tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Take Home Test

The Take Home Test


My body shifted with every corner we rounded, I could feel the urgency in the turns. The wheels on the passenger side were begging to leave the ground. They screeched and slid and lifted slightly, teasingly. I gripped the bottom of my cloth seat, ran my fingers along the grooves to calm my nerves. A bag of Whataburger takeout jostled around in the backseat.

Oblivious, James rambled about all of the projects he had due soon, as well as a take home test from hell he had due tomorrow. He swung the wheel from side to side, like he was running on 48 hour sleeplessness and a 5 hour energy drink. I considered this while his mouth moved to form words.

I felt like my eyes had glanced over an entire page in a book, but hadn't read a thing, I interrupted,

"So is your new girlfriend keeping you up late?" I asked as we skidded a right onto Coit lane.

I clenched the seat again. James blushed a soft pink, and his face paused for a moment in a frown. I could tell he was considering whether or not he should tell me something.

I reached my hand over to his thigh. "What is it, James?"

The muscles in his leg tensed, and he blushed darker. His foot pressed harder into the gas pedal. My heart raced in sink, and I dug my fingers into his thigh like it was the seat.

"Sorry" I said, and removed my hand quickly.

There was a lift in his khaki shorts now; his cock was standing at attention. I had a strong urge to wrap my hands around it, but I refrained.

"Well," he said, looking down at his erection, "She has been keeping me up every night," He paused and looked over at my breasts, spilling out over my tank top, bouncing with every tiny shake of the car. "talking."

I could see the outline of his head clearly through his khaki shorts. His cock was begging for attention, and I could hear it in his voice too.

"She won't even touch you?" I asked him. I leaned over and circled my fingers teasingly around the outline of his head.

He gasped with the touch and slammed on the breaks. Luckily no one else was on the road. "Jesus, woman! I have a girlfriend now! And I have a test due tomorrow!" His voice cracked a little with emotion, his cock was so hard it looked like it was about to tear his khakis apart. He really needed a release.

"Calm down, James." I said as I unzipped his shorts "I'm just trying to be a good friend, you've been so tense all night..." I curled all of my fingers around his pulsing cock, and slowly pumped my hands up and down.

He couldn't control himself any longer, he shoved his hand in my tank top and roughly massaged my tits, pinched my nipples in between his fingers. I pumped harder on his rigid cock, and he leaned over the dash and latched his lips onto my soft breast, suckling the nipple.

He threw his curly blonde head back, and yelled out. "Oh my God, I'm cumming!" His cum spilled over the dash, my tits, and all over the stereo. I licked the sperm off of his cock, and I could feel it quickly growing stiff again underneath my tongue.

"Alright, that's it." He pushed my head away. "I've got to clean this up now, I can't believe we did that."

I was really horny now, there was no way we were stopping. "Yes, you are gonna clean this up, starting with my tits." I pulled my shirt over my head, and my boobs fell out.

My nipples were stiff, the bumps on the aureole formed little hard mounds around the nipples; his cum was smeared on top of them like icing.

"Lick your cum off my nipples." I pulled his head into my breasts and he lapped up his own cum obediently. His tongue sent tingles through my body; I convulsed under his lips. My panties were soaked now. I grabbed his hand and forced it underneath my skirt. He pulled my panties down frantically and slid his fingers easily inside my sopping wet hole.

"Jesus woman, you are really enjoying this." I moaned loudly in response, it felt so good to finally have something inside of me. He ravaged my neck with his lips, as he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy slowly. I reached down and rubbed his cock, it was rock hard again. I couldn't wait any longer.

I shoved him back into the driver's seat, wrapped my legs around him, and sat down on his stiff dick before he could object."Oh God" slipped out of his mouth. My pussy slide around his cock easily, and I started to rock my body hard against his. He gripped my hips as I dipped into him.

I lifted myself high, slid his cock all the way out, and plunged onto him again, so I could feel his head forcing its way through my lips with every thrust, so I could feel every inch of him burrowing inside of me over and over.

"Yeah, you like that don't you. You dirty little cheater." I smiled wildly as I continued to ride him. He slapped my ass hard in response, and I dug my fingers into his shoulders. My boobs bounced wildly against his chest as I rode him like a pogo stick.

The seat was rocking back and forth with us, threatening to break apart from the car. James moaned loadly with each thrust. I felt like the windows of his Xterra were going to shatter with the intensity.

And the orgasm was building like a fire in my pussy, trying to escape, roaring. I screamed out, "Oh God, yes!" My pussy spasmed uncontrollably on his cock, and I could feel the juices leaking out. "Oh Fuck!"

He forced my hips down on top of his cock, dipping his drenched head in my wet, still shuddering pussy. "You feel so fucking amazing!" He yelled out as his cum filled me completely, every inch of my insides.

I held tight onto his shoulders, as the last of the shudders died out, like the outtro of a song fading.

I lifted my right leg off of him and our intermingled cum oozed out of my pussy. I sat back down in my seat, calm from the release. The car was still parked in the middle of the road, somehow the world outside had been unmoved by the shaking of it.

I grabbed my panties off of the car floor and slide them back over my thighs. James glanced over at me, looking as unsure of what to say as I felt. He grabbed a towel from his backseat and started wiping up the juices of our romp, concentrating on finding every spot. His every action was slower than it was before, more relaxed, but I could tell his mind was still racing. I put my hand on his shoulder, squeezed,

"It's ok, I won't tell her. No one has to know. It never happened." He finally looked me squarely in the eyes, and I gave him a reassured smile. His lips turned up a little in response.

I kissed him lightly on the cheek, "We should go, you have a test to finish. And we have Whataburger to eat." I said, gesturing to the bag behind my seat.

"Ah tests...food..." He laughed. "I forgot those existed..." He threw the towel back behind his seat and put the car in drive. The ride home was gentle, his car slide along the road gracefully, like it had nowhere else to be.

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