What It Takes


The room was heaving with bodies, some famous, but mainly music exec types and those looking to land themselves a contract or a rock star for the night. I was glad. All my hard work had paid off. I hated event organising and I'd really expected when I took this job 18 months ago, that the work would be more of the hands on personal assistant kind the job spec stated as opposed to relying on others to get it right. Still it seemed like most people were having a good time, but when the bar is free that is usually the case!

I breathed out a long sigh of relief and put my business face back on before stepping out from behind the heavy velvet curtains and back into the hustle. Straight away people began to compliment me; "Darling what a fabulous night, I hope he gives you a raise for all this hard work!" blah blah blah… I hated the falseness of these functions but I smiled and made the necessary small talk my job required of me, introducing this record exec to that society girl who had always dreamed of releasing an album, this hot new singer from Hollywood to that new up & coming producer from New York. I'd not even worked my way around half the room when my boss put his arm around my waist and saved me from some over the hill, overweight, perspiring journo who was telling me how he could still have any of the hot young chicks in the room – yeah right fella.

"Elle, you've out done yourself this time! This has to be the best party we've ever had!" He was more than a little drunk. "And we've had a few I can tell ya!"

I laughed, "Well I'm surprised you can remember any of them, don't tell me that these are usually sober affairs."

"Heavy on the sarcasm as usual Elle, I love that about you Londoners," Lars laughed, "I can rely on you to tell me how it is always! I'm so glad I got you first." Here we go, that old chestnut…

"Did you know that both James & Kirk wanted you to work for them when you came for your interview?" Lars whispered conspiratorially to me

"Really?" I said with wide eyes, I'd lost count of the times he'd 'let this one slip' after a couple of bottles of something or other.

"Yeah, that's why I called you straight away to offer you the job – I know one of those fuckers would try it on if I didn't!" He said laughing. "So have you had a drink yet?" Lars asked looking at my empty hands.

"No, I've been working the room, just like a good host should Lars" I teased. "I'll get one soon, I just want to make sure that everyone is having a good time and then I'll relax."

"Are you serious?" Lars asked incredulously "Take a look around, everyone is having so much fun. Although I'm not sure how much longer that ice sculpture of the devil dispensing vodka is going to last!" Lars turned me round and pointed to a corner of the room where the ice statue stood. Where a raucous drunk crowd waited their turn to drink chocolate flavoured vodka from Satan's beard.

"That has been the show stealer all night!" It had certainly received a lot attention and it looked to me that Satan's beard had all but disappeared and people were now simply sucking on his chin.

"Come on, lets go to the bar and get you a drink. You deserve it."

"Ok then." I sighed as I let Lars guide me towards the bar and decided that he was right, what else could I do apart from more schmoozing and to be honest my face was already starting to ache from the fake smile. As we walked Lars pointed out some of the characters in attendance and gave me the gossip on who was going to be taking who home that night. I loved the way he was so amiable and could make anyone feel like the most special person in the world, even if it was just for a few minutes. It ensured he had the confidence of most of the people in the room and they would all fall over themselves to do his bidding should he ever wish them to. As my old man would say, he could sell ice to the Eskimos.

With a glass of champagne in my hand & another Jack in Lars' we turned away from the bar

"Oh great," said Lars enthusiastically "here is someone I know you're going to want to meet; with your Grunge fetish!"

I followed Lars' glance to a mane of long very blonde hair that cascaded down the back of a 6ft plus slim man. I knew that could only belong to one person on the guest list, probably in the world, and despite the fact that I worked for Metallica & knew full well he was going to be there tonight I was suddenly a bit star struck.

"Jerry!" Lars called.

As Jerry Cantrell turned to greet his long time friend, I felt my stomach flip and the colour rise in my cheeks. How embarrassing! I couldn't let this happen, I would die from the shame if I behaved like a stupid kid in front of the man I'd had a lifelong crush on. 'Hold it down girl!' I instructed myself and snapped on the showbiz smile.

"Long time no see bro!" Jerry said slapping Lars on the back doing that rock star hug thing.

"How you doin' man? Have you met my amazing, gorgeous and not to mention very single assistant?" Lars said by way of introduction.

Great something else for me to cringe at! I thought as I gulped back half my champagne in one go.

Jerry turned to give me his full attention "No I don't think I've ever had the pleasure." he replied smoothly. I'd spent a fortune on tonight's outfit and as I felt the weight of his stare taking in my figure I was glad I'd made the effort.

'Oh my God,' I thought, 'this whole situation is turning into a complete cliché and I'm obviously already looking like a fucking groupie. Thanks Lars!'

Jerry took my hand and brought it purposefully to his mouth in a faux chivalrous way and kissed it. I wanted to puke. But my smile remained, with just a hint of sarcasm.

I raised an eyebrow; it meant to say 'If you think you can get in my knickers with that move, think again pal!' Who knows how it actually came across, Jerry laughed "Yeah I should know better than try and mess with a redhead." So I suppose the ice was broken.

"This is all Elle's work," Lars said waving his arm around the room. "Isn't it a great party Jerry?" he asked putting his arms around us both and leaning in drunkenly to whisper – or so he thought – to Jerry "You know Jer, this girl's gonna make someone a great wife one day," he followed up that classic comment with a big stage wink and another slap on the back.

I downed the rest of my champagne and picked up a fresh one from a passing waitress. Well if this was how it was going to go, I may as well get drunk! There was no way I could hide my mortification, but Jerry put me at ease straight away with a subtle wink & a smile at me as he laughed and said "No doubt, Lars. I bet she cries herself to sleep at night knowin' that she missed your boat hey buddy?"

"Wha..?" said Lars taking a step back before he realised that Jerry was in fact joking "You're a funny fucker Cantrell! Now would you excuse me I need to drain the lizard."

We watched Lars stumble away and grab his next unsuspecting victim by the shoulders before we turned back to one another.

"I should apologise for my boss," I laughed "He can't handle his drink like he used to I'm afraid."

"You ain't wrong there Elle. Is it Elle or is that just a nickname?" Jerry said, dazzling me with those blue eyes again.

"It's actually Eleanor, but I don't think it suits a girl from South London working for a drummer in California. My parents clearly had delusions of grandeur for me, they must be so disappointed!" I laughed again nervously and Jerry smiled warmly at me "Just call me Elle." I still felt a bit awkward and I think he could sense this, but rather than make his excuses for a quick exit, he struck up a conversation.

Half an hour and 3 glasses of champagne later, I was much more at ease and more than a bit drunk to boot. Amongst other things, we talked about our love of Seattle and the craziness of London and LA. I found it really freaky to know that we'd been to the same bars and sweaty little dives, sometimes at the same time before I worked for Lars and I'd never known that he was there.

I was really enjoying myself, and even found myself flirting, but after 4 glasses of champagne, I needed to pee. I hung on for as long as was comfortable, knowing that when I walked away that would be the end of our conversation and who knew when we'd meet again. Suddenly I realised that I was standing with my legs crossed; not a good look. Reluctantly excused myself.

"It was lovely to meet you Jerry," I smiled this time without any hint irony or fakeness "I guess I'll see you around."

"You too Elle, maybe later…" Jerry grinned back and it seemed to me that he now looked like the big kid.

The night appeared to wind up really quickly after that, the vodka delivering Satan had taken many a casualty, Lars included and at around 2.00am I helped his girlfriend get him into a limo, it wasn't an easy job as Lars insisted that he had at least another couple of hours left him. Still we both knew that he'd be asleep within minutes and the chauffer would be helping her get him back out of the limo and onto the nearest sofa so he could sleep it off.

I watched them drive away as I wrapped my arms around myself, summer maybe have started to put in an appearance over the past few days, but I was wishing I'd brought a jacket this evening. At that very moment one appeared around my shoulders. I turned around to see who was trying to be chivalrous this time and my stomach did another somersault. It was Jerry.

"You read my mind!" I exclaimed beaming. "Thank you."

He just smiled back me with that goofy look on his face again and we stood there for a while not saying anything. I could feel the heat rising within me as I dared myself to say something, but words completely escaped me.

Thankfully Jerry broke the silence "Do you need a ride home?"

"Oh thanks, but it will be out of your way. I'll be fine to get a cab."

"Don't be silly, I got here so late that I've only had a coupla beers, so it'll be no trouble at all. C'mon I'm parked just over here." I let him take my arm and guide me towards a big black SUV with blacked out windows.

"I thought you were a rock star Jerry, not a gangsta rapper." I joked as he unlocked the doors.

"What d'ya mean, does this not say 'look at me – I'm famous'?" Jerry asked incredulously.


We drove the twenty-minute journey to my little house chatting with ease as we had back at the party, and I began to wonder whether I should invite him. The closer we got the more nervous I began to feel and before I knew it we were outside.

I undid my seat belt and it was my turn to be the teenager again.

"Well. Thanks for the lift Jerry; it was really kind of you. I'd have probably waited ages for a cab..." I blurted thinking 'Do I? Don't I?'

"Sure, no problem let me walk you to your door" Jerry said casually climbing out of the car.

Fuck! Does that mean he wants to come in or is he just being polite? I was a wreck again and started to fumble around in my clutch bag for my keys. Jerry opened the passenger door and helped me down to the pavement.

"Wow, you're like a proper gentlemen Jerry. I think I expected a little bit more rock star behaviour from you." I joked taking his arm as he offered it.

"What like this…?" He laughed letting out a massive belch.

"Ssshhhh! Jesus you'll wake my neighbours." I whispered through my stifled laughter. He'd broken the tension and made me feel comfortable again.

We walked up the steps of my porch and I decided that if I didn't ask him in I'd hate myself forever over a wasted opportunity to spend more time with him.

"So…" I began my native South London accent broader than ever as we reached the door "...you wanna come in for a cuppa rosie and some holy ghost?"

"What?" Jerry questioned wrinkly up his nose looking completely mystified.

"Cockney rhyming slang for tea and toast! I don't know about you, but I didn't eat a thing all night and I'm starving, which means I'm gonna be hitting the toaster as soon as I get in, so your welcome to join me."

"You British chicks are weird, but sure I could go for tea and toast. Thanks."

I unlocked the door with as steady a hand as I could manage.

"Make yourself at home." I said and pointed to the oversized, beaten up brown leather sofa that was my alternative to a dining table in the kitchen/diner at the back of my house.

Jerry did just that; kicking off his boots and grabbing a magazine from one of the many piles on the floor.

I began to busy myself in the kitchen pushing 4 slices of bread into the toaster. No milk, no teabags and no coffee though – oops.

"Looks like it'll have to be beer, or champagne I'm afraid" I called over the top of the refrigerator door "Sorry, I clearly need to get to the supermarket!"

"Well in that case I think we should celebrate a successful night with glass of champagne, don't you?" Jerry replied getting up from the sofa and walking over to me. Here came the butterflies again... "Here let me open that," He said taking the bottle from me. I decided to find my posh champagne flutes that lurked somewhere at the back of a cupboard, they hadn't seen a lot of action lately.

The cork popped and Jerry poured us both a glass.

"A toast..." Jerry raised his glass "To you and your unmistakable good taste in rock stars!"

I rolled my eyes.

"And to you & your unmistakably cliché bullshit!" I laughed.

"Ouch!" Jerry winced in mock offence

We clinked our glasses and took a sip each.

"The real thing now too," I said as the toast popped up from the toaster.

I buttered the toast and started to put on an assortment of toppings; starting with my favourite Marmite.

"What the hell is that?" Jerry asked as I spread the marmite on a slice of toast.

"It's Marmite. You've never had Marmite?" I asked, surprised. "You have to try it then." I held half a slice up for him to take bite from.

Looking a little dubious he came closer and bit off a corner. Instantly his face contorted into a grimace. He chewed quickly and swallowed as I giggled.

"Yep, it definitely has that love it or hate it kind of flavour." I commented laughing at his intense reaction.

"That was disgusting!" Jerry said knocking back almost his entire glass of champagne and pouring himself another. "I don't think I'll ever get rid of the taste! Quick give me something else!"

Suddenly I felt bold, feeling like I was the one in control here, which of course was never going to be true, this was purely the alcohol giving me bravado. I dipped 2 fingers into the jar of chocolate spread and held them up to his lips.

Jerry raised his eyebrows in surprise but began to lick one and then the other with slowly assured strokes, looking lustily into my eyes the whole time.

Bam! Fireworks went off in my knickers and my knees suddenly felt quite weak. My breath was coming in short shallow bursts and I was getting seriously turned on.

Of course I knew I was playing with fire when I accepted the ride home. I'd also known the minute he crossed the threshold that he wouldn't just be stopping for a cup of tea! But here I was behaving just like the groupie I'd spent the last year and a half proving I wasn't. I had a devil on one shoulder telling me to shag him senseless; it had after all, been a long time since I'd slept with anyone and who knew if another opportunity like this would ever arise! But of course I had my good little angel reminding me that this guy had a serious reputation with the ladies and I'd probably never see him again.

'But you know what?' I reasoned with myself 'I don't give a damn. I need to let my hair down every once in a while and this is the perfect opportunity.'

"Mmm, that stuff is pretty tasty, you wanna try some?" Jerry said having completely removed any signs of any chocolate from my hand. Without waiting for a reply he dipped his index finger right into the jar so when he pulled it out, it was completely covered in chocolate and held it out for me. I parted my lips and drew his finger into my mouth letting my tongue swirl around it. Slowly I began to suck.

That was the deal clincher; no sooner had I released his now damp finger, than his lips were upon mine. My hands were quickly in his hair and I opened my mouth to draw his kiss in deeper. It was a kiss that seemed to go on forever; our tongues danced around together as we explored each other's mouths. The longer we kissed the tighter we drew ourselves together until it seemed our entire bodies were connected.

As I pushed my body against his I could feel a pretty big bulge through his jeans rubbing against my hip that told me he was just as turned on as I was. My pussy was throbbing with desire and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I moaned softly as his thumbs ran simultaneously over my nipples that were straining through the fabric of the wrap over dress I was wearing. His hands continued their journey downwards over my hips and following the curve of my buttocks to pull me even closer into him. Then he seemed to have a moment of realisation and broke our passionate kiss.

"Are you wearin' any underwear?" He asked thickly. I smirked and shook my head.

"And ruin the silhouette of this very expensive dress? I don't think so."

"Oh My God. I have to have you right now!" He exclaimed clearly finding this fact even more of a turn on. He turned me around and deftly lifted me up on to the worktop.

Once there I reached for his belt unbuckling it as quickly as I could and pulled on the button of his jeans in order to free the one thing I wanted more than anything in that moment. Clearly Jerry was also impatient to get inside me and roughly pushed the skirt of my dress open and placing a hand behind each of my knees to pull me closer towards him.

"I suggest you hold on to somethin', because if it's ok with you I'm about to screw you pretty hard!"

I almost squealed with excitement as Jerry spread his legs slightly to steady himself. I rubbed the head of his cock to the entrance of my soaking snatch teasing us both for a second then inch-by-inch he pushed himself into me.

"God you're so tight!" Jerry moaned as he filled me, he was right about hanging on to something; I was biting my lip in order not to scream! It had been a while since I'd actually had a cock in me, but fuck, he was enormous!

"How does that feel baby?" He asked finding his stride and began to pump me harder and faster with each stroke.

"So good!" I panted in reply pushing his hair away from his face. "I want to see you whilst you fuck me." I explained "I want to see your face when you come in me."

Jerry began to groan as I spoke.

"Oh darlin', you're gonna make me come real soon if you keep talkin' like that."

I growled a string of obscenities into is ear enjoying the effect I was having on him. "Fuck me harder Jerry!" I demanded "I want to feel this for days and remember how hard you fucked me."

I saw him grit his teeth and he rammed into me so hard I cried out and wrapped my legs around his waist, he slipped a little deeper into me hitting my g-spot and sending me over the edge into and earth shattering orgasm

"Oh God!" I shouted knotting my fingers into his hair as I contracted even tighter around his cock instantly inducing Jerry's orgasm too.

"Fuck Elle!" Jerry called out as we came together hard and fast just as we'd fucked, our eyes locked together.

Gradually I began to let the muscles in my pussy relax, but as I felt him move within me they'd contract again causing us both to moan and gasp as we kissed passionately.

Eventually I let go of him and slid down from the breakfast bar. As my feet touched the floor my knees buckled and Jerry wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him so I didn't fall.

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