tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch. 4

Black Rose Ch. 4


He looked down at the wooden floor as she fed slowly on a young boy. He felt like gulping down and trying to move away but knew that he would die if he even tried to disobey. Mistress as she was known loved to play games and loved to change the world in a slight manner. Now since the first pawns were moved, she had to think of a strategy for the game to be.

Her opponent was Master Claus, a well known elder and a very old bastard who loved to play games. But the U.S. was his town and mistress Estelle was visiting. She smiled as Billy knelt still as a corpse. The room was pitch black, but they could see the pillows of her bed, the door and the blood doll between her legs trying to lick her clit to make her moan or at least warm up. She smiled to Billy as she felt the boys tongue deep inside her, but it helped relax her when she needed it, she had to think now on how and who were being used to fight the game.

She had her fighters at the ready.

Luis amalgam, a very powerful and strong vampire who was almost as old as she was. Mitko, Luis' lover who was a leader in some respects to the Lasombra clan. Sasha, Mitko's personal assassin, she could kill anything that stood in the way of her goals. And last but not least, Sasha's boyfriend turned vampire, Travis. Travis was young to the game but he had the potential to fight and win. All of them were Lasombra… shadows among the vampires. How she enjoyed it when they moved as one.

First off, you had Luis, second in command of the group, a very potent killer and the one who had found out about little molly and her drug money. Mitko, who was the leader of the four shadows. He was the mind behind the whole thing, but even he needed help sometimes. Sasha, the blade as she was known at times the one who made bodies appear. And finally Travis, the young boy who got into the game through love. He was the knight of the group, if anything needed to be done he was the one who could do it. He wasn't that strong but he had a little knack for being controlled, and he had the ability to see visions. A good thing when you play chess. Show to a pawn what is going on and they will follow through like sheep to the slaughter.

"Billy" her voice was soft yet it carried a strong powerful tone to it. "I want you to find out what my opponent is up to. Or at least make sure none of my pieces have been killed. I'm trusting you with this" More like she made an order of this. Billy nodded, his blonde hair dropping over his shoulders and hanging still after a moment.

"Yes mistress" he replied as he stood up and began to walk to the door. He opened the door slowly as moaning sounds began to appear from behind him. Closing the door slowly, he left the room and mistress Estelle now.

She caressed the blood dolls cheek first; letting the man squirm a bit as her leg slowly rubbed up his. The man was fully in a trance as the blood bonding was a potent affect. She loved how mortals loved to be touched, she loved how their bodies harden and how men could erect themselves at will. Slowly letting her hand caress his chest before she let it slowly slide down to the hardening organ.

The blood doll moaned louder once more, as she bit into his shoulder, letting his blood trickle out into her mouth. Slowly she mounted him and let his hard massive erection sheath itself inside her. She didn't feel anything for it but with a little taste of blood, she let it pass. Moaning to him as she rocked up and down him, letting the blood doll feel her tightness and her body. She lowered down as she felt the man groan now and spray inside her.

She didn't care or mind about it that much, but she closed her lips over the mans neck and began to drink from him, draining him fully now. Her arms wrapped around him as she lifted him up, her strength now shown as she squeezed him tighter until the sound of snapping echoed in the room. In the darkness she shoved the lifeless body off the bed and sat down thinking a moment. She smiled to herself as she called now for Billy to clean her room and bring up another of the young men she has waiting to satisfy her.

The night brought them in cold and in the middle of a bit of a rainy night; he loved how it would rain like it did. Tropical rain felt fresh, clean, Sasha looked beautiful when she had her hair wet. He watched her in the moonlight as she danced for him at the steps of the entrance to a club. She always did that dance when she felt happy, it was her way of showing him that there was more to being a predator.

He smiled as she moved over to him and kissed him softly. She let her hair get wet tonight; she was trying to make him happy as he had just fed. She smiled for him and kissed him once more. Her hands cupping his chin as she lifted his head up and smiled. Brushing her lips against his, she spoke softly now as she looked deep into his brown eyes. His short cut hair was wet from the rain and her green eyes glimmered and glowed with life tonight.

Travis smiled back as he kissed her in return, smiling for her as she made him naturally smile. Then he saw it from the back of her in a dark shadow; it came in a blur of mist. In a second she was lifted up as a claw gashed through her from behind. He let out a scream as the creature growled heavily and let her fall onto the ground in a bloody throbbing sound. He stood and saw fire in its eyes, a stench of wet hair or fur, and then he saw it grin with a horrible howl.

He swiftly tried to attack once more but was shoved back as it threw him into the club. He looked back as Sasha was lifted up, she screamed once more holding her hand out to him. Fear filled her eyes as blood spat out from her mouth, she clawed at the ground to try and not be lifted up. But she was ripped apart in a spray of blood and screams. He let out another terrified curse and leaped up at the creature. It shoved him back down as Sasha's head was lifted up and crushed under its huge paw like foot. He let out another scream as his eyes closed from the fear.

He sat up and screamed louder than before now, his head hurting as if to explode and his hands clasped his head hard. Sasha blinked as she held him close now; she blinked as he let out another cry of pain.

"Whats wrong? Why? Is it another vision? Please tell me!" she screamed now as they held each other close.

"I saw… I saw…" he closed his eyes and lowered down beginning to rock back and forth now. Sasha began to feel that tingle of fear come over her that her son her child might be in danger. She held him close now and tight, her eyes filling with blood now as she whimpered softly.

He was breathing hard, he didn't have to but fear makes even the dead breath. He panted and began to get a red film over his forehead as he blinked hard.

"Don't worry I'm here… you don't have to worry I'm here… shh just please… calm down honey." She tried to calm his nerves now as she spoke like the mother once again. Every time he had these visions he would freak out, she didn't like how it happened. She never liked that her child, the man she sired would be cursed with something worse than eternal undeath. Her arms held him closer now as she felt something in his ribs, a heart beat.

As if she hadn't heard a heart beat in a million years she froze. He was becoming more human that human every night he woke from his slumber during the day. But now this one had come during his awake moment. This shouldn't be, but she knew something was wrong now. All those times when he would have the visions he would be in a trance, this one was different from them all because this one was when he was in her arms.

She couldn't help but sob now, as he didn't reply, he would always talk to her, but this one was different. Something was not going to go down correctly, something bad was going to happen and she didn't like how he was dealing with it.

"I saw you Sasha… and then… and then this beast… this thing from out… no its horrible… its horrible…." He began to shed tears, they poured down his cheeks like waterfalls into his hands. Staining satin sheets in red as he sobbed louder in her arms like a child seeing a nightmare.

She whispered now to try and calm his sprinting heart.

She couldn't stand it when he was like this; she was beginning to cry now because she couldn't stop him from having these horrid dreams.

"Travis… please tell me what happened… please tell me love… don't put me in the dark baby." She let another sob come out now as she began to shake him softly. She broke and looked at him from a distance now, holding him at an arm length but still looking to try and calm his nerves.

"Please tell me… what did you see? What did you see baby?" she started to let a tear fall as she began to get impatient with him.

His words were broken, his breath being caught now as he looked at her. For a second time stood still in a sudden crash of realization that it was real. That it was going to happen no matter what he tried to do or what he could do.

"TELL ME!" she screamed at him now, louder than she had ever spoken to him before. But, he froze in the horror; the terror possessing him filled him deep and it held him in a state of panic.


He blinked and looked over to her in a blinked of a second and then sobbed.

"Tell me please baby… your scaring me…"

His eyes closed and he was shivering now, fully in the heat of tropical weather he felt cold.

"De…de… death… it's coming and I wont be able to stop it." He sobbed louder now as he broke down in her lap now.

"What who will die? What please tell me Travis…" she couldn't figure this out now. He was scaring the shit out of her mostly, this time she was afraid fully for her child, her lover, her boyfriend, her son, her soul mate.

"Something is going to take us away from each other…" he broke into a panic in her arms and spoke nothing more, sobbing as he shivered and twitched like a torn lamb. She blinked and looked down at him, nothing was going to hurt him or her she thought. Now she was worried fully, this vision was burning her inside like a fueled fire. Lowering down and kissing his ear as she held him close, rocking him in her arms as daylight was cracking in from the east.

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