tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 08

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 08


The young black god returned a few calls as his latest conquest remained passed out in the pasenger's seat of his black Corvette. His 5'8" tall, 185 lb. chiseled, dark and muscular frame hovered over the used blonde wife of Myron, victoriously.

Time continued to pass.

It had been nearly two hours since the young Je'Quon had begun the walk to his car with the beautiful 38-year-old blonde wife of his subordinate. The young black stallion had mercilessly fucked Mona into complete and total submission. After allowing her a brief, 20-minute cat nap, the 27-year-old black boss decided that it was time to head back. In his mind, he was finished using his new "white bitch" for the time being.

Je'Quon leaned over the pummeled Mona to awaken her. To him, she had been one of his most satisfying white bitch conquests. Still, he knew that this was just the beginning, and simply an introductory lesson for the pale blonde woman. The young black Je'Quon had made the decision he would continue to mold the stunning 38-year-old blonde Mona into one of his prized possessions.

He made that decision the moment he layed eyes upon her.

The black stud looked down upon the used and abused Mona smiling. He began "tapping" the sides of her beautiful face to bring her back to consciousness. Mona was spent and the now dried up seed from the young black boss was literally plastered onto her face, from her chin to her cheeks to her forehead. More dried cum saturated her brilliant blonde hair, which was frazzled out of control from her own sweat and the cold air blowing upon it. Her soaked pussy throbbed with intense pain.

With one quick movement, the young Je'Quon grabbed a fistful of Mona's hair and pulled her up to her feet onto the gravel pavement. The once ravisihing blonde now had the appearance of a well-fucked and well-used white whore. The black stud marveled, in delight.

"Time to go now, girl." he commanded.

Mona's eyes barely remained open as she stood there, "teetering" like a small tree in the wind. She squinted through blurred vision as what seemed like a gallon of the young black masculine stud's seed poured from her swollen, massacred pussy. Slowly, it ran down the lengths of her streamlined inner thighs, and to her knees.

The barely coherent Mona had no sensation of this. She could not yet feel the incredible volume of the stud's seed flowing out of her when she stood back up. But, to the young black boss the image of this was "priceless," he thought.

"Let's go, bitch!" Je'Quon ordered, once again.

Without a verbal answer, the beautiful blonde began stepping towards him. She simply nodded and began following the chiseled black man in a subservient manner. Her strides were short and unpredictable as she wavered back and forth, desperately trying to maintain her balance on those heeled sandals.

Mona's beaten blonde pussy writhed in pain with every step she took. Yet, the satisfaction she had received felt like a gift from the heavens that a true god had bestowed upon her. Her eyes obediently followed the slow, arrogant and cocky strides of the young black bull before her.

The brutal fucking had all been too much for the previously under-utilized blonde pussy of Myron's wife. Her efforts to keep a steady pace were futile. Her mind wandered in disbelief at how she felt, and her thoughts grew further and further away from her weakling, white sissy husband.

As they reached the end of the parking lot where the small, grassy area met the sand of the beach, Mona simply collapsed to her knees. She then fell forward until the front of her body met the dirt, followed by her beautiful face that gently hit the dirt and grass. Her forearms had graciously cushioned her fall. The 38-year-old blonde woman now layed, face down, in the dirt of this grassy nole. The young black Je'Quon simply turned to see Mona laying face down. Her beautiful white body was exhausted and unable to continue.

Je'Quon simply grinned inside.

A small, barely detectable smile traced his lips as he lifted his dark shades for a better view. He figured that he had better retrieve his new white bitch and fuck hole.

The young black boss walked over to the fallen abused blonde woman casually. He removed one of his black sandals from his muscular black feet and placed it near her shoulder. Arrogantly, he put the top of his foot under her and "rolled" the used blonde woman over onto her back.

The malleable older blonde woman was now laying face up, and on her weakened back. Her body was exhausted as she stared into the blue sky breathing heavier. She knew that she was unable to continue the journey back and, defeatedly, she closed her perfect blue eyes to pass out.

As Mona closed her eyes, she began drifting off into a sleep. But, this lasted merely a few moments. Her eyes opened again as she was greeted by the bare foot of the young black stud "tapping" both sides of her pale cheeks. Back and forth, and back again, the young black "tapped" her once pristine face with his strong toes.

"C'mon, bitch." He commanded.

"Not too much further to go." He instructed.

Mona's eyes were opened, yet she could not move. She continued laying there in shame as the black man bullied her already beaten red face with his bare feet. Je'Quon was bringing her back into a state of consciousness, but barely. The blonde woman's eyes were half-shut and her lips gre excessively dry and parched. She began to sweat as the hot sun beamed down upon her.

"What up, bitch? Ya' needs some water or what?" the black stud asked.

Nearly incoherent, Mona found herself nodding a simple and defeated "yes" as she remained laying on her back, looking up. Her face and nose were dirtied by the dry dirt and grass, and the exhaustion she felt was like no other she had felt before.

With unimagineable disdain, the 27-year-old black stallion bent over and down to the abused blonde beauty beneath him. It appeared that the black man was leaning down to kiss her full and parted dry lips. But, this was not the case. It was at this time the young Je'Quon triggered a thick stream of saliva from his mouth, and strategically allowed it to fall to Mona's swollen lips.

Defeatedly, the blonde Mona layed there and accepted it. The thick saliva from the young black stud's mouth coated her beautiful lips, and began dripping slowly into her own mouth. He repeated this unruly and callous act of dominance a second time, then a third time.

The beautiful blonde Mona was truly spent. She felt almost grateful for the small amount of moistness her black god had given her.

"Thank you, Sir." she murmured.

Impatiently, the young black boss grabbed the top of the blonde woman's head, and pulled her back up to her feet by her hair. Still incoherent, Mona began wobbling in the direction of her young black Master, who had taken several strides ahead of her. In her futile attempt to stand on her own two feet while keeping her eyes focused on him, she fell to her knees once again.

Mona put her hands to the ground to keep herself from falling face down. Now, she was on her hands and knees on the grassy dirt before the beach and 25 feet from the young black Je'Quon. Her face was a mess and her hair rattled out of complete control. She peered up at him from her lowly and humiliating position trying to find the strength to continue.

"What? Is my bitch still thirsty?" the black stud asked, sarcastically.

Mona could not respond. Her faint "nod" was barely detectable, yet the young black boss of her pathetic, wimpish husband continued to demoralize and degrade his new blonde interest. It was almost as if he was "testing" her in some unusual and arrogant way.

"Crawl to me, bitch." He commanded.

"Show some respect for a "real" man. Git' dat pretty ass over here and kiss my feet." He added.

There was only a moment's hesitation before the 38-year-old blonde woman began crawling on her hands and knees towards the black stallion. Slowly and degradingly, the beautiful blonde Mona slithered her way towards him before she fell onto her trimmed belly at his dark feet.

Young Je'Quon stood above her in an imperious position as he "lorded" over his older white bitch. She paused for a moment, wallowing in her disgrace before she leaned in with her delicate pale hands and placed them around the ankle of his right foot. Obediently, she began kissing the tops of his masculine, muscular black feet, which were still clad in the leather sandals he wore.

"Thank you, Sir." Mona whispered, as she began kissing the feet of the black stud.

The young black stud waas relentless.

"Keep kissing'em bitch." he yelled.

Several passersby walked through this area now, from an older white couple to a few white women and two white couples in their mid 30's. They could see the older white Mona literally groveling on her belly in the dirt kissing the young, muscular black man's sandaled feet in the most humiliating manner possible.

They hung their heads, in shame, yet continued looking back in awe.

Je'Quon made the blonde woman kiss the tops of his powerful feet for more than 10 minutes. Her kisses began to slow, and he felt it was time to move on. He had enjoyed showing the other white passersby how a black man can so easily control a white woman. Their shame and humiliation had inspired him ten-fold.

"C'mon, girl. Let's move." He directed, pulling Mona up by her blonde hair, once again.

Back at the flat rocks, the naive and unsuspecting Myron was still waiting. He began to worry now and wondered what could have possibly taken so long to just look at a car.

"Perhaps, they went for a ride?" he tried reasoning.

The tall and nerdy Myron had been drifting in and out of sleep for the past two hours. He waited for his young, black boss to return with his wife from their long "walk" and was beginning to get concerned about a possible accident.

By this time, the young Je'Quon had all but given up hope on getting the well-fucked Mona to walk on her own. She had been so brutally pounded into pleasure by the black stud, and she finally passed out again. The black boss of Myron had swooped her up into his strong, chiseled arms and began carrying her collapsed body over his left shoulder.

From a distance, Myron finally noticed them. He was not sure of what he was looking at from 75 yards away as he strained his eyes to focus on the image of the young black stud in his skimpy light purple bikini carry his blonde wife over his powerful shoulders. The tall, white wimp of a man jumped from the rocks he sat upon and into the sand. He began walking towards them, then tripped over his own two feet in the sand clumsily.

"Oh my G-G-Gawwd!" He exclaimed.

"Wh-what happened?" He pondered.

The pathetic Myron finally got up to his feet and stood there, nervously. Despite his 6'7" tall frame, his 218 lb. body was weak, and he knew that he would never be able to carry his wife like the young, black man was. There was nothing that he coul do except wait, and so he did.

Within a minute, the young black boss of the wimpish Myron had arrived before him.

"oh, gosh!" Myron gasped. "Wh-What happened? M-Mona? ... are you o-okay?" he stuttered, looking at his beautiful blonde wife laying over the broad shoulders of this muscular black stud.

Je'Quon then pulled the stunning 38-year-old blonde Mona from over his powerful shoulder and down into his well-sculpted, dark arms. He held her now lifeless and limp body as if she were a limp noodle, her right arm now draped over the powerful black's neck.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/08/19

Dear dear dear

Michael, you've got a real problem with self esteem haven't you. Fantasizing about stuff like this won't help you. Get some professional help to set you on the right path, otherwise you'll remain a losermore...

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by Anonymous02/02/19

.38 S&W

Start with 1 to each knee cap, then on to each ball. Follow with 1 to the dick and then a gut shot in the middle. That should hit the spine ( maybe not, as it seems Ja has no spine ). 4 Shots and stillmore...

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by Anonymous12/04/18

one more chapter

You need to finish the story with Myron wimpy reaction to his well fucked wife. And then afterwards both husband and wife become his to order around at all times of day or night. Calling Myron in the middlemore...

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by Anonymous08/14/18

great story

only negatives for me were such a long descriptuve build up of the nerdy myron and also the abrupt end without some more story..
othereise loved it.

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