tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 05

Wolf Man Ch. 05


(Sorry it took quite so long for this next chapter. Hope it's worth the wait for you guys. Don't forget to let me know what you think. Alicexxx)


"Did I hurt you?" He murmured, those luminescent blue eyes looking down at her in worry.

In a daze she lifted a slightly unsteady hand and felt for the two punctures on her neck. "You bit me." She said in a disbelieving tone.

She saw him wince and his eyes fixed on some unknown spot on the floor beside her shoulder. "I know. I'm sorry... that - that wasn't supposed to happen."

She slid her hand beneath his chin and lifted it so that he was looking at her. She spoke only when his eyes focused on her. "Then why did it? I mean - you can control yourself pretty well and..."

He shook his head as if confused, giving him an unusual vulnerable quality. "I don't know -" he sighed and dropped his head so that it lay against the hollow of her throat, "it was like some kind of compulsion- this need to taste you everywhere, just like I was touching you everywhere... my biting you seemed to complete something..."

Beneath him she went stiff. "Kai."

He rolled onto his side and took her with him, pulling her thigh over his leg as he did so. His hands buried in her hair as he watched a panicked expression come into her face. "What is it?"

"You bit me... just like that guy did... and you said that if we had sex after that then I would become..." she trailed of, looking up at him in horror.

He sighed and brushed his hair away from his face as he pulled her closer to him with his other arm. "I know, I'm sorry." He lifted one shoulder in a shrug, his expression showing that his regret was real. "But it's too late now. By now, the change has been set in motion."

Hannah felt a flash of fear go through her and she shivered involuntarily. "This isn't going to end well is it?"

He looked down at her and cupped her face in his hands. He ignored her question as he rose up on one elbow, asking a question of his own. "You regret it?"

Hannah felt her cheeks burn and couldn't hold his gaze. "I regret being pulled into this..." then she gave a cheeky smile, "I don't regret having the best sex of the century though." Then she had the pleasure of watching him give her that rare but incredible smile. She couldn't help but reach out a finger and trace it. His lips were so perfect... everything about him was perfect. That was, until she got to the part where he was a wolf man who had gotten her involved in something way over her head.

However, like he said... it was too late now. But there was something she still didn't know. "Kai... you still haven't told me why they're after you. You've never once brought it up." As soon as she mentioned it, she felt his whole body tense up against hers and his hand on her hair tightened. When he didn't say anything after a while, she pulled slightly away from him and rolled onto her back, pulling a long t-shirt that he had thrown earlier on the floor and covering herself up. Never a good omen for the conversation to follow. She sat up, clutching the piece of cloth to her. "You're not going to tell me are you?" She murmured, the momentary high feeling she'd been feeling slipping away as if it had never been. Shaking her head she stood up. "Well, we have to go don't we? I'll just take a shower and then we can go."

She moved away from him and left the walk in closet, going to the bathroom and shutting the door before leaning back on it. Why had she thought that sleeping with him would somehow change things? Apparently all it had done was mutate her somehow and left her feeling hollow. He still didn't trust her, and she wondered if he ever would. Dropping the towel she went to the shower stall and slipped inside, sliding the glass shut before turning on the hot water.

All her muscles were aching - but at least the itch that had plagued her skin was gone. Well that's something, Hannah told herself as she dipped her head under the hot jet of water; her hair to soaking it all up and then she sighed with pleasure as the water began a steady stream down her back.

A few minutes later she lifted her head when she heard the door slide open and felt a cold draft seep into the warm fogged stall. She turned away from the spray, brushing clinging hair from her face and turning wide eyes on a still naked Kai.

Before she could fully turn to look at him, he slid an arm around her waist and jerked her against him, then he pushed them both back under the spray. Hannah gasped and placed both hands on the tiles in front of her.


His mouth landed on the side of her neck and she fell still. "It's not that I don't want to tell you it's just that I-"

"Forget it." She interrupted trying to shrug him off, but he remained where he was. His mouth at her neck. His arms around her waist and his front plastered to her back... with interesting consequences to his body. She shivered as she felt his erection pressing into her lower back.

Kai gave a weary sigh. "They want me dead because... because our Leader's daughter claims that I raped her." His every word sounding like it was being torn from him.

Hannah went stiff for a second, struggling to understand what he had said. Then suddenly she was turning in his arms and facing him, framing his clenched jaw between her hands as the water poured over them both, plastering that amazing hair to his body and hers as they stood pressed close together.

"That's impossible." She said with such conviction that he couldn't help but smile despite the conversation they were about to have.

"What makes you so sure? I'm certainly strong enough." He pointed out, his eyes shining down into hers as his mouth parted slightly to draw in breath through the hot steam.

Hannah shrugged her shoulders and let go to reach around him and pick out her shampoo. "Go on." She poured the mango smelling shampoo into her hand and started to lift them to his head only to have them caught by him. He pulled them up and lowered his head to sniff at it.

Hannah arched a brow in question when he looked at her. "What?"

"This is girl shampoo."

Hannah stared at him, speechless for a second, before bursting into laughter. "What," she choked out, "worried that you'll be compromising your masculinity wolf man?" She teased, still laughing.

Still with her wrists securely in his hands he jerked her close and she gasped - only to have him steal her breath as his tongue swept inside her mouth and had her melting against him in no time. Hannah gave a helpless moan as he held her in place with his hold on her wrists and ravished her mouth. When he finally pulled away from her, she had to blink several times to get everything back into focus. Her lips felt swollen and she was gasping for breath.

"I think it's safe to say that we both know that my masculinity is not at question here." He said smugly, those incredible eyes narrowed slightly in irritation.

Hannah couldn't help but smile. " I guess not." She agreed with a shrug, then watched with amusement as he gave an exasperated sigh when, as he released her hands; she lifted them to his tall head and just began to rub the shampoo into his head. He had so much hair... she was going to need to use more, her lips quirked when she realised the whole bottle would probably go on his hair.

Kai sighed again and wrapped his arms around her waist, enjoying the way her breasts brushed and pressed against his chest as she rubbed the shampoo onto his head. "You didn't answer my question." He said, tilting his head forward to give her better access and taking a nip at her neck while he was at it.

"What question?"

"What makes you so sure I didn't do it."

Hannah shrugged. "Remember how I was with you, after I was bitten? I lost all control of myself and practically threw myself at you." She flicked him a look from beneath long wet lashes and gave a small smile. "And you wanted me badly, it cost you a lot to keep your hands off me. I saw. The fact that you didn't think to take advantage of the situation is proof enough. Besides, it just doesn't seem to be in your character - sure, I'm sure that you can be ruthless but rape?" She shook her head.

He let out a startled laugh and drew her closer. "Good to know you feel that way." He murmured and went to kiss her again but she pulled a hand from his hair and cupped it over his mouth. He stopped and raised an enquiring brow.

"Why did she accuse you of raping her?" She pulled her hand away and watched as his eyes darkened in anger.

He pulled her closer and bent his head again as an invitation for her to carry on, and she did. His hands travelled slowly over her body, tracing the curve of a hip, testing the weight of a breast... brushing the dark curls at her thighs...

"She wanted me," he said with a shrug, "I was one of the best hunter's in the pack, no one could best me. And I think it's safe to say that I'm an attractive man." When she snorted he smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "She wanted me for her mate. Things like that don't happen, you can't just choose a mate - it has to be fated. I believe strongly in that." His voice was low now as he remembered the argument that had ensued between himself and Savannah. "I told her I didn't want her for a mate and she didn't like what she heard." He shrugged. "She seemed to take it well non the less- and later on that night I saw her going at it with the charming guy you met today." Kai sneered. "They were pretty rough. Next morning I'm being dragged from my bed into the council den and I'm being charged with rape by the Pack leader's daughter. She even had the bite marks and bruises to prove it - and she had Samuel as a witness... apparently he was the one who dragged me off her."

His body was tense with fury as he recalled clearly the astonishment, the anger and the pure instinct to kill that had ran through him as the accusations had been levelled at him. He'd been dead from then on. Of course he had. Who would take his word over a leader's daughter and another Hunter? No one. He'd been dead and he had known it. They'd known it.

"And then what happened?" She asked softly, drawing his head under the water so she could rinse his silky hair.

With her hands on him he managed to push away the renewed anger and just tell her everything. "They locked me up and the retribution ceremony was to be performed the next day."

"Retribution ceremony?" She asked, pausing in her ministrations to look up at him. His delicious lips flattened to a thin line and he looked at her. "Yeah, the punishment - where they set the rest of the pack hunters on me in wolf form for them to tear me apart. If that doesn't work they use the guns - hence the bullet wound you saw when you found me."

"You managed to escape a pack of wolves?" She asked in astonishment, her eyes wide in horror at what had been in store for him and in awe at the knowledge that he had outrun other powerful beings like himself as they had been set loose to hunt him.

He gave her a sheepish smile. "Actually I escaped before the ceremony, I managed to pick the lock on the cage and I ran. Being killed for something I didn't do wasn't exactly on my agenda. But they caught up with me - and that's when I got shot. I guess they thought I was dead and that's why they left me of the side of the road."

"But they came back." She said quietly.

Kai didn't look away from her. "But they came back." He agreed with a nod.

Hannah slid her arms around his neck and leaned her body into his and as she jerked him under the spray again she pulled his mouth down to hers and took the initiative. Nibbling on his full bottom lip, she rubbed herself against him... allowing a sound almost like a purr to escape her and watched his eyes flare and his gorgeous skin flush slightly. "So what now?" She asked as she switched to his top lip and ran her tongue lightly on the underside of it. His hand on her waist tightened.

"We need to move someplace else before they come back." He glanced down at her from luminous slits now. "So we should really hurry up this shower." He murmured, unable to keep his eyes from following her hand as she ran it down her throat... let it slide between her breasts... brushed a thumb across a nipple before allowing the hand to stop as she dipped a finger into her navel. He licked his lips and leaned closer, head tilting as he went in for another kiss but suddenly she was jerking back from him.

"Well, if we must hurry, then that's what we'll do." She turned her back to him and began soaping herself. Her cheeks flaring with fire as she felt his eyes all over her as if they were hand prints.

Then...a few seconds later she felt his hands drop onto her ass and begin to knead it as his chest came into contact with her back once more. Hannah gave only a momentary pause before she continued with the soap... even as his hands took themselves to the backs of her thighs and began massaging them there.

"There's no reason for us not to multitask." A voice husked right at her ear.

Hannah turned to face him. She couldn't explain it, suddenly something went through her and her hazel eyes took on a feverish glint. Catching his wrists in her hands she used her body to push him into the opposite wall and at her unexpected move he ended up right where she wanted him. "Multitask you say?" She murmured and kept his wrists pinned to the wall.

Kai arched a brow as her lips slid over his collar bone and made him bite back a hiss as she dipped her tongue into the hollow there. "Feeling assertive Hannah?" He husked, but he didn't try to free his hands; he wanted to see where she was going with this.

"Not assertive exactly - but I'm definitely feeling something, wolf man." She murmured right back. And it was true, there was a beat in body - something new and strange that made her push her body aggressively against his as she tasted him, sliding her head down to catch one hard male nipple between her teeth and give it a gentle tug.

Kai gritted his teeth as he bowed off the wall and used a thigh to part hers so that with his rocking movements, his erection brushed soft female skin.

"I wonder if I could make you come like this Kai." She whispered, switching her attention to his other nipple. "Just like this, rubbing against you." She lifted a leg and curled it around his thigh, somehow managing to keep her balance as she went up on tip toe and rubbed her wet lips over his straining cock. She bit her lip at the pleasure that speared through her.

"Or you could let me come inside you." He suggested in a dark voice.

"Or that... mmmm," eyelashes swept over to cover her unnaturally bright eyes as he thrust against her again, "yeah... maybe that's a good idea." She released his wrists only to clamp her hands down on his shoulders and bounce herself onto him. Her legs wrapping around his hips, opening herself until she felt his blunt head at her entrance.

Kai's hands clamped down on her hips and he allowed his head to fall against the tiled wall as he began to lower her onto him.

Hannah bit her lip; she could feel him stretching her open as he eased inside her. She leaned her head in the hollow between chin and chest and her arms tightened around his slick shoulders, fingers getting tangled in the long wet black hair that was plastered to his back. Slowly, her teeth digging deeper into the soft lower lip she rocked on him and a long length of him slid inside easily - making her gasp at the suddenness of his filling her that way. His hands on her kept her there as he began to level soft thrusts against her to bring him inside her until they were sealed together - no space between them.

"That feels good." She gasped out as he began to move inside her, with more aggression this time. Driving deep inside, so deep she could feel his head butting into her cervix with each new thrust inside her... and as her arousal grew... she felt an odd tingling in her upper gums. But it only added to the red haze of lust swirling inside her and she began to move harder against him, forcing him to go harder too.

Suddenly she felt the insane urge to sink her teeth into the smooth mocha skin of his neck, she wanted to feel that delicate puncturing of the skin, wanted to taste the little bead's of blood that would well up... She closed her mouth on that same spot that she was imagining biting into and scraped her teeth across it - hard!

"Hannah!" Her name burst from his lips in such a violent call that she jumped in his arms, her head snapping back to fix startled eyes on him only to have her eyesight blur when he assaulted her mouth and crushed her body to his as he began thrusting uncontrollably into her. His arms held hers pinned to her sides and his mouth caught all the cry's that left hers as he pounded ruthlessly into her.

She felt her head start to spin with the sensations of his chest brushing against her nipples... of his arms crushing her to him... of his tongue thrusting into her mouth the same way he was thrusting into her body, making her feel dazed and overwhelmed by pleasure. As his rhythm increased so did the level of her cries that were muffled by his violating mouth. And then - with one final slam of his body into hers a growl rumbled in his throat even as she sobbed into his mouth as the orgasm tore through them both, leaving them weak and panting as Kai slid down the wall - her legs still locked around him.

They sat there... the shower beating against them as they breathed heavily, the sound of their breathing audible even over the sound of the rushing water. Her arms were still pinned by his arms that remained locked around her smaller body like bands of steel. His cock still buried deep inside her - still pulsing slightly as they tried to find some semblance of normality in their breathing pattern.

"That was..." she began...still feeling disoriented from the power of their coming together.

"Explosive?" He suggested in a ragged voice.

"Works for me." She panted... and somehow she found the strength to lift her head from where it was leaning against his shoulder. But as she drew away she frowned as she caught sight of something red on...

Her eyes widened as she saw two perfect lines of red running down from the top of his neck to the base where neck curved into shoulder... vicious deep lines that had torn up the skin. The remembered feeling of scraping his thought flashed through her mind and she gasped. Her teeth weren't that sharp! To prove it she sent her tongue to test her front teeth...and stiffened when it encountered two sharp points within her mouth.

Her eyes flew up to his in horror. "Kai..." suddenly she felt as if she couldn't breathe, she gasped, trying to get air into her lungs, "Kai...my teeth..." and then as black spots invaded her eyesight, all she could do was give a small tormented sigh and allow herself to fall forward into the hard body that held hers.


To be continued...

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