When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 02


The lady behind the counter smiled as I ordered. "You don't usually order two and judging from your grin and the gleam in your eyes I take it as a good sign," she said as her eyes went to the shoes I held in my hand. I felt my face turn red as I told her it was too early to say but I certainly hoped it would be a good sign. She knew no one else besides Joel ordered coffee that way and was kind enough to remind me he also ordered a pastry in the morning. I let her select something she knew he would like. Balancing the coffee and pastry in one hand, his shoes in the other I headed back to our building.

Standing at his door, I took a deep breath, too nervous to knock. What if he slammed the door? I thought about sticking my foot in the way as soon as possible, preventing him from being able to shut it. No, that would be the wrong approach. I rang his doorbell, waiting, almost shaking from nervousness. I began to panic when he didn't answer. I set his shoes on the floor and pounded on his door.

I was just straightening from picking his Birkenstocks up when his door opened. His hairy legs came into my view as my eyes traveled up. I felt my mouth salivating as I saw his boxers, tented by his morning wood. My cock stiffened and I moaned softly when I viewed his chest, knowing I didn't get the chance to give it its due attention last night. He rubbed his red eyes and I realized I woke him up. His bed hair looked sexy as hell, my fingers twitched to run through it or grab it.

"Good morning, stud, can you give a guy a hand here?"


It took me a bit to realize that what woke me up was the doorbell. I only figured it out when I heard a pounding on the door. I felt somewhat dizzy when I rolled to my feet and stood too quickly. Grabbing my robe, I stumbled down the hall while struggling into it. I couldn't imagine who it could be at this hour on a Saturday. Opening the door, I saw Devlin standing back upright from picking my sandals up off the floor. He asked if I'd give him a hand, while calling me stud, and I knew he definitely remembered last night. He had two coffees, one of them iced the way I take it, in one hand and my sandals in the other. Yeah, I thought to myself with a smile, I'll give you a hand, or two.

The look of surprise on his face when I reached out, grabbed the front of his shirt, and used it to haul him across the threshold almost made me laugh. Shutting the door, I trapped him against it with my body. The snap of the deadbolt locking must have sounded ominous to him because his eyes widened dramatically.

Nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck, I laid a trail of open-mouthed kisses up to, and underneath, his jaw. At the same time, I ran my hands down his back, my left cupped and squeezed his ass, pulling him into me, while my right slipped under his shirt, my fingers grazing up his side. He shuddered hard and groaned, rocking his hips into me. It amazed me that he already had a hard-on, and feeling him grind it against my morning wood made my cock harden further and throb. I couldn't keep from moaning as I dragged my tongue back down to the crook of his neck.

The moan turned to a growl when I bit down hard enough to leave the impression of my teeth on his skin. Pressing my fingers into his crack, I scraped my nails up and down the seam of his shorts, while kissing and licking my way across his throat to the other side of his neck. His hips kept jerking softly against mine, and his panting breaths almost had a whining quality to them. I decided that either he was easily aroused or I instinctively knew how to push his buttons.

Exploring his neck with my lips and tongue, I pulled the shoulder of his sleeveless t-shirt out of the way. I nipped and licked my way across his shoulder as my fingers skimmed further down the seam of his shorts and slipped between his legs. I felt his cock jerk hard through his shorts and my boxers when I pressed up against his perineum. Deliberately dragging my whiskers across his shoulder and up his neck, I felt him shudder violently and groan.

Running the tip of my tongue along the rim of his ear, I whispered, "Goddamn, I wanna kiss you so bad." I kissed his temple before pulling away, "But I really need to brush my teeth and shave first. Bad breath and whisker burn wouldn't make it a pleasant experience for either of us." I made sure he was stable against the door before stepping away from him. He didn't look at all steady on his feet and his eyes were decidedly glassy. I pointed to make sure he followed what I was saying and said, "Have a seat over at the breakfast bar, Dev, and I'll be back in a couple minutes."

I saw that he was still holding my shoes and wondered why he hadn't dropped them. The idea that he'd been too engrossed in what I was making him feel to think to drop them plastered a huge grin on my face. As I headed to the master bath, I wondered if he was strictly a top. While I brushed my teeth I thought about it and concluded that, being bi, he probably was. I figured that, if he'd never bottomed, it wouldn't take much persuasion to convince him it was a good idea. If I could get him as riled as I did with just a couple minutes of heavy petting, then it shouldn't be a problem to heat him up so much that he stops caring who's giving and who's taking, so long as it feels good.

By the time I'd finished shaving, I decided it would be a good idea to take a fast shower and did so. Toweling off haphazardly, I threw my robe back on, not bothering with anything else, and closed it tighter this time. When I came back into the living area he was sitting at the breakfast bar, sipping his coffee. He was just beginning to turn on the swiveling stool when I reached him and I finished turning him to face me. He looked askance when I took his coffee from him and set it on the counter. His gasp of surprise when I hooked my fingers in the backs of his bare knees and pulled his ass to the edge of the stool, while stepping between his legs in one smooth motion, made me chuckle. I pressed him back against the back of the stool and gently cupped his face in my hands.

I gazed into the blue-green depths of his eyes and my lips barely brushed his as I said, "Now, where were we?"

Kissing him last night had been intense and this morning was no different. It almost felt like coming home after a long absence; a relief to be in a comfortable place, a place that welcomes you and knows you. Exploring his mouth, our tongues dancing together, was like singing along with Patsy; relaxed, sweet and hot, working smoothly with and against each other. I felt myself beginning to get lost in the kiss and gently broke it, trailing my lips over his jaw to nibble at the curve in front of his ear. There were things I needed to know before I could let myself go completely. I had to find out what his intentions, if any, were. I was hoping that catching him off guard while he couldn't think would get me some spontaneous honesty.

Grazing my teeth over the tender skin beneath the curve of his jaw, I asked, "Devlin, what is it that you want from me?" His hands had delved under my robe and were running up and down my back, but stilled with my quiet words. I licked his earlobe and listened to his gasping breaths while I continued asking my questions, "Are you looking for a fuck buddy or are you hoping for a relationship?" I knew I needed to make my position clear, so he would understand why I was asking him these questions, "You have to understand that last night was a bit of a fluke. I haven't had a lover in more than two years and I don't do one night stands." I pulled my face back from his neck so I could see his face, watch his reaction to what I was saying and asking.


I was completely taken aback by the force Joel used to pull me into his place and push me back against the closed door. Surprisingly, I found myself aroused by his actions. My body reacted, perspiration pouring through the pores of my skin, fluid leaking from my cock. I'd never been turned on so quickly before, it was clear he knew what made me feel good.

Now, sitting on his stool, waiting for his return from the bathroom and drinking my coffee, I began contemplating what I had gotten myself into. The guy I thought I knew was so shy he couldn't speak to me and now he was shoving me up against the door, locking it, and rubbing his irresistible body all over mine.

I had been concerned that he would think last night was a product of my drinking and nothing more. The way his mouth and hands attacked me just now made it clear that I could eliminate that worry from my head immediately. However, a new concern emerged. Where was Joel going with all of this? Perhaps he was just looking for sex, but possibly, he wanted a relationship. I thought about what I wanted in all of this for the first time. Sure, sex was something I definitely wanted and friendship with Joel was something I wanted to pursue. But, a relationship? One night of drinking, dinner and a fantastic blowjob didn't actually give one a chance to learn enough about someone.

I began to turn, thinking I had heard Joel. When I saw him, I immediately began thinking with my cock instead of my head. His hair was wet, the robe wrapped around his body and tied in such a manner only the top of his chest was showing. He continued his aggressiveness, turning the stool so I'd face him directly and taking the coffee from my hands. Not sure of what to expect, my eyes followed his hand as he set it on the counter. I let out a gasp as both his hands went behind my knees, sliding my ass to the edge of the stool. He moved in and pressed my body back; forcing me against the cold, iron back of the stool.

I felt more vulnerable than ever with my legs spread around his hips and laid back, as if he was about to take me. I could feel his arousal touching mine as his hands slid up my chest to cup my face. I braced my elbows against the counter as he stared into my eyes and, with an intensely slow motion, brought his lips to mine. I could feel pre-cum leak when his lips finally pressed against mine. His hands cupped my face as he slid his tongue into my willing mouth.

I reacted to him, sliding my hands inside his robe and around to his back, pulling his body against me. I became more comfortable in my prone position as our tongues played and probed. My fingers slid over his skin, still somewhat damp from a shower. I arched my back pushing my crotch into his, wanting and needing more contact. I opened my eyes when he pulled his tongue from my mouth, watching him move to my jaw and ear, moaning as his teeth grazed the skin. His ass felt good in my hands and my fingers were just beginning to tease his crack when he pulled back and began asking questions.

I groaned, laid my head back, closing my eyes as my fingers stopped the search. Shit, piss, fuck, I thought to myself. How many times before had I been in a similar situation, completely horned and charged up, ready to go, when the person I was with felt a need to discuss something they felt important. My mind reeled knowing how many times I totally screwed up at this point before and I didn't want it to happen now.

I opened my eyes to find Joel staring into them waiting for an answer. His green eyes didn't have a mischievous twinkle in them; they were dead serious. My pits were perspiring and my throat was dry as I attempted to gather my thoughts. I forced myself to speak while my hands ran over his chest, knowing I needed to keep his arousal strong, yet not be obvious as to what I was doing.

"If this was a one night stand I wouldn't be sprawled out on your bar stool this morning," I said, thinking this would be a good start. My hands began to spread the lapels of his robe, watching it reach the edge of his shoulders. His chest, now uncovered, made my cock twitch and add more pre-cum to the already apparent spot on my shorts. I ran my fingers over his nipples and though the hair before I spoke, adding to his arousal and delaying my answer.

"Who doesn't want a fuck buddy?" I continued to say while keeping my eyes focused on his, trying to gauge his reaction. My hands wandered lower to the tie in his robe. He moved a hand over mine as if to stop me from untying it but I continued. I looked down to see his cock, jutting straight out, the head glistening. Licking my lips before forcing my eyes back to his, I could see he was doing his best to listen and not to succumb to my actions. He stifled a moan as my warm hand ran over his body, but avoided his cock at all cost.

"But, I want more than a fuck buddy, Joel. I want sex, of course, but I want more." My hands ran over his abs, careful to avoid his shaft. "I want to explore every aspect of you, sexually. I want to taste and feel every part of your body, every curve and muscle. I want to get to know you, to know your likes and dislikes and to learn your values in life, what you treasure most. I can't guarantee a committed relationship yet, but it's not out of the realm of possibility."

As Joel's eyes locked with mine, I felt weird, as if I had just bared my soul. I had said everything I knew to say for now so I slid the robe off his shoulders while pulling his lips back to mine. When our lips touched, I wrapped my hand around his cock. I held his face to mine, sliding my tongue into his mouth while my hand stroked him, feeling his dick grow harder. I wanted to pull back and ask him if what I'd said made sense to him, if it would work for him, but I was too afraid the answer might be no.

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