Tristan absently brushed a lock of dark hair out of his eyes as leaned over the desk to look at the smoke alarm. "Tell me again why this is worth $1100.00?"

"This is the most advanced hidden surveillance system you can get on the civilian market." The sales person said starting his pitch again. "What makes this so unique isn't just the technology but the fact that even with examination; it still looks like a smoke alarm. All the surveillance components are built into the housing."

Turning the smoke alarm over the sales person pointed at a small darkened square. "Inside there is a small camera that has 15 times optical zoom and 30 times digital zoom. It is also capable of infrared imagery. The camera is on a small servo that can rotate 30 degrees in any direction, giving you an excellent view of an entire room. This part here that is open with small slits that looks like where a normal smoke alarm makes the alarm sound is actually a miniature parabolic microphone. The same kind people who are hard of hearing use to amplify sound. It can detect a whisper at 100 feet, so you can imagine how clear it is in the confined space of say a living room. With a built in motion sensor, it can be set up so it only comes on when motion is detected."

Turning the smoke alarm back over, the sales person continued his well practiced pitch. "There is also the capability of either a direct link to a monitor via a cable, it can broadcast the signal to a custom designed programmable receiver or it can transmit the signal to a router and then to any IP address. So the image can be viewed on the internet. This is usually a private IP address that only the customer has access to."

Getting to the end of his pitch, the sales person connected the body of the smoke alarm back to the frame. Lighting a cigarette, he held it under the alarm. "Last and equally important is that it really functions as a smoke alarm." Just then the high pitched chime began to sound.

Tristan was pleased with what he saw. It was everything he had hoped for and more. "I'll take it."

The sales person hesitated for a moment. "You do understand sir, that we are a manufacturer. We do not sell individually. If all you want is one. There are a couple of vendors who can sell you one."

Tristan smiled. "I was thinking of starting an online security camera business. I would be purchasing 500."

The sales person eyes grew wide. This was more than he hoped for. Most venders only stock between 50 and 100. This would be a huge sale. "If you were to by in that quantity, I could take off $100. That would bring the total cost to $500,000.00."

"Congratulations. You just made yourself a sale." Tristan said as he leaned over the desk to shake the sales person's hand.


Tristan stood in the lobby of the empty building he had recently purchased. At twenty five he had made several million in real-estate and had put the majority of his wealth into buying this building. Looking at himself in the large mirror that covered a wall, his five foot ten athletic frame trembled slightly at the excitement he felt.

It had taken eight months and three million dollars to renovate the ten story building that was now his. The ground level was the leasing office, gym, maintenance office, indoor sauna and hot tub. Outside there was a swimming pool for the residence. Floors two through nine consisted of thirty-two apartments. There are four apartments per floor. Each apartment had beautiful carpet, granite countertops, roman tubs and a separate glass-door walk in shower in the bathrooms. Each apartment also had twelve foot ceilings. The tenth floor was all his, including a private elevator.

The surveillance cameras/smoke alarms had finally arrived. He had always been a bit of a voyeur. Spending many hours watching everything from private cams you paid for online to the more socially accepted reality shows. Now thanks to some savvy business deals he would be able to live out his greatest fantasy, watching every aspect of average people.

It had taken Tristan a full week to install the cameras. Each apartment had two bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, small dining room, living room and a study. The cameras were set up so that no matter what configuration the rooms were set up in. He would have an excellent view. Even the study was set up in such a way that it forced the occupant to set up their desk and computer on a certain wall where the only electrical outlets could be found. He had also installed a wireless router system throughout the entire property that would easily pick up the signals from every camera. The routers required a security code to access them. The images transmitted to a secure and heavily encrypted IP address only he knew. Each apartment had 7 cameras, one in each bedroom, each bathroom, the living room, kitchen and study. He had used a total of 224 smoke alarm/cameras in the apartments and 5 in the main floor office, hallway, gym, sauna and hot tub. The additional 271 cameras he stored away incase one was damaged or he wanted to use somewhere else.


With his apartment building located downtown and priced at a reasonable $1200.00 a month, the list of perspective renters was huge. He immediately dismissed the obvious, people who couldn't really afford it, bad credit and people who had a history of breaking leases. The next group dismissed, were those for less obvious reasons. People who had underage children, elderly and those who he had no desire to see naked.

He had hired a woman to do all the interviews and accept the applications. A camera/smoke alarm had allowed him to take notes on the potential renters that he could not have asked the woman doing the interviews to write down. Things like beauty, body type, hair color, eye color, height and breast size. While the main renter files held all the standard information. His personal files would be far more informative.

After a month, Tristan had finally rented out all thirty-two apartments. Nine went to young attractive married couples with no children. Five went to married couples with one daughter at least eighteen years old. Four went to single mothers with a daughter at least eighteen. Three went to lesbian couples. Eight went to beautiful single women. Three apartments were rented to single mothers with a teenage son.

Tristan sat in a custom designed room. It was sound proofed and contained a chair and small desk in the center. The main wall held three massive 80" plasma TVs, with six 41" TVs above them. The two walls to the left and right held twenty-eight 30" plasma TVs with their screens split into fours. The room also had a Bose surround sound system. The desk contained a laptop computer that would allow him to place any of the camera views from the smaller monitors onto the large ones. There was also a joystick control that would enable him to rotate the camera, zoom in and out and switch to infrared. The sound was automatically set up for which ever camera occupied the main center screen.

Since there was only one freight elevator he had allotted three hours to each resident moving in. Starting at 8AM, this would allow five people to move in each day over the next six days and two renters on the seventh.


Tuesday October 27, 2009

Tristan had waited the entire week before turning on all the monitors. He knew the first week would be nothing but frustration for him if he had started watching when they moved in. It would have been nothing but movers, unpacking boxes and arranging furniture. It had now been twenty-four hours since the last tenants moved in.

Grabbing a drink he sat in his comfortable computer chair and turned on all the monitors. Only a few monitors were blank, telling him that no one was home. Scanning the various monitors he found one that he had been waiting for.


Apt#401, Tristan pulled up the file. It was a married couple with one daughter. Adam Jones was a 45 year old landscaper. He is 5'10" with brown hair. His wife Samantha is a 39 year old stay at home mom with blonde hair and a petite 5'6" frame. Their daughter Faith is 18 and a senior in high school.

It was Faith that had Tristan's attention. She had just turned on the shower and was now getting undressed. Tristan used the joystick control to center her on the large 80" TV. She was gorgeous. She was about 5'5" tall and had a tight teenage body. Tristan watched as she took off her shorts, revealing a pair of blue boy shorts. She then took off her shirt and bra. Tristan licked his lips at the sight of her perfect size C breast. She then peeled down her boy shorts and Tristan zoomed in on her bald pussy.

Faith then reached in the shower and tested the water with her hand. Deciding the temperature was right she got in. Tristan had a good view of her through the glass shower door. Only slightly blurry from the water, he could still make out details. He watched as she closed her eyes and ran water over her head. She ran her fingers through her wet hair, then to her shoulders, over her breast and down to her stomach. Faith then grabbed some shampoo and started to wash her hair. Tristan watched for a couple of minutes as she rubbed it into her scalp. He saw the lather trickle down over her perky breast and continue down her lithe body. She picked up a sponge mitt and put some body wash on it. She rubbed it across her neck and then over her breast. She then rubbed her stomach and down to her shaved vagina. Leaning her head back, Tristan noticed she spent a little more time there than on any other part of her body. Faith then went around to an ass that could only belong to a teenage girl.

Tristan's hypnotic gaze was interrupted by a knock on the door. Without waiting for an answer, the door opened and her dad walked in. Tristan was a little surprised she didn't try to grab a towel or yell at him to get out.

"Faith, dinner is ready." Her father said as he casually examined his naked daughter through the glass door. "Thank dad. I'll be out in a moment."

"That's different." Tristan said to himself.

After her dad had left, Faith had gotten out of the shower and quickly toweled off. Putting on some boxers and a tank top she left to go eat dinner.

Tristan was pleased at the quality of the sound he got from the mike. He was also happy that the camera had not fogged up from the shower. The image quality was also excellent.


Apt#503 was the next to get Tristan's attention. It was a young woman wearing a tank top and a red thong. Tristan quickly pulled up the file. Her name is Gwen Stuart. She is a school teacher who lived by herself. She is 5'5", with brown hair and brown eyes.

Tristan tracked her with the camera as she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She then proceeded to the sofa, grabbed a remote and turned on the stereo. Leaning back she placed the wine on the end table. Tristan watched as Gwen leaned her head back and began to run her fingers over her breast. Even though she was wearing a tank top, he could tell by her hardening nipples that she was not wearing a bra.

Tristan watched as Gwen spread her legs apart and began to caress her pussy with her left hand through the thin lace material. With her right hand she pulled up her tank top so that her size D breasts were exposed. As she messaged her breast she rubbed her thumb over her nipple. Tristan zoomed in a little and could tell they were hard. He had never seen nipples poke out that much.

Gwen then released her breast and slid off her thong, exposing a shaved pussy with a thin patch of hair at the top. Tossing it to the floor she then started to play with her pussy again. Sliding her middle finger inside, she gave a soft moan that Tristan picked up over the low stereo. In and out, over and over, Tristan could now faintly hear the gushing sound of her soaking wet hole as her finger penetrated to the knuckle.

After about five minutes, she inserted a second finger and began to gyrate her hips, trying to take in as much of her fingers as possible. Tristan could see a small wet spot appear on the sofa where her juices had flowed down. He could see her fingers glisten with moisture when she pulled them out to play with her clit. She ran the flat of her hand in a small circular motion.

It took Gwen about ten more minutes to climax. She began to squeeze her breast harder. Simultaneously she pumped her hands in and out while grinding her hips. Her neck was arched back and her face showed an expression of sheer pleasure.

"Oh god! Oh God!" Escaped from her lips as she climaxed. Tristan imagined her pussy beginning to contract around her fingers in orgasm. He could see Gwen's juices dripping down the crack of her ass and onto the sofa. Her breath shudder at the sudden build up and release as each wave threatened to overtake her.

Tristan absently rubbed his cock through his pants as he watched his unsuspecting tenant have an orgasm.


Apt#601, Tristan could see two women on the sofa making out. He quickly pulled up their file. It was a lesbian couple. Kira Bloom is a 5'7" environmentalist with an athletic body. Her girlfriend's name is Leah Ericson, a twenty-eight year old teacher. Both women were incredibly sexy.

Kira and Leah were now completely naked, running their hands over each others body, kissing with a passion.

Kira slid her hand up Leah's thigh until she came to her shaved mound. She ran her fingers across her wet lips, parting them as she applied a little pressure with her fingers. "You're so wet and warm. I love the way you feel." Kira said as she slid one and then two fingers into Leah's hot pussy.

Leah held up Kira's right breast with her hand and played with her nipple in her mouth. Making circles with her tongue and then lightly blowing on it to give it a cooling sensation.

"I really love doing this." Kira said giggling. "I want to taste you."

Leah nodded and lay on the ground.

Kira placed a knee on each side of Leah's head and lay across her stomach. Now in the sixty-nine position Kira started by rubbing her hand on her lover's shaved mound. Kira gave a little jump when she felt a tongue enter her vagina. She could feel the tongue as it worked its way around her lips and onto her clit. Refocusing on her end, she stuck her face between Leah's legs and smelled her sweet aroma. Reaching underneath one of her ass cheeks, she inserted two fingers into the wet pussy. Placing her mouth over the clit she began to alternate between sucking on it and flicking it with her tongue.

Tristan watched as Leah gripped both of Kira's ass cheeks and forced her down harder onto her face. When Leah had pulled her face away from Kira's soaking wet snatch, Tristan could see her face glisten with her lover's juices. He had watched both of them for over half an hour before they brought each other to orgasm, each within a few seconds of the other.


Apt# 501, Tristan noticed a young guy sitting at a computer desk in his room rubbing his cock through his boxers. Tristan pulled up the file. His name is Greg Travers. He is an eighteen year old high school graduate who lives at home with his mother Sarah. His mother is a sexy thirty-four year old photographer. Given their ages she had him when she was only sixteen.

Tristan watched as Greg undid the button on his boxers and pulled out his cock. Greg began to slowly stroke his cock as he watched the images on the screen.

Tristan focused the camera on the monitor, curious as to what the teenager was jerking off to. The first image that he saw was a sexy woman in a bikini with brown hair and a beautiful set of size D tits. Something tugged at Tristan's mind.

"No way." Tristan said to himself and pulled up the other rooms in the apartment on the other 80" screen. He saw Greg's mother Sarah in the living room in her pajamas watching TV.

"You little pervert. You're beating off to pictures of your own mother."

Tristan looked back at Greg's monitor and saw more images of his mother flash across. The images set into a slide show flashed by every five seconds. There were pictures of her asleep on the sofa. A couple pictures of her naked or in underwear in her bedroom as she was changing. He had apparently hidden a camera in her bedroom before.

Tristan watched as Greg jerked off to his mother. He could tell he was getting close to orgasm as Greg's hand began to pump harder and faster. Greg grabbed a towel of the desk and held his cock over it as he beat his meat. Tristan watched as Greg hunched over and released a load of sperm on to the towel. The first jet of cum fired with a lot of force, then about three weaker blasts, followed by a glop of cum dripping down from his penis and on to the towel. A couple of more strokes got a few more drops and he wiped the head of his penis on to the towel.

Greg then put his penis back in his boxer, redid the button and tossed the towel onto the floor. Tristan followed him as he got up and walked into the living room and sat on the sofa next to his mother.


Apt# 901. This was the next apartment to capture his attention. It was a newly married couple named Seth and Lindsay Howard. Seth was a twenty-six year old teacher and Lindsay was a twenty-four year old waitress. Lindsay was in the kitchen pouring a glass of wine.

Tristan watched as Seth put his hands on his wife's hips, leaned against her and began kissing her neck. His wife responded by moaning softly. Slowly she turned around, forgetting the wine and they began to kiss in a passionate embrace. Seth ran his hands down his wife's side and to her ass. Tristan watched as Seth's hands roamed all over his wife's ass and back.

Seth leaned back, removing his right hand from her ass and began to caress the exposed part of her chest from the low cut dress. He slowly dipped underneath the fabric brushing his finger tips across her breast. Tristan watched as Seth slid the thin shoulder straps off each shoulder causing his wife's dress to fall to the floor.

Tristan admired Seth's wife as she stood in the kitchen wearing only a bra, panties, stockings, garter and high heels, all in black. She had a perfect body.

Lindsay stepped over the dress that had fallen to the floor. She slowly unbuttoned her husband's shirt, sliding it off his shoulders and throwing it to the floor. Caressing his muscled chest she ran her fingers down his stomach to his belt buckle. Seth kicked off his shoes. Tristan watched as Lindsay kneeled in front of her husband. Seth's wife started massaging his hard cock through his jeans. Expertly undoing his belt and unbuttoning his jeans with her free hand. She then pulled down his jeans and gave him a second to step out of them.

Taking off his socks Seth now stood in front of his kneeling wife wearing only his boxers.

After stroking her husband's cock a few time through the boxers. Lindsay pulled them down and grabbed what she had been longing for.

Tristan's eyes bulged at the huge cock.

The nine inch cock was huge in Lindsay's small hands. Lindsay slowly stroked the entire length of the shaft.

"This is definitely one of the reasons I married you." Lindsay said with a smile.

"Works for me." Seth had replied.

"Tonight I just want to fuck; we can make love some other time."

Tristan watched as all Seth could do was nod his head. Tristan and Seth were turned on by the words that came out of her mouth.

"This is definitely one of the reasons I married you." Seth said with a smile.

Lindsay, still holding her husband's cock leaned forward and started rubbing it on her face, caressing her cheeks. She then took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began sucking, taking in a little more each time. About four inches down Tristan expected Lindsay to stop, and start stroking the bottom half. She didn't.

Seth grabbing the back of her hair, watched as his wife took inch after inch. Until all nine inches went down her throat. It appeared to Tristan that Seth seemed surprised his wife could do that. Seth closed his eyes and slid his cock in and out of his wife's throat. Only stopping every minute or so, so she could catch her breath. Grabbing his wife's hair he began to thrust in and out of her a little faster.

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