Without a Hat There's Still Party

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My date forgot the condoms, it only remains to do it through.
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Story told from Natalie's perspective...

All my days are the same, going to the university, teaching classes, sometimes going out with a couple of colleagues and repeating the next day. It's a normal, simple life, "I'm not complaining", the pay gives me enough to live with dignity in a comfortable apartment near the center of the city.

If everything is fine then why do I feel that something is missing? That's what I thought until a few days ago. I talked about it indirectly with my friends and between laughs one of them blurted out "Couldn't it be that you need a little sex?"

"What are you saying?" I answered her and we continued with laughter and drinks. That night I was analyzing everything they told me, I also analyzed how I am doing financially, my daily routine, my medical exam results and I think they are right.

It's been 2 years since I broke up with my boyfriend Roy, he really was a jerk. Lately I think about it, at that time it seemed that he was bored, maybe he was with someone else. I better stop before he gives me a nervous breakdown.

What I need is maybe just sex, not a partner, or not for now... I think

It's kind of shallow, so I guess I have to go for one of those shallow apps. Apps that go straight to the point. I know I sound desperate, AND YES, I AM DESPERATE, but please understand that I just want this feeling to go away.

It's an uncomfortable feeling, it's an uncomfortable heat that goes from my neck, runs through my body passing through my breasts and ends up going down my vagina and my legs. It was an uncomfortable heat that at first disappeared when I masturbated in the university bathrooms, it was effective for a while, but little by little it lost effectiveness, plus I almost got caught.

What I need is a real dick...

I downloaded one of the superficial apps I told you about earlier. I completed my data until I reached the part of uploading photos. I have seen that some upload photos that are very risqué, for my taste. Photos in underwear, men without shirts and women in bikinis. Others simply upload relatively normal photos, well dressed or in a place where they have been traveling.

I uploaded a couple of photos with a couple of outfits that I wore for work, highlighting the cleavage a bit, I want my huge breasts to stand out, they are not as firm as I would like, but they are big, and another pointing more to my abdomen and my legs. Maybe my breasts are not firm but I would say my strong point is my big butt and that is what I wanted to highlight in the photo. The other two photos I uploaded were taken instantly, in my underwear.

They were 2 outfits that I had bought to show my ex, but fuck him now. In one of those photos, I opened my legs a little more, placing my hand in that area moving my panties a little to one side, I wanted them to see my vagina to speed up communication more and to write to me faster. I hope that doesn't cause me any problems.

I didn't get the start I expected. I mean, there were men who wrote me, but they wanted to talk, or they wanted a simple date. One or the other if they wanted to go to the same point as me, but I did not like the tone with which they wrote to me, or at least I did not imagine doing it with them.

I had given up, it was easy to tell him that if one of them jumped at me as desperate as I was, but seeing his photos didn't turn me on enough.

I took some time at work to see the page again, more of the same, several men writing to me, they looked nice, but I felt something was missing. About to give up, I was going to say yes to one of those guys, but I decided to check one last time, who knows.

I had seen a profile that I liked, it had good photos, but 4 of them were blocked. They were called "super-hot photos", they were explicit photos. Looking at more profiles I realized that the profiles I liked the most had these types of photos, and I couldn't access those photos because I hadn't uploaded any...

"You have to take the risk" I thought...

I was still at work, but I wanted to try that "super-hot" photo feature. I took advantage of one of the long breaks, I went to the bathroom and entered one of the booths used by the disabled. I took off all my clothes, I was so horny that I did it very fast. I took three photos, the first focusing on my tits, holding them with both hands, the second was a closeup of my huge butt, I bent over so my pussy could be seen, I was so hot it looked wet, and the last photo It was with open legs, opening my vagina, as if inviting those men to enter.

I got dressed again and went to my class, I was late for taking nude photos, feet on the ground again to continue teaching classes, which distracted me for a moment. It will have been an hour since I uploaded the images to the app, while my students were taking notes I took a look at the app, to see what the result was now that I've uploaded better photos.

It worked! The new profiles that contacted me were better than the ones before, their photos were kinkier, when they wrote me their desire to want to fuck me was noticeable, they were just what I'm looking for.

After reviewing several profiles, I found one that I liked. His name was Robert, 32 years old, four years older than me. He looked big, a little swollen abdomen, big arms, but that didn't matter. The photos of him "super-hot" were the best of the profile. He had photos of his thick cock and had uploaded 3 videos where he was fucking other women, he did it very intensely, he shoved it in hard, that was demonstrated by those poor women who moaned when they received that man's cock.

I liked the photo of that man, a few minutes later he wrote to me: "do you like it?" and followed by he sent me 3 pictures of his dick in 3 different angles. It can't be, you can't do this to me, I'm in class.

I really wanted to chat with him right now. I left 5 difficult exercises for the class, so they can entertain themselves. Meanwhile I went to the same bathroom where he had taken my photos...

- Natali: Of course I like daddy...

I started touching myself while looking at the photos he had sent me. Should I send something too? He has sent me 3 good photos, I guess he could send you one. I lowered my panties and took a picture of my pussy, my suit was a little visible, which I used as a university professor. When I sent you the photo I wrote back.

- Natalie: and you like this?

- Robert: Of course, I like it, but I would like to see it in person

- Natalie: and I would like to see what you have

- Robert: you want to play with my penis, right?

- Natalie: I really want to

- Robert: if you want you can play with him today

- Natalie: TODAY?

- Robert: you told me that you really want to, right?

- Natalie: well... yes

- Robert: and I would love to see that ass

- Natalie: I leave at 5

- Robert: perfect, let's meet in the Plaza Real, do you know?

- Natalie: yes, I know him

- Robert: I'll be waiting for you in the center of the square

I got a date; I couldn't back out at this point. After classes I took a car to Plaza Real. I already knew how he looked, right now I was feeling insecure. But with all my might I kept going.

I got to Plaza Real, to the pool. I saw him arrive, there was no surprise or anything, I had already seen everything about him on the page and at the time I liked him. He came over to me, he gave me a quick wave and then a kiss on my mouth, from 0 to 100 in seconds.

- Robert: Sorry I'm late, you waited a long time.

- Natalie: no... calm down...

- Robert: Okay, let's walk around a bit.

He took my arm and we started walking around the square. I was still in shock... I didn't expect a kiss so suddenly...

- Natalie: hey, don't you think that...

- Robert: that a kiss is excessive as a first contact? I think you and I already know what we're going for, honey, that's why I let myself go a little. Also, I know you liked it, you're hot...

- Natalie: Well...yeah.

- Robert: Okay...

We kept walking, talking, he asked me what I was working on and I asked him too. It seemed like a normal conversation between two people, but it only seemed so. Robert was touching my waist, trying to get to my buttocks, brushing at times and even at times touching or squeezing shamelessly.

- Natalie: hey... what... what are you doing? someone will see us

- Robert: it's your fault dear, your ass makes me horny

- Natalie: if you want to touch it...we'd better go to a hotel, why are we still walking through the square?

- Natalie: We're not going to a hotel, dear.

- Natalia: so...

I hadn't realized that he was leading me to the third floor of the Plaza Real, the third floor was almost empty, there weren't many shops yet. The fact is that Robert took me to one of the bathrooms on that floor.

When we entered the bathroom, Robert closed the door and now if he gave me a deep kiss, he stopped holding back, he touched my whole body with his huge hands, squeezing my breasts and my ass.

- Natalia: what? Are we going to do it here?

- Robert: Sure. I saw that you took your photos in a bathroom, so I thought it would be fun to do it in one too...

- Natalia: uh...

- Robert: did you take the photos today?

- Natalie: yes... yes, I did

- Robert: then let's do it once and for all

I only made excuses for not doing it and he only gave me reasons to do it in this bathroom, I stopped thinking for a moment and he put me on my knees, I unbuttoned his pants...

I was in a trance for a moment and by the time I reacted I had already put that man's cock in my mouth. I continued with the fellatio, after all that was what I wanted.

- Robert: man, you really wanted to, little woman, keep it up, you're doing very well...

Robert had it very thick, it was impossible for me to put it completely in my mouth. He hadn't done it in a long time, I tried my best to massage it with my tongue a bit, I hope he liked this.

The man stopped me and placed me against the sink, unbuttoned my pants, lowered them along with my underwear...

- Robert: this was what I wanted...

I barely showed any resistance, it was so hot, I could barely move. He put his fingers in my vagina and then he stuck his tongue deep inside, this felt so good that I couldn't help moaning, it was something that not even my ex had done to me.

The man then fingered me, both my pussy and my anus...

- Natalie: What...what are you doing out there? It feels weird...

- Robert: have you never had it done in the ass?

- Natalia: Of course not.

- Robert: we should give it a try, I'm sure you'd like...

- Natalie: you're crazy, you're going to break me if you put it there

Robert was a very experienced man, or so I saw him, since everything he was doing to me was something new and I was getting very wet.

His fingers were fat, he had a big hand. I went crazy when he put two fingers in my pussy, it seemed that he was putting his dick directly into me. Then he stuck his finger up my ass, it felt very strange, it hurt at first, but it had that comforting tingling feeling at the end. He didn't want to have anal sex, not right now.

- Robert: you're already wet... it's time

- Natalia: what?

Robert didn't wait any longer, from one moment to the next I felt like his penis entered my vagina. Oh god this felt so good, the man was moving his hips so well, it was driving me crazy...but no...this wasn't right...

- Natalie: Robert...no...wait.

- Robert: what's up little woman?

- Natalie: you're not using a condom, oh, I... could get pregnant

- Robert: give me the condom, put it on quickly and let's get on with this

- Natalia: what? didn't you bring them?

- Robert: I left very quickly, I didn't have time to buy them, no way...

- Natalie: no... wait...

The intention was clear, he would continue shoving his cock into me...how stupid I was not to buy condoms when I came here and how careless of him too. His cock was so hard, he was drilling me, he was giving me everything, this couldn't be true. Little by little he was making me more wet and little by little I was losing my mind.

No...this is definitely not right; I could get pregnant...AND I JUST MET HIM...

- Natalie: Robert... I'm asking you please...

- Robert: what? You do not like?

- Natalie: yes... I like it, but... we can't do it without a condom... I could... I could get pregnant... please I beg you...

In the end, Robert pulled his cock out of my vagina, the man kept holding my waist and brushing my legs with his huge cock... God barely fucked me for a moment and I was almost passed out...

- Natalie: let's go... let's go buy condoms and continue

- Robert: no... we can't cut the roll like this

- Natalie: you should have brought condoms, we can't do without it

- Robert: ok, I guess there's no other choice...

Robert inserted his finger deep into my anus...again, a strange sensation but now more intense...

- Natalie: No...oh...what are you doing?

- Robert: We can't stop baby

- Natalie: that... that's not going in...

- Robert: don't worry... I'm sure it will come in, just look

Robert now put 2 fingers in, damn this burns a lot. I really had no escape; this man was going to break me with his huge cock...

- Natalie: ouch...that...

- Robert: it feels good right?

- natalie: it hurts

- Robert: but does it feel good?

- Natalie: yes... but your cock is going to hurt more, it's thicker

- Robert: then you will enjoy it more...

I can't describe what I felt, the man had dilated my ass well, the time had come...


- Robert: Damn, you really are closed

- Natalie: it won't go in, take it out...

- Robert: this feels so good... let's continue

He put his dick deep in my ass, I didn't think he would say it, but it felt really good. At first it hurt a lot, but as he kept hitting me hard against the sink, the feeling changed, I was really enjoying it...

- Natalie:...

- Robert: what's up beautiful? Aren't you liking it?

- Natalie: It hurts, but...

- Robert: but what? Come on, say you're liking it

- Natalie: yes... I'm liking it

- Robert: I'm not convinced by that answer, I think I should take it out...

- Natalie: NO... it already hurt me a lot that you put her in, now you're going to put her in me until she comes to me...

- Robert: that is a good answer, let's continue then...

The man had made me beg for his cock, in a public bathroom, my libido was being sated, but how had we gotten to this situation?

- Robert: I want these too...

The man unbuttoned my shirt and pulled out my breasts, squeezing them hard. Personally, that didn't turn me on, but he was being very rude to me, feeling how he was breaking my ass added to pinching my nipples, it was something new and I loved it.

- Natalie: oh... oh... oh my God

- Robert: can't you take it anymore?

No... I couldn't take it anymore, I had already come by the time he said that, I was just trying not to faint...

Robert touched my vagina and felt that she was obviously wet, more than usual.

- Robert: oh pretty, you have already come

- Natalie: oh...just...you finish too...

- Robert: ok...

The man made me lean one leg against the sink, my ass was more open, his last thrusts against my ass

- Robert: uff... take this beautiful, I hope you like it...

I felt how he spilled his hot semen in my anus, God what a strange feeling, it scares me to become addicted to this, or to become addicted to having sex in places like this...

We both got dressed again, I saw Robert's cock again, damn I couldn't believe that all of that had entered my ass.

- Natalie: get dressed quickly, we'll go to the pharmacy

- Robert: but if we did it for...

- Natalie: let's go buy condoms now if...

- Robert: Sounds good, let's go

The end...for now...


Thank you for reading my stories, it means a lot to me.

I would appreciate it if you positively value this story and leave me a comment about what you thought of the story, that would help me grow.

See you later beautiful.


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AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago

Good start, now finish it. Please edit and check the flow of the story and your grammar.

oldjarhead1981oldjarhead19813 months ago

Ditto what Anonymous and analyst said.

AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago

Good first story, good flow, but the HORRIBLE Grammar fails made it very hard to follow and understand. You VERY BADLY need an editor

analustanalust3 months ago

Liked it but, could use editing.

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