tagFetishTied Up Ch. 02

Tied Up Ch. 02


As you'd feel the weight of my body pressed down into your lap, I'd draw my hands to your face and cup your cheeks, leaning down to brush my lips over yours. Just as you'd moan into my mouth, you'd feel me grind above you, slowly taunting your cock with the gyration of my hips as they flexed back and forth, causing a deep growl from inside your chest. I loved it when you got like this, when you couldn't escape the feelings building within you and had no control over what you could do. This excited me as much as it excited you.

I'd release your lips from a sweet kiss, and raise my head up to look down at you. My eyes would race over your upper body, taking in the sight of your glorious nakedness. My hands would move down to shuffle underneath the hem of my dress and pull it over my shoulders, dropping it onto the floor beside the bed. And you'd feel it being removed as you hear it drop on the carpet. This would cause you to moan once again, just to please me even more, knowing how much your sexy little fuck sounds turn me on. I'd smile down at you as my hands gently came back to your nipples once again.

You'd feel my fingers tweaking your nipples as my pussy rubbed the thick length of your cock, feeling it rub against my panty-covered pussy. And then, once I had you where I wanted you, you'd feel one of my hands release your nipple as I moved up your body to sit on your chest. My bared breasts could feel the warm air inside the room, but it didn't stop my nipples from hardening, and so with a pleasurable tingle through my body, I'd rub myself against you as my fingers wrapped around the base of your cock. My left hand would pull on your nipple gently, tugging the nubbin between thumb and forefinger, coaxing it to sheer hardness as my other hand stroked the full length of your raging hard on. With firm, full, smooth strokes, my hand would move up and down the shaft, from base to tip. I'd elicit a cry of pleasure from your lips as my eyes watched your face closely, my cunt continuing to grind over your chest, feeling my pussy soak the gusset of my panties.

You'd be feeling the moisture of my panties pressing over the fine matt of hair of your chest, the grinding of my cunt against you, and you'd murmur something under your breath. I cannot understand your words, but I would have a fair idea what you were moaning about. This would only make me grin down at you as I'd delight in this sweet torture.

Then you'd feel it baby. You'd feel my hand draw away from your steel rod and cup your balls in my palm, rubbing across them playfully with nimble fingers as I moaned deeply. I'd roll them with my fingertips as my other hand released your nipple to scoop down your chest to your belly, poking at the panties that cover my sweet cunt. I'd pull the crotch aside, so you could smell the sweet aroma of my arousal. Your face would rise upward, trying to sniff the air as you groaned loudly, your voice finally hissing at me.

"Oh baby, let me suck that clit. Give me your cunt, my little vixen, I want to taste it." A tempting growl would escape your lips as you ached to see how wet I was. But you know I would not show you, not yet. Your head would be twisting around to reach for my pussy as the scent became stronger, and you felt my body move further up your chest until my cunt was mere inches from your lips. I'd quickly lift my rump from your upper chest to pull my panties away, after grabbing at the waistband of the flimsy material and ripping at them. My exposed cunt would be dripping onto your chest as I lowered myself back down, rubbing myself over you, as I ground my dripping hole across the hairs of your chest. Mmmmm I fucking love that feeling. I wish you could see my pussy. So pink and slippery, swollen with desire, the lips of my cunt puffy and aching for your touch, it would be heaven to have your mouth upon it.

You'd feel my body writhe above you, ever so slightly as my fingers made their way across my extended clit, scraping the sensitive little bud of pleasure before I slid my first and third finger over my labia, parting the folds widely to slide my middle finger through the wet slit, coating it in my juices as I drew it back and forth. You'd only smell and sense what I was doing, being unable to see such a beautiful sight would cause you to grunt at me in frustration, until it was too much for you and you hissed at me once again.

"Take this fucking blindfold off of me baby, I want to see your sweet cunt. Please Bel, please let me see you." I'd only smile down at you as I gripped my fingers around the length of your hard cock and squeezed. You wouldn't have things your way, they would be done at my leisure, for my pleasure, at my pace. And knowing how much you'd want it, would only make me flex my hips forward, bringing my pussy upward towards your mouth until I squatted over your beautiful face and suffocated you with the taste and smell of my sweet cunt.

Without a moment's hesitation, I'd feel your tongue poke out from between your lips and dart at my clit, as it pulses against you. I'd feel the shivers running down my spine as you teased me, circling my clit with your tongue tip before you slid it down between my soft folds and shoved it inside me, so deep would be your need to taste me. My hands would automatically move up to cup each breast, tweaking the erect nipples, pulling on them, my fingers spreading wide to massage the titflesh as you continue to fuck me with your tongue, grinding my cunt down into your face. It wouldn't take long until I could feel an orgasm building and you'd sense it straight away. You know how my body responds, you are aware of what gets me off, of how to pleasure me and so with the tip of your nose rubbing against my clit, and the insistent thrusting of your tongue deep inside my tight fuckhole, you'd bring me to a quick orgasm as it washed over me.

"Unnnggghhhh fuck! That's it baby, fucking eat me. Make me cum in your mouth! Fuck me with your tongue, Brad. Oh God... ohhhhhhhhh fuck I'm cumming.... Oh baby, I'm cumming!"

The flood of juices dribbling over your tongue as I came for you was more then enough. My breasts being pulled at by delicate hands as my hips bucked forcefully down, would make me grind myself harder onto you, not caring at that moment if you could breath, just aching to coat your face with my juices. Suffocating you in my ecstasy as my cries filled the room and your name echoing loudly off the walls, only made you tongue me harder. The skill of your mouth and tongue would work wonders on my throbbing clit, and as always, my climax would be forceful and intense. And once my body began to slow it's writhing from the orgasm that overtook me, I'd remove myself slowly above your face and scoot down your body until my pussy was at your cock and my lips had stolen yours own for a deep, hungry kiss.

As we'd moan into each others mouths, tasting myself upon your tongue as I suckled on it, I'd feel your cock lightly poking me in my lower belly, sensing that it had grown a little soft. This was the time for your pleasure now, for me to suck that hard, fat cock into my throat until you were begging me for release. This is how I wanted you, anxious for my lips to wrap around the head of your cock and push down over it, taking your length into the tightness of my throat until you couldn't stand anymore. And without waiting too long, that is what I'd do. You'd feel my mouth do exactly that as I slid myself down your legs to rub my sopping cunt over your shin and draw your dick into my mouth.

My lips would wrap around you tightly, enclosing fully around the length of your cock as I drew it down into my throat, feeling the head hit my larynx before I pulled back. Fighting against the strong urge to gag before shoving my face back into your crotch, I'd take every inch of you into me once again. I'd care naught but for the pleasure I'd be giving you. Wanting to get you off, wanting to bring you to that point where you can't think or can hardly breath... where all you can do is whimper and moan and groan, is what I'd desperately want at that moment.

Having your cock fill my mouth and throat, feeling you harden inside me brought such pleasure to my whole body. I love having you at my mercy, not being able to grab at my head and force your cock into me, yet your hips would thrust forward, trying to gain extra inches. As I'd reach around you with my hands to grab the cheeks of your arse, I'd feel you thrust upwards, forcing yourself into my throat as I welcomed the intrusion. My fingers would dig into the softness of your rump as your hips would flex forward, and your mouth was grunting and panting with sounds of pleasure. I'd allow my lips to lock tightly around your shaft as I rapidly sucked up and down over your length, taking another inch into me with each thrust of my face. You'd be begging me not to stop at this point, your body and mind would be so consumed by lust and need that you'd just have to scream out at me, telling me of your desires.

Mmmmmmmmm fuck I love the taste of you. Feeling the length of your velvet rod as it slides between my lips, as if it has a mind of it's own and it knows exactly where to go. I'd feel your hips buck forward so it thrusts deeper with every stroke of your pelvis. Your tempered voice would crackle through the air, a deep guttural moan ringing in my ears as I continued to bring you closer and closer to orgasm. I loved hearing your voice above me and your sexy little groans and moans as you become more and more aroused.

"Oh yes baby, suck my fat cock, Bel. Fuck I love your mouth on me! It feels so good, suck me harder, honey. Oh please, suck me, I want to cum in your mouth. I want to cum in my baby doll's mouth."

I'd allow you your delusion, knowing fully well that you had no say in what I would or wouldn't let you do. And for sure, you wouldn't be cumming in my mouth, not this time, because as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, you will be cumming in my hot little snatch as I ride you to orgasm. THAT is how you will be cumming my love.

As I'd continue to mash my lips down the length of your cock, sucking you harder and deeper against the force of your hips, I'd then rip my mouth off you as my hand remained fisted around your hot length. I'd have the taste of precum soaking my tongue as I lapped at my lips, removing the scent of you from them until I tightened my hand around your fuckrod and squeezed more precum out from the tip. And then you'd hear it, my words of encouragement, begging and pleading for you to cum inside my mouth as my lips once again wrapped around the head of your cock until I forced myself to swallow your entire length. I knew you loved it when I begged you to cum for me, and this was no exception. So as my lips would rip off the end of your dick and I'd stare at your face, I'd hiss at you nastily, begging for what I wanted.

"Cum for me, you nasty little fucker. I know you want this, you want to feel your thick seed shooting to the back of my throat as I suck you all the way into me. So do it! Fuck your filthy slut's mouth and explode for her. Cum Brad, cum for me fuck you! CUM!!!!!"

Your body would tremble at my words, I'd feel you shudder beneath me as you felt my mouth engulf your cock once again, the throbbing tip pulsing at the back of my throat as I deepened my caress. I'd grab at your ballsack with my spare hand and cup them gently, rubbing the tips of my fingers over the surface of your tightening balls, feeling them fill with hot lava. And just as you were about to cum, I'd rip my mouth off you once again and press my thumb and forefinger around the head of your cock, just beneath the ridge of your bulbous head to squeeze it tightly. My finger and thumb would apply just enough pressure to stop the flow of your climax, and it's then that I'd hear your muffled groan of frustration and the thrust of your hips pushing upward to try and shove your cock back into my mouth.

"Fuckkkkkkk. You bitch! Let me cum baby, fuck Bel, I need to cum. Please! Fucking hell!"

I'd be slightly disappointed that you couldn't see the smirk upon my face, that cheeky grin that you adore so much. But I wouldn't care, because you would not be running the show. It's up to me to allow you to cum, how I want you to cum, when I want you to cum, where I want you to cum. And cumming in my mouth right now wouldn't be an option for you. And THAT is why I would love this so much.

Without saying another word, my hand would remain around the length of your cock as it slid down fist itself underneath the bulbous, swollen head. I'd move myself over your lap so that my cunt was pointing down to the tip of your throbbing fuckmeat, and just when you'd think I was teasing you some more, I'd push myself down over the full length of your cock, taking every inch into my sopping cunt until you were balls deep inside me.

"Ohhhhhh fuck. Oh yes baby." I would be screaming out. The feel of you penetrating my inner depths would cause me to moan and grunt above you, just as I'd hear you moan out in pleasure. This is how I wanted it, to feel you inside my sweet, juicy snatch as I ride you to orgasm. My hands would be moving across your chest now, to flick at your nipples before they pressed down onto your chest. Grinding myself hard onto your cock, I'd claw my fingernails at your chest, scratching them down to your belly as I continued to ride your steel length, writhing and bucking atop you.

"Baby, let me see you... please Bel, I need to see you." Your desperate, throaty murmur would shoot straight through me, and I'd have no choice but to lean forward and remove the blindfold from your eyes. I'd want you to see me riding you, rolling my hips above you as I throw my head back in pure ecstasy and moan out your name from my lips. Then just as I'd toss the blindfold aside, I'd lean down to steal a kiss from your lips as my hands slid up the length of your arms, lacing my fingers with yours as our tongues entwine. We'd taste each other deeply, our tongues swirling and lapping into one another's mouth as they danced with a seductive sway.

As I released my lips from yours after a lingering kiss, I'd rise up again and arch my back like a Cheshire cat, letting my head fall backwards as my feet shifted towards your hips. Leaning back on my hands as they pressed into the mattress at the sides of your knees, letting you watch me spread my legs out for you, I'd glide myself up and down over your steel cock. Riding up and down your length, watching every stroke, seeing my cuntlips wrap around your thick cock as it pushes in and out of my body would nearly send you over the edge.

"Fuck me you lil slut of mine, come on babydoll.. Work that cunt on me... Grrrr yeahhh.. Fuck me you sexy lil bitch!" Your words would send shivers down my spine as I dropped my chin forward to stare into your eyes, the sparks of electricity shooting through our bones, connecting us in more than just the physical sense. I'd glare at you deeply to show you how much I wanted you, how much I loved you. You'd only moan out in pleasure again, loving the feel of my tight pussy wrapped around your hard length, sliding up and down every throbbing inch as we worked in unison, bringing each other off.

It would be then that I'd raise my body up and twist myself around, curling my legs so that I manoeuvred myself in reverse cowgirl style, facing my back to you as my feet pressed tightly against your upper thighs. My long blonde locks would cascade down my back as the ends of my hair tickled the soft flesh of my arse and your belly. I'd know you'd be aching to grab at it, to pull on it, to fist it in your hand as I'm riding you like this. I could hear you try and pull at the restraints, but I've bound you tight enough so that you wouldn't be able to release yourself. And it's at this time that I'd feel myself close to orgasm once again.

"Uhhhhhh baby, I need to cummmmmm! Oh Braaaaaddddd!" I'd buck my hips down onto you, rolling my pelvis back and forth to aid in my climax as my distended clit grinds against the veiny shaft of your cock. As I'd yell out your name from my lips, grabbing onto your knees as I kept my balance and worked my hips up and down above you, I'd be working myself into a frenzy. My whole being would be alight with fire, my pussy clamping down hard around your thick cock as I ride it to another orgasm, bucking myself like a rampant bitch on heat, forcing my cunt down harder and deeper with each thrust of your hips as they met my own.

"OHHHHHHHHHH BRAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD! I'M CUMMING BABYYYYY.... OHHH FUCKKKK YEAHHHH!!" Crying out your name as my body is flooded with an attack of a second climax, I'd feel my clit pulsing against the ridge of your cock as my back arches and a torrent of cunt juices would coat your steel length, smothering your balls with it. Bucking and bouncing on your cock, I'd keep up the tempo until my climax began to subside and I could hear your sexy voice behind me, egging me on.

"oh fuck yeah, that's it you nasty bitch.. cum all over my cock Bel. Fuck! Coat my cock with your juices my sexy lil slut. Ohhh God Bel, I can feel you cumming, holy shit!"

Your words only serve to grind me harder against you as I ride out the last few waves of my orgasm, feeling the rush of air escape my lungs as I fight for breath. There is nothing more spectacular then sharing such an ecstasy with the one you love. But I wouldn't be done yet, I'd be wanting more. And you know how greedy I can be.

Turning my head over my shoulder to look down at you, I'd grin wickedly for a moment, my face and chest flushed from the incredible orgasm you had just given me. I'd blow you a kiss through the air, sighing softly as I see your lips curl into a smile, that amazing smile that always makes my heart melt, and then you'd feel me lift myself off your cock and turn back around to face you. I'd kneel up over your thighs so that your cock was pointing straight upwards at me, but nowhere close enough to penetrate me. And then you'd see my fingers delving down to my pussy, scooping up the cum from deep inside my cunt. I loved to look at you whilst I did this, to see the lust in your eyes and the way your lips would curl into a sexy grin. I'd reach back behind me with those coated, juicy fingers and push them gently into my arse before pulling them out and swiping them through my sopping vulva, coating them once more with cum before re-inserting them once again, pushing them into the tight sheath of my arsehole.

"You're such a nasty little whore baby, teasing yourself like this. Push those fingers into your tight arse, Bel. Fuck yourself with them. Oh fucking hell, you are such a slut for me."

Your hoarse whisper would send shivers down my spine as my fingers slid deeper into my tight anal passage, thrusting in and out in a slow, deliberate motion as I worked myself over. I'd be looking down into your eyes as I did this, grinning wickedly at you as we exchanged glances. My teeth would reach out to nibble my lower lip as the pleasure of my fingers worked their way inside my arsehole, sliding further to the last knuckle until I parted the two fingers and stretched my insides.

After I had worked my fingers in deep enough, stretching my arse open enough to easily slip the fingers out of my body, I'd smile down at you and move that hand to your cock, wrapping my fingers around the hot length of it. And just as you'd feel me squeeze my fist over your throbbing rod, stroking the wet length, you'd see me move back up a little and aim the swollen head at my puckered arse. I'd see your chest rise and fall as you felt yourself being forced into such a tight hole as I'd push myself down onto you. My bunghole was now stretched enough to accommodate your thickness, and as I'd push down harder, you'd cry out in satisfaction as you felt yourself being surrounded by my tightness. I'd cry out at the initial penetration, feeling my outer ring start to slowly relax around your hot piece of fuckmeat as I forced it inside me, squeezing the base of your cock in my fingers. My eyes would close over so I could concentrate on taking you into me this way, forcing myself to relax the tense muscles of my arse to better aid your penetration. This is what you had wanted wasn't it my lover?

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