed. Did Lara know? Had she just said it to tease Nick? She would ask sometime. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and with it the first show - or at least Kate's first official performance. She had been excited all day and had found herself frequently giggling like a schoolgirl during their final rehearsals.

The script had been revised several times but now it was sharp and the show went well. Kate had chosen Lara "at random" from the audience and they had swapped places in the box, Lara emerging in a gold bikini that matched Kate's.

Kate had fun making grand entrances and exits with various props and always enjoyed the applause from the audience. There were occasional calls and whistles, although she couldn't usually work out what was shouted. She felt sexy and attractive. She was enjoying herself. In fact she worried a little that her pussy might become so moist that it would be visible.

The climax of the show involved the magic cabinet, which had undergone some further adaptation. It was also going to be the most sexually provocative part of the show, but Kate didn't realise how provocative until she found herself caught up in the moment and changed the script.

The plan was that Lara would go into the box and that Nick would disappear from behind a sheet that Kate was holding in front of him, reappearing in the magic cabinet in place of Lara. This involved Kate in a literally centre-stage role. She would have to be the one who conducted this trick and give it some impact. She was surprised but delighted that Nick had entrusted her with this responsibility and hoped she wouldn't let him down.

She watched as Nick led Lara into the box. They had removed the shackles from the earlier rehearsal, deciding they took too long to undo and carried too many risks, although Kate privately thought those risks gave the act some extra edge. She had hoped she could be exposed naked to the audience, cuffed inside the box, but it was not to be.

There was, though, another adaptation to the cabinet. Little doors had been made in the front of the cabinet, one at chest height and one at about crotch height. When Nick shut the main door on Lara, he opened the little doors to reveal Lara's breasts and crotch, clad in her little bikini top and bottom. The audience whistled and Nick leered theatrically, pretending to reach inside and almost touch Lara.

He shut the door and stepped towards the other side of the stage. Music pounded from the loudspeakers as Kate stepped before him with a large purple cloth. She turned her back to the audience and held the cloth high above her head, stretching herself and the material. As Nick stepped behind it, she heard a man shout "nice ass!" and was aware that her rear was very much at the centre of attention. Good!

This was part of the plan to divert the audience. There was a theatrical flashbomb nearby and Kate flamboyantly threw the sheet into the air. Nick had disappeared through a trapdoor and had - to the audience - apparently vanished.

It was now Kate's job to give Nick time to get into the cabinet from the back and swap places with Lara. As the music played on, she made a show of picking up the cloth in such a way as her bottom stuck out provocatively. There were approving cheers.

Kate danced about the stage a bit then approached the cabinet. She stopped and put one finger under her chin, as if thinking what to do next. She looked at the audience and then the cabinet and then back to the audience again. She pretended to be wondering what she might find in the box.

She slipped a latch and opened the top door. Lara's bikini-clad boobs were still there.

This was part of the plan. The audience, thinking itself wise about magic shows, would expect Nick to be there now and part of good magic theatre was to delay the expected - make it seem almost as though something had gone wrong. Kate made a show of looking inside, and she heard Lara whisper "You're doing great!"

Kate opened the bottom door and Lara's crotch was there, of course. Kate was supposed to shut the door now but she reached inside and gave Lara's pussy a little tickle. Lara jumped in surprise and the audience went wild, shouting and cheering.

Feeling a little guilty, Kate shut the bottom little door and stepped back. But she had enjoyed the response to her unscripted move so now she stepped forward again and reached in a hand, squeezing one of Lara's breasts. Again Lara jumped and again the audience cheered.

Now Kate felt the adrenaline of the audience response pushing her further. She made a show of looking intently at the bikini-covered breasts in the cabinet and then looked at her own. She put her hands to her chest and caressed her boobs provocatively. She raised her eyebrows at the audience.

Suddenly there was a chant from a section of the crowd. "Off! Off!" Off!"

At first her heart stopped as she thought it was a call to leave the stage. Then Kate realised they what they wanted her to do.

In her excitement she had the presence of mind to close the door on Lara's chest so she could swap places with Nick. Then she began caressing her boobs again. She slipped the shoulder straps down and raised her eyebrows as if asking what to do next. The atmosphere was electric.

She turned her back to the audience and let them watch as she undid the clip. Then she let the top drop to the floor, still keeping her breasts away from the audience. There was cheering.

She spun round, confidently, hands over each breast. There was a lot of shouting. She heard one man scream "Let's see them!"

A smile spread across her face and she thrust her hands, fingers outstretched, high into the air. She wanted to shout "These are my tits! Aren't they great!" but knew she didn't need to. She knew every eye was on her body. And she loved it.

The audience was in turmoil. There was shouting, clapping and people standing up all over the theatre. Her large breasts felt huge and they tingled with excitement; her nipples seemed bigger than they had ever been. She shook her chest playfully and there was further applause and shouting.

Then Kate remembered she was supposed to be the assistant and thought of Nick, who should by now be in the front part of the cabinet. She had gone beyond the script but se must get back to the show as planned.

A twist they had added to this climax of the trick was that Nick would be naked - to give the ladies something to look at, Lara had said. He had not been naked at rehearsal so Kate was looking forward to this.

As the audience settled down from her strip show, she gingerly unlatched the top little door. She opened it to reveal a bare, hairy chest. The audience laughed and applauded, but with a sense of anti-climax after what she had done.

Kate made another theatrical gesture of considering whether to open the lower door. She went to open it and then pretended to change her mind. She shook her head. There were some faint groans of disappointment from female-sounding voices. A drunk-sounding woman shouted "Come on! Let's see his cock!"

Kate reached out again but this time opened the door. Nick's penis appeared, semi-erect. He had joked during rehearsal about giving it a rub to make it look a bit bigger. The women in the audience cheered and whistled but the enthusiasm was muted after Kate's performance earlier. The women were less noisy than their husbands and boyfriends. She wondered if Nick would be unhappy with her unscripted show.

The music pounded towards its conclusion. Kate shut the little doors and reached for the full door handle. Now Nick would step naked onto the stage, take a bow, joined by Lara from the wings and the show would end.

But the door was stuck. It shouldn't be - it couldn't be - but it was. There was no logical reason for it but Kate couldn't budge it. She pulled harder and the cabinet moved instead. What could she do?

The pre-recorded music had stopped. It had run out. The audience held its breath. Kate stood topless in the spotlight, wondering what to do. She heard a distant voice from inside the cabinet. "Open the door!" There was a very still moment.

Then Kate felt that same feeling she had felt when she had stepped naked out of the cabinet a few days earlier, on the night when she had been an innocent shy member of the audience caught in a similar on-stage calamity. She was in control and she had to so something.

Someone backstage had restarted the music and Kate stepped back toward the cabinet again, as though this was all planned. She tried the main door again but it wouldn't move.

She opened the top door and pretended to tickle Nick's hairy chest. "What the fuck are you doing?" he whispered."

"The door's stuck. I'm going to improvise." she whispered back.

Kate reached down and opened the bottom door. Nick's penis had shrunk a little and the audience laughed.

Kate made a show of looking disappointed then reached out and took hold of it. She gave it a squeeze and felt it respond. She heard the audience begin to buzz again but now she focussed on what she wanted to do. A plan was growing within her and she was excited.

Crouching to one side of the cabinet to make sure everything was visible to the audience, she pulled on Nick's dick and his body responded, pressing against the inside of the cabinet door. His penis was starting to grow and it stuck out of the hole now. It was uncut and Kate made a show of pulling the foreskin back slowly. The audience was getting noisier.

As she pulled the foreskin back and forwards, Nick's cock grew quickly and Kate let it go for a moment, watching it twitch as if searching for the hand that had caressed it. She took it in her fingers again and fondled it more gently. She knew the audience were loving this though she wondered if the ships' management had something like this in mind when they had asked for the show to be more raunchy. But she was getting a great response and she was in absolute control here.

Nick's member was bone-hard now and stuck up and out almost grotesquely from the cabinet. Kate remembered something she had seen on the internet describing the phenomenon of "glory-holes" in men's toilets where gay men would poke their dicks into the next cubicle for other men to wank or suck. Now she had an even more outrageous thought.

She gave Nick's cock and couple more tugs before kneeling in front of the cabinet. She looked carefully at the erect shaft in front of her and then took it slowly into her mouth, savouring the moment. She knew her actions were less visible to the audience, but everyone knew what she was doing.

A part of her brain seemed to be looking down on her from above. Here she was, in front of hundreds of onlookers, giving a blow job to a magician. How did she get here? She had hardly ever done this to Ed in the quietness and privacy of their bed in their little detached house back home that seemed so far away at this moment.

Nick's penis was twitching and she could feel him pushing his pelvis helplessly against the inside of the box. The audience was clapping in unison and some of were shouting together "Suck" Suck!"

She sucked.

Suddenly Nick seemed to convulse and Kate realised his orgasm was coming. She panicked. What now? She hadn't anticipated this. His cum spurted into her mouth and she jumped back. In her panic she wanted to spit it out again but controlled the urge and swallowed. The audience could see Nick's ejaculations now as more of his juices squirted across the stage, some landing on Kate's leg as she crouched to one side.

Now there was the challenge of how to end the show with the star magician still inside the cabinet. Once again Kate seized the moment.

She put her hand to the semen on her leg and scooped it onto her palm, making it obvious to the audience that she had taken a "hit". Then she stood up, confidently and seductively before them in just her bikini bottom and high heels. Her naked breasts were heaving as she took deep breaths. She paused for a moment. The music had stopped again and the place was still.

Kate lifted her cum-covered hand above her face, tilted her head up and opened her mouth. Small but visible drops of semen dripped into her mouth. She massaged her breasts with her damp hands, briefly pinching each nipple. She put her hand to her face and licked the rest of Nick's cum from her fingers. She ran her tongue around her lips as though making sure she had got every last drop. Then she stepped forward to the very front of the stage, in the centre of the spotlights. She put her hands out wide ready to receive applause. There was absolute silence, though. They seemed to anticipate Kate saying something.

"Thank you for coming!" she grinned. "Hope you enjoyed our show tonight.... especially the ... climax. Goodnight!"

Someone backstage had the presence of mind to kill the lights st that moment. As the theatre went dark Kate felt an orgasm convulse through her body. If this was her first show, what would happen at the next one?

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