When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 04a


"Fuck me harder... fuck me harder...HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!!!"

As he fucked her as brutally hard and deep as he could she came twice, shrieking and convulsing each time. Her body bucked beneath him, slamming her hips up into his.

The two continued their brutal fuck. Callia screamed even louder for him to fuck her harder. Increasing the pace, he pounded into her with all the force he could muster, his pubic bone mashing up against her clitoris. He pulled his cock all the way out, then hammered back inside. Callia hooked her ankles behind his ass to increase the force of their fucking.

Her breath became more ragged, building to another orgasm.

"Cum for me, Mistress," he encouraged her. "Cum on my cock."

"Fuck me with that hard cock. Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

"Yes...Yes, honey!" Jaz'rin gasped, "Your pussy feels sooo good! Scream, bitch, scream for me!"

He pounded in and out of her, feeling an insatiable desire to meld with her...to fuck her endlessly...to unleash the beast within. He roared as he sank his cock even deeper than it had been. "NOW!!!"

Callia's scream reverberated off the walls as she exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm. Her hips bucked hard, her head arched back, her mouth gaped open and her body quivering over and over again. Callia's pussy milked him completely of his cum as he held himself fully emerged inside of her. With his head thrown back, he shouted heartily as his cock spasmed as he filled her with his cum.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jaz'rin collapsed upon her sweaty flesh as his cum gushed into her pussy, filling her up with his stickiness.

"HOLY FUCKIN' HELL AND ALL THE DEMONS WITHIN!" Callia cried as she recovered from her cumming frenzy. "You were unbelievably excellent, fucktoy!"

Letting her legs down to rest upon the bed, he leaned in to bestow a soft, sweet kiss upon her lips. "It is my sole desire to please you, Mistress. Tell me if I have not succeeded and I will further endeavor to do so. Tell me desires and I shall fulfill them all."

Callia pulled his lips back to hers and kissed him passionately. "You were so incredible fucktoy. I should like to keep you," she whispered into his ear before snaking her tongue out to lick it. Jaz'rin shivered, for like all elves, his ears were very sensitive.

"I should like that, Mistress. Tell me of your wants and desires. Shall I lick my cum from your pussy and fuck it once more?"

"No, my gorgeous fucktoy. You have fucked my pussy sore. Let us give it a rest. I'll tell you what I desire, my fucktoy." She moaned, grinding against him, her voice husky with passion. "I want you to fuck my ass!"

His breath caught in his throat, his caressing hands paused for a moment as the vision of her luscious naked body raced through his mind. He envisioned the complete domination of her in that moment. The feeling of holding that much power over her spurred him on. Yet would Amakiir allow it?

Jaz'rin looked back at Amakiir in askance, as a look of pleading entered his cerulean eyes. He silently begged for that chance as his eyes flicked over the nude moon elf who sat stroking his hardened cock. Amakiir gave a brief nod of his head and Jaz'rin smiled widely.

Unable to wait, he pulled away from her and knelt between her parted legs, kissing along her inner thighs, as she entangled her fingers through his hair holding him steadfast. As Callia lifted her pelvis to him, he licked her gently, smelling her aroma, enjoying her moans, and whimpers of pleasure. The musk of her desire filled his nostrils as the moans from her lips voiced her pleasure.

Jaz'rin dipped his fingers into her cum-soaked pussy and smeared their combined juices into her tight crinkled ass. He then pulled her onto all fours and spread her red tinged ass cheeks apart. "Ah ohhh..." he moaned, as he teased her tightness with his fingers. "Do you want this?"

"Yes," she whimpered, lolling her head against the bed.

"Good...I want your ass, Mistress. I need it."

"Take it..." Callia whispered, as she pushed her ass back against him. "It's yours, fucktoy."

Jaz'rin wasted no time nestling his cock between her cheeks as he gripped her hips, getting her ready for penetration. Callia arched her back and moaned as he slid his cock deep into her ass, her back arching, reaching.

Jaz'rin let out a heavy moan as he watched his cock sliding between her perfect cheeks. The sight was overwhelming. He slipped his fingers lower, caressing her along her hip until they reached her hairless crotch, rubbing her clit as she clinched your cheeks, milking his cock, sucking him in. He pushed two fingers inside her pussy, curling upward to find her sweet spot, alternating his thrusts, fingers rubbing, and cock thrusting.

Her breath quickened as her juices flowed, rivulets pooling in the crease of the melding of her pelvis and thighs, lubricating his shaft as he thrust fully in. Enraptured by the sensation of having her ass penetrated to the hilt, Callia's muscles clenched, feeling her insides spasm fully about Jaz'rin's thickness.

This felt like nothing he'd ever known. Never before had he had the pleasure of slipping his cock into such a succulent ass. For him, it had always been the other way around. Jaz'rin glanced back again and noted that Amakiir was no longer sitting in the chair, idly stroking his cock. He was now standing at the edge of the bed, watching the fucking couple with bated enthusiasm.

"Are you enjoying fucking my bitch?" Amakiir purred, his voice soft as warm silk.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" Jaz'rin moaned, knowing deep down what was next. He reveled in the knowledge that he was about to fully become a fucktoy.

"Excellent, fucktoy." Amakiir groaned as he slid in behind Jaz'rin and laid his hands on Jaz'rin's obsidian ass cheeks. Though it had been Amakiir's intention to show Callia how double penetration really could feel, he changed his mind as he watched Jaz'rin slip his cock into Callia's ass. He also wanted a tight ass and he would have it.

Jaz'rin groaned. He knew the game and knew how it was played. He spread slightly, widening his stance as he barreled his cock in and out of Callia's juicy ass.

Grinning, Amakiir pressed his cock into Jaz'rin's ass, feeling the resistance as he pushed through the tight ring of muscles. With a muffled scream Jaz'rin bucked his hips, feeling Amakiir shove into his tight hole. Yet all he succeeded in doing was allowing Amakiir to impale his dick farther into his body. He screamed again. Impatient, Amakiir pushed him down and continued the long glide into his tight hole, groaning as he shoved into Jaz'rin shaking body. It was a very tight fit.

Reaching around, Amakiir joined Jaz'rin rubbing Callia's pussy while he fucked the drow's ass, using long slow strokes to draw forth the moans of ecstasy. And as Jaz'rin started to push back against Amakiir, he started pounding away at him. Jaz'rin let out a howl and tried to focus on fucking Callia's sweet ass. He wanted it like no other. He fell in with the rhythm of Amakiir's pounding strokes, hammering Callia with the same force.

Being the good fucktoy that he was, he pushed his fingers deeper into her pussy, feeling them through the thin lining of the walls. Callia screamed and pumped her hips as Jaz'rin began using the heel of his hand to rub her clit. He wanted to make sure that she was getting pleasure out of this. His thrusting fingers pulsated inside her pussy, and rubbed furious circles over her clit as Callia's bucking hips ground up and down, riding his cock. It was only fair with the fantastic ride he was getting out of her tight ass.

Nearly out of her mind from pleasure, Callia panted, "Fuck me...please fuck me harder...cum with me...cum in my ass."

And yet despite his relentless pounding, her ass was so tight. He thrust faster, and deeper, taking her with hammering strokes, fucking her ass hard with every ounce of strength he possessed. Callia let out a wail of pleasure, her screams bouncing off the walls. Unable to control himself any longer, Jaz'rin took her, devoured her, groaning with each stroke, completely captivated by how incredible she felt, tasted, sounded.

His hips rocked back and forth to her writhing, his breath now ragged and primal. His need unleashed as he grabbed her hips, pulling her back to the base of his hardness, her shrieks of ecstasy exuberant, joyful in the knowledge that soon...soon she would cum. Together they would cum.

Yet Amakiir would not be outdone. Fucking Jaz'rin's ass harder and harder he groaned when Jaz'rin pushed back against him, his ass cheeks pressing back into Amakiir's cock as he accepted the hard thrusts. His body wriggled underneath him and his ass gripped him hard, almost as though he was tightening and loosening it on purpose. Groaning, Amakiir grabbed a handful of Jaz'rin's hair and used it to pull him back, his back arching and his head coming back towards Amakiir.

"PLYNN OL!" He screamed as his cock head massaged Jaz'rin's prostrate while he pounded in and out of the drow. "TAKE IT!"

Jaz'rin could no longer hold back. With Callia's juicy ass gripping his cock and hard cock plundering his ass, he let out a mighty bellow. "OH!! OH!!!!!!!! FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR COCK!!!! OH GOD I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING WITH A COCK UP MY ASS!!!! OH YES!!! YES!!! FUCK!!!"

Though Callia was not done yet, the weight of Jaz'rin collapsing to the bed pushed her down as well. She screamed as he impaled her, her head thrown back and side to side on her arms, her hair strewn about. She was so close. Jaz'rin bucked into her one mighty last time and slammed his fingers into her pussy, hitting her sweet spot repeatedly.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YESSSSSS!!!!!!!" Callia screamed into the bed as her juices soaked Jaz'rin's fingers.

While Callia and Jaz'rin slumped beneath Amakiir, he was far from done. He gripped Jaz'rin's hips, he pulled him back to his thighs and moaned in his ear, repeating a few words that had been said earlier. "Yes...Yes, fucktoy!" Amakiir gasped, "Your ass feels sooo good! You always feel sooo good. Scream, fucktoy, scream for me!"

And Jaz'rin obliged, screaming for all he was worth.

Amakiir hammered into Jaz'rin, giving him all of the hard wild feral fucking that he could muster. Amakiir could feel his balls tightening. He knew soon he'd explode. "Fucktoy..." he rasped. "Where do you want my cum?"

"In my ass, master...please...fill fucktoy's ass...I've been such a good fucktoy..."

Jaz'rin begged.

Amakiir bought his hand down on Jaz'rin's asscheek, delivering a hard SLAP as he built up his speed. He slammed and hammered, fighting to hold back his explosion.

"FUCK ME... YES... VITH... FUCK... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... HARDER..." Jaz'rin wailed, moving his hips in time with Amakiir. Jaz'rin felt the resurgence of his cock as Amakiir manipulated his prostrate and he buried it back into Callia's dripping pussy.


All three exploded into another screaming orgasm at the same time, their bodies all collapsing to the bed, shaking and convulsing at once. Callia whimpered as she pulled herself away from the still joined male elves.

She stared at them in awe. She had no idea. She knew Amakiir had an extreme domination obsession, yet she hadn't realized it went so deep.

"I thought you could not fuck anymore," she charged as she crawled over to him and straddled his body as he pulled away from Jaz'rin.

"You know I can't resist a little ass once in a while. What can I say? I'm hooked. I like them tight and hot." Amakiir replied as he rolled her beneath him. "Furthermore, I was tired, but after seeing you fuck him, I decided I must fuck him too. Does it shock you, my sweet?"

"No, I love it. I want to take him home." Callia smiled.

"I bet you do."

"I'd never get out of bed."

"I spoil you much much more than you deserve." Amakiir smirked. "But alas, my sweet, I cannot grant you this. Have you not noticed he is Drow? Do you think he would be welcomed in camp? Do you think Karowyn would allow it?"

"Then promise me you will bring me back here....again...soon."


Jaz'rin smiled as he snuggled beside them. "I am a free-spirit. I do not tie myself to one, but many share my favors. I shall not deny them that."

Callia pouted rather prettily. "Very well, but I will have you again."

"I shall look forward to it."

Amakiir smiled as he fully embraced them both. "You both have given me great satisfaction this day. I find I can no longer me angry with you for your fling with Delilah and Nathan, my sweet."

Callia gasped and allowed herself to be pulled into a kiss from Amakiir as well as Jaz'rin. All three sets of lips melded passionately. "Thank you, Amakiir."

He nodded and leaned over to bestow an equally passionate kiss upon Jaz'rin's lips. "So good...we will return soon. But for now, we must return to Silverymoon. I suspect Delilah will be making her way back to the inn. I must speak to her."

"Yes, I must as well."

And with one last juicy kiss, Amakiir and Callia were magically teleported back to their room within the Golden Oak in Silverymoon. He snuggled her as he wrapped his body around her. "Let's rest. Delilah will be back soon."

To Be Continued......

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