tagGroup SexAttending to the Attendant

Attending to the Attendant


It was midnight New York time. The triple 7 had been in the air about 2 and 1/2 hours on its way to Heathrow. The flight attendants lounged in the galley reveling in the quiet plane and the chance to shoot the breeze.

"Did you see that article about flight attendants in the New York Times?" Brittany asked no one in particular.

Pam responded: "You mean that one about the New York-Amsterdam flight where the passenger got pissed when the FA wouldn't serve him another whiskey, kicked her in the leg and finally urinated on her jump seat to get her attention? Yeah, Jesus, what's next?"

"What's next is we get laid off," said Bryan. "Almost 25% of all US flight attendants have been laid off since 9/11? We could be next if this frigging airline ever gets out of bankruptcy. Hell, they've got to cut costs more to keep us competitive with Southwest, and startups like Jet Blue."

At this point the passenger call button for seat 26B rang. Brittany walked forward through the darkened plane.

"Can I help you?"

The white-haired woman on the aisle grabbed Brittany's arm. The passenger in the window seat looked to be sound asleep.

"Dearie, I'm sorry to bother you but these folks in front of me..." Here she pulled Brittany closer and whispered "They're just carrying on, and it's keeping me awake."

Brittany glanced ahead to row 25. The seats were covered by a blanket from which emerged giggles and kissing sounds. Brittany sighed. Lovebirds could be such a nuisance.

"I'll see what I can do, ma'am," Brittany assured the passenger.

Stepping forward, she poked a finger in the middle of the blanket. The noise stopped and a female head with a shock of blond hair emerged.


"Look, you need to cool it. You're keeping folks awake. OK?"

"Oh, okay. Sorry." Another head emerged silently from under the blanket, the male of the species.

Brittany headed back to the galley, but as soon as she arrived the same call button rang again. Returning to the scene she witnessed a replay. "They're still at it," the elderly woman said. And indeed they were, with shapes moving around under the blanket and loud laughter.

This time Brittany poked at the pile harder. "All right, you two. If you won't behave we'll have to move you." She grabbed the blond's wrist and pulled her into the aisle.


Then she reached over and gave the man's hair a tug. "What the fuck...?"

She marched them toward the rear lavatory. When they got there she pushed the woman inside and said to the man "If you want to join the mile high club be my guest."

But as Brittany turned to leave, the man grabbed her waist and propelled her into the lav where, in the very tight quarters, she found herself face to face with the blond while the man pressed into her from behind.

"This is ridiculous," she thought. She reached for the call button to summon one of the other FAs. "Bryan will know how to deal with these yahoos."

But in the nanosecond before she pushed the button she reconsidered. The main reason for her second thoughts was the man's hands that were molding her breasts and massaging her nipples and the woman's fingers inserted inside her uniform and seeking and reaching her most sensitive inner lips.

So what if she did get fired for this escapade. The job had been going downhill for the last couple of years and this would certainly be going out with a bang.

Now they had pulled down Brittany's skirt and panties. The woman, sitting on the toilet seat, applied her tongue up and down, up and down, while one of the man's hands descended to her clit and rubbed and rubbed. Brittany was getting very warm. Almost instinctively she reached down to squeeze the woman's breasts. "It's little enough in return for this ride I'm getting," she thought.

Now the man's finger, wet from Brittany's effusions and the saliva of his playmate, found her ass and gently pushed inside. She was on the verge of exploding when he unsheathed his penis and pushed it between her legs into the waiting mouth of his willing partner. She would suck it, then lick Brittany's hole when he withdrew, then suck it more deeply.

As Brittany approached orgasm she reached inside the woman's blouse and squeezed and rubbed the woman's nipples more vigorously. The result—Brittany could hardly believe it—was a three-way orgasm.

Right at that point there was a tap on the door. "Oh, my God!" said Brittany, as the three looked guiltily at each other and hurriedly pulled on their clothes. As they walked out of the lav, looking quite a bit disheveled, the waiting woman—it would be the woman from 26B-- gave them a dirty look.

Ignoring her, Brittany turned to her erstwhile partners and said: "Now are you ready to get some sleep?"

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