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With the state of today’s economy I am thankful to just to have a job. Having one I enjoy is a bonus, especially on that allows me the freedoms I have. The potential in her coworkers is just a fringe benefit.

Like the Brothers, different as their ages, I know the family resemblance. Both are tall and dark, one lean and hard, the younger still carrying a hint of baby fat. Farm boys growing up they are able to handle the work out I give them. Both are married and very easy to seduce.

It all started my 1st day of work; I had every intention to behave at this job. Then I met the younger brother and I knew I had to taste him. A coworker’s warning to avoid him because he was caught cheating on his wife solidified my longing. Approaching him carefully I asked him about it. As he told me, my questions got more and more personal. Willingly he shared the intimate details not catching my desire. Patiently I worked to win him to me.

I could see the desire in him eyes as I dropped subtle hints about my life. I finally found a way to make myself perfectly clear when I repierced my nipples. He jokingly offered, “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

Just the thought I was looking for. Staring at his groin I lift my shirt and bra spilling my large breasts into his view. His eyes lit up as he reaches to touch intricately tattooed DD’s. A shiver ran through my body as he gently inspects my newly pierced nipples. His tight work pants accentuating his growing excitement.

There in the break room, less then a foot from the sight of the cameras, he smiles as he quickly undid his pants. Freeing the large gift within. I felt a shiver of longing as I slowly stroke him, my fingers barely reaching around his hardness. A moan of anticipation escapes my lips. Unable to control myself I drop to my knees, stretching my mouth wide I take him deep into my throat.

Just at that moment his older brother walks in on us. I really hadn’t paid much attention to him, just my usual friendly flirting. Here I was sucking his little brothers dick, the widest I had ever come across. Quickly calculating the situation, and judging the tightness of his pants, I made eye contact and smile an invitation. (Damn, I love how those uniform pants show every detail.)

With a knowing smirk, he nudges his little brother over to stand in front of me. Still caressing his brother’s dick, I assist him in freeing the longest monster I ever saw. Nature was good to this family.

My body quivering with desire, I can’t believe my luck. Enjoying two extremely large cocks, best yet, at the same time. I can feel my body is ready for them, but I continue sucking and caressing them for a while longer. Both of them gagging me delightfully.

Unable to stand it any longer, I beg the younger one to fuck me. Turning my attention to the long monster in front of me. I slowly polish it with my tongue as his hands wrap in my hair, begging entrance. Chuckling I take his balls into my mouth. Then move back up to let his head slip between my lips.

Just then I feel his brother’s hands spread me. He groans as his fingers dip into my hot wetness. I contract around them. I whimper around the long cock in my throat as the fingers are removed. Then I feel his head slowly enter, stretching me to my limits. I moan and swallow most of his brother’s cock, as he forces his wide cock into my tight warmth. The pain is delicious and I reward the cock teasing my throat.

Finally the younger brother has his monster all the way in. He slowly starts fucking me, hard. His wide cock splitting me in two as he pounds my poor cunt. I feel my body start to climax, moaning I start sucking his brother greedily, starving for him. As my body contracts around the cock splitting me, he loses control. Slamming his wide cock deep into me, I feel him fill me. Sending me over the edge a second time. Which triggers the older brother to send his gift down my throat.

As I gently clean the cock from my throat, the younger brother comes to stand in front of me, still hard, and drenched with my juices. I quickly switch to the younger brother and proceed to cleanse him with my tongue.

Slowly stroking himself, the older brother steps behind me. His other hand moves to caress me. His thumb gently strokes my hard nub. His fingers tease me, easing into my now tender warmth. Driving me wild, he slides his long hard cock into me. I moan as he contacts the back of my womb. Slowly he works himself into me until he is glistening with my juices. Then withdrawing, he carefully positions his cock at my ass. Gently, he pushes the head inside of me.

A scream of desire escapes around his brother’s cock filling my throat. Deliberately, he enters my ass, inching his way in. Gradually, I feel my body accept him. Pleasure courses through me as he reaches down to tease my clit. Quickly, His balls caress my empty slit as he buries his long cock in my ass. It is so tight but so satisfying. He starts moving harder and faster, thoroughly fucking my ass. The pressure of another orgasm builds as I milk his brother with my throat. I feel every vein on his cock as it slams into my ass. As I feel his muscles tighten to fill my ass, I climax. Drenching his balls. The brothers come together. One sends his down my throat, as his older brother slams deep into my ass, both filling me up.

Slowly disentangling ourselves, exhausted, we organize ourselves, and are presentable before our coworkers return. I think we started a new family tradition.

With Bloody Kisses,

C Trei

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