tagExhibitionist & VoyeurE Is For Exhibitionist

E Is For Exhibitionist


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.


I looked down at the weight scale, blinking back tears, trying to focus on the numbers. 128. 128! Just eight long months ago, I was close to 200 pounds. My counselor, Mary, gave me a big hug.

“Oh, Clare! That’s so wonderful!”

“I-I just can’t believe it!”

“Well, believe it because it’s true! You’ve lost 65 pounds!” Mary gave me her hand as I stepped down off the scale and maneuvered me into the chair. “I am just so proud of you!”

I dabbed at my eyes. So much had changed in these past months that this praise was almost overwhelming. “Thanks, Mare.”

“Don’t thank me, Clare. You did it!”

I accepted her hug, sobbing uncontrollably. “I’m sorry. I just … “

Mary laughed, patting my cheek. “Don’t be sorry, love! You fought a long battle and now you are the victor.” I didn’t feel like the victor but I smiled anyway. Having a manageable body was a new thing to me. “Now, go home and do something you’d never thought you’d be able to do.”

I left the office with a weak smile and a pounding heart. I had something in mind. I just wasn’t sure how things would work out.


I was ready. I’d arrived home, showered, shaved and washed my hair. I felt like a million dollars. Now clad in my favorite silk robe, I powered up my Dell and lit the candles in my office. My mouth instantly dried up when I saw the Literotica logo so I dashed to grab a bottle of Corona before selecting the Chat prompt and logging on.

The Lounge was busy as usual. I watched the names file by for a moment, then clicked on the Users tab. Halfway down the middle was his name. Hambone. I clicked on the Rooms tab and accessed the room he had created every day for us, named US Only. I typed in the password and took a deep breath.


It took a few minutes before he responded. Hi! I’ve been waiting for you.

Glad you waited.
I felt like such a cheeseball, like I was in junior high again.


65 today.

Congratulations! You must be happy!


Ok, what’s the problem?

Problem? Who said that there was a problem?

I sense absolutely no enthusiasm on your part.

Oh, I’m happy. It’s just …


I worked so hard to get here. I just don’t know where to go now.


I laughed at his humor. I knew that he knew what I was talking about but was avoiding it. Maybe when it warms up a little!

Are you concerned that you have nothing to focus on now?

Nail on the head. My life had revolved around my weight loss. Now that it was over, some of the same problems were facing me. The biggest problem was loneliness. Mary had insisted that that problem would be a thing of the past because I was such a hottie now.

You should have your own psychic show, you know?

I’ve been talking to you long enough that I know you by now.

That’s true. I took a long pull of my beer. My weight counselor told me to do something I never thought I’d do before.

Sounds interesting. Gonna dig a ditch?


Visit Disneyworld?


Sing Karaoke on the Love Boat?

Hell, no!!!

Then what are you gonna do, sweet girl?

Turn your camera on.

The screen didn’t move for the longest time in my life. Then, Are you sure?


Okay. I’ll meet you on my private site.

I logged off and sat staring at the monitor. For some odd reason, I couldn’t seem to move. I was going do it. I was really going do it. I was going to do something different. For the first time in twenty-two months, since I’d owned this computer, I was going to activate my webcam. And I was going to let Hambone see me.

I typed in the site name and waited until the security interface to appear, then entered my password. The screen split into half and a blinking square bade me to press it to start my cam while the other half asked me to press it to activate Johansson camera. That was Hambone’s last name. So I still had a choice. I could X out and be done with it. Or I could swallow my fear and meet him.

I slid the cursor over to my side of the cam and pressed the button. Then I moved the pointer over his side and activated his cam. I double-clicked on the volume button and sat back, almost afraid to breathe.

I was amazed to see Hambone. He was a large guy, probably 230 or more. He leaned forward and made a small adjustment to his camera, aiming it toward his cute face.


I was so startled to head his deep voice that I forgot to speak. “Uh, hi.”

“You okay with this?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. This is my first time.”

“Ah, my first virgin!” He smiled and laughed, a welcoming sound to me since I was so nervous. “Well, never fear! I, too, am a virgin.” Suddenly, he looked uncomfortable. I realized that he had said something that he hadn’t meant to say.

“Me, too.”

“Naw! That can’t be possible! Look how pretty you are!”

“You forget that this is after losing all that weight.”

“No, I didn’t. I told you a long time ago that weight didn’t matter.”

I digested that information, still looking at him. “Hambone, what’s your name?”

“Seth. Seth Johansson.”

“I’m Clare Turnbridge.”

“You’ll always be PrettyKitty to me.”

I blushed. “Seth, I want to show you something.”


I pulled the robe’s sash apart and let the silk slide aside. “Do you like what you see?”

“Clare … “

“Answer my question, Seth, or I end this.” I couldn’t believe that I had said that to him. I waited, holding my breath.

“God, yes, Clare.”

“Want to see more?” I felt so powerful. My pussy was suddenly warm.

Something changed in the few seconds it took for him to answer. “You know better than that, Clare.”

“And why would that be, Seth? Because I know that you love to watch? Well, tonight you get your wish.”

I disabled the microphone and put myself in a fantasy world where I was a sexy stripper and Seth was my customer. I pulled the robe open from the bottom so it looked like it was magically spreading aside, revealing my body. My breasts were large, 34Cs, but saggy from the weight loss and I had a few soft folds around my middle. I had trimmed my brown-haired pussy and had my friend, Cicero, an eight-inch vibrator just off camera with a tube of lube, if needed.

I replayed my favorite fantasy in my mind. I was performing for Seth. I shrugged the robe off my shoulders and let my hands caress my exposed flesh. I began with my neck, rubbing the backs of my hands over my neck and behind my head, loosening a cascade of still-wet curls and shaking them out. I heard him gasp. I turned sideways in the chair, stretching the outside leg up and dangling my high-heeled slipper from my manicured toes.

I raised my outside arm, letting his eyes feast on my heavy breast and clean, white armpit, then pulled a tendril of wet hair into my mouth, rubbing it back and forth across my lips. Then, I turned upside down in the chair, my hair dusting the floor as I crossed my legs, making my snatch the only item worth focusing on.

“Oh, Clare … “

I straightened myself in the chair, leaning in one corner, legs crossed and let my hands move over my collarbones, skim my shoulders then rest on my breasts. I cupped each, sighing over the silky smoothness of the underskin and grasping both nipples with my thumbs and index fingers. Staring into his hooded eyes, I applied pressure to my tender buds, more and more until I hissed in pain. They rose admirably to my attentions, dark red and thick. I pushed one breast up to my mouth and let my tongue circle the nipple, my eyes locking with his.

“Oh, God. Clare, please … “

My hands found their way down my abdomen, tracing the sides of my body with one finger lazily circling my belly button. I glanced up at the monitor and saw that Seth had removed his shirt and his hand was below the camera’s line of sight. I could tell that he was stroking himself. I clicked the microphone back on.

“Is it good?”

“God, Clare, I love it.”

“Then cum with me.” I adjusted the camera so that he could see my hand as it snaked between my legs. I opened the outer lips and spread my legs as wide as possible so he could see the inviting pink of my pussy. “Can you see me?”

“Oh, yes.”

“I can’t see you. Move the camera.” He jumped forward, moved it around and went back to sit down. Now his lovely small cock was in view, about five inches but thick. “Oh, yes. That’s what I wanted to see. A nice, fat cock.”

“Oh, Clare.”

I let one long finger part the lips, sliding along the surface and picking up an undercoating of my cunt cream. It felt so good that I did it again, finding a nice rhythm that made my body react. I found myself not only moving my finger but moving my body back and forth on the chair. I spoke one word to him. “Ready?”

My finger plunged inside and our gasps melded together. My cunt muscles squeezed my finger and a mini-orgasm sent my blood pressure racing. I released my finger and sawed my digit in and out, pausing to add a second finger. This drew another combined gasp and I pumped my hot slit in earnest, hoping that he was on the same level as I was. When I looked at the monitor, I knew he was. He was choking the life out of his blood-filled prick, his big hand gripping it tightly.

I wanted to cum. I felt the shivers climbing up my spine and turning my skin inside out. I can always tell the good ones because they feel as if they start from my toes and run up the insides of my legs like a spark down a power line. I pushed my hair up on top of my head, attempting a sexy pose but I couldn’t hold it. The shudders began, my mouth hanging open as I panted, whimpered and moaned my way to the promised land.

“Oh, Seth.” I whispered. And I came. I clamped my legs together, rocking back and forth while still pistoning my fingers into my clenching pussy. His cry made my climax sweeter, knowing that he had joined me in paradise. I released my thighs and kept pumping, bringing myself to another, then another deep, throbbing orgasm. I slumped into the chair, trying to slow my breathing as I came down from that fantastic hat trick.

I turned to the monitor, smiling at Seth. “You were fantastic.” He said, returning my smile.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” I reached for the mouse. “See you tomorrow … “

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