tagBDSMEscort Serviced Ch. 03

Escort Serviced Ch. 03


Almost a year ago, I met the love of my life, and she moved in with me several months ago. I gave my manservant to her, and she's trained him to become a wonderful slave for the both of us. I've enjoyed all of her new ideas for teasing and tormenting our slave, and our slave has been so much more devoted to our happiness.

I'm Jordan, and I work five days a week from noon to midnight as an escort. My significant other, Casey, is a stripper at the Gold Club. She works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Our slave works from home on the computer. He's been able to cut back on his hours since Casey moved in with us, and now has more time to devote to us. He does the grocery shopping and other errands on Tuesday and Wednesday, after I've left for work. He cleans up and does the laundry on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday while we're working.

On the days that Casey or I work, our routine is pretty much the same. I get out of bed, and exercise for about an hour with our slave. While I'm taking a shower, he makes my breakfast. After I eat, I sit on some towels on the sofa in the living room and relax while slave shaves under my arms, my legs, and pussy. Once a week he files and paints my fingernails, and once a week on a different day he files and paints my toenails. I put on some sweats, put my makeup, costumes, and toys in a travel bag, go to a motel and get a room, and spend the day meeting with my clients.

Casey's routine is pretty much the same, except that she gets up around ten so we have some time together before I leave. She has a few hours to relax before she leaves for work. Slave helps her exercise, shaves her arms, legs, and pussy, paints her fingernails and toenails, and makes a nice dinner for her before she leaves for work.

Sunday and Monday are the days that Casey and I have set aside to spend the whole day together. Sometimes we go out and catch a movie or eat and sometimes we just stay in and have our slave pamper and serve us while we relax.

The first couple of weeks after Casey moved in were like an extended honeymoon, and our slave pampered us when we requested it. Once I went back to work, Casey stayed home another week to train our slave and get him used to her new requirements. At her insistence I wasn't there to watch, but she told me what she did when we cuddled together.

My manservant had been sleeping with me, and the first thing Casey did was to banish our slave from the bedroom. He could only enter our bedroom for cleaning or laundry while we were both working, or when Casey called him into the bedroom.

Casey furnished one of the other bedrooms for slave. The bed and dresser were pretty ordinary, but she had huge portraits of her and I made that she hung next to each other on the wall at the foot of the bed. Huge, nearly life size portraits of her and I totally nude, standing, a stern expression on our faces, and our hands on our hips. I had to giggle when she showed them to me. I would have never thought of doing anything like that to tease our slave.

Casey insisted that our slave do all of the cooking and housework. She also demanded that slave hand wash all of our lingerie in the bathroom sink, as well as polish all of our shoes once a week. Finally, she insisted that slave remain naked in the house. Before, I did some of the housework and my manservant did some of the housework, because we both worked. I wasn't interested in seeing him naked either, but she explained that it made him feel more like a slave to be naked. I could see her logic, but it took me a while to get used to having slave do everything around the house.

When we were home, we generally stayed naked or wore panties. We did this partly to tease slave and mostly because we both liked being naked around the house and around each other. I think his seeing us kiss and cuddle when we were together teased slave more than I ever could alone.

Speaking of tease, Casey had a surprise for me one day when we decided to go upstairs and have sex. She brought slave along, and she had a chair and some rope all ready. She tied slave to the chair, and had me dance and fondle myself right in front of him. After I danced for about five minutes, she came up behind me and fondled my breasts for a while. When she let me go, I sat on the bed and watched while she danced and fondled herself in front of slave. By the time she was finished, I was wet and ready to go.

Casey came over to the bed, pushed me down, and kissed me. We kissed and caressed each other, and I forgot about slave on the chair for a while. When I was lying on the bed feeling her gently licking my pussy, I looked over and wondered how he felt locked in the cock cage watching us. I talked to slave the next morning, and he told me he enjoyed watching us and that his cock cage didn't hurt too much. I felt better about our bedroom teasing after that.

Casey came up with some interesting variations on our bedroom teasing. She would leave the cock cage on or take the cage off so we could see slave's stiff cock while we pleasured ourselves. I liked looking over and seeing that stiff cock that he couldn't touch while we pleasured ourselves as much as we wanted. It was easier for me to be mean to slave when someone else was doing it with me.

Another time, Casey tied slave to the chair but didn't tie up his left arm. She tied another rope from his left wrist to our headboard and unlocked his cock cage. We pleasured each other for a while before we stopped and she said, "Watch this."

She unhooked the rope from the headboard and commanded slave, "Play with yourself for us."

I sat and watched as he played with his cock. Since we keep his cock locked up, it wasn't too long before he looked like he was ready to come. Casey pulled his left hand away from his cock, and hooked the rope back on the headboard. You should have seen the look on slave's face as his orgasm was taken away from him. We laughed for a while before we went back to pleasuring each other.

Being mean feels edgy to me, but torture crosses the line. One time Casey brought slave to our bedroom to watch us, and she put spikes in slave's cock cage without telling me. I kept wondering why slave looked like he was in so much pain while we were pleasuring each other when all of the previous times he looked so happy. His facial expressions were so distracting that I got out of bed and asked slave what was wrong.

After he told me what Casey did, I was pretty mad. I confronted her, and she got defensive about what she did. I made her get out of bed, unlock slave's cock cage, and take the spikes out. After she untied slave and he left the bedroom, Casey and I had a heated discussion. She told me she could torture her slave any way she wanted to. I told her that I wasn't happy to watch slave in pain. We compromised with her promising me she wouldn't torture slave when I'm home. I'm pretty sure that she tortures slave when I'm at work by making him watch her masturbate with the cock cage spikes, but she hasn't tortured him again when I've been home.

Most of the time, we don't let slave touch our breasts or our pussy. We have him touch us everywhere else, and he's pretty good at massaging us when we come home from work. Casey is more partial to foot rubs because she's on her feet, while I prefer shoulder, back, and leg rubs because of all the sucking and fucking I do at work. Sometimes, I feel like I have my own private spa, and I'm very appreciative that I have a slave willing to massage me when I need it.

One day, Casey decided it would be fun to see slave struggle to fondle my breasts. She told me what she had in mind, and we called slave to our bedroom. She tied two one-gallon jugs of water to each of slave's wrists, so that when he was standing with his arms at his sides, the jugs would be on the floor. However, if he tried to raise his hands, he'd have to lift the jugs of water off of the floor. Now, it was time to see if he could raise his hands.

I sat on the bed while Casey explained to slave that he could fondle my breasts all he wanted while I enjoyed a cigarette. She rubbed cocoa butter all over my breasts until they were soft and slippery. I got a cigarette, stood in front of him spreading my legs a bit, lit the cigarette, and took a puff.

It was funny to watch slave try to fondle my breasts. He would get his hands on my breasts for a few seconds before the weight of the water jugs became too much, and his hands would slip off my breasts. I was smoking as slowly as I could, and was sorry to get to the end of my cigarette and step away from slave.

After seeing how much fun this was, we teased slave on a regular basis with my breasts. The only change we made is that instead of timing him with a cigarette, I stood there for as long as slave could lift his hands to my breasts. Besides, this was good exercise for slave's upper body and arms.

Casey came up with another breast teasing idea, but after explaining it to me, I told her that she could use her own breasts if she wanted to tease slave that way. It sounded too much like torture for me to enjoy watching it. I have no idea if she teases slave with her breasts this way, but just remembering the idea to write it down makes me shiver.

Casey wanted to tie slave up to a column we have in the living room. His body would be tightly bound to the column, but his arms would be free. She would put clothespins on his nipples and hang heavy two-pound weights from the clothespins.

Casey would stand in front of slave and watch him. As long as he held the two-pound weights in his hands, nothing would happen. As soon as he let go of the weights, she would watch the clock. After sixty seconds of torturing his nipples for her, she would step forward, and he could fondle her breasts as much as he wanted. Whenever the pain in his nipples became too much, he could take the two-pound weights in his hands to relieve the pain. She would step back and the cycle would start again.

According to Casey, slave would only be able to stand the pain for about seventy to seventy-five seconds. It's seems too much like torture to make him suffer like that for over a minute just to get ten seconds of fondling. I grabbed my breasts and winced in sympathy when she first described her idea to me. She pointed out that it was his choice and he never had to let go of the weights, but we all know how men think with their little heads. Besides, clothespins on nipples hurt. Even without weights.

Before Casey moved in, I would allow my manservant the opportunity to come once a week by fucking my calves while I smoked a cigarette. I enjoyed it because it was different enough from what I did with other men that it felt special and intimate to me. I know my manservant enjoyed the weekly sessions very much.

Casey kept our slave locked up for nearly a month before she gave him his first opportunity to come. She did the same thing I did; sat in a dining room chair allowing slave to fuck her calves while she smoked a cigarette. I have to admit I wanted to observe rather than participate. The results were funny. Slave shot come all over her legs and body before a minute had passed. I couldn't help myself; I was laughing at the expression on her face when he came so much and so quickly.

That night, while Casey and I were cuddling in bed, we talked about letting slave come more often than once a month for a couple of nights. She saw how important it was to me, and relented. We agreed that I would have slave fuck my calves, and that she would decide when it would happen. She promised it would be more often than once a month. I was happy with the compromise and we snuggled for a while before I fell asleep.

I suppose this is all I have to write about, unless there's some other major change in my life that I think would be an interesting story. I can't imagine what change it could be. I love Casey and I know she loves me, and I have a wonderful slave that pampers me and gives me the most wonderful massages. Considering where I was two years ago, I know I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

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