tagLoving WivesThe Veronica Story Pt. 07

The Veronica Story Pt. 07


---Part Seven - On Your Knees---

By late Saturday afternoon, the garage sale had run its course and the steady stream of eager pickers had dwindled down to nothing. It was impossible for me to focus on anything but the visit that had taken place earlier. Usually, I am the one to begin packing things into boxes for a trip to the donation center, but this time, it was my wife, Sandra who began to pack things up.

As I sat comfortably in a lawn chair, seeming to just watch my wife work, I had a million different questions going through my mind. Had the visit been exactly as it turned out to be, just an opportunity for Veronica to push me into meeting Jonah since I had not made it happen on my own, or was there some little message behind it? Was there some implied threat that I missed, such as, I can reach out to Sandra at any time I choose, that Veronica was trying to make? Was she trying to expand the friendship? Did they want my wife to be part of all this?

"Are you going to help me at all?" Sandra interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh, are we done?" I asked, attempting to not realize the garage sale was over.

"I need most of this junk to go to Goodwill, but I'm putting everything on this table over here separately so you can take it to those people we met today." She directed.

And once again, I felt like my blood was draining out of my body. "Which couple do you mean?" I asked pretending to be ignorant.

"You know, the couple with the cute little girl."

"Oh, John and Victoria?" I offered.

"You are an asshole!" Sandra play shouted. "You couldn't keep your eyes off Veronica's firm boobs and little ass, but you can't take the time to remember her name? What a jerk."

"Oh, yes, that couple. John and Veronica." I responded.

"The guy's name is Jonah. You know, one day after she squeezes out a few kids, she's going to be fat like me. Do you need help with the little girls name? Was it Cindy, was it Sally? Guess, jerk."

I laughed, "Yes, that was it, Sally was the cute little girl. And you're not fat. You have curves in all the right places." I continued.

Sandra said, "I told her that I would have you run some things out to them and if they didn't want anything, they could either share with their neighbors or have their own garage sale. Do you know they live not far from the base? She told me it wasn't necessary, but I told her you would be glad to help. I hope you don't mind."

"And just when am I supposed to do this?" I protested. "I guess I could take a lunch break if it isn't far."

"Oh don't be a baby. She gave me the address. You can stop by on Monday." Sandra was done discussing the matter and continued to select items the young family might want or need.

The rest of the weekend went by without further discussion of the visit, which in one way convinced me that it was all perfectly innocent, at least, nothing alarming had been revealed to my wife. I imagined Veronica walking through the house being given the grand tour by my wife. I felt a tinge of guilt. You'd think about having this young girl I've lusted over, who I've confided in, and who's panties I had sniffed and masturbated into, being befriended by my wife. In reality, my guilt was that I seemed to have so much in material things compared to this beautiful young couple and their child. And then, to add insult to injury, I'd be bringing the left over throw-away items I couldn't get rid of for quarters and dollars at a garage sale, to this young couple barely making ends meet. I know it wasn't that way, but I just felt bad about it all.

On Monday morning, I grabbed coffees from Love's and headed to Veronica's apartment. I fully expected that somehow, Jonah would be there waiting for me, but his car was gone and so was he. My truck was loaded with items from the garage sale, but I had no intention of unloading them until later.

Veronica was waiting for me at the door. "I'm sorry if we caught you off guard, she said with a little grin, but it was the only way we would ever get to see what you are like away from here. I'm so used to seeing you dressed like this (slacks, shirt and tie), I almost didn't recognize you in shorts and a t-shirt."

I didn't even comprehend what she was saying. Veronica was wearing one of my shirts. It was actually a brand new t-shirt that I had only worn once and tucked into a drawer never to make the rotation again because of the color. Maroon. I knew it was mine because it was a high school t-shirt I bought while visiting my home town two years ago. "Where'd you get that?" I asked, walking into the apartment and shutting the door behind me.

"Where do you think? I bought it at the garage sale, Mr. Cranky Pants."

I set our coffees on the table and noticed that one of the chairs from the dining room table was sitting by itself in the middle of the living room. Before I could ask, Veronica grabbed my tie and pulled me to the chair. "What's going on now?" I asked.

"I need you to do something for me." she said.

She had me sit in the chair, and then she walked toward the bedroom. I immediately looked at her panties, wondering if this was another situation like last time where we would both provide a souvenir for Jonah. They weren't the same black ones, but rather a pair of silky pink bikini bottoms. I smiled, pleased with the thought. My mind quickly turned to the idea of a lap dance.

Veronica was going to perform a lap dance for me. That had to be it. She came out of the bedroom and quietly shut the door so Emma wouldn't hear. She was carrying a pillow from the bed and suddenly I imagined that she was going to kneel before me and give me a blow job. Oh my god! This was going to happen I had convinced myself.

Veronica set the pillow down in front of the chair and said, "I don't know what you are thinking, but that isn't it. I need you to shut your eyes, please."

"What?" I asked?

"Just do it you big baby." She said.

I shut my eyes and sat there. I could hear Veronica moving, hoping that I would next feel her unbuckling my pants. Instead, she said, "Open your eyes."

I opened my eyes and was staring into the maroon t-shirt with my high school mascot, an eagle head similar to the Philadelphia Eagles logo. I looked lower and for the first time, I realized the panties were on the floor and I was seeing Veronica's most private parts.

The pubic hair was not shaved but very closely trimmed, not a five o'clock shadow, but a definite buzz cut. I gasped with surprise and desire as I quietly inspected what I had imagined in my mind for months. The dark brown coloring combined with black pubic hair was similar to my own wife's. Very often in Hispanic women, if you were to only view the lower body focusing in on the vagina, you might think you are looking at a Black woman. Veronica was not as dark, yet she obviously had the Hispanic features I loved about my own wife. What was very much different was the outer lips. They were much larger than my wife's, and I loved the idea of taking them, taking all of her into my mouth. I pressed my nose to her stomach and Veronica asked me to close my eyes again. I did as she asked and then asked her, "Are you okay with this?"

She said, "I'm about to video tape you, are you okay with that?"

I let out a quiet laugh, then inhaled her scent and whispered, "yes."

It was clear to me that Veronica had had sex. That musk of the female combined with the obvious smell of a man's cum. My mind raced. This is happening, this is really, really, actually happening was all I could think to myself.

Veronica said, "Off the chair and on your knees, please. And please keep your eyes closed. Say whatever you want, but know that Jonah is who you are talking to. And don't wake up Emma."

I slowly reached out to Veronica to stabilize myself then knelt on the pillow. I reached behind her and placed both my hands on her firm, beautiful ass, and began to kiss her pubic area. I asked her to please lift the shirt and she did. I placed my nose in her belly button and felt a small metal naval ring and got the inkling to see if her other nipple was also pierced. I removed my right hand from her ass and began to navigate up her shirt but she stopped me.

"No." She said quietly but firmly. "Taste me. Taste Jonah and me."

My hand returned to her ass and I pulled her body into my face. It had been months, at least four months since I had gone down on my own wife, and that was as we played in the Jacuzzi. There was literally no other taste than the bromine solution used to keep the tub clean. Now, my tongue was lapping at a delicious young woman and the sex created by her and her young and virile husband.

Most men would find the concept revolting. The idea of performing oral sex on a woman who has just engaged in sexual relations with another man is for the average guy, the last possible sexual act he'd want to engage in (okay, maybe just before being penetrated in the ass). But for a small percentage of men, this is the Holy Grail. For years, I had fantasies of going down on my wife after another guy had been there, and technically, I had done this on many occasions. Believe me. But in this case, unlike our own engagements, this other man had left his deposit, so to speak, and now, Veronica and Jonah were giving this gift to me, though in a way I never expected it.

Between the eager licking, tonguing, kissing and sucking, I was starting to find a spot where I could feel Veronica pushing her body into me with a determined rhythm. I wanted badly to look up and see her face, but Veronica trusted me to keep my eyes closed, and I did.

My mustache and beard, really my whole face was soaked in my own saliva and Veronica's juices. In the same way that she had cum so quickly masturbating that day, in only minutes she was letting out that soft moan I was so happy to hear. For myself, I genuinely feared that I would be forced to leave my briefs with Veronica so they could be washed and dried before I went home that evening after work. It was more than just an erection; I felt like a 7th grader seeing cheerleaders practice the splits for the first time. I seriously thought I was about to cum, and if she as much as brushed up against my slacks, I would.

"Open your eyes." Veronica said firmly. I stopped my assault on her pussy and took another quick look at her beautiful, soaked and matted pubic area. I could see she was still holding the phone, recording me.

Veronica knelt down with me on the pillow and immediately kissed me with tongue, sharing everything I had just experienced in her. She broke the kiss entirely too quickly and said, "I love you, James." She then looked into the camera with a smile and said, "Jonah, I love you more than life itself."

After the camera was switched off, she told me to wash up. When I returned from the bathroom, the chair was back at the table and the pillow was sitting on the couch. Veronica had her panties on and in fact had slipped on some shorts and some slippers. She said we should go get the boxes from my truck. I asked if she was kicking me out and she said, "Yes, James, I'm forcing you to go to work with an erection, once again."

We placed the boxes on the front porch then I got in my truck and started to pull out of the drive. I saw Mrs. Kravits staring and I waved to her and smiled. No reaction.

I pulled onto the road and realized I never even finished my coffee. I turned up the radio and KJ97, a country station was playing a song by Sara Evans.

Lying here with you

Listening to the rain

Smiling just to see the smile upon your face

These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive

These are the moments I'll remember all my life

I've found all I've waited for

And I could not ask for more

When I got home from work I was worried that Sandra would smell the result of me briskly washing my face at least four or five times during the course of the day. I actually went to one of my trusted co-workers and demanded that he smell my face for any remaining evidence. He's gay and told me that if he were to throw-up, I would know there was still a hint of pussy on my beard. He didn't. And when I kissed my wife, there was no reaction or slap to the face, so all was good.

We ate dinner and as we were cleaning up Sandra got an IM on her phone. :It's your little girlfriend, Victoria." she laughed. My legs went wobbly. "Oh, she sent me a video."

I walked out of the kitchen and just crumpled onto the recliner. "Jesus," I said, "do you give out your e-mail address and phone number to every person that comes to our garage sales?"

I was starting to panic but tried to remain as calm as possible. I sat in the chair and could hear faint sounds coming from Sandra's phone in the kitchen. I was literally shaking with fear, and my stomach was doing somersaults.

"Oh, this is so precious!" my wife exclaimed.

I was physically unable to move.

"Check this out." She came over to where I was sitting and it was a video of the kitchen table with two tall coffees still sitting there untouched. And then there was Emma sitting with a Dr. Seuss book, one that Sandra had given her during the garage sale. With some prompting from Veronica, Emma says, "Thank you Miss Sandra."

Veronica says, "What about Mr. James?"

Emma looks into the camera, "I love you, James."

"Isn't that just precious?" Sandra started the video again and watched it a few more times before texting Veronica back to thank her for making her day.

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