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Whores in My Bedroom



Connie was not very pleased when she heard about my elder sister Nikki’s visit the coming week. Like all other women in the world, Connie, my dear wife of last three years, too did not seem to like the company of my relatives, certainly not when they plan to stay with us for a couple of days. Nevertheless, I consider this as natural trait to a woman, and therefore I did not blame her for her feelings.

The call from Nikki came last night while Connie and I were getting ready for dinner. It was quite surprising, as I almost did not have any contact with Nikki for about last five years; when she married a foreigner and left the country. I used to receive occasional calls from her, though I never called her back. Her last call came about six months ago, when she informed me that she was getting divorce, but did not have any plans to return and would continue with her job there itself.

Last night, it was completely different. She sounded very excited as she communicated me that she had got an overseas transfer and a posting in same city where I was residing. She told me since she had not met Connie and me for a very long period; therefore, she would like to stay with us for a couple of days. She also asked me to help her in finding a good apartment where she could stay afterwards.

To be honest, I was not very enthusiastic about her visit, as I felt that my life at the moment was not going very smoothly and somehow I wanted to avoid her. Still, seeing her eagerness I could not refuse her. Another reason was probably that I loved my sister very much, and she was my only close relative around after our parents parted ways and now had been living happily with their new partners. I had not seen my parents, ever since they divorced and walked their separate ways. Therefore, the prospect of meeting with one of my closest and dearest relative certainly had some merit.

I told my decision to Connie. As I had expected, she was not very pleased. However, I persisted and tried to reason with her. After some deliberation for some time she agreed reluctantly. I know my wife very well, the most affable and nicest personality around. I had been leading an excellent married life for the last three years. Lots of love – lots of fun—we had every thing. I always considered myself as the luckiest person on the earth.

She was a data entry operator in a small computer firm. Not very ambitious, Connie was quite contented with her job. However, six months back her firm went bankrupt. Connie lost her job. Initially we thought that the recession would not lost long and soon she would get another job. However, it did not happen. Connie remained jobless.

Things started changing there after. Connie became frustrated after waiting for a new job. Her behavior changed slowly and she became cynical. It also affected our sex life. We were still having sex, but I could feel the natural warmth was slowly going out of it. I always loved to fuck Connie and have no hesitation in saying that she is the best lay I ever had. I always called her my personal whore. Gradually, she had become more of a passive partner and I did not relish the thought of my personal whore converting into a dead fish. I would not say that my marriage was on the rocks, however it was certainly passing through the worst phase of our life.

I had full sympathy with Connie. I could understand her frustration, because I knew that probably I too would have reacted in the same way. However, her problem had turned her completely off from sex and that’s what was bothering me the most.

My wife Connie, a petite brunette of about 5’3” was the best thing that had happened to me. Her ancestors had migrated from Spain, though she had never been there. Even after many generations, she had inherited a perfect tanned curvaceous body. She is a exceptionally beautiful woman of 26, with dark brown hair, which lay in soft curls over her shoulders, a small oval face with dark piercing eyes and full pouting lips that would sure make any heart skip a beat.

She is even more gorgeous in her birthday suit. Soft spongy boobs that fit perfectly to her exquisite body, flat naval, long shapely legs and the most mouth watering puffy mount of her sex nicely covered with a dense dark brown patch of thick trimmed furs. I always loved to feel the dense, crispy hairs of her sex, and so I never let her shave her cunt.

I first met Connie during the first year of my post graduation and immediately realized that she was the kind of girl I would like to marry. Later, I came to know that Connie also felt the same way. Although she had been dating another guy that time, but they soon broke up and after that she was all mine. We dated for about two years and finally got married when I landed into a good job.

I loved my wife very much and wanted to help her. I wanted my personal whore back into my bedroom, where she would make me wet my pants just by showing her naked charms in the most titillating way.

Therefore, it was natural that I was not very excited about my sister’s visit. However, I felt that Connie might feel little better in the company of Nikki and probably would forget her frustrations at least for a brief period. My sister, I knew, is a glib talker and a gifted raconteuse and probably that’s why she chose specialization in HR for her management degree. She loved to deal with people and given a chance she would readily unarm even the hardest nut. I felt that she might be able to help Connie.

Last year we had purchased and shifted to our new residence from our tiny two-bedroom apartment in a multistoried building. Our present house was situated in the suburbs, quite a distance from the main city. We now had three bedrooms, two on the ground floor and one on first floor, a spacious living room and every thing that could provide us a comfortable stay. We did not have any kids and so, we had been mainly using our bedroom and living room only.

Two days later Nikki arrived. Connie and I received her at the airport. Nikki and Connie were meeting for the second time. Last time Nikki had met Connie when I was dating her. It was a very brief meeting and we knew that in a week’s time she would leave the country. Nikki was abroad at the time of our marriage and she could not attend it because of her assignments.

Both women hugged each other.

“You look beautiful, honey.” My sister appreciated my wife. Then she turned to me. “You’re sure a lucky guy junior.”

My elder sister had always called my junior.

“I know it.” I hugged her and peaked at her cheeks. For a brief moment, her mild elegant perfume filled my nostrils.

I looked at my sister. She is thirty-five, almost five year older than me, but she appeared mush younger; a delicately chiseled facial features with deep blue eyes, a sharp pointed nose and full cherry lips. Her raven black curly hair were long, going below her shoulder and gave her strange exquisite look. Nikki knew about it and she always used it to her full advantage. She has a good height, almost reaching to 5’7’’.

I always felt that she had a great body but never had any opportunity to witness it. From the very beginning, my sister was a very dominating sibling, always getting her way by hook or crook. In comparison to her, I would say that I was rather meek and never tried to reason with her. I never won an argument with her. I always remained a nice little kid brother to her and that in a way helped me a lot. We were a great company before she decided leave the country and settle abroad.

We collected her luggage. Our house is about an hour drive from the airport. On the way, Nikki slowly started the conversation, and I observed silently as she drawn Connie smoothly into it. They chatted happily during the brief journey.

Connie and I had decided that Nikki would be given the first floor bedroom. In this way, she would be isolated during odd periods and we would not have to worry about losing our privacy. I shifted Nikki’s luggage to her assigned room, then we all settled in the living room.

Connie was slowly opening up, and soon I found that they were getting along very well. I did not speak much, other than answering the occasional questions from Nikki. If I was afraid that Nikki might sense Connie’s reluctance and might feel offend, it was unfounded. Connie was completely at ease with Nikki and she played a perfect host. She appeared to be enjoying my sisters company.

After a while, Nikki excused herself and retired to her room. Connie and I remained in the living room.

As Nikki disappeared on the stairs, Connie drew close to me.

“I hope everything is going fine.” I gently kissed her on lips.

“Yeah.” She returned the kiss running her tongue over my lips. “I think I like your sister. She looks pretty nice to me.”

“Thanks god.” I took a sigh of relief and silently thanked my sister. “Anyway she’d be staying only for a couple of days.”

I pulled Connie in my arms and pressed my lips over her. My hands traveled to her bosom and I pressed her tits.

“Stop.” She broke the kiss and slipped away from my arms. “Don’t forget your sis is upstairs.”

She smiled mischievously at me.

I smiled back. I was now fully relieved. Surprisingly, after a long time my wife appeared happy. If Connie was happy, I could expect a nice treat from her in the night when my whore would be back in my bedroom.

We talked casually and waited for Nikki. After a while, she came out of her room. She had changed to a loose t-shirt and a Bermuda shorts. She looked great. Though there was nothing sexual between my sister and me, still I felt that she must be a great fuck. I thought about her ex husband, mounting between my sister’s thighs and pumping his rigid manhood into her horny pussy; pussy…! Did she have hair on her pussy or its completely bald?

“Holy shit.” I was suddenly aghast. I was ashamed of my immoral thoughts.

We ate dinner in our kitchen. Even during the dinner also, I remained a mute listener. I admired my sister for very effectively enthralling my wife with her smooth and glib talking. No doubt, she was a successful HR executive and I could only appreciate her skills in interpersonal dealings.

After the dinner, I left them chatting in the living room and excused myself to update some of my records on my personal computer. I retired to my room, but instead on starting my PC I slipped into my bed and waited for my wife. I was sure that Connie would have got the hint.

However, Connie entered in the room about half an hour later when I was almost dozing. She entered in the room and closed the doors behind her.

“Sleeping…dear?” She looked at me seductively.

“What else could I do?” Suddenly my sleepiness was gone. “You seem to have developed very strong liking for my sister.”

She laughed erotically.

“I think you wanted that. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but didn’t know that you’d get along so well.”

“You look angry.”

“Yes I’m and so is my friend.” I pointed my finger towards the tent formed in front of my shorts. “I want you here… right now.”

She looked at my bulge, then took a step back and unzipped her skirt and let it fall on the floor. She again smiled provocatively and proceeded to undo her blouse. In a moment, it was also lying near her legs. Connie remained near the door, her beautiful body in her skimpy bra and panties. Her shapely breasts were hanging out her bra, ready to break their confine.

My personal whore was trying to create her magic. I could not recall when I saw her doing it for the last time. Presence of my sister had certainly done some kind of magic on her. I grabbed my raging hardness.

Connie did not stop there. Her hands reached to her back and next moment her bra was sliding off her body, revealing her magnificent tits. She smiled as I gasped with awe at her breathtaking bust. Then she pointed her finger towards me.

I knew what she meant, and undid my t-shirt and tossed it aside.

She licked her lips and took hold of her panties and began to roll it along her thighs. I watched as her bushy cunt slowly unfurled before my eyes. Finally, her panties were also laying with her other clothes on the floor, and she stood there, in her stunning nakedness.

I was breathing hard, going wild with desire. I pulled my shorts down and revealed my erect shaft. I know that I am better endowed than most of the other men, my cock about an inch or two longer than the general average and probably thicker also.

I wiggled my cock with my fingers and showed it to Connie.

“Look…it means business.”

She nodded her head and came closer to the bed, standing very close to it.

I raveled in the exquisite in the beauty of my wife, the beautiful sight of her heaving bare breasts, the soft fluffy triangle between her delicate thighs. I felt overwhelmed with lust. I wanted to suck her pussy and shove my cock into her willing snatch. I wanted to cum all over her and fuck her silly.

Connie put her hands over my shoulder and slowly glided on the bed snuggling beside my aroused body. I pulled her in my arms and pressed lips against hers and started sliding my tongue over her lips. Connie circled her fingers around my cock and gripped it tightly. She started stroking it up and down, feeling up my entire length, fondling it, occasionally squeezing it.

Her kiss grew stronger as she massaged my cock in between her fingers. She also shoved her tongue roughly into my mouth, nibbling at my lower lip and sucking on my tongue. I felt her fingers moving to the base of my cock, and taking hold of my balls, fondling them gently. I could feel a bolt of pleasure running through my spine.

I brought my hand to her delicate tits and gently curved my fingers around the soft spongy mound of her breasts, feeling them as I gently pinched her hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I stroked her breasts, alternately pinching and releasing her boobs. My mouth was dry with excitement. I felt her grip tightening on my cock as I squeezed her tit.

Connie whimpered with pleasure while I played with her tits. Then she withdrew her tongue and began to lower herself slowly, licking my neck, my hairy chest, my abdomen and finally to my pubic region. She bent her knees, her fingers still jerking my cock. I put my hands on her head—pulling her hair, directed her lips to my cock.

For a moment, I felt the hot breath of my wife over the base of my cock, and then her tongue hit the head of my cock. She squeezed my cock tightly, causing the drop of precum to surface and slowly licking it off the tiny peehole. She licked harder, running her tongue in circles around the thick, bulbous knob, then closed her lips around the head and sucked on it for a second. I was going crazy with lust and I pulled her head causing my cock to insert fully inside her sucking mouth.

I was feeling heavenly. I knew my wife is a great cocksucker, but this time it appeared an out of the world experience.

“Suck it baby…!” My voice was hoarse with excitement. “Make me cum in your mouth.”

Connie looked up at me, slowly letting the saliva-coated cock out of her mouth. She rubbed it across her lips and cheeks; she again took it back inside her hungry mouth.

It was time to repay her efforts. I buck forward and slowly began fucking her mouth. I knew that Connie was aware of my impending orgasm but she continued sucking my inflamed cock.

I was breathing hard. While I fucked her mouth, my fingers traveled between her thighs, and I felt the furry patch of her cunt. My index finger traced along her slit, feeling the soaking wetness of her slit. I gently shoved my finger inside her cunt.

With the every passing second, my cock began to swell more and more. Finally, I surrendered to the intense pleasure and my cock exploded inside my wife’s hungry mouth. My whole body seemed to beat in pleasure as a thick deluge of manly cream shot out of my cock.

I immediately withdrew my finger out of her wet pussy. Grabbing the base of my cock, I pulled it cock of her sucking mouth and directed the jet towards her lips. I loved to cum on my wife’s face, and I was doing it after a very long time. Connie moaned lightly and opened her mouth to catch the spurts, catching some of them. However, I had other plans as I guided the cock towards her spongy boobs. The torrent of cum splashed onto her tits.

At last the shooting stopped. I squeezed my cock and released the final drops over my wife’s boobs. Connie whimpered with delight. I knew she loved the feel of cum all over her body, when she was hot. Today she was hot and horny like hell. She began to rub my softening cock, smearing cum on her breasts and lips. My bedroom suddenly smelled of a familiar odor.

She played with my flaccid cock, wiping the remaining traces of cum off its head. Then she wiped the cum off her cheeks and lips, licking it thirstily from her fingers.

I reposition her body beside me. Connie was now facing me. I pulled her in my arms feeling her cum drenched breasts crushing against my hairy chest. I kissed her again, feeling the taste of my own cum over her lovely lips, smelling the flavor of my own sex. I licked her face with my lips, then brought by tongue to her tits and licked the cream off her tits and nipples. Connie moaned loudly.

I hungrily sucked every drop of my cream off her breast. Finally, I fell in her arms beside her. Both of us were breathing heavily.

Connie looked at me, smilingly. She checked the traces of cum that stuck to my chest hair.

“You taste so good?” she spoke seductively as she licked my chest hair trying to catch the gluey cum from there. “Can’t waste it.”

I could feel the revival of my sleeping organ. I did not feel surprised. Connie took hold of my cock and began stroking it. She was sure about her womanly power over me and she knew that she could give me erection any time she wanted.

We kissed again as I felt my cock again growing strong between her deft fingers. Even after five years of our marriage, her magic was intact. Soon my cock was ready, throbbing and raring to go.

“Fuck me now.” she gasped.

“Okay honey.” I was ready to oblige her. “Turn over. I am gonna fuck you from behind.

It was her favorite position.

Connie turned over, getting to her knees and leaning forward to support herself with her elbows. She lifted her ass and I watched lustfully as her majestic arse opened before my eyes. Her taut smoothly curved buns and the delectable wrinkled hole glowed in the dim light. For a moment, I thought about fucking her arse. We had done it occasionally and Connie had enjoyed it, but because of the size of my cock, she had restricted buggering of her ass only for the special occasions.

Forcefully, I diverted my attention to the sumptuous slit of her cunt, appeared lost behind the thick façade of pussy hair. Her pubic hair was slick with her cunt juice; and, I knew that nothing in the world could stop me from tasting that yummy pussy.

I got down on my knees behind her and bent far over, parting her thighs a little further and putting my hands on her shapely buns. I first nibbled at her ass cheeks, inhaling the spicy aroma emanating out of her rear. My tongue gently touched her puckered hole. Connie whimpered and tried to draw in her arse. I enjoyed the tangy taste of her anus.

My tongue did not stay there for long as it traveled downwards along the crack, to the ridge between her thighs and finally dipping into her gushing pussy. I slid up the whole length of her snatch, continuing to lick her tight asshole during the return stroke.

I again brought back my tongue to her dripping pussy. The salty tangy taste filled my mouth. I forced my tongue to open her slit and thrust in deeper. My both hands were on her ass cheeks; I held them open as I licked the lips of her dripping snatch, my nose hovering over her puckered holed raveling in her intoxicating fragrance.

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