The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 1

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They arrive at the "Night Shadow".
1.6k words

Part 1 of the 4 part series

Updated 10/14/2022
Created 12/06/2001
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Chapter 1: Bathing Beauty

Like dark shadows against an only slightly lighter horizon, the storm clouds were racing across the sky over the sleeping land. The few villages close to the giant mountain chain of Ishgartan were silent and unlit, and only the most desperate of wanderers would be spending the night outside the relative shelter of one of the modest Inns. The increasing wrath of the storm howled through the weathered peaks and canyons, adding the sound of thousands of suffering souls to the already ghostly scene.

It had been earlier this evening, when a small group of travelers had arrived at the "Night Shadow", one of the rather luxurious places in one of the nameless villages. The rain that had been drizzling for hours had soaked the cloaks of the company and everything they were wearing underneath , so the blazing fire in the common room was most appreciated by the men, whereas the Ladies had some hot water brought to the small room to take a bath.

Talea had been surprised to actually see the Innkeeper and one of his helpers drag in the huge copper tub that seemed to fill the whole room, but for Princess Maryah, bride-to-be of the mighty but mysterious Prince of Ishgartan, it was not worth a second thought and she kept whining and complaining about the hard journey and the missing luxury of the place. More than once during the last days Talea had been tempted to just pull the spoiled little Princess across her lap and give her a sound spanking to bring her back down to earth... but she always had managed to get a grip on her temper just in time.

Even now, as she watched the young girl taking off her wet clothes she had this inviting picture of leaving a few clear imprints of her strong hands on this white and firm cute royal buttocks. She had to reign herself in and bite her tongue to not blast out with another sharp remark when Lady Maryah carelessly dropped her gown and undergarments in one pile on the floor and stepped into the steaming hot water, waving to Talea to bring her a glass of the mulled wine they had ordered previously and then dismissing her with a nonchalant gesture and the order to take care of her dress.

Apparently calm and humble, Talea took care of the room and the Princess' whims, but inside, Talea was boiling in rage and fury - too many had been the humiliations this little brat had made her suffer during the last few days while she had taken the place as the Princess' maid. She should have refused the job in the first place, she thought. The moment they told her she would have to dress like a maid in long cumbersome skirts instead of her leather armor she should have just stepped out on them. It was too late to complain now - and after all, she mused, she was a mercenary and would sell her sword to the highest bidder - who in this case had been King Arden, father of Princess Maryah. He had taken Talea into his service together with two of her friends to escort his daughter to the marriage with this mysterious Prince of a kingdom Talea had heard talking about in fairy tales during her faintly remembered childhood.

During her years as an adolescent she had forgotten about fairies and such, circumstances turning her into a fierce fighter, tough as most men, and as most of her warrior companions she had succumbed to the taint of this trade, fast money, fast adventures, no mercy and always a fast death in sight. Hadn't her ample breasts and curving waist line been too obvious, she sometimes would have forgotten about being a woman, but then again, she thought with a chuckle, her male companions' stares and attentions frequently made sure she'd not forget about that ... The voice of Lady Maryah brought her back to reality. "Come here girl, and wash my back!" With a muttered curse through clenched teeth she finished hanging the wet cloths over a chair at the fire to dry and then turned her attention to the luxurious figure relaxing in the steaming soapy water.

Talea had to admit that Maryah was a beautiful you woman. The milky skin had not a single disturbing mark and piles of heavy golden curls framed her small and perfectly symmetrical face. For a moment Talea felt jealousy flood through her veins as she thought about the marks that signed her steeled body from the many fights that had left her scarred and bleeding... and she figured it would not hurt teaching the soaking beauty a little lesson. Returning her appearance to a demure maid, she stepped closer to the tub, her eyes with an almost male expertise judging the full breasts that were only partially covered by the water, pert rosy nipples rising and falling with every breath. The white slender neck dropped to slim and perfectly rounded shoulders, the tender skin inviting a kiss or a bite ...

In silence Talea picked up the sponge Maryah had tossed at her feet when calling her, and made her way to the tub. Rolling up her sleeves, she put some of the rose scented soap on her hand and slowly started to massage Maryah's back. After a moment she could tell that the long ride and the hot bath in addition with the mulled wine started to show their effect on the Princess. She was slightly leaning forward , eyes closed in a dreamlike state. "Good" Talea mused "I wonder how long it is gonna take to make you wake up again, my little one..." and with a malicious smile she started to rub the Princess' back with the sponge, gently and soft, then started to move higher, up the neck, hardly able to resist the urge to decorate this unmarked flesh with her teeth or fingernails ... or her dagger.

The warm water ran down the neck and over Maryah's shoulders, little streams broke to glistening pearls on the milky skin, shimmering in the dim light of the room. Talea started to follow these rivulets with the sponge at first , then with her finger tips. The asked for reaction did not cease to set in before long. As Talea traced the side of Maryah's neck down to her shoulders and then further down towards her chest, she could see goose bumps rise on the Princess' immaculate skin.

With a wicked smile she bent down and whispered into the royal ear sweet words of how beautiful she was and how happy Talea was to be granted the privilege of serving her, all the time making sure her caressing breath sent a few more shivers through the bathing beauty's body. When Talea was sure the Princess was completely relaxed and comfortable with the attention she was getting, she proceeded her action to the full and inviting hills that seemed to be little islands in an ocean of soap water. Cupping the firm little breasts in her hand she raised them out of the water, watching the nipples stiffen under the cool air in the room. Like pebbles in a river bed they were, smooth to the touch and hard when she gently squeezed and pinched them.

Instead of an outburst of indignation about this treatment, with a satisfied vicious smile Talea watched the Princess' lips open slightly and a moan of abandon escaped the ruby lips. Intensifying her attentions to the luscious flesh she bent down and outlined the Princess' full berry lips with the tip of her tongue, slowly increasing the pressure until she had a very responsive hungry mouth begging for a more passionate kiss and the fragile body in the tub arching to the attention of her hands.

Both requests were fulfilled, and in her mind Talea was highly amused about this oh so snobby and remote royalty who was nothing but a horny slut after all. While the women's mouths interlocked in a hot passionate kiss, Talea let her hands now freely roam the body of Maryah, tracing the line up her inner thigh to the soft patch of hair. With expert fingers she gently parted the virgin folds to find this most delicate spot - and a sharp breath and following moan told her she had been successful in her search for Lady Maryah's pleasure bud. After a few more strokes in this most intimate region, Talea broke the kiss and looked down on the woman in the water, eyes closed and mouth opened, one hand caressing the stiff nipple Talea could not take care off while exploring other realms, the before white and cold body now arching and glowing with passion...

"It is time for you to get out of the tub, Lady Maryah. The water starts to become cold and .... " before she could finish the sentence she realized that her words were not heard. A complaining whimper to not stop now was all she could distinguish in the mumbles of Maryah - and she realized with delight that the Lady would most likely not have any reliable recollection of what just had happened but enough of it to have a tormented night and something to wonder about the next few days. With this knowledge she bent down and without too much effort lifted the fragile frame out of the water, wrapped her into a warmed towel and tugged her into bed.

She was rather pleased with this little excursion on the road of revenge - the bad thing was that she now too was highly aroused by this interlude. With a wry smile she dressed herself in another of the dresses and after making sure the Princess was asleep she made her way down to the common room to where her companions were awaiting her.

To Be Continued...

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