tagGay MaleUnbroken Ch. 02

Unbroken Ch. 02


Hello and welcome to the second chapter of my story. I just hope this chapter will be interesting for you. Don't forget to drop your comments. Happy reading...


Luis suddenly woke up, moving his eyes to the large electronic clock on the wall.

"10.am," He gasped, covering his eyes. Guess he was really tired to have woken up at 10 in the morning.

Luis removed his hands from his eyes and got up, balancing on a number of pillows. Then he opened his arms and stretched them, yawning like he had not eaten in years. He was really hungry and his stomach started rumbling almost immediately. He needed some food in his stomach or he was gonna be dead in a few minutes, just kidding.

After stretching, Luis got out of bed and saw a large tray with plates on it. He immediately knew that someone had brought breakfast to him while he was sleeping. Hmm, he had missed finding breakfast like that.

Luis then moved to the tray, uncovered it and found toasted bread with minced meat and beef sausages. He ate his breakfast quickly and pulled some pants on himself. He wore a green short, a blue t-shirt and white sandals. Then he was on his way to meet and greet his family.

Luis travelled by the elevator and found his father in the living room reading a newspaper. His mother was giving instructions to the maids and some people who he couldn't recognize. He just stood and watched his mother finish whatever that she was instructing. Then he got lost in his thoughts again, thinking about the great fuck that he had given the guy the previous day. At least he had something erotic to remember.

"Luis," He heard his mother's voice which pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Mother," Luis said softly, moving his eyes to her. She was looking beautiful in a blue dress and she had tied her hair, revealing her beautiful, glowing face.

"You are awake, finally." She smiled. "I came to your room earlier and found you sleeping. I hope you are okay?"

"I was just tired, I guess." He said, kissing her cheek. "Do we have new maids and guards?"

"No!" The queen laughed. "They are just decorators. They are here to decorate the ball room for the ball tonight.

"The ball...uh," He had totally forgotten that his father had told him about the ball. "Is that today?"

"Yeah, this evening." The king who had been quiet said excitedly. "We are having the ball tonight to celebrate the return of the crown prince." He was hoping for the prince to find a bride among the daughters of the most prominent families in Angria. "We have sent invitations to everyone who wants to come."

Hearing his father's statement, the Prince gave a soft chuckle. He had no idea why he felt excited when he heard about inviting everyone. He was really hoping the boy who had insulted him wouldn't come because if he did, he was gonna live to regret it.

"That's good." Luis grinned, rubbing his hands together. "But is granny gonna be there?"

"I talked to her this morning and she's gonna come in the evening. But don't worry, she promised she won't be late."

Luis loved his grandmother a lot. She was 65 but she was too beautiful for her age. He had missed her a lot and not seeing her when he came back home made it seem like something was missing in his life. Now that she was gonna be back home, he was gonna live a happy and fulfilling life.

"I can't wait to see her." He was excited and the tone of his voice clearly showed that. Then he moved his mind from his granny so as not to miss her. He then scanned the room and noticed that his sister was not in the living room.

"And where is that sister of mine?"

"She's outside." The queen said, moving to one of the couches. "I bet she's either at the pool or the garden or even the courtyard."

"I'll go and look for her." He had barely finished his sentence and he was already going out. "See you later."

They all waved at him and he continued heading out. Reaching outside, he leaned to a pillar as he scanned the whole compound to check if he could see her. He only saw decorators taking their decorations into the ball room. By the look of things, he knew it was gonna be one hell of a ball. He knew it was gonna be great and quite big.

"Okay," Luis whispered. "I guess I gotta check the gardens."

He took a deep breath and went to the huge garden behind and found his sister with some maids, watering some flowers. She sure loved her flowers a lot, ever since they were just kids.

"Hey, sis," Luis greeted as he headed towards her.

"Hey," Hanna greeted, her eyes glued on the flowers. "Morning,"

"Yeah," Luis chuckled. "If you could call it that,"

Luis went inside the garden and took one of the watering cans and helped her sister water the flowers. They both watered the flowers while catching up on the lost time. It was really beautiful and they bonded really well.

The ball was coming up in just a few hours. Luis knew very well it was his ball but he was just not he was gonna enjoy it. He knew ladies were gonna be all over him but he was just interested in the guys. He was interested in guys but the problem was that his parents and his sister had no idea he was gay. He didn't even know how to break it to them. But that was no big deal. They were gonna find out sooner or later. His only problem was their reaction. He had no idea how his father was gonna react especially since he expected him to produce an heir after him.


Aidan was in the kitchen, holding a really sharp knife, helping his granny cook lunch. He was not a pro like his granny when it came to cooking but he very knew how to cook and he cooked once in a while at the hotel but since he had no knowledge of culinary, he just helped out at times.

Aidan was not going to work that particular day. He had no shift and his boss had given him a day off for his hard work so he had to make use of it. There was no way to make use of it than being with his family members.

Cutting the tomatoes, onions and peppers, Aidan's mind took him to the incident that had happened the previous day. Thinking about it was making him angry so he just dropped it and concentrated on the things that he was cutting. It was gonna be a delicious meal and he could tell from the wonderful aroma that filled the little kitchen.

"Aidan!" Granny called softly, stirring on the dish she was cooking.

"Yes, granny,"

"Are you going to the ball tonight?"

Aidan was about to cut a tomato in half but hearing his granny's question, he withdrew and just stared at it. Then he slipped to the whole incident again and relived everything that had happened. Realizing his granny's question, Aidan's heart began racing...his whole body felt hot...he felt a shiver run down his spine as what he had done the previous day came right back to him. Then he quickly moved his eyes and stared at the woman that was staring at him with a grin on her face.

"Uh," He answered as if he didn't get what she had said when in reality, he got everything clearly. "What...what did you say?" He gathered his confidence and continued cutting the vegetables.

"Are you going to the royal ball tonight?"

"Err...I don't think I am going." He said simply. No way would he go to the palace when he talked rudely to the prince the previous day. The prince had been mad at him and just because he didn't do anything doesn't mean that he had forgotten about it.


"Well...I have a lot of things to do. Are you going?"

"I was planning on going but..."

"I hope you are not trying to tell me that you are not going because I am not going?" Aidan gave his granny a look that said it all. He was giving her a hint to just go. "You have to go."

"But what about you," Granny didn't want to leave Aidan all alone. "Ethan is also going and I don't think I can leave you all alone."

"I will be fine." Aidan smiled, moving his eyes to his vegetables. "Just bring something scrumptious for me okay?"

Granny chuckled. She knew Aidan was trying to make her feel better. "Of course,"

Aidan and granny chuckled. Man, he hadn't even told her that he had met with the prince and he had kinda said some things. If the old woman ever got to find out, Aidan knew how her reaction would be. She'd freak out and panic if she ever got to find out. But the good thing was that Aidan would never utter it to her.

They chatted over a few things as they made lunch together. Then they served it and had it together with Ethan who had been sleeping since he had come home in the morning. They had a special lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about other things.


Luis was standing in front of a large mirror, looking at his own wonderful reflection. He was looking really handsome that evening and he couldn't deny that he was absolutely stunning and he was gonna steal the spotlight at the ball. He was putting on a dark blue, tight designer's suit which was bought for that particular event. He had a light green designer's shirt inside. His hair was perfected and brushed back, making his face and especially his eyes to be in full view.

He was putting on black, shiny designer's shoes and they made him look like the true prince that he was. His face was glowing with the little makeup that had been applied by the makeup artists. His neck was glowing with a beautiful golden necklace. He had a beautiful golden ring with a large diamond on top, on his left. He had a bright royal diamond bracelet on his right wrist...a golden watch on his left wrist.

Did I happen to mention that there were designers making sure that he was looking absolutely stunning? All he had to do was stand still and let them check if everything was alright. They checked every bit of the suit and everything that he was wearing.

There was a beautiful golden crown on his bed which was gonna be the master piece of his dress. He didn't need anyone to tell him he was handsome that night because he knew he was handsome and he knew he was gonna dominate the ball though he had no idea if he was gonna dance or anything.

Still in his thoughts, staring at the huge mirror, Luis watched as the door to his room opened and then he suddenly froze. He didn't know if it was his imagination or it was real but he could see his grandmother standing by the door through the mirror.

"Granny," Luis said softly, slowly turning. There she was, a really beautiful elderly woman who looked amazing. She was wearing a beautiful white dress in beautiful black flat shoes. Her hair was tied into a knot and she had a small crown on her head. But what captured Luis' soul was that beautiful smile that was radiating on her face. It was really beautiful and she was really beautiful.

"Granny," Luis chirped, moving away from the huge mirror. "Oh my god." He rushed to her and gave a tight hug. Fuck, she felt warm and cozy. He had missed the old woman a lot and just wanted to hold her for as long as he lived. "I can't believe you are finally here."

"Did you think I would miss my own grandson's ball?" She chuckled, patting on his back. "I really missed you a lot, son."

"I missed you more."

They both hugged for some minutes before finally pulling from each other. Luis loved his granny a lot. In fact, she was the only one who supported him on most issues when his parents didn't support him. He also knew she would support him when he tells everyone he was gay.

"When did you come back?"

"A few minutes ago, actually." Granny gave a soft chuckle that warmed Luis' very own soul.

"I am glad you are back." Luis said softly.

They chatted for a few minutes while the designers continued their work of making sure he was looking beautiful. In just a matter of minutes, they were done. He was absolutely lovely and the crown was pressed on his head even though it felt like a second head but it was manageable.

"You look really handsome, my love." Granny said softly. She then cupped his cheeks and pressed soft kisses on each of them, another thing Luis had missed about his grandmother.

"I couldn't have said more about you too, granny." Luis remarked, rubbing against his grandmother's hands.

They just stared at each other, enjoying each other's company like before. They began chatting again but realized that time was not on their side. It was time to go and join the party. It was time to get it over with. To be honest, Luis would have rather sat with his granny and chat the rest of the night than go to the ball but he had no choice than to go.

"Have you ever heard of a groom who was late for his own wedding?" Granny jested, holding his hand tightly.

"I know what you mean." Luis said. "We need to go to the ball. I am sure people have started arriving."

"I am sure they have arrived." Granny chuckled.

Luis took a deep and nervous breath. Then he got up from the bed, extended his hand and helped his grandmother up. Then he coiled his granny's arm and they both went out of his room. It was time to face the ball.


Luis entered the ball room through the stage where the royal family's seats were. He was still holding his grandmother and as soon as they had entered, people begun cheering and clapping. Hearing their cheers, Luis began waving at them, giving them a bright smile. The ball room was really huge unlike anything that he had seen ever seen before. It could easily accommodate about 5000 people and judging from the people there, they were quite many of them. There were really elegant decorations, more food than anyone could ever eat and everything was beautiful including the people.

Luis and his grandmother made their way to the seats where the king, the queen, the princess and even the prime minister sat. They were all looking elegant with their crowns except the prime minister. A slow soothing music was playing, brightening everyone's moods. Luis made his way to his seat beside the great king and sat.

"I thought you weren't coming." The king said softly. "We were waiting."

"I am so sorry." Luis apologized. "I got caught in my conversation with granny that I lost track of time. I just hope you haven't been waiting for too long?"

"It's fine." The king smiled and waved at his people. "The good thing is that you are here already."

"Yeah," Luis said, looking straight at his smiling mother and his sister.

"The ball will begin after the introduction."

After talking to his son, the king signaled the master of ceremony and the event begun.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen," The man in a white suit who happened to be the MC began. "The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. I know we were all eager to see the prince and now he is here." The people cheered. "May I take this opportunity to call upon the king and the prince?"

Luis looked at his father and they both got up at the same time, making their way to the MC. He gave them the microphone and the king began his speech. It was just a short speech. He thanked his people for coming to the ball and for honoring his invitation.

"...with that said, I would like to make a toast to my son," He raised his glass of champagne. The people in the ball room followed his lead. "To my son, the prince, welcome back home."

Then he toasted his glass with the prince and the people toasted in the air and with each other. Luis could clearly see that the whole room was packed with people, both rich and poor but he didn't care. Somehow, he didn't feel comfortable being at that ball. He just wanted it to end so that he could go back to his normal life, a life of nothing but fun.

"Thanks, dad," Luis said as he held his glass tighter.

"And now, I declare the ball started. Ladies, the prince is all yours."

Hearing what his father had just said, Luis gulped and then gave a soft, nervous chuckle. He didn't like how things were going. He could clearly see from the people that were in that room that there were really handsome men, men that would satisfy him. It was hurting him to know that he had men that he was lusting after but he couldn't get any of them. It would seem like an insult to the king if he chose to dance with a man. He was gonna have to come out first.

The music started playing and Luis knew that he had to mingle with the audience and his people. His father had just offered him on a silver platter and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Still standing there as he scanned the whole roof to see if he could spot his friend, Luis heard the MC began speaking again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the dance floor is open. Enjoy the party."

Luis watched as some girls gave him a seductive look but he didn't care. He just continued scanning the whole room till he spotted his best friend waving at him. He had to be with his best during that time. He knew that his friend was the only who could understand him. Luis waved at his friend as he started going down the short stairs. Beautiful dance music was playing and some people were already on the dance floor, dancing softly.

Coming down the stairs, Luis felt someone grip his arm. He stopped and then quickly turned to find a beautiful black lady. She was really lovely. Her long dark curled hair was magnificent and her dress was beautifully fitted on her body. Her boobs were exposed, making him realize that the lady had come for him. Of course, he would have fallen for her had he been straight but he didn't care for her.

"Care to dance?" The lady said flirtatiously, blushing.

Hearing her question, Luis chuckled nervous. "I would have loved to but...I'll pass. Maybe next time,"

"Just one dance," The lady said, giving him puppy eyes.

Luis had no idea what to do but he knew that he couldn't accept her offer no matter what happened. He quickly looked around and caught his mother winking at him, urging him to accept the dance. He wanted to decline. He really wanted to decline but he couldn't do it, knowing that he had to dance.

Tearing his eyes away from his mother, Luis looked at the woman who was probably wetting her panties. "Okay. One dance only."

"One dance." The lady gave the brightest smile and she already had her hand on his shoulder. Yuck! Luis hated girls. Why couldn't it be one of the cute guys, he wondered, trying to act confident?

Luis took a deep breath and then gripped her waist. Fuck, he felt like something wanted to come out through his mouth. But he acted confidently and walked with her to the dance floor where everyone left as soon as they reached.

The spotlight shone on them, drawing cheers from everyone in the ball, including his family. They were happy and soon the music started and fuck, it was fucking waltz music. He had accepted to dance with her. Couldn't the music have been something else? Did it have to be fucking waltz music?

"Are you ready?" The lady blushed, probably hoping he was gonna fuck her after.

"Not gonna happen lady." Luis thought as he took her right hand in his and raised it. Then he gripped her waist and she put one hand on his shoulder. With the flow of the music, they started waltzing, following the music as they moved from side to side.

"Fuck!" Luis thought as he tried his best not to lose confidence or lose track of the music. Whoever had inverted this traditional of waltzing at the ball wasn't probably thinking straight. Had it been a man, he would have shown people how to waltz but he just played it calm and cool, trying not to make too much eye contact with her.

Everyone else just watched with their hearts racing, admiring the sweet couple waltzing around the dance floor. It was beautiful to the people that watched them. They just watched quietly as the sweet couple danced. All the ladies were admiring the lady the prince was dancing with. They just wanted to tear her away from the prince and probably beat her up. They felt like their chances of getting married to the prince had just gone to zero.

"What did I tell you?" The king whispered to her queen, smiling like he had just won a lottery. "I can tell that he is happy. Just look at them moving on that dance floor."

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