tagNovels and NovellasVacation Time Ch. 04

Vacation Time Ch. 04


Standing over me, I could see the fury in his eyes and in the tension coursing through his hard body. My own body was trembling, my lips quivering as I watched him, the stocking gag preventing me from making a sound, but my hands were still free. I began to look around for a means of escape, Dave was standing between me and the door, but there was the bathroom which I could shut and lock behind me. I threw a quick glance back up at Dave before kicking off the bed trying to make a mad dash for the door, but before my feet even cleared the bed, I felt my ankle snap back towards him, my body slamming into the bed as he held me in place like an unmovable mountain.

"Now Nikki, what did I tell you about fighting me?" Dave began pulling me towards him by my ankle until my legs were dangling over the edge of the bed directly before him. His free hand reaching forward, undoing the buttons of the tuxedo jacket that he had put on me to hid the ripped state of my dress underneath, "Mmmmm, now, are you going to continue fighting me Nikki or are we going to do this the easy way?"

I felt so small under his gaze, like I didn't have any control, I couldn't answer so I nodded, my eyes downcast studying the floor. He finally released my ankle and slid the jacket down my arms, effectively trapping them there as he cupped each of my breasts in his hands before pushing the straps out so that my breasts swung free. He then pulled me up to my bare feet, letting the jacket fall to the floor before he ripped off the rest of the bottom of my dress. I was standing there bare from the waist down and the straps of the dress did not cover a single thing, my skin began to flush and I felt warmth flooding my pussy as my desire increased. I could not believe that I was reacting as though I wanted this; embarrassment filled me as I stood there with my head bowed before him.

He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, tugging my hand so I turned with him, standing to the side of his thighs. The tugging continued until my stomach was laying across his lap, my arms and hands dangling over one side, my legs bent on the other, my bottom exposed to him. Without warning, Dave's hand came down on my backside with a loud smack, causing my body to jerk, the gag muffling the scream that tried to come, tears pricking my eyes.

I felt his hand rubbing my bottom, scratchy on my delicate skin, I knew without a doubt that there would be a bright, perfect, red handprint etched into my ass cheek, but still I did not move. The second blow came as suddenly as the first, followed by more rubbing, more spanks, by the tenth slap, the tears were running down my face, dripping to the floor as my body trembled uncontrollably. This time his hand continued rubbing, my pussy was soaked by now even as he kneaded the bruised flesh of my bottom. Small whimpers muffled by the gag as I felt his fingers spreading my cheeks, dipping between them.

I started wiggling, fear filling me as I realized where his fingers were going, knowing that was the one place on my body that had never been used by any man. The thought disgusted me and I felt my instincts to fight kick into action, but there was no fight to be had, I fell hard to the ground, my shoulder absorbing the impact with a grunt of pain. I was now able to see Dave's face as he gazed down at me, a smirk on his face, "Looks like I've found the little girl's secret..."

I wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face, I hate being called a little girl, I hate that he was trying to take away my control, and I hate that I had no way of stopping any of it. Not even my increasing excitement and desire. I slowly began to rise to my knees, conviction filling my body as I realized that we could do this his way or my way and I was not going to do it his way. As I reached my full five foot four inches, I raised my head to look down my as I pulled the gag from my mouth before sliding the straps of my dress off of me, standing nude before him, "You may have found my secret old man, but I also noticed that you did not want your wife to know what you are doing. So, either you leave now or I start screaming bloody murder and we'll see who wins this battle..."

He expression softened a bit, a smile curling the edges of his lips as he looked up at me, "You are going to be a fun one to break honey and I am quite sure that my wife is now deep in the grasps of her sleeping pills; however..."

He rose, a good foot taller than me, his eyes locked with mine, once again freezing me in place as my heart rate began rising yet again. That slight smile still on his lips as he leaned over, stopping just short of kissing me, "You want to kiss me, don't you Nikki?"

I felt my body swaying forward towards him, my mouth moving a millimeter closer, my eyes closing as I moved to close the gap when I heard him chuckling above my head, "Now now... didn't your mother teach you to ask first?"

Frustration at him and myself made me shake as I stood before him, my hands clenched into fists as I glared up at him, "And why would I ever ask you to kiss me?"

"Because I excite you my dear, you want another kiss and your mind is wondering how good everything else will feel. You are so wet for me right now I can smell it because you're nothing more than a dirty little slut. You know it and I know it so you might as well stop this charade and submit to me if you want me to go easier on you than what I had planned... So what will it be little girl? Are you going to find out what you are missing and become my dirty little slut? Are you ready to learn your place?" He was sneering down at me like I was nothing, not worth a second of his time, but he wouldn't be saying all of this if he didn't want me. I knew that somewhere, in the darkest recesses of my heart, I wanted him, but did I dare to find out the cost of fulfilling that desire?

To be continue...

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