tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEye in the Whorehouse Ch. 2

Eye in the Whorehouse Ch. 2


My name's Cassidy and I work in a whorehouse. I'm the maid to the ladies here, but I spend most of my time at the peepholes watching the show.

Usually, it's a pretty good show, except for this one time that Tess had with a skinny, young cowhand passing through town.

His name, he said, was Slim and that was no word of a lie. If he turned sideways he damn near disappeared. His hands and feet were too large for the rest of him and he had a big happy puppy dog grin that made you want to take him home and fatten him up. The only thing that didn't need to grow was his cock. Thick and heavy, it slapped against his skinny thighs as he walked.

Tess, one of our best and cutest, was trying to get Slim hard, but unfortunately for both he couldn't get it up, no matter what Tess tried.

Now Tess was young, but she had been here long enough to know her stuff. Most of the time the girls didn't have much to do except lie back and enjoy it. That's cause the cowboys and farm hands that come to visit are so horny from months of not seeing a woman that they usually cum in the blink of an eye. That, of course, frustrated the girls, but they had ways of working it off.

So Slim stood naked, with Tess on her knees before him, sucking the big cock that refused to get hard.

I was pretty bored on my side of the peephole but couldn't leave. I was curious to see how Tess would handle the situation and if she would succeed.

Tess had first tried being alluring and sexy, then hard and cold, now she was all technique and professionalism. Nothing was working and she was tiring fast.

"Come sit on the bed, Honey," she suggested. "I'm just going to get my girlfriend to come see about giving me a hand." She smiled and patted his cock, friendly like.

Slim gave her a rueful look. "Gee, I don't know what's the matter with me ma'am. It always worked before. Maybe I just played with it too much?"

"Oh, now don't you worry, you've come to the right place and we'll fix you up proper. Wait and see."

Tess returned with her best friend, Mattie. The two of them were opposites. Where one was big the other was small. Tess, the petite one, was dwarfed by Mattie's size and shape. Tess had blonde locks and porcelain baby doll skin that offset Mattie's dark flowing hair and healthy tanned good looks.

Mattie and Tess sat on the lounge across from Slim perched on the bed.

"Well Slim," said Mattie, "Tess tells me that you don't feel up to playing much today. Maybe I can help."

"Oh, I don't know," he said, hanging his head. "Maybe I should just forget about it and come back later."

"But you've left Tess in a terrible way. Can't you see that she's all worked up and frustrated. And I see you've got a lovely cock. The sight of it, even in it's present state makes my mouth water."

Tess nodded in agreement.

"I'm sorry about that," Slim said with real regret, "Maybe you could help Tess then, and I'll just watch. I'd feel better about that, and I already paid my money."

Mattie and Tess looked at each other in surprise. His idea was not new to the two of them--like I said they were friends, but they had never done it in front of anyone before.

My interest was starting to peak; cause now the show was getting good. I gathered up my full skirts and tucked them into my waistband as Mattie and Tess helped each other remove their frilly lingerie.

Tess eyed Mattie's extra large tits and started to caress one. She loved those two orbs and couldn't seem to get enough of them. Her tiny hands just covered the soft dark nipples. She shot a glance at Slim who had leaned back into the pillows with a peaceful smile on his face, his hands idly playing with his reposed cock.

Tess lowered her head and sucked on a nipple while Mattie's strong arms circled round her for support. Mattie's hand caressed Tess's back; lightly working down her spine to her tiny ass cheeks then under and around to the soft spot between her legs. Tess obliged by spreading her legs so that Slim, (and I) could see Mattie's fingers massage the outer lips of Tess's damp pussy. She moaned and sucked harder. Mattie's other nipple had crinkled under the continuing caress of Tess's small fingers.

Meanwhile, Mattie's legs had gradually spread wide and her shaved pussy was visible to all present.

Slim was staring at the secret spot, watching as moisture seeped from the between the thick lips, all the while playing with his cock in a more serious manner.

I felt myself grow wetter by the minute from watching the two girls and then out of the corner of my eye caught the movement of Slim stroking his cock.

I gasped. His cock was now hard but wonder of wonders; it had also grown in unbelievable length and width. It had been large to start but now it was magnificent. I don't know how he did it cause his body was just lanky skin and bones and now he presented a cock that a bull would be proud of.

Mattie had noticed too, and this increased her excitement.

"Tess," she whispered, "take a look at that!"

Tess turned and stared. "Oh my god, there's enough there for you, me and a spare!"

Slim just smiled and slowly nodded.

Mattie wiggled a finger inside Tess and said, "This is just a tease, wait till he fills you up with that thing."

Tess moaned and shuddered. "And then he'll give you some, won't you Slim?"

Slim smiled again and nodded.

Mattie scooped Tess up and carried her to the bed leaving her legs to hang over the side. She knelt at Tess's pussy and placed her lips on her engorged clit. I heard her softly sucking and licking much to Tess's obvious delight.

Slim moved round so that his well-hardened cock was caressing Tess's rose bud mouth. She eagerly reached for it but found it difficult to get more that the purple head wet. Slim continued stroking his shaft in a steady motion.

I couldn't believe my luck! The scene before me was unfolding better than I had hoped for. My pussy was tingling with anticipation. I had stroked my clit on to greater goals while at the same time trying to save myself from coming to soon, but it was getting harder and harder to do.

Tess and Mattie were really worked up too, and I knew the situation couldn't stay static for much longer. These were two very horny ladies and they knew how to enjoy themselves.

Tess turned to Slim. "How about putting that inside of me? I think I'd like to try it on for size, now that Mattie's got me all wet and bothered."

"Yes ma'am," said Slim and taking Tess's legs, spread them wide. He placed his shiny wet cock at the entrance and pushed. At first, Tess's pussy yielded easily but when the true mass of Slim's cock started to shove her pussy lips apart as far as they would go Tess gasped and her eyes grew wide. She had never met anyone this well hung before; and she had been around.

Slim stopped.

"No! Keep going; I want it all!"

"That's my girl," said Mattie as she watched Slim's cock slowly disappear into Tess's wet hole, all the while caressing one of Tess's perky nipples. Slim pushed as far as he could. Tess's blonde pubic hair mixed with his dark nest. He pulled back a shiny, pink cock for all to see, then pushed in again and groaned.

"Oh, that feels so good," he said.

"I'll bet it does," said Mattie, "I can hardly wait for my turn.

Mattie softly caressed Tess's tit and Tess moaned while pushing her hips up to meet Slim's slow, steady rhythm.

"Oh yeah, keep doing that Slim, I'm going to come all over your great, big cock. Mattie, you are going to love this!"

Meanwhile, I pressed my eye tighter to the peephole. I wished I could join them and feel how that big cock would fill me up. I was dripping on to the dusty floor I was so wet. The sight in front of me was so pleasurable that I hardly had to touch my clit. I was trying to savor the moment and didn't want to cum to soon but it was getting really tough to do.

I saw Mattie licking her lips in anticipation. She was watching Slim's cock going in and out of Tess's swollen pussy with all her attention. Tess started to shake and Mattie reached for her clit and did a slow circular stroke. A tit fell in front of Tess's mouth and she opened hers to enjoy the bounty.

Tess moaned and started to come. Slim gave her a few extra hard and fast thrusts while Mattie played her clit up to the cascading climax.

Tess's shaking shook the bed and all on it, and then the action slowed. Slim pulled out a very wet, glistening penis that was still ready for more. Mattie laid back and spread her legs, still holding Tess who rested against her bosom.

I could see Mattie's fat pussy lips soaked by her moisture. With her fingers she parted them and smiled, inviting Slim in.

I watched as again, he slowly introduced his big cock into another welcoming pussy, but this time the pussy had no problem accommodating him. He was home free.

Mattie groaned and arched her back rising up to meet his cock.

"Yes...yes...oh god, that feels so good. Now push harder."

Slim raised his eyebrows but did as Mattie ordered. His flesh slapped against her strong hard legs.

"Now faster," Mattie panted, "fuck me good! I want it all." Slim complied and carried her to the edge of excitement.

Slim groaned. "I can't last...I've never had a woman who could take it like this...I'm sorry, but I've got to cum." And he did with a shout and then a shudder. His hands holding Mattie's hips clamped her flesh so hard that I saw red marks after he let go. At the same time Tess reached forward and stroked Mattie's clit sending her into spasms that signaled her climax.

My hand ached from being on my wet pussy for so long. When I saw Slim cum I finally let myself go and came so hard that the wall vibrated with all my pent up energy.

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