tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 11

What She Needs Ch. 11


(please bear with me. i am on vacation and almost done with the chapter that follows this one. i love all the comments, even the hard bashing ones. i am working to try and wrap this up)


Laura was coming back from her morning jog when she saw David's son, Sean out in front of the house. He looked up and waved to her. She groaned slightly to herself, but pulled out the ear buds and walked over smiling, catching her breath.

"Morning Laura. I run in the evenings. Maybe I should join you if you'd like the company."

"I just put on the tunes and go, not really possible to have a conversation or such. It's my time to think really. Are you going to the beach?"

She was watching him strap boards to David's truck.

"Yeah, me and the old man are gonna catch a few waves. Want to go out to dinner with me tonight?"

She groaned, rolling her eyes slightly. He was bound to know she had been seeing Jesse. Add his father to the mix and she definitely didn't need another man to cope with.

Sean wasn't looking at her, but he knew she was fumbling for a way out of it. How did his father and Jesse get so damn lucky?

"Sean, I am sure you are nice, but I kinda got my hands full right now, and I am not looking for any sort of relationship."

He laughed at her phrasing, "well I figured I would throw my name in the hat. I'm damn sure better looking than Jesse, and I would think I have better stamina than my old man."

Laura's jaw dropped. He knew! David had told his son? Was he bragging about it? She was livid and she wanted to make damn sure he knew it.

"Well you certainly have them beat in the cocky aspect. I don't think I care much for an ass that assumes he is God's gift to women."

She turned quickly and headed to her house.

David had come from the house just in time to hear her remark. He growled at his son and ran over to Laura, grabbing her arm as she hurried up the steps.

"Let go of me!" She barked at him, wringing her arm from his grasp.

"What did he say to you?"

"It's not what he said David; it's what you told him. How dare you?!"

David sighed, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. He didn't need to ask.

"Laura, I am sorry. I didn't exactly come out and say it. He saw how upset I was when Jesse stayed over. It didn't take a genius to figure it out."

She looked down at him, suddenly feeling guilty. It never really occurred to her that being with Jesse would upset him.

"Upset?" She should have said more, but like a mumbling idiot that was the only word ringing in her head.

"Yes Laura. It upset me. And it isn't a conversation I wish to have right now. When I get back, we should talk. Sean will be leaving this afternoon, come over for dinner and let's talk about what's going on."

His tone was calm and almost void of feeling. She felt like a kid being reprimanded by a teacher. That phrasing of "we will talk about this after class," firm and obedient.

And like a young school girl, she followed instructions, "ok then. I hadn't any plans tonight."

Her last statement was only to justify to herself that she was choosing to go over.

David made no attempt to hug or kiss her. He didn't even say good bye, he simply turned and walked back over to the truck. He wasn't about to call off this surfing trip with his son. They had their differences, but in the water with their boards was the only real time he felt a connection with Sean. He would tell him when they were on their way back that his visit was no longer welcomed and he would need to move on.


David was flipping the steaks when he saw Laura walking over. He called to her to just let herself in. He had a glass of Moscato waiting for her when she came out on the deck with him. Her smile was faint, not the usual bright shine that always brought forth his own smile. He wondered what was on her mind.

He was quiet, just watching the steaks and drinking his scotch, watching her sip at the wine, her eyes fixed on the ocean.

"Where did Sean head off to?" She tried to start conversation.

"I'm not sure. I gave him a thousand dollars and offered to find an apartment or such for him. Said he had a friend in Atlanta he wanted to see, a possible job waiting there. He's actually a great landscaper and artist. This friend of his designs outdoor living spaces. Hope it will hold him steady for a bit."

Laura nodded. She didn't really care, but the silence was killing her.

David checked the steaks again and asked her to get a platter from the kitchen.

He watched her enter the house, groaning as his eyes fell on the swing of her hips. What was he going to say? How was he supposed to broach this subject with her? How would she take it?

As she set the platter down; she touched his arm softly, looked up to him with a gentle smile. Those green eyes of hers sparkled.

"Are we going to talk David?"

"Can we enjoy dinner first?"

"You find this awkward silence enjoyable?"

"Well, no, I don't." He looked away, sighing.

She took the platter from him and took up her wine glass, "fine then, tell me about the surf over dinner."

He shook his head and smiled getting the door for her. She really was something; just like that she was making things easier.

They sat and ate, talked casually about the waves he had caught and the shopping she had done in Corolla. She told him about the wild horses that she had seen at the waters edge while making her drive back from Carova, and how nice it had been on the beach up there. They cleaned up the dishes and refilled glasses, deciding to sit on the back deck and watch the sun set.

It was as if walking back through that door brought on the silence, the dread. Both sat quietly, not looking at the other and just watching the bold hues of red and orange bleed into purple and dark blue.

"Talk to me David." She finally turned to look at him.

He sat there getting lost in the soft innocence on her face. Three weeks at the beach, and here in this light, her skin was still porcelain cream. He only shook his head, He didn't know what to say, but there was a knot in him he couldn't shake.

"Fine then," she sighed, "I didn't realize you would be hurt by me dating Jesse. I thought we both got what we needed from the other and knew where we stood. You don't want anything serious. I don't want anything serious."

David was shocked at how factual her tone was. How she sat there with cold determination on her face. Who was she trying to convince here, him or herself?

"Stop just a minute Laura. I have no issue with you dating Jesse. But I have a serious issue with you fucking both of us."

She chuckled, "Oh? Really, you and all your women and you have an issue with me playing the field? I couldn't help but notice that red Camero over here two nights ago."

David felt his jaw clench. "We had dinner and she installed two new programs to help my business, Laura. She went back to her hotel and we did NOT have sex."

She shook her head and looked away from him. Was she to believe him?

David leaned forward and placed his elbows on his thighs, dropping his head into his hands, rubbing at his eyes.

"Laura....I don't want you dating Jesse. I want more from you."

She fell back on her usual stance, "I don't want a relationship."

With that he growled and stood up quickly pacing, "What the hell do you think Jesse wants, Laura? You think he is just fucking you for fun? Cause he isn't like that. The whole town is talking about the two of you. He's smitten!"

She laughed loudly. It was out of place for the conversation and the tone of David's argument, but she couldn't help herself. She didn't care what the town was talking about or whether or not Jesse was "smitten."

"And what was being said the week you and I stayed cuddled up every night?"

"Nothing! I don't talk about my relationships, and I certainly don't tell friends that I think this woman may be the one."

She sat there shocked for a moment. Was that what Jesse was telling people. They had spent the past few days together, but really? He was already labeling her or rather claiming her?

She sat back in the chair and looked out to the last glimmer of light that peeked between the houses. In another week her trip would be over. Richmond awaited her, along with school and sorting out her life up there without her mother. Where would Jesse fit into that?

Laura was so lost in her own thoughts, she hadn't noticed David sit back down beside her, "Laura, I want something with you. I haven't felt like this in years. And I couldn't tell you the last time I felt anger and jealousy over a woman. Hell, I never remember feeling it over my wife."

It was Laura's turn to get up and pace.

"Fuck David. I don't need this. I don't need the added stress. Not from you or Jesse. I will be gone in a week; you both will forget me soon. Why is this building up at such levels?"

"Is that what you intend on doing Laura? Are you really gonna drive over that bridge and forget everything that happened here? You think it will be that easy to just forget about both of us?"

"I didn't say that. I just don't want the turmoil of a long distance relationship. And I don't want...." She trailed off, unable to put the words to the thought she was having.

It was that thought that really hurt her. It pained through her like a storm. How could she put such a thing into words? The thought alone made her feel superficial, spoiled.

David sat there, thinking she would continue, but she didn't. "You don't want to what? Talk to me Laura."

When she turned back to look at him she had tears in her eyes. "I don't want to have to choose, David. I don't want to be the one to cause anyone hurt."

"You think playing us both isn't going to cause hurt?"

"Well I don't see it as playing either of you. I have always stated I want nothing serious. He knows about my times with you and hell, you live next door. No hiding anything from you!"

David was a mix of emotions. Seeing her leaning against the rail, those soft tears trickling from her emerald orbs, he wanted to hold her, to wipe them away. Damn, he wanted to take her inside and make love to her; to remind her of how great they were together.

She stared at him and as if able to read his thoughts; she walked over and climbed into his lap, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. There was no hesitation as she pressed her lush lips into his and kissed him deeply.

As much as he knew he should have been firm and push her away until things were clear, he didn't. He fell for her again, pulling her into him tighter and teasing her mouth open to let his tongue mate with hers. That whimper he loved so much came through and he felt his cock harden instantly as her pert tits rubbed through her thin shirt against his chest.

The kiss deepened, she wiggled on his lap and as she pulled from the kiss breathless she begged him, "take me, David."

It woke him instantly and with a knife to his heart he pushed her away.

"I cant Laura. Fuck, I want to, but I just cant."

Her brow furrowed and he was sure he could see anger in those jade gems of hers; something he had never seen in her. She pursed her lips and pulled from his grasp standing quickly.

Laura put her hands on her hips, she was hot. Here she was crying, a mix of emotions, and he played on them only to push her away. If he thought this play would win her affections he was dead wrong.

"So that's just it then. If I don't choose you, it's over?"

"We can still be friends, but I wont do that to Jesse, and I damn sure wont put myself through it Laura."

"Hmmpphhh." She breathed out and turned her back on him crossing her arms.

"Oh, well that is real mature." He would have laughed at it had he not been so upset with her and seen a true lack of maturity in her attitude at the moment. She was being exactly what she was, a young adult with the world ahead of her and wanting all of it not worrying about how it might affect others.

She turned in an instant and suddenly he saw the true fire of the little redhead he had fallen for.

"MATURE?!!! And you think you are being mature?! You are saying, "me or nothing." How is that mature?"

"Last I checked, here in the U.S. polygamy is frowned upon Laura. At some point people have to make a choice about their mate in life, unless you plan to be single for the rest of your life and a slut."

He cringed instantly. It was the wrong thing to say, and it stung. He was up and moving to her as her jaw dropped open and tears welled up in her eyes.

She screamed at him and slapped at his arms as he reached for her, moving away and backing up to the rail.

"Don't touch me! How could you!"

"Laura, I am sorry, that isn't what I meant, and I in no way was...."

"Fuck you David!"

He glanced around; she was so loud he was sure vacationing families around them might be concerned; a quick sigh of relief as he didn't see anyone about.

"What do you know David?! We've known each other for all of three weeks. What do you possibly know about me, or what could be of us?"

"Laura, you are young, and you have a lot of living still to do. I wouldn't dare hold you back from that, but I am fifty-nine. I know what is a good friendship, or a great sexual relationship, and I damn sure know what is more than those both. I know what love is."

Laura had been sobbing at his words, but that one word stilled her. She stared at him with empty eyes.

"Three weeks David. You don't love me, you love fucking me, that's all."

David wasn't a man to ever strike a woman, but that alone made him want to smack her. His jaw tightened and his stance grew rigid. He hadn't said he loved her, he had said he knew the emotion, but she had just chilled it from him in and instant.

"I think you should go back to your house, Laura."

She stood there staring at him, as if she didn't understand. To make his point clearer he walked to the door and slid it open.

"Now, Laura."

She strode past him, mumbling, "fine, whatever."

In a teenage tantrum she stormed out of the house, slamming the front door. He could even hear her own front door slam shut.

Back inside, he paced for a bit; then poured himself another scotch. Taking a sip he noticed his hand shake. He simply set the glass down and slid it away.

How did that go so wrong? He thought sure he would express his feelings, and she would just fall. It was something he was positive of, so why had it ended like that? He could give her so much more than Jesse. And she had to know how wonderful they were together. Could things really be better with Jesse? Should he have let her continue to explore relationships with them both?

Now he knew he had pushed her into Jesse's arms. David sat down and for the first time in years, cried over a woman. His heart was aching. No, it was breaking. Not because she had refused him, but because he had hurt her. It didn't matter that she too had hurt him, he could handle that, but knowing she was angry with him for his words; that was something he couldn't live with.

Laura didn't even remember the walk home, her mind was running rampant with thoughts, and her eyes were blurred with tears. Had he called her a slut? Had he then told her he loved her?! She just wasn't sure how to react. She felt so good with him, but then she felt similar with Jesse.

In a fit of anger she swung her arm out across the bar of the kitchen, flinging bags of chips, cups, and a bouquet of flowers across the room, the vase shattering into pieces on the tile floor. With wild fury she screamed and threw herself onto the couch. She couldn't bear to go into her bedroom, to lay in the bed she had been with both men.

At some point her sobs subsided to sleep.

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