After the Dream

byAurora Black©

Author's Note: The main characters (Gabriel Knight, Grace Nakimura) are the property of Sierra / Vivendi Universal and Jane Jensen. Okay, moving on... This takes place during the events of GK3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

I wrote this when I was 19, so it's rather rough compared to my later stuff. Enjoy.

* * *

Gabriel awoke to find himself on the floor, his body dripping with sweat. A late-night breeze drifted into the room through the open window, chilling his skin.

His muscles were stiff with tension as he slowly lifted himself from the floor. His hand automatically went to his chest, seeking the talisman. It was still there. Gabriel could feel the cool gold against his palm; it relieved him, soothed him.

His eyes traveled to the window, and he felt his pulse race. He leapt to close and secure the lock.

Once the window became closed once more, Gabriel turned his back against the frame, breathing hard as the dream's images blazed once again through his mind.

Oh, sweet Jesus. The dream seemed so real... was it a dream? God!

Gabriel's heart felt like it would burst when he remembered what happened at the very end of the dream, when the Vampire entered the room...


He closed his eyes and recalled the Vampire floating on air, hovering over the bed where Grace was sleeping. The innocence of slumber. Gabriel remembered the helplessness that he felt as he watched the intruder look upon Grace with ravenous lust, and then look back at Gabriel. He saw the Night Stalker's eyes, glowing red in the darkness. Those eyes held triumph in them; the vampire knew that he held all the cards, that he had all of the control.

Gabriel had tried to move, to run and kill the bastard that had the nerve to try to hurt Grace. He had wanted to shout out loud, "Get the fuck away her, you son of a bitch! She's MINE! Damn you to Hell!"

The sound of clothing being torn.

Oh, God!

The sight of the Night Stalker's tongue traveling across golden skin, starting from the stomach and trailing upwards to taste her firm, ample breasts... Grace's moan of shock and pleasure as the vampire captured a sweet nipple between his lips and began to suck... her hips lifting off of the bed, her pelvis grinding against the bed sheets draped over her mound as she slept on.

Gabriel opened his eyes, his heart beating wildly against his chest. He looked at the bed, veiled in darkness. There was no movement underneath the sheets, and Gabriel's breath was trapped in his throat as he walked towards the bed, not knowing what he would find.

He reached the bed and stood next to the empty side. He cautiously climbed inside, checking the darkness around the room for any other "guests." He looked at the bulge of the figure beside him, and with trembling fingers he reached for the blankets and began to pull them away.

Grace was sleeping soundly, unharmed. Her skin glowed radiantly and her face held a peaceful expression. Gabriel released the breath that he had been holding for so long.

His vision became blurred as he looked down at her, and he touched a hand to his face and it came away wet. Gabriel was shocked as he realized that he was crying, and he tried to grab a tissue from the nearby nightstand.

Grace, disturbed from her sleep by Gabriel's movement on the bed, opened her eyes and turned her head to see Gabriel wiping away tears.

"Gabriel? What's wrong?"

Gabriel paused in what he was doing to look at her, unable to answer. Grace saw his tears flowing and she became concerned, raising a hand to rest on his face. He closed his eyes at her touch, and he wished that he could freeze the moment in time. He took her hand away from his face and pressed his lips against it. He opened his eyes once more, and he couldn't stop looking at her.

Dear God, she is beautiful. So damn beautiful.

Moonlight shone into the room through the window, bathing everything in an otherworldly light. Her lips, which he had longed to taste many times, were moist and inviting.

He felt his erection growing, his jeans tightening. He licked his lips and saw that Grace's gaze had lowered to his mouth.

Grace's eyes were locked onto his full, sensual lips. Lips that she had dreamt of many times, lips that she wanted on her skin... right now.

Her lips parted in excitement, and Gabriel couldn't help but imagine the feel of her lips on his own, on his chest, his stomach... on his cock.

Gabriel let out a moan of longing, and Grace felt her nipples tingle against her nightgown and the heat of her pussy between her thighs.

Grace pulled the sheets further away from their bodies, and she slowly crawled from her spot on the bed towards Gabriel. She had become a predator, seeking to satisfy her lust for this man who had been her frustration and her desire for all the years that they've been together.

Gabriel lay on his side of the bed, watching her come to him. She moved softly, sensually. He blinked his eyes to make sure that he wasn't still dreaming. He wasn't; it was her, and she moved to his side of the bed, peering at him through the darkness.

"Do you want me?"

Grace was close enough to him that her thigh brushed against his, her breath stirring his hair.

Gabriel's heart was in his throat as he stared back at her, dumbstruck.

"Do you want me, Gabriel?"

Her tongue snaked out of her mouth to trace the line of his jaw before suddenly pulling away. He watched as she straddled his thighs, his fabric of his jeans preventing full contact between them.

All he could say was "Mmm," as he watched Grace sit up on his thighs and lean back, allowing a strap of her nightgown to slide down and off one silky shoulder. He was mesmerized by the sight. He grew even more excited as he saw her breasts and nipples clearly outlined against the fabric. He longed to tear the gown off and fill his hands with her softness, but something told him to let her take charge.

Let's see where she goes with this. I may like it. Hell, I'll LOVE it!

Gabriel's thought quickly went away as Grace began to circle her hips, rubbing his cock through his jeans.

Ohh, shit!

Gabriel let out a low moan and his hands stroked her thighs, crawling upward.

Grace enjoyed what she was doing very much, and she knew by the sweat on Gabriel's forehead and his heavy breathing that he liked it too. She smiled naughtily at him and quickened her pace, rubbing against his pulsing erection.

"Ahh..." Gabriel's hands grabbed her ass, massaging it as she ground her heat against him. He wanted to fuck her right away, his frantic mind already feeling her pussy milk him... he yelled again.

Grace laughed. "Do you like it, baby?"

Gabriel winked at her, loving this wild version of Gracie that he had never seen before.

She went faster, and Gabriel responded by continuing his journey of her body with his hands. He started to slip his hands between their bodies to touch her clit when she suddenly covered them with hers and brought them up to her breasts. The straps of her nightgown were all the way down, and it was easy for Gabriel to play with her hard, aching nipples.

This time, it was Grace's turn to moan. Her breathing became thick with pleasure, soft moans and gasps mixed in with the sounds of a sexually aroused woman filled the air.

Gabriel pinched her nipples between his fingers while she continued to circle against his throbbing cock. He began to curse the jeans that separated them; he wanted to feel her wet heat. He smelled the scent of her arousal, and he got even harder.

Grace moaned loudly and opened her eyes to look down at him.

"Suck me." It wasn't a request, but a demand.

Gabriel swallowed hard, aroused beyond belief. "Yes, ma'am," he managed to choke out before he sat up, wrapped his lips around a rock-hard nipple and sucked hard...

"Oh my god! Ohhh, baby..." Grace's hands went to the back of Gabriel's head, holding his lips there as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her.

Gabriel groaned at the taste of her. So sweet, so sexy. I could get used to this.

His heart pumped frantically in his chest as the speed of her hips against his cock increased yet again, pushing him ever closer to the edge. He tried all that he could to stay calm, to keep from coming, but it was no use. He was almost at the point of no return... and he wanted to take her with him.

"Ohh, Gracie... oh, baby! Let me..."

Grace understood what he meant. "Mmm, yes..."

She spread her legs for him, and his hand journeyed between them to find that she wasn't wearing underwear.

"Oh, sweet Jesus..." It was almost too much for him. He heard her laughing softly and he wanted to pay her back for her wicked teasing. "Get ready for a real ride, darlin'..."

Gabriel's fingers began to work their magic on her clit and pussy.

Grace let out a gasp. "Ohh, Gabriel!" Her efforts to get him off, which had slowed down while he began fingering her, started again with a vengeance. Her thighs rocking against him, exciting him, making him almost come...

His fingers fucked her in a way that would have made his cock proud. She was shivering and shaking in his arms, her sweat making her skin shine in the moonlight. She had never looked more beautiful to him.

They were almost there, and the room echoed with their screams of delight.

Gabriel couldn't take any more. As he felt his cock twitch and release his hot, creamy cum, he pumped his fingers faster inside Grace's pussy and stroked her aching clit. She screamed. He felt the hot wetness of her orgasm against his fingers as he came against her, still wearing his jeans.

After the explosion ended, Grace collapsed on top of Gabriel. He cradled her in his arms and they laid there, relaxing. Recovering. Waiting for the next round of the night's wicked pleasures.

* * *

The room was quiet and still, and the moon was still visible through the window. The two lovers were asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from their lovemaking.

Gabriel awoke from a deep sleep. He looked around the room, confused.

Wait a second; the couch is over there. How did I get in bed...? Oh yeah. Mmm...

He turned his head to the side and found the object of his desire sleeping next to him. They were both naked; their clothes had been shed in the afterglow of their love play. Gabriel grinned widely as his eyes feasted on her body, enjoying the view that he had wanted to see for so long.

Her shiny black hair was striking against the crisp whiteness of the pillows, and her neck seemed to call out for his kisses. She was lying on her back, and the bed sheets were down to her hips, leaving most of her body bare. His eyes traveled lower to rest on her breasts, and he felt his cock begin to awaken as he saw that her nipples were hard once more.

Gabriel leaned in closer to Grace, his eyes glued onto her soft breasts which moved up and down with her breathing. Her nipples were a pale shade of pinkish-brown, and they reminded him of sweet raspberries. He remembered their taste from earlier and he grew more excited.

Damn. They're so pretty, they look good enough to eat.

He glanced up at her face and saw that she was still sleeping peacefully. The wicked grin returned to Gabriel when he remembered how hot she had made him.

She was a wildcat, all right. Hell, if I knew that she'd respond to me like THAT, I would have asked her out a long time ago!

Gabriel began to move even closer to Grace, snatching and pulling the sheets away from himself to reveal his hot, throbbing cock. It stood up from the wild forest of his pubic hair, aroused and hungry for action. He straddled her slowly, careful not to awaken her before he was ready.

"Gracie... wake up darlin'," he whispered as he positioned himself above her with one leg on each side of her body.

He bent over her, sending strands of his hair down to touch her skin. He licked his lips and began to go to work, kissing her neck and face.

Grace awoke to find herself face to face with him. The look in his eyes hinted at untold pleasures and sensations that only he could make her feel; indescribable ecstasy...

Mmm, I think that I may take you up on that offer, Gabriel Knight!

She smiled brightly while looking up at him. He buried his face in her hair and inhaled deeply.

"God, you smell good."

Grace's arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him closer to her.

"Well, if you like how my hair smells... wait until you explore the rest of me."

Gabriel's eyes widened and a corner of his mouth turned upward in another grin.

"Don't mind if I do..."

His lips touched hers, and Grace felt as if she was in an electrical storm. She opened her mouth for his tongue, her hands caressing the muscles of his back and shoulders.

Gabriel moaned against her mouth while their tongues met and twisted together. His hands left her hair to trail down her neck, past her shoulders, and finally resting on her sweet breasts. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed gently, causing Grace to sigh and move against his body. His thumbs brushed against her sensitive nipples, and she moaned like an animal in heat; her body felt as if it was on fire.

They broke off the kiss to take in air, and Gabriel continued his downward journey with his mouth. He knew what she wanted him to do and where she wanted him to go, but he deliberately went slowly in this erotic journey.

I want to make her burn for me. She had the fun of teasing me earlier, so now it's my turn. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

"Pleasure me, baby... please" Grace whispered, her hands traveling down his body to grab his ass. His tongue swirled around her nipples, making them shiny and wet. Grace moaned softly, her fingers digging lightly into his ass cheeks.

Gabriel ground his erection against her hips, finding that they were still covered by the low-riding bed sheet. The room echoed from his sudden groan of frustration.

"To hell with this damned thing! I want to feel you against me," he shouted as his hands began to pull at the intruding sheet. Grace helped him, and suddenly the sheet was gone and there was nothing left but naked, shivering skin.

Gabriel bent over Grace once more and gently bit her nipples before sliding down to stick his tongue in her belly button. Her hands came up to caress his hair, gently guiding him down to her heated pussy. He followed her lead gladly, his cock pulsing against the mattress, nearly driving him out of his mind.

Her pussy dripped with moisture, and he was satisfied with himself that he was able to do that to her so quickly. He kissed her thighs as he got ready to explore her sexual center. Her scent excited him, making his cock feel as large and hard as a tree trunk.

"Do it, Gabriel... lick me," Grace urged him.

His hands parted her pussy lips and he took a slow, long lick. Delicious, was the only word he could think of to describe her.

Grace was panting loudly, and she wrapped her legs around his shoulders. Gabriel looked up to see her pinching her nipples, and he began to lick her little pink pearl faster.

"Ohh! Urrgh! Gabriel..."


"Gab-oh! G-ahh," she screamed in pleasure.

And faster.

Grace was lifting and lowering her hips against his mouth, trying to get as much tongue action as she could to make her come.

"Baby...put your tongue in my pussy!"

Gabriel thrust his tongue into her tight hole over and over. Driving her wild, making her come...

"Oh my GOD! Gabriel, I love...ahh!" Grace gasped as she felt her body explode in orgasm. She came against his incredible lips and tongue, moaning his name.

Gabriel breathed hard, almost to the point of bursting. He had been hard since the beginning with almost no relief. He had wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could stand without expecting any in return.

He returned to the bed to lie next to Grace. He reached out to her, and she went into his arms. Together they turned until she rested on top of him, and she looked down at his reddened erection, hard and aching with tension.

"Poor baby. Let me help you with that," Grace smiled wickedly as she slid down his body to position herself between his legs.

Gabriel closed his eyes and held his breath as he felt the sensation of her tongue flicking against his cockhead... the feel of him sliding in and out of her sweet, hot mouth. His hands ran through her silky hair, his hips jerking as she slowly worked him into a frenzy.

His heart pounded, his body was covered in sweat as he gave into the temptation to watch her make love to him. He wasn't disappointed. He loved the expression on her face as she licked his cock up and down; she enjoyed his taste as much as he had hers.

"Oh, Christ! Oh, baby... come here," Gabriel growled softly.

Grace stopped fellating him and climbed back to face Gabriel with a huge smile on her face. He kissed her gently before rolling on top of her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed his erection into her slowly. The lovers gasped at the feeling, holding each other tight as they began the wild ride.

Gabriel rode her, loving the way her pussy squeezed his cock.

It's as if it was made for me and me alone.

Grace ran her hands all over his body as he rocked her world. She felt like she was floating, and she moaned his name as he picked up the pace.

Gabriel pumped his cock faster inside her, hitting the sacred spot. Grace's nails trailed down his straining back, and he grit his teeth and increased his speed even more. The wet noises of their joining became louder in the stillness of the room, along with their moans. His balls slapped against the bottom of her pussy, and he felt his control begin to slip.

"Arrgh! Gracie... I love you!" He was too far gone in pleasure to realize what he was saying.

Grace was very close to the edge as well, and she barely whispered out, "Me too" before she experienced the ultimate pleasure.

They spasmed together, holding each other for a long time before finally separating their bodies. They were drowsy with satisfaction, and the air was thick with the scent of their mating.

The lovers fell asleep soon afterward, not imagining what would happen between them the next day...

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