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Alexander's Resort: 4 Part Series
Alexander's Resort (4.51)Like her armless aunt, Connie used her feet to do things.  Hot Fetish 08/12/08
Alexander's Resort Ch. 02 (4.58)Betty struggles to hide her need to lose limbs like Olivia.  Hot Fetish 08/29/08
Alexander's Resort Ch. 03 (4.78)Mack meets Leslie, who has no legs.  Hot Fetish 09/26/08
Alexander's Resort Ch. 04 (4.73)After Emily meets others, she loses her arm and finds love.  Hot Fetish 10/07/08
All in the Family: 9 Part Series
All in the Family (4.65)A day at the lake, a family of amputees, marriage, and more.  Hot Fetish 04/07/09
All in the Family Ch. 02 (4.71)Tyler is missing legs; Leah talks to her mother; and more.  Hot Fetish 04/14/09
All in the Family Ch. 03 (4.70)Kate learns about Robert from Erin. Holly loses her arm.  Hot Fetish 04/17/09
All in the Family Ch. 04 (4.83)Holly's missing arm intrigues Alexandria.  Hot Fetish 04/20/09
All in the Family Ch. 05 (4.84)Curt falls for Patty during a talk about life without legs.  Hot Fetish 04/23/09
All in the Family Ch. 06 (4.79)Divorce gives Curt and Patty a happy life without legs.  Hot Fetish 04/24/09
All in the Family Ch. 07 (4.67)The Traveler's Inn gives new amputees a place to stay.  Hot Fetish 05/13/09
All in the Family Ch. 08 (4.48)Lori almost misses learning how to become an amputee. Fetish 06/11/09
All in the Family Ch. 09 (4.50)Connie is missing both arms. Lori looses the other leg.  Hot Fetish 07/27/09
Amputee Dancer: 3 Part Series
Amputee Dancer (3.81)Dancer at the Brass Pole loses a leg. Fetish 05/16/18
Amputee Dancer Ch. 02 (3.62)Marcy returns to the Brass Pole. Fetish 05/29/18
Amputee Dancer Ch. 03 (4.00)Marcy gets help onstage. Fetish 06/08/18
Auto Parts (4.11)The last place he would ever picture her working is an auto. Fetish 04/18/08
Blue Bird: 2 Part Series
Blue Bird (4.22)An online chat with an amputee becomes much more. Fetish 01/03/09
Blue Bird Ch. 02 (4.59)Troubles develop with Mark. Jan finds another like herself.  Hot Fetish 02/14/09
Boat Deck (4.67)Love on the yacht included a single leg.  Hot Fetish 09/17/09
Bridge Over Troubled Waters (4.34)Unable to have her amputation, Eva stares into the abyss. Fetish 02/26/11
By The River (4.49)Ellie is missing a leg, discovers Kevin at the nude beach. Fetish 03/13/09
Cheap Whiskey (4.62)She picks up men missing a leg in hopes of being that way.  Hot Fetish 11/27/10
Co-worker's Wife (4.48)Mark & Maggie attend a pool party. The wife has one leg. Fetish 03/30/09
Consultant (4.41)Laurel finds happiness with Juliet who's missing a leg. Fetish 12/17/09
Cubicle (4.54)Leah learns he has one leg because he wanted it that way.  Hot Fetish 11/06/08
Dan (3.73)After a conversation, old feelings boilover and he talks to. Fetish 11/17/17
Day at the Pool (4.45)Sam bumps into the woman in front of him. Fetish 04/17/08
Deli (4.41)A punk look accents the missing arm. Her sister is hot too. Fetish 01/30/11
Device: 2 Part Series
Device: Gina (4.63)Gina finds love without legs thanks to the device.  Hot Fetish 04/29/11
Device: Older Women (4.21)Love of older women with one leg takes Devon to a new place. Fetish 12/30/10
Exit 325 (4.62)A broken truck at Exit 325, a hook for a hand, and a limp.  Hot Fetish 09/28/10
Finding A Dream (4.57)Wife's pictures help him learn of her need to amputate leg.  Hot Fetish 08/30/10
First Year College (4.43)She moved nicely across the classroom on crutches. Fetish 05/19/08
Folding Newspapers (4.62)Bruce discovers the joys of an amputee woman.  Hot Fetish 11/15/17
Guest House (4.67)Jeff loves stockings, high heels, and missing legs.  Hot Fetish 03/30/11
Home Again (3.43)Tom learns new things about his mother. Fetish 02/16/18
Hotel: 9 Part Series
Hotel: Another Woman (4.41)Her gift to him, a threesome with a woman with one leg. Fetish 05/30/11
Hotel: Bar (4.18)Hotel bars fascinate her, so does the woman missing a leg. Fetish 10/18/09
Hotel: Bellman (4.34)He carries her luggage. Her missing leg steals his heart. Fetish 10/19/09
Hotel: Chocolate (4.43)Birthday present - a black woman, white sheets, no legs. Fetish 10/17/09
Hotel: Front Desk (4.52)He sees the hook. She checks into the hotel and his heart.  Hot Fetish 11/02/09
Hotel: Lifeguard (4.54)Skimpy bikini on her legless body. He could have had anyone.  Hot Fetish 10/21/09
Hotel: Renovation (4.79)Jake searches the streets and finds two amputee women.  Hot Fetish 01/04/10
Hotel: Sandwich (4.03)Two men, two women, six legs, all in a pile. Fetish 10/21/09
Hotel: Windows (4.51)Without limbs, she accidentally enters his room, his life.  Hot Fetish 10/31/09
Lake: 3 Part Series
Lake: Isabel (4.33)She's missing both legs and Dave won't leave her this time. Fetish 11/20/09
Lake: Jeff (4.17)Two guys meet again - one rich and missing a leg. Fetish 11/20/09
Lake: Leah (4.44)His mother is different - bigger breasts and a missing leg. Fetish 11/20/09
Lisa at Last (3.67)Fran's amputee son lives as a woman. What could be better? Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/01/18
Living in Paradise Ch. 01 (4.46)A new client introduces him to a paradise. Fetish 05/12/08
Magic Potion: 4 Part Series
Magic Potion (4.80)A Voodoo Queen gives Gina new sexuality and a missing limb.  Hot Fetish 02/26/10
Magic Potion: Grace (4.68)A mystery woman missing a leg tells Grace about the potion.  Hot Fetish 04/29/10
Magic Potion: Lana (4.41)Lana pretends to have one leg and meets Mike. Fetish 05/26/10
Magic Potion: Roseville (4.70)Potion capital of the world, people lose limbs, find love.  Hot Fetish 07/28/10
Math Class (4.59)She's missing a leg and helps him find love elsewhere.  Hot Fetish 03/30/10
Moonlight (3.59)After his divorce, John moves in with his amputee mother. Incest/Taboo 01/27/18
Museum (3.96)Without limbs, she rests in a cold hand, others watching. Fetish 01/28/10
Never Enough (4.61)For Julie, amputation was sex, the stump was the afterglow.  Hot Fetish 09/17/09
Photo Album (4.58)A married woman without arms, introduces him to friend.  Hot Fetish 10/27/10
Recluse (4.15)Molly's lack of legs mesmerizes Estelle, the housekeeper. Fetish 06/28/08
Remembering (4.51)Erica searches for a doctor to amputate her leg.  Hot Fetish 07/23/08
Rich Spinster (4.40)Sadie savors the sensation of her single bare foot. Fetish 04/22/08
Room for Rent (4.74)Erika finds a new life with Tara who's without legs.  Hot Fetish 12/22/09
Saloon and Shirley (4.50)Shirley shows an interest in Jake's crutches.  Hot Fetish 07/03/08
Service Department (4.38)Crutches lean next to the old woman across from her. Fetish 04/22/08
Ski Lodge (4.79)A blizzard gives Matt a chance to meet a woman with one leg.  Hot Fetish 12/26/09
Sling (4.56)Legless, Yae has several lovers then finds an old friend.  Hot Fetish 02/04/10
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