The Ultimate Revolution Ch. 01

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The reveal of the legendary unprecedented sex contest.
1.5k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/16/2023
Created 04/26/2023
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"Leading Porncasters Kinkzziers have announced their hosting of an unprecedented tournament provoking widespread cries of approval, condemnation, acclaim and dismay worldwide.

The Ultimate Revolution has been designed as a knockout tournament of sex fights between a varying number of competitors whereby the Champion contender will be in receipt of $100 Million. Entry and live viewing is by private selection only; it has however been revealed to this broadcaster that all contestants will be married and their spouses will be required to watch them compete, from the stands.

These sex fights will be 15 minutes in duration and will be scored by judges awarding points for sexual acts performed upon the competitor. Should any competitor be brought to orgasm before the 15 minute limit has been reached, this will represent an instant forfeit on their behalf!"

The camera zoomed out as the newscaster dressed in a navy blue suit leaned backwards and turned to his female cohost.

"Sophie, what's your take on this truly original news item?"

Sophie was in her mid-twenties, and dressed smartly in a tightly fitted brown skirt suit above a drilled white blouse. Her light brown hair was drawn back in a tight bun and her pursed lips shone bright with ruby lipstick.

"I think the orgasm rule is going to be a particularly interesting factor, especially for some of the smaller competitors."

The camera angle switched to focus in on Sophie's face and torso as she continued, "Speaking personally, 15 minutes is a claim I've often heard but rarely observed. I wonder if there might be some male competitors at least who in attempt to take advantage of their relative size and strength and score highly, ultimately end up costing themselves the fight by running out of lasting power soon after the ten-minute mark."

"Pff!!!" Scoffed Jason and the camera snapped back to feature his profile. He leaned toward Sophie with a bemused and slightly incredulous look on his face. Reaching out a hand in protest, "I think that's pretty unfair to say."

The camera snapped back to include them both as Jason went on, "My personal experience suggests exactly the opposite, and I question the methods for tracking the orgasm point of female competitors! In 9 minutes or less I've produced orgasms in virtually every partner I've had, and while some were made clear and obvious by their squirting, others are only revealed by the exclamations of the women, which if they learned to control-"

Jason was cut off by Sophie's burst laughter that she'd tried to contain to preserve his dignity.

"Jason," she told him frankly, "it sounds to me your vast experience has been of fake orgasms and pissing!"

Jason's expression was unaffected as he leant backward in a power pose and looked condescendingly at Sophie, who continued,

"Let me guess, they always only ever 'squirt' at your house, covering your bed and floor then just 'have to go' right after and never come back?"

Sophie's smile broadened as an expression of sudden fear flickered over Jason's face.

"You don't know what you're talking about Soph," Jason retorted, clearly looking to dispel the matter and move on before any fresh allegations were made.

He looked over at her superiorly but Sophie wasn't willing to just back down. Instead she unbuttoned her jacket and pulled down her top to reveal pert B-cup breasts and fixed Jason with a firm stare.

"I challenge you. Here and now, no points, orgasm only, position is your choice as long as it's mutual. Loser resigns."

Jason froze in his display of bravado, something in him instinctively fighting tooth and nail to not have to have sex with his co-host who he'd dreamed of banging regularly since she first started on the show.

He wasn't that bad really... was he? But still...

He returned her stare equally and strained to squeeze every ounce of masculine energy he could muster into the words, "You really want me to fuck you like a dog on international live television?"

Sophie rose swiftly, somehow leaving every garment she'd been wearing behind her, stacked in a neat pile on the sofa. "Doggy style it is, let's do it!"

She lowered herself down to all fours in the middle of the Newsroom floor. The broadcast team were left baffled as to what they saw proceeding, however opportunities like this in life ought not be missed. The camera angle adjusted quickly to what would be a profile display of a presenter, and now however was a profile of the back of Sophie's legs to her slightly curvy ass and sweet little pussy lips tucked beneath.

The camera zoomed in as far as it could go, perfectly encapsulating the beauty of Sophie's soft cream labia majora's folds enveloping a thin glimpse of her pink labia minora, within which held what was the subject of fantasies for the majority of The Morning News' viewership.

This divine-like sight broke Jason through his unease and misgivings, which led to the camera angle adjusting from an up close of Jason's ass, to a more zoomed out view showing him thrusting his hips violently into hers, his adequately sized shaft sliding back-and-forth, back-and forth, in and out of Sophie's vagina.

Sophie turned to face the main camera with a face displaying clearly that while she was enjoying being nailed from behind, she was in no real danger of approaching orgasm.

The inside of Sophie's pussy beat every washcloth or fleshlight he had ever imagined to be the inside of her legs. Her tight internal passage offered blissful pleasure to each region of dick-skin it encountered. Bewildered thoughts and joyous exalts pushed for prominence in his head, however with them came irresistible urges toward his point of no return, and he slowed down each time and bit the inside of his mouth.

At one point he had made the mistake of looking down at Sophie's rear. The sight of her slightly curved ass revealing a tightly pinched hole in the middle, above the only marginally bigger hole Jason's member was protruding within, almost made Jason ejaculate on the spot. In an attempt to regain composure and thrust on unabated, he worked hard to maintain his focus on a busted overhead light that hung in the gantry opposite him.

Sophie felt each slowing in the pace at which Jason forced himself inside her, and knew this was going to be an easy win. It developed into a pleasurable enough experience once her pussy had been both warmed and wetted up. It was still slightly uncomfortable as Jason clearly held the (mistaken) perspective that was was good for him must be good for her. She enjoyed it therefore as she would a massage from an overbearing specialist.

Five minutes in, Jason realised his predicament with regard to the pace he was approaching orgasm against how Sophie was faring. In an split-second decision he gasped out, "Sixty-nine!" He had confidence, to say the least, in his oral delivery ability; and Sophie's mouth must be certainly looser than her twat.

He pulled his wet dick out from Sophie, and watched as she rose to her feet and turned around to face him. Jason's mind went blank as he saw Sophie in her pure beauty unobstructed by clothing, and found it exceeded his every hope and fantasy thought. It was only as she approached and he was forced to lay backwards to allow her to lower her pussy to his face that he was brought back to the present moment.

Her front hole was such a small and tightly formed opening to her body, that it was as if it were only added as an afterthought amidst the outer folds, less than a centimetre from her butthole. As he spread Sophie's lower lips to better reveal what he believed to be her clitoris, Sophie had lost no time in observing or preparation. The moment Jason's stiff cock was before her face she opened her mouth and guided the tip of his penis directly to the back of her neck.

The sheer length of Jason's manhood allowed Sophie to place a hand in front of her mouth to both jerk and rotate the base of the dick, meanwhile constantly fight the strong urge to gag convulsively. She chose to focus instead on the change in skin texture on the back of her tongue where his knob turned into shaft. Sophie guided this ridge-like divide back and forth on her tongue.

Jason's hips started to turn beneath her, and she modified her hand to a fast-paced up and down jerking motion as if attempting to shake the last sauce from a stubborn bottle. A grunt soon after escaped from Jason's mouth, and Sophie took this as her queue to withdraw her mouth, and in good time too as at the very next instant, threads of semen began jetting from the tip.

With Sophie no longer acting as catcher, the ejaculate came to rest on Jason's own stomach as a sign of his forfeit and humiliation.

Sophie rose to her feet and stood with legs spread over Jason as further symbolic of her victory.

"On-demand recording of The Ultimate Revolution is scheduled to be released on a Pay Per Download basis from the Sixth of September."

Just before The Morning News cut to their scheduled ad-break, Sophie's hand flew to her head in mock-ecstasy, "Ohmogod I'm cumming!" Unclenching her bladder muscles she drenched Jason's body and face with her warm stream of urine.

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AnonymousAnonymousabout 1 year ago

One of the best stories I've read.... Please write more like it... And make sure to use Sophie's character more

AnonymousAnonymousabout 1 year ago

I laughed at the last sentence. Well done.

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