tagSci-Fi & FantasyAramil and the Testing Ch. 03

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 03


Aramil Liadon, elven ranger, opened his eyes slowly. Morning had already dawned and light streamed through the closed crack in his tent flap. He knew that he should have woken earlier but he had been enjoying his sleep too much.

He needed to dress and leave but at the same time he did not want to do so just yet. The main reason for his reluctance was the gorgeous blonde elf lying asleep next to him. Lucia looked absolutely beautiful fast asleep and Aramil found the angelic innocence on her face amusing given the way she had passionately ridden his cock to a huge orgasm only the night before. Then he remembered how Narlissa had woken him when he had been her guide through the wilderness. It seemed only fair to do the same here.

He slowly pulled back the thin blankets that they had been sleeping under, revealing the ranger's magnificent naked body. She stirred slightly but he did not stop. Instead, he gently stroked up her form, before reaching her big tits. He kneaded the wonderful globes and licked and kissed her sensitive nipples.

Her blue eyes fluttered open and she grinned at him, slowly rolling onto her back. He continued to play with her breasts even as she did so.

"Morning," she giggled, reaching up to run one hand through his blonde hair. "I see you're already... up."

His member twitched at her tone. He was indeed already rock hard as he normally was when he woke up and the sight of his companion's glorious body had done nothing to diminish his horniness.

Slowly he kissed his way further down Lucia's body until he came to her thighs. As he had done the previous night, he pushed them open.

Lucia did not complain as he found her folds with his tongue. In fact she did just the opposite, crying out and moaning as he worked on her pussy and clit. She was already wet and it did not take long for his work to bring her close to orgasm. Her breaths were ragged and short and she sobbed out her pleasure.

"Oh God yes! I'm coming!" she cried out moments later and Aramil felt her cunt twitching against his tongue. Her blue eyes rolled back and he enjoyed the sight of her lost in the throes of orgasm.

He let her recover before kissing her again. Whilst he would happily spend hours in the tent with this beautiful woman he also knew he could not. That same thought seemed to pass through Lucia's mind because she reached down and grasped his hard cock.

"Sadly, we don't have all day. Besides, I want this inside me now," she whispered, kissing him. "So, Aramil... how do you want me?"

He did not say a word. Instead he grasped Lucia's shoulders and twisted her round until she was on all-fours in front of him. She giggled as he positioned her, then waggled her ass at him as he moved to kneel behind her. He grasped her ass, giving it a squeeze, before lining himself up with her cunt and pushing inwards.

Her hot pussy swallowed him up and he groaned loudly at the wonderful sensation. Then he started to pump. He delighted in the sight of the gorgeous elf before him, her wavy blonde hair messy over her back and her body curled as he fucked her from behind. Her big tits dangled from her chest and he leaned forwards to cup them as his thrusts sped up.

She moaned insistently as he did so and he knew that she was already getting close to release. Her body was tightening as he fucked her hard and it did not take long before she threw her head back and cried out. He felt her pussy spasming against his cock and knew she was coming hard around his length.

Yet he did not slow down. He was much too close to his own release for that. Even as Lucia was still climaxing he let go of her breasts, instead straightening and grasping her hips. His cock hammered into her spasming cunt, and no sooner had the blonde ranger's orgasm ended than she was sobbing out in pleasure once more. Another climax just as powerful as the last seared through her only seconds later.

She jerked and twitched, mumbling incoherently in her bliss, but even as that orgasm faded she crested another. Her head dropped, her torso practically collapsing to the floor as she was completely overcome with the ecstasy of such powerful multiple orgasms.

"I can't... stop... coming..." she said desperately. "I can't... stop... yes!" She shrieked out as she came hard yet again, her fourth orgasm of the morning tearing through her. This time he joined her, pleasure clouding his mind as his jizz pumped into the climaxing elf, mixing with her juices deep inside her.

Eventually the pleasure faded and he pulled his member from her cunt. She turned her head to him and grinned breathlessly before pushing herself upright and kissing him deeply. He gave her big tits one last fondle then they both dressed.

Soon enough he was outside with his tent packed away. Lucia too was dressed and armoured. She looked him up and down.

"I am heading back to the village, Aramil," she said with a hint of sadness. "But you must remain and continue on your task. Find a bowstring, and complete the Testing."

"You cannot accompany me further?" he asked.

She shook her head. "I cannot. I have helped you gather the sap and must now return to my usual duty of guarding the forest. You will do fine without me, I am sure of it."

She stepped close to him then and kissed him. After a few moments locked in passionate embrace the gorgeous elf pulled away and strode to the edge of the clearing. Just before disappearing into the treeline, she turned back to him and smirked.

"Oh, and Aramil? I suspect I will not see you again before you leave the forest. But you will return one day, even if only to visit, and when you do, make sure to join me on patrol. We can spend days, even weeks, alone together in the forest. Undisturbed." She winked salaciously at the last word before slipping into the woods.

Aramil watched her go a minute, those words causing his horniness to come flooding back, then shook his head and gathered his things. He still had to look for a suitable bowstring.

He left the clearing and delved into the wilderness. His mind raced as he wondered where he would find a suitable material. He knew that certain kinds of hemp and even animal sinew would make a tolerable string but he felt that he should find something particularly special given that this was the Testing. Besides, whilst his people had no qualms about hunting when it was required, killing an animal simply to harvest a small amount of sinew was entirely wasteful and he was determined to avoid doing so.

He searched for hours with no luck until the day had grown into afternoon and he realised he needed a break. He sighed and sat down on a nearby fallen tree. Letting the sounds of the forest wash over him, he relaxed. Then he heard a faint sound like running water and decided to head towards it. Aramil guessed it was one of the tributaries that fed the large river running next to the forest.

He realised he was right the moment he set eyes upon it. The stream was quite broad and clearly deep, almost a river in its own right, and he watched it for a moment to let it soothe him. Then an idea crept into his head. He had been searching all day and not found anything that helped him complete the Testing, and he realised that he would really like to bathe.

Aramil let the thought roll round in his head. There was certainly nothing wrong with bathing in the streams as long as he did not damage them. Deciding that finding a bowstring could wait, he began to disrobe.

Soon he was naked, the cool air nice against his skin. He placed his clothes and leather armour in a neat pile by the water's edge and then stepped in. The stream was icy cold against his foot but at the same time very refreshing, so he continued. It did not take long for him to be waist deep in the clear water.

Then he lowered himself into the stream totally. He closed his eyes as the water washed over him and let it invigorate his body. He always enjoyed the water. The sounds of the forest filled the air around him and he appreciated his surroundings. He knew that whilst he wanted to explore the world, he would also miss the forest.

"It is rare to see an elf bathing here," said a musical voice then and Aramil opened his eyes in shock. He spun to face the sound and practically gasped at what he saw.

A woman was sat watching him on an overhanging rock, her legs dangling down towards the stream. She was smiling at him, her eyes a mossy green and her lips brown like the colour of healthy bark. Her long hair was a startling pink like the colour of apple blossom and flowers seemed woven through it. She had pointed ears like his, although smaller. They were more like a half-elf's ears. Yet this woman was not a half elf - her pale green skin made that clear. A dryad!

His cock jumped as he took her in. She was gorgeous, and aside from her beautiful face possessed a body that would be the envy of any woman. Slender limbs and a tight stomach were complemented by lovely large breasts, and her garments barely covered her most private parts, leaving everything else exposed. The clothes seemed to be made of actual living plants, all glossy and green. He had heard that dryads were eternally young as long as their forest still lived, but from her appearance she was only slightly older than him - she looked in her early-twenties by human standards.

"And such a handsome one, too," the dryad giggled, clearly eyeing Aramil up and down. He hoped she did not notice the hardening of his member at the sight of her.

He remembered he was stark naked then but was thankful that the water at least hid him slightly. He forced himself to speak.

"Dryad of the forest, I am Aramil," he said with a bow. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The dryad's eyes sparkled. "It is indeed." She giggled again. Aramil got the impression she wasn't taking this very seriously.

A moment's silence passed between them as the dryad smiled down at him. She clearly was not going to venture any more statements. It would be up to him to lead this conversation forwards.

He opened his mouth to speak, then paused. He did not know what to say.

"You are very quiet. Are all elves this quiet?" she said, cocking her head.

Her looked up at her. "You have never met an elf before?"

"No, I have not. Have you ever met a dryad?"


She grinned. "Then we are both experiencing something new. I am named Appleblossom amongst my people, for that is the tree to which I am bonded. These parts of the forest are rarely visited. May I ask what brings you here?"

"I am searching for something that would make a suitable bowstring. It is part of my Testing ceremony."

Appleblossom cocked her head. Then she stood and walked around until she was at the bank of the river. He could tell she was slightly taller than him, probably about 5'7". She smiled.

"What is this 'Testing' that you are undertaking?"

"It is a series of challenges my clan sets to determine whether a young elf is mature enough to leave the forest," explained Aramil. "I hope to pass it soon."

"So you must return with the bowstring or else you are deemed too young to leave your people?"

Aramil nodded. "That is exactly correct."

"Then we cannot have you returning without it, can we?" Appleblossom grinned. "I believe I know something that would be perfect, and I am willing to help you obtain it." Her eyes ran up and down his body once more. "Very willing indeed."

His cock twitched again at the glint in her eyes. He wondered where this was going.

She beckoned him with her finger. "Come out of the water, Aramil," she said softly. "Come to me now, and I will help you."

Aramil had no choice but to obey. Horny or not, he needed her help. He had not found a suitable bowstring on his own. He strode out of the water, ignoring his throbbing erection. Appleblossom, on the other hand, did not ignore it and instead the corners of her lips twisted into a smirk as she saw his rigid dick.

As he stepped onto the bank, she moved towards him until she was almost touching him. "If this is supposed to be a test of your manhood, it would be disrespectful towards your people if I did not actually enforce it. And as a child of the forest, I am always eager to try new things. So, Aramil, I must demand that you fuck me." Then she spread her arms wide and Aramil gasped as the plants that worked as her clothes peeled themselves away and fell to the floor. She was now totally naked.

He couldn't believe how good she looked but she merely smiled at him and raised her eyebrow. "Well?" she teased.

He kissed her deeply and wrapped his arms around her. Appleblossom moaned back into the kiss and Aramil could barely believe he was going to fuck a dryad. His exploration of sexuality outside his elven home was beginning earlier that he thought it would.

He reached up to grasp her big tits and enjoyed how soft they felt beneath his hands. Her slender body was wonderful to touch and he let his hands wander over her body, alternating between stroking down her sides and grabbing her tits and ass.

Appleblossom did not seem to mind and she let him explore her body. Eventually he came to thighs and he slipped a finger between them to find her pussy. Her lips were already wet and he groaned as he pushed a finger inside of her.

Her eyes seemed to light up at the feeling and she kissed him harder before Aramil pushed himself against her and lowered her to the floor. She let him do so until she was sitting with her legs apart and he crouched in front of her and immediately began to lick her cunt. She tasted wonderful and he let his tongue rove over every inch of her folds.

It seemed that dryads enjoyed his oral ministrations just as much as elves did because soon she was writhing beneath him. Her arms kept moving, as if she did not know what to do with them, until at last her hands grasped his hair and gripped it tightly. He continued to kiss and tease her clit. A few minutes later she came hard against his face, her eyes rolling back and pleasurable sobs drawn from her lungs as her juices leaked out around his mouth.

He knew that his cock wanted more however and even as Appleblossom was recovering from her huge orgasm he was holding himself above her and angling his cock. She did not complain as his head pierced her folds.

She moaned as Aramil pushed inwards. He groaned too as his cock was swallowed up by her hot cunt. He was delighted to note that she felt as good as any other woman he had been with.

The green-skinned dryad pulled him down for a kiss and he started to move his hips as their tongues met. It did not take him long to have settled into a passionate rhythm and he enjoyed Appleblossom's euphoric moans as he fucked her.

Her big tits were squashed against his chest and he enjoyed the feeling as his pace sped up. Then the kiss broke and he pushed himself more upright. The dryad whimpered in pleasure beneath him and her green eyes rolled back slightly. Her pink hair was messy beneath her head as she writhed in delight.

"Oh yes," Appleblossom moaned, hooking her legs around Aramil's waist. "You feel so good. Yes!"

Aramil groaned. He could feel Appleblossom's tight pussy narrowing on his cock. She was not far away. He was delighted to know that he was clearly able to get a dryad off just as hard as he was an elf. It seemed that Appleblossom was just as delighted, given the way her muscles started to shake.

"Fuck yes!" the gorgeous dryad screamed, her orgasm exploding inside her and Aramil could see in her green eyes the pleasure that suddenly burst through her. The sight of the beautiful forest spirit climaxing was all he needed. With a grunt of his own his jizz exploded from his member, spurting into the dryad. His hot seed splashed against the walls of her cunt.

Their climaxes seemed to last a good while but eventually both lay there in post-orgasmic bliss. At last, Aramil raised his head, grinning at the gorgeous dryad. Appleblossom giggled sweetly back then stood up. He stood too.

She looked at him as if undecided on something, then smirked. Reaching up, she grasped a strand of her pink hair and tugged it, pulling it loose. Aramil gasped.

She offered the strand to him. "Your bowstring as promised, Aramil. Dryad hair is intensely strong. It will make an excellent string."

"I... I am in your debt, Appleblossom," he said, bowing.

The dryad grinned. "Do not be silly. It is a gift. For allowing me to experience... something new."

With that, she waved her hands. Her plant-like clothes instantly reformed on her body. Soon he was dressed, and after a quick kiss goodbye, he turned to head back to his village.

He had almost done it.

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