tagAnalWorkout Ch. 02

Workout Ch. 02


Jeff and Megan made their way into the small cubicle shower. It was a tight fit, but they knew they would make the best of it. There was a small bench in one corner, and a towel rack just above waist high. As the hot water poured down on there sweaty naked bodies the two took turns letting the water cascade down there bodies.

Megan was the first to pick up the soap and start a rich lather in her hands. As Jeff was facing the shower head, Megan started massaging his back with her soft soapy hands. Jeff let out a low moan in approval. After laying on the hard bench with Megan riding his cock it felt good to have a little massage.

Megan's hands started running down Jeff's back, until they came to rest on his well sculpted hard ass. Massaging her hands on it made Jeff's cock start to stir. Megan felt his ass muscles tighten up and knew the effect she was having on him. Slowly she started to reach around his body to the base of his cock. Feeling his manhood in her hands, how thick and heavy he was. Drawing back only for a second to get some more lather in her hands she slowly started running her delicate hands up and down his shaft.

Jeff's eyes were closed, moaning softly as Megan stroked his cock so well. Growing larger and larger in Megan's hands until he was at full mast. Now that Megan had him hard she worked her hands down to his large balls. Feeling the weight of his recently drained balls she worked each of them in her hands ever so softly.

Slowly turning around, his cock pointing directly at Megan's navel. Letting the shower wash the soap off his now hard cock, Megan squatted down in front of him taking his purple head slowly into her hot mouth. Feeling the pulse of his cock head, taking more and more of his meat into her mouth. Using one hand to massage what she couldn't fit in her tiny hot mouth, and the other to massage his now heavy balls filling with seed.

Jeff looked down seeing his lover expertly deep throating his cock. His knees now becoming weak and unable to hold himself up he retreated to the small bench. Megan continued to suck his prick for several more minutes. Finally letting his balls go she ran her hand down her sexy body to her pussy.

As soon as she touched her recently well fucked pussy, a shiver ran thru her body. In her squatting position her pussy lips were already spread apart. Her clit protruding from its hood, her finger slowly massaging it. Between Jeff's long cock deep in her throat and her ministrations on her aching clit it wasn't long before she burst out into orgasm.

Pulling off of Jeff's cock and placing her free hand behind her she eased herself onto the tile floor. Squeezing her hand between her thighs, head against the wall, eyes closed as a powerful orgasm flooded her body. Moaning loudly, finally opening her eyes to see Jeff starring down at her, smiling.

Regaining her composure Megan raised herself off the floor. Extending her hand to her lover asking him to stand up as well. Megan then stepped up onto the bench so she could look eye to eye with her lover. Starring deeply into each others souls, coming together for a passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined in each other's mouths. Megan's hand falling down to massage Jeff's cock once again, as his grips her tight ass bringing her closer.

Finally Megan pushed Jeff away and stepped off the stool. Moving away from him and grasping the towel bar in front of her. Bending over slightly and presenting her ass to Jeff. "Come fuck my ass lover" Megan uttered.

Jeff loved it when Megan talked dirty, but especially when it involved getting to fuck her in the ass!

Walking up behind her, Jeff started to massage her ass cheeks, feeling their softness, yet firmness. Jeff's finger started running over Megan's rosebud. Sinking down onto his knees, Jeff started kissing Megan's puckered little asshole. Running his tongue all around, then pushing in slightly. Megan moaning the whole time, loving it when Jeff rimmed her ass.

Rocking her hips back and forth into Jeff's talented tongue, Jeff started fingering Megan's oozing pussy. Scooping some of his left over cum, and her infinite amount of juices he placed the mixture around her sweet asshole. Slowly working his first finger into her tight ass, feeling her sphincter muscle give way to his intruding finger, gripping it so tightly.

Megan moaning "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss."

Bucking her hips to take more of his finger. Finally withdrawing from his squatting position, Jeff stood behind Megan, cock in hand ready for a great fuck.

Megan reached back with one hand to pull her ass cheek to the side as Jeff's swollen head rested at her tiny asshole. Pushing ever so easily until his cock popped inside Megan's tight hole. Both letting out sounds of pleasure.

Megan released her cheek and moved her hand underneath her to her sopping wet pussy. Slowly massaging her clit as Jeff worked more and more of his massive cock into her tight ass. Finally it was all in, there bodies pressed back against each other.

Megan turned her head around and starring into Jeff's eyes said "fuck my ass hard and fast!"

Jeff immediately responded by pulling his cock almost all the way out before slamming back into Megan's ass. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Over and over again Jeff pounded Megan's ass without remorse. Hearing the sounds of their wet bodies smacking together, echoing in the shower. Not caring at that point if anyone were to come into the locker room.

Seeing Megan's ass undulate against his cock, was bringing Jeff closer and closer to blowing his load deep inside her ass. Reaching around Jeff took one of Megan's swaying tits into his hand and roughly started pinching her hard nipple. The feel of her hard nipple in his hand, feeling it pressed between his fingers, submitting to his torture turned him on soo much!

That was all it took to send Megan over the edge. Her ass getting slammed by Jeff's large thick cock, her nipple getting squeezed just the way she likes it, and her finger on her clit.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss thatssss itttttttttttttttt!!!

Megan's sphincter clamped down on Jeff's cock, locking him into her ass. Her internal muscles milking his cock. Her pussy exploding, juices running out onto her hands, and down to her ass.

Then feeling Jeff's cock exploding into her as well. His thick cum spewing deep into her ass, his cock pulsing deep within her.

Megan couldn't take anymore pleasure and simply passed out. Feeling Megan start to slip away from him, Jeff quickly grabbed her waist. Hold her up and continuing to pump his cock in and out of her well fucked ass. Megan came to seconds later, feeling her ass still getting pumped by Jeff's cock.

Another moan escaping her lips, steadying her feet once again, Jeff slowly pulling his cock out of her ass.

Jeff stopped only briefly from withdrawing his now shrinking cock, to feel the exquisite feeling as his head passed thru her tight sphincter muscle. Immediately backing up to sit on the bench.

Megan backed up as well and sat down on Jeff's lap. Relaxing backward into his strong chest, feeling his hands wrap her up. His head nuzzled in her neck, kissing her earlobe softly, and whispering "I love you so much baby."

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