tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhy I Can't Finish a Story

Why I Can't Finish a Story


I'm awakened sometime around the witching hour. It is a bit of trivia. I coo "It's ok sweetie mommy's here...." and make soothing sounds until my little girl is back to sleep. I look at my sleeping girls with love in my eyes and try to get back to sleep myself.

It's no good. I can't get comfortable. Just a little bit of heartburn. The sounds of the sleeping house are too annoying. Or maybe I just got to awake putting my youngest offspring back to sleep. Whatever it is. I'm now awake.

I slip out of bed quietly and make my way to my dresser. Even in the dark I even know where things are. My fingertips gently touch and trace over the lace, satin, and cotton panties until they find their way to the back. I can almost see the delicate pink and white flowers of the garter belt just by touching it. Yes this is what I want. I retrieve it and grin to myself that I'll be a hussy tonight. I will not be wearing any panties.

Next drawer up, a little half drawer. I check my nails quickly, and find an offending chip. I find the file on top of the dresser with ease and quickly file the roughness away. Now I can touch the most delicate material hidden in the drawer. The softy silky feel of nylons, thigh highs, and stockings greet my eager but tentative touch. The maternity hose on top. I love the climbing rose pattern on the belly panel of these no support hose. I smile as I touch my growing belly with my free hand. No this is not what I seek tonight. The thigh highs are next to them but underneath those heavy topped beauties are something even prettier. The light stockings. I know I've found them when the smooth synthetic material changes to even smoother softer silk. It is not a silk night, silk nights are special occasions that aren't for sitting on the computer writing. I go a bit further to find the nylon stockings. With both hands I gently remove the pair I seek.

With all I need in hand, I venture downstairs to my vanity. I apply the majority of my makeup without even thinking about it. The colors are all that I have to think about. I start to put on my eye shadow and think just for a moment. My lips are darkly lined slutty red. Why not go the little extra bit? I can wash it off before anyone wakes up. I put it on thick. A lilac base going darker and darker purple still. a two color lilac flame dances in the dark purple sea that flow above my blue eyes. I finish quickly so I can "get dressed".

I put my garter belt around my waist and secure the clasp behind. Not that I have to put it that way, I want to. It gets me in the mood, the entire process has become an exercise in eroticism. Just as it should be to write erotica. I roll up one stocking, and over a pointed foot, I slowly, carefully unroll it up my long shapely leg. I get to the top and attach the holds to the top of the stocking, adjusting them tight. I stand, still on pointed toes, snap the strap that frames my ass with a giggle. Same goes for the other stocking. Standing just in my hosiery, I gaze longingly at shoes.

I want the pale pink stilettos. My mind tells me in my condition they are going to kill my feet and my balance isn't the best right now. My heart cries out for them. My heart wins. They are 3 1/2 inches and they're an almost perfectly match for the color of rose embroidery on my garter belt. I take a few tentative steps because I have not worn heels this high in a while. After just a few my confidence rises, allowing me to walk more naturally. Not that it matters much. It's only 25 feet to my computer anyways.

I try to minimize the sound of my heels clicking against the hard floor. In the darkness, the purple, blue, green, orange, yellow and red LEDs of my computer beckon to me. It is a promise to go back in the past and a world of fantasy all at the same time. I look through my unfinished documents to find a what I want to work on. The story at first comes in a torrent that results in a flurry of fingers flying acrossed the keyboard. But eventually I slow and that is when I sense you for the first time.

I wonder how long you have been behind me. All while I'm not acknowledging that I'm aware of your presence. I go back up rereading what I've just written, correcting the obvious typos. I don't expect your touch. It makes me scream and jump even though I had known you were there. You laugh and then laugh harder when I tell you it isn't funny. I had expected you to go back to bed. You look at me all painted up and see I'm only wearing stockings, a garter belt, and heels.

You ask me to come with you. I wave you off telling you that I'm writing. You gently but firmly take my elbow to help me up. I protest that I'm too pregnant to walk in these heels. You promise to help me. I protest once more weakly while I do your bidding despite the protest. Your strong arm reaches around my waist, supporting me and fondling my breast at the same time. I start to protest again. You're touch turns rough and I yelp telling you to watch it. Telling you that my nipples are very tender right now. You inform me that you know. I take the hint.

You open up the back door, then lead me through out under the stars. The cool air is just a little chill against my skin. More so to my wet engorged lips. I try closing my legs a little to keep myself warm. You comment on my makeup. You ask me if I was going to do anything with those cocksucker lips as we continue walking towards the bench in the middle of the yard. I look at you defiantly, you smile knowingly back at me. I slide down your body holding on for balance and to remove your one article of clothing. A pair of jogging shorts. As they come down your cock springs free. I settle squatting on my toes, my legs wide, and taste the first beads of your excitement with my tongue.

One hand slides down my body, until a finger finds my clit. It starts making slow aimless movements while I take hold of your hip with my other hand. I dig my nails into your ass cheek, enjoying you flinching the head of your cock into my mouth. Going down the shaft once, the tip of my tongue trails on the underside of you. I can't fit you all the way down my throat. Not yet at least. I go up and down several times more. Each time I push myself further onto your large cock until I get passed the gag reflex and my throat accepts you. I go down until I smell your musky pubic hair. I breath you in more deeply than your cock embedded in my throat is. I love the smell of you in my nostrils and the feel of you in my mouth.

And I want your cum. I want it spurting onto the roof of my mouth, your taste coating my tongue, and that hot seed sliding down my throat. I want only to please your cock as my fingers bring me to orgasm. But your words break me from the spell the throbbing cock in my mouth has me under. "I want to fuck you, here and now." You growl with a smile across your face. "I want to fuck you stand here so all the world can see you being fucked by me. So everyone can see us fucking and know that you are mine and I am yours. I want them to hear the sound it makes as my cock slides in and out of your dipping wet pussy and envy us our mutual pleasure."

"Do you think they will masturbate when they see and here us?" I query as you have gained my interest and my mouth has come off your cock.

"Yes they will." You assure me. "Some will even cum just at seeing the sight and sound of lovemaking without the aid of their own touch. Does that...."

"excite me?" I finish your sentence as I rise to my feet and turn away from you. "Yes, yes it does." I finally make the bench we were headed for. I bend over bracing myself on the back of the bench, and thrust my ass towards you.... a clear invitation to come to me.

My heels make me very accessible to you. You grab my hips and enter me standing almost without any crouching. You slide into me until your pelvis slaps loudly against my ass. I moan aloud as you bury your cock all the way into me. There is a tinge of pain but it is expected. Though we talk of an audience we are not actually planning to put on an exhibit, nor do we want to get caught. This will be fast and rough. Just like we like it. You will explode into me and I will have waves of orgasm shake my very core in a very short time. Your tempo almost immediately is quick and the slapping of our skin and the sloppy wet sounds of your cock driving in and out of me is just what you promised. I can feel both of us on the verge of orgasm when an unexpected sound slows you.

The sliding door next door clicking almost quietly shut. Not quiet enough. You don't exactly stop.... and I smell the rancid smell of stale cigar in the air. We both see the figure moving to peer between the gaps in the fence. We have been caught. I start to move to flee, but your hand on the small of my back stops me. You bury your cock deep within me again and leave it there. I let out a audible moan despite myself as it fills me.

"Go back in Frank." You say with a deep commanding voice. I giggle a little as I see the figure of our neighbor startle and jump. We here the footsteps recede and the door slide open and closed. I am not fooled. Whether you are or just don't care I have no idea. You resume fucking me loudly and I see a figure at a different spot along the fence. It stops, except for where the waist would be, and that is a flurry of activity. You have gone to talking dirty now. You praise my pussy as being so tight and impossibly wet. You vocalize how much you love fucking me, over the sound of our slapping skin and the wet slurping sound of your cock going in and out of me.

And I can't help myself. I moan for you to fuck me hard as the waves crash over me. You laugh and obligate me. My legs shake and my body quivers from my orgasm you pull your still hard cock out of me and I know what you want. I forget my pride and get on my knees before you. I taste myself upon you and it doesn't take much before you explode in my mouth. Your cock is too deep and you spurt down my throat and I can't swallow your cum fast enough. I try to back off but it is too late. I have your cum oozing out of the corners of my mouth while you treat me to more of your sweet seed is less intense spasms that fill my mouth. I love the taste of you and swallow you down like a good girl, no less than what you expect of me.

Your cock, spent starts to shrink and you pull it from my mouth and you offer me a hand up. I look up into your eyes and start to raise my finger to scoop up the errant cum that is now starting to run down my neck. It doesn't surprise me that you stop me and start licking up my neck to the corner of my mouth.... cleaning up your mess. But the 'oh fuck!' whispered not to quietly from the other side of the fence clearly illustrates that it shocks our voyeuristic neighbor. You don't even acknowledge our masturbating neighbors outburst, you just grab my ass and force your tongue into my mouth. I think Frank must be close to fainting by now.

I feel your cock start to stir again pressed hard into my belly. I am ready to put on another show and start to slide down your body. You stop me with crooked smile and growl. "Get your sweet ass back in the house," you step to one side and swat my ass loudly, that sings out in the still of the night. I giggle and practically bound inside.... even wearing the fuck me heels in my condition. I don't know if it is lost on you or not.

I'm rather certain, as I look behind me at the leering eye of our neighbor of three things. Frank is going to dream of fucking me every time he sees me.... and I'm enough of a tease that I will flaunt it and take advantage of it. Second I'm in for a full night of sex when we get back inside. Last, I'm going to be the neighborhood rumor mills favorite subject for years to come, I will feign innocence, and love it!

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