When Wishes Come True


Nick was definitely getting off on her actions and oh fuck...she was really getting off on how it had affected him! As he fucked her, she continued sucking his finger and looking into his eyes, moaning as if she were really sucking another cock while he screwed her, which drove him on, and the harder he fucked her, the more effort Alicia put into her little role-play.

With the ever increasing lust and heat it didn't take long until both of them erupted in loud, powerful orgasms that seemed to blow both of their minds, leaving both of them a panting, satisfied, limp heap as they lay their catching their breath afterwards. As Alicia lay there, she couldn't believe how amazing the sex had been, and just how turned on her little role-play had got her boyfriend. Damn, he had never fucked her so good, and he was always amazing in bed! Panting and smiling, Alicia revelled in how good she felt.

"Fuck me that was hot!" Nick exclaimed as he rolled off her heaving chest onto his back, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Mmm, I know." Alicia purred contentedly, her body still buzzing with the tingling sensation of orgasmic pleasure.

"What made you decide to do that?" He asked as he rolled over, his face practically glowing as he smiled broadly.

Rolling onto her side, Alicia smiled right back at him.

"I thought you'd like it." She answered, tracing her finger down his jaw gently. "I take it you did?"

"What do you think!?" He replied with amusement and Alicia laughed lightly. "The question is, did you?"

Continuing to run her hand down his face Alicia thought about that question for a moment. She no longer felt angry at him, and it had spurred him on to fantastic sex, and she would be lying if she said she hadn't felt a little turned on during it all, but something still held her back inside. Telling Nick that, Alicia watched him smile and touch her nose, amusement plain in his eyes.

"You'll get over that next time." He said and Alicia smiled amusedly at him in return.

"What makes you think there'll be a next time?" She asked playfully.

"Because..." He began to answer before he leaned towards her and began kissing her slowly at first, then quickly becoming more heated and more passionate, until he once again rolled on top of her and Alicia felt his once again hard dick pressing against her suddenly tingling pussy.

"Mmmm..." Alicia hummed with a pleased smile as she ran her hands through his hair. "Seems like you're 'up' for round two, do you think the other guy is?"

A teasing, horny smile, suddenly painted her boyfriend's handsome face before he began tracing two fingers around her lips before he pushed them into her mouth forcefully. Keeping her eyes on his she sucked hard, moaning once again around his fingers as she danced her tongue across them. Nick's face grew hornier by the second and as he kept his fingers in her mouth, he thrust forward hard, burying his entire seven inches inside her.

"Ohhmmmmph!" Alicia moaned loudly around his fingers before the feel of her boyfriend's dick inside her for the second time that night spurred her on to suck harder on his fingers.

Once again their bedroom was filled with the sounds of sex and Alicia's moans and slurps as she sucked on her boyfriend's fingers as if they were another hard cock being shoved into her mouth while he fucked her. This time neither of them lasted very long as Alicia gave everything she could into trying to make the entire role-play as believable as possible, moaning and telling Nick how good the dick felt in her mouth while he screwed her. After only a few hot and horny minutes of screwing like they never had before, both of them exploded in world-rending orgasms that had Alicia clawing hard down Nick's back and screaming in ecstasy before they both soon fell asleep content and extremely satisfied.

The next night Alicia did not hesitate to play the role again, only this time using her vibrator as the second dick, holding onto it as if she were pumping her hand up and down, sucking it deep into her mouth as Nick pounded her from behind for the second time that night.

And so the next few nights passed, with Alicia and Nick enjoying the role-play, her, surprisingly, as much as him after some time, then a few days after that first night, Nick asked her if she felt like pretending as if he was watching her, and though she didn't really like the idea at first, she finally decided to do it just to see how hot it got Nick. What happened surprised her. As his first orgasm ended after fucking her to a powerful one of her own, Nick did not even stop to catch his breath, instead, with his dick still hard, he proceeded to fuck her through her own orgasm until they both exploded in a second powerful climax half-an-hour later, sweating and panting heavily. After that Alicia alternated between the 'threesome' role-play and the 'voyeur' role-play, driving Nick wild, which in turn drove her even wilder, as she slowly got more and more into the role. After a few nights she was begging Nick to 'fuck her' as if he were watching and even looked over to the chair in the corner of the smallish bedroom as if he were sitting there, asking the pretend Nick if he liked watching her have sex with another guy. Surprisingly she came harder, as did Nick, than she ever had before, and so soon the steamy role-play sessions became part of their regular sex life and Alicia found herself no longer feeling odd or irritated about either of her boyfriend's fantasies, but instead she found that she tried hard to find ways to make it seem more real to him, make it a little different, and each time she was rewarded with the best sex of her life. One time Nick even asked her to pretend he was someone else, use a name and so on, and to think of who it could be. That night proved to be the most intense sex of all, and so from then on they continued to think of scenarios of how it had all happened and who the guy was.

All in all, Alicia's sex life shot from being great to being absolutely amazing, and she of course had to admit to Sophie just how right her friend had been.

"I knew you'd love it!" Alicia's blonde friend said proudly on the phone when she told her. "You should keep an eye open for random guys you meet, that'll make it seem more real. Or you could bring up someone you or Nick know from work or something, the more realistic the hotter it will be, I promise."

"Sounds like you have some hidden secrets." Alicia teased before she giggled down the phone.

"Trust me Liss, if there's one thing I know, it's that the more realistic the fantasy, the hotter the sex." Sophie replied sounding very sure of herself. Alicia was about to ask more about it when she heard Nick coming in the front door.

"Oh, that's Nick back Soph, I best get going." She said as she looked over her shoulder and gave her handsome, loving boyfriend a small wave before blowing him a kiss.

"Oh yeah, you better." Her friend teased insinuatingly, causing Alicia to laugh lightly before she said goodbye.

Implementing what her friend had suggested, Alicia found Nick to be surprisingly open to the idea, after an initial look of surprise at the suggestion, not to mention seeming taken aback for a moment. However Alicia didn't even need to try to convince him about it, not that she knew how, it was just a suggestion after all, as Nick took the idea on quite quickly, and so soon the two of them were coming up with scenarios of role-play of Nick watching her with his boss, and even with this cocky, arrogant guy from Alicia's office. She liked neither of them, but the added reality seemed to intensify Nick's animal lust and soon the two of them were fucking like rabbits all around the apartment as they both enjoyed the hot sex and role-play.

The next step came almost naturally, with Nick talking dirty during the sexual role-play, urging his hot girlfriend on and, quicker than Alicia had thought, she was joining in, telling Nick how good it felt having him watch her while the 'other guy' in the fantasy was on top of her.

All in all, their sex life exploded over the following couple of weeks, and often it was Alicia rather than Nick who instigated the sexual role-play, often suggesting new additions like the scenarios with people from their work. She had surprised herself with how much she had changed over the last few weeks when she looked back. She remembered being appalled by the idea of such a fantasy not so long ago, and now here she was, the whole thing turning her on so much that the sex had become unbelievable.

It was each little step that led, oh so innocently, to the next, that led Nick and Alicia to a fateful night a few weeks after that first mention of the fantasy what seemed like a year ago.

Nick was once again between his hot girlfriend's slender legs, slamming home his hard seven inch dick after the two of them had abstained from sex for two whole days, looking down at his very horny and very lust-filled girlfriend as she clawed at him and moaned in passionate lust. She was deep into the fantasy they had started when he had first thrown her hornily onto the double bed of theirs, moaning and occasionally glancing over at the chair not far from the bed that she pretended he was sitting in. Nick had thought and rethought what he was about to say, and each time it made his dick rock hard, and now he had Alicia in the perfect place, at the perfect time, hopefully she would take what he had to ask better while she was incredibly horny.

Ramming his hard dick into her, Nick panted hard.

"Fuck Liss, I'd love to watch you getting fucked by another guy!" The heavy breathing boyfriend said tightly, his hips moving swiftly as he continued to thrust his hard dick into his horny girlfriend's body.

"Mmmm...ohhh baby...I bet you'd love to...fuck...see him fucking me like this...uhh...with his big dick sliding in and out of my pussy...YES!" Alicia moaned, her eyes as animalistic as her throaty voice.

"Fuck yeah!" Nick growled, "I bet you'd love to have him screw the hell out of you too ah?"

Alicia moaned so loud it almost drowned out the sound of the bed gently squeaking as Nick continued to ram his dick into her pussy, sending bolts of pure pleasure lancing through her burning body.

"Yeah...ohmmm yeah...to watch you while another guy fucks me!!! OHHHHH! Filling me with his big...FUCKING....OHHH...DICKKK! UGHHH OHHHH I'M CUMMMING!!" The thoughts and words pushed the stunning girlfriend over the edge and her body tensed before convulsing powerfully in a raging orgasm that tore through her as an ear-piercing scream sounded from her mouth as she arched her back, clawing deeply into Nick's flesh with her nails.

The whole thing pushed Nick over the edge too and before long he grunted heavily before he too came hard, deep inside Alicia's still shaking body. Finally, however, both of them came down from their heights, but this time Nick held himself above his beautiful girlfriend, staring intently into her eyes as she smiled, tired but satisfied, up at him.

For a moment he didn't say anything, then as he did, his heart almost beat out of his chest.

"So, how about it then?" He asked, and Alicia stared up at him confusedly for a moment.

"How about what?" She whispered, still smiling, her chest heaving as she caught her breath.

Nick's look was significant enough, however it still took Alicia a couple of minutes before it suddenly dawned on her what her loving boyfriend was asking her, then she blinked.

"You mean...?" She asked, not finishing the rest of the sentence.

It was strange. As she lay there, naked and breathing heavily, knowing her boyfriend was actually asking if she would sleep with another guy while he watched, she didn't feel angry or appalled at all. She didn't feel turned on by the idea either, but she just felt...considerate. Strange.

Looking up into Nick's sparkling eyes, Alicia watched as he looked at her, obviously trying to see if she was mad, before he nodded in answer to her unasked question.

"You really want me to have sex with another guy, to have another man push his dick into me, while you watch?" She asked as if they were talking about what to have for dinner tomorrow.

Nick nodded slightly.

"It would be so hot." He answered, stroking her hair gently from her face.

"But I don't want another guy, I love you." She said softly, smiling gently.

"I know babe, and I love you too." Nick replied just as lovingly, "But it would just be sex, and if we're all ok with it, well, it's not really hurting anyone is it?"

Alicia looked deep in to Nick's eyes, searching them as she thought. He really liked the idea of this, and he was right, if they all agreed then surely it wasn't going to hurt any of them. The whole fantasy exploring had made the whole idea quite a turn on, she could understand why it would be after all they had done, but could she actually bring herself to have sex with another guy? Even if they all agreed? Sure, some guys were attractive, she wasn't oblivious to that, but she loved Nick with all of her heart, somehow sleeping with another guy, even with him agreeing seemed...unfaithful. But then, as she thought of the reality a little more, it was slightly appealing.

Shaking her head lightly a moment, Alicia smiled up at her caring boyfriend.

"I don't know babe." She answered honestly, "I think we would have to think about it seriously. I mean once it's done, we can't go back, you know?"

Nick nodded, smiling slightly as he kissed her nose.

"Of course babe, I don't want you to do something you don't want to, but for me, I would like to, so if you're worrying about me or what I would think, there's no need." He replied and Alicia nodded before she reached up to wrap her arms around him, pulling him close to hug him tightly.

For the next few days the thought filled her mind, and she talked it over with Sophie, who of course urged her on to try new things, it was strange how far her friend pushed her to go and how positive she was about the whole thing. The more Alicia thought about it, however, the closer she got to making a decision, especially as she considered what Nick had said at the end. Her main concern was in hurting him she figured, and while she wasn't exactly hot for screwing another guy, she knew that watching Nick while they did have sex as he watched them would be very hot indeed. So, after deciding that Nick wouldn't get hurt, as he assured her time and again, and that she was not averse to the idea, Alicia decided to agree, which, when she told Nick that night, made him over the moon.

"But not just with anybody, we have to be sure about the guy, ok?" She said, her stomach tingling softly as she realised that she had just actually agreed to have sex with another guy! And in front of her boyfriend too!

Nick grinned and nodded.

"Of course!" He agreed, wrapping his arms around her in a hug that lifted her from the floor and spun her around. "This is going to be so hot!"

The sex that night was even more intense than ever, and became even more so as the two of them tried to decide who to ask and when. At first they came up with ideas and suggestions, however neither could agree with the other. They then moved on to considering people when they went on nights out, or were at work, however they could not figure that out either. In fact, none of their planning seemed to work. That was when the night arrived when Nick had gone out to hang out with a couple of his friends, who also happened to work with him, at the football stadium. Nick had told Alicia that he wouldn't be back late and that he would bring back a film for them to watch together so that they could have a quiet night in alone.

That was why Alicia had threw on some comfortable clothes, though she had decided to wear something a little more up market from her slacks and baggy t-shirts. Instead she had chosen to wear her white lace underwear, her blue jeans that were snugly tight around her sexy thighs and tight ass, and a tight white t-shirt that dipped with its neck to show a moderate, but tantalising hint, of her impressive 36D cleavage. The clothes showed off her flat, toned stomach, her smooth, long legs and large tits beautifully. The sexy 21-year-old girlfriend had straightened her long, light brown hair, which was streaked with highlights, and framed her beautiful, grey-eyed face perfectly.

Placing her hands on her slim waist as she looked through the large refrigerator, Alicia smiled to herself as she pulled out one of the bottles of wine that she and Nick had bought a few days ago and proceeded to pull the cork out. As the hot girlfriend reached to take down a couple of glasses from the shelves above the counter, she heard the front door to the apartment being opened, followed swiftly by laughter and the sound of numerous voices. So much for their quiet night in she thought as she walked around the counter to look down the hallway to the front door.

Nick was wearing one of his favourite football tops, the Dolphins if Alicia remembered rightly, and was laughing as he held the door open for three of his other friends, similarly dressed as they walked through into the apartment, talking loudly. A momentary flash of surprise went through Alicia's mind as she noticed that her boyfriend wasn't alone, however she quickly recovered and smiled as Nick looked over towards her with a wide grin.

"Hey babe." Nick greeted her sounding very happy. Alicia figured his team had won today, when they lost he was always so depressed.

"Hey." Alicia replied with a warm smile before her eyes flicked to his friends momentarily.

Glancing over his shoulder at his three friends briefly, Nick's smile took on an all too familiar expression, the one that knew he had interrupted something she had been planning and was trying to win her over with it. As usual, that smile of his worked.

"Oh, yeah, Liss, this is Aran, Greg and Eric; the guys from work I go to the game with." He added as he indicated each in turn. Alicia smiled and nodded to each politely before she looked back to Nick.

"I opened a bottle of wine if any of you want some, or we have beer?" She asked and smiled to herself when none of the four opted for the wine.

Alicia headed round the kitchen counter again as Nick and his three friends made their way into the lounge. After she had pulled the bottles from the refrigerator and opened each, she placed them on the kitchen counter and called to Nick, (the usefulness of a combined kitchen and lounge in an apartment was a positive point Alicia always pointed out to her beloved boyfriend), before she began to pour herself some wine as she watched the guys sit down and turn on the television, straight to the replay of yesterday's baseball game.

Placing the now open wine back in the refrigerator, Alicia made her way over to join the four guys, sitting on the arm of the chair Nick had sat in, placing her arm around him as he wrapped one arm around her slim waist.

"So, are you going to introduce us to your beautiful lady then Nick?" One of the guys asked, Eric if she remembered right.

Laughing lightly as he took a swig of his beer, Nick nodded with a smile.

"Guys, this is Alicia, the graceful hostess who doesn't mind you barging into her home like this, or making her boyfriend watch baseball, ah Liss?" Nick said, looking cheekily up at her by the end.

"Why should I mind if you guys want to watch a group of men run around all night?" She joked teasingly back and all four of them laughed.

"She got you there man." One of the guys said, this one was Aran, that made the not so tall one Greg.

"Touché." Nick replied, raising his beer to salute her with a pleased smile.

Alicia returned his smile with her own before she raised her slim glass to her lips, her eyes falling on the television a moment before she turned to ask the already baseball-focused guys about what they did at work. That question enlightened Alicia very much in what Nick did all day, which from the stories the four of them began to reel off, was not a lot.

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