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Vacation Time Ch. 03


I barely touched my food during the rest of our meal though Dave managed to finish off all of his along with a few bites of my own. He didn't even touch me after that kiss and my mind was awash in all of the ways that this evening could turn out. Luckily there was plenty of wine to help settle my nerves as I waited for him to finish, nibbling my plump bottom lip as I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. I watched as he swallowed the last bite of his stake, butterflies filling my stomach as I saw his tongue dart out to moisten his lips just before he started to turn towards me.

"I'm assuming you're not going to eat anymore, did you not enjoy your salad?" His eyes said he knew why I hadn't eaten, though we had not spoken throughout most of our time at the table. I felt his hand slide back to my thigh as the waiter returned to clear our plates, Dave speaking to him even though his eyes were holding mine, "I believe that we would like to sample your dessert this evening."

My cheeks seemed to be permanently blushing as I gave a soft cough, turning back towards the table to take a drink. As soon as the waiter had left, Dave leaned into me, "I do believe you would have a problem right now if we were to leave Nikki, don't you think that it should fix that?"

I wasn't sure what he meant, my mind was racing and I was not even paying attention to his hand on my skin at that point until I felt the sting of elastic snapping at the tender skin of my upper thigh. My gaze was immediately drawn back to him as I gasped quietly, realizing that I only had one of my stockings and one of my shoes on. I could not believe how out of control I was at this point. His mouth had not left my ear as his hand suddenly left my thigh to rest on the skin of my exposed lower back, "Come now Nikki, what are we going to do about that problem of yours?"

I didn't know where my stocking or shoe had gone to though they had to be somewhere under the table. I began feeling around for them with my bare foot, expecting to be able to slip it back on under the cover of the tablecloth. He must have felt what I was doing as he tisked in my ear, causing me to freeze in place as I felt his hand slip down the back of my dress, his finger hooking around the flimsy lace thong I had on, "I believe the answer is not to find what is missing my dear girl, but to get rid of what is still here..."

His voice trailed off as I felt a sudden jerk, the skin between my ass cheeks suddenly burning as I heard a ripping sound. My mouth dropping open slightly in shock even as I felt his hand sliding to the other side followed by another ripping sound and more burning. I couldn't move if I wanted to as he began to tug on the thong, pulling it between my pussy lips and up my ass cheeks. Then he was folding the lacy material on the table as my eyes dropped to watch his hands, inhaling sharply as my body realized I had not been breathing, "I believe I have asked three times now Nikki... it is too bad that you did not take advantage of that opportunity."

Suddenly he was standing up, straightening his tux before holding out his hand to me, watching as I suddenly reached under the table, "Uh uh Nikki, you had your chance for that, now come on."

At a loss, my voice came out with an uncertain air, "But what about the dessert...?"

He didn't answer as he stepped closer, taking me by the elbow, sliding me out to stand unevenly next to him as I tried to maintain my balance with only one stiletto on, "I believe it would be nice to take a walk before returning to our cabins, don't you Nikki?"

It seemed I did not have a choice as he began walking out of the dining area and back out to the gangway. The moon was huge in the night sky though there did not appear to be a single star out. He did not pause until we were on the bow of the ship, the wind sliding seductively up my dress to brush my now bare pussy. I felt exposed standing there, knowing that people would notice my oddly dressed state. Dave moved behind me, pressing against my back as his arms wrapped around my waist, "It's a lovely evening isn't it baby?"

I could only nod as I felt his hand slipping under the straps of my dress, his thumbs brushing the undersides of my breasts. Anyone on the two lower decks would be able to look up and see us, but thankfully it seemed that most people were either at dinner or asleep and there were only a few people out. A squeak forced its way from my lips as his fingers suddenly pinched my already hardened nipples, causing me to arch backwards, into him in my attempt to escape the sharp stinging radiating from the tips of my breasts even as his touch turned to soothing strokes causing me to shiver and moan quietly.

I felt myself relaxing as his hands turned soft, teasing, as I melted back against him. My muscles tightened and relaxed under his hands as they slid from under the straps of my dress down over my hips to the tops of my thighs. The tips of his fingers brushing the naked skin just above the slit, my head lying back against his shoulder, his hot breath washing over the skin of my chest and in that moment, I could not remember why I had felt such apprehension in making a new conquest. I was lost in the moment a sound in the distance disturbing the building excitement of the moment, forcing me to open my eyes, looking around in confusion. It took a few moments before I realized that the teasing breeze against my pussy had grown stronger and that I could not feel the silkiness of my dress against the front of my thighs. Looking down, I realized that my dress was torn at the bottom of the band that wrapped around my hips, the front of my skirt flapping out to the side of me in the breeze, leaving my lower half completely exposed. I quickly moved to grab the torn fabric to cover myself only to Dave move with me, his fingers like steel bands around my wrists as he held them to the railing.

"Oh no you don't little girl, I like you just how you are," he slid my hands closer together which pushed my breasts together as he trapped my wrists with one hand, the other hand travelling back to my thigh, brushing lightly before settling on my damp pussy, cupping it, "and I think it's time someone taught you that lesson we were talking about earlier. You know it's not right to tempt married men; they're weak and susceptible to the wiles of young women such as yourself. Unfortunately for you, even though I am married, I am neither weak nor susceptible."

His finger was slowly splitting my pussy lips apart centimeter by centimeter as we stood at the railing, the cool metal of the railing pressing into my hips, my voice trembling as I tried to reason with him, "I... I don't know what you are talking about Dave! I wouldn't do something like that, I like Jenny and I wasn't trying to do... anything with you!"

He roughly pinched my clit between his fingers causing a strangled scream of shock to fall from my open mouth. He quickly took off his jacket and slid it around my shoulders turning me to button it up, smoothly covering my exposed skin as he angrily led me off down the gangway, "Since you insist on making so much noise instead of accepting your punishment like a good little girl, then I guess I'll just have to do something about that. Open the door Nikki."

We were standing outside of my room, right next to the door that led to his wife. He saw that I was looking at his door and quickly grabbed my purse, taking the key and opening the door. Without saying a word, he threw me roughly to the bed before approaching me. Standing over me, he grasped my ankle that was still covered in the silk stocking before he yanked it down, stopping only to remove my stiletto before completely removing it. I must have still been in shock as I didn't utter a single sound throughout this and he had the stocking shoved between my lips and tied behind my head before it even occurred to me.

As I looked up into his eyes, his deep voice vibrating through my body as it trembled under his gaze, "Now you my dear are a naughty, naughty girl... and we're going to fix that."

To be continued...

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