tagErotic CouplingsFast Car, Fur Coat

Fast Car, Fur Coat


I love men! Men are strong and sexy and rich with love. So many men with such unique qualities. I just want to experience them all. Have you had the pleasure of listening to a man talk about his fantasies? I love listening to a man that is confident enough in us to trust me with his deepest desires. To listen to his story. To hear his voice tone change when he gets to the part that turns him on most. It just makes my tummy flip with excitement with each new twist in the tale. The different things that appeal to different men is phenomenal.

The shoes, the feet, the stockings, the legs, the clothes, the breasts, the bottoms, the lady gardens (hmmm maybe not the best word) hair, nails, the smell of a woman. The situations they come up with amaze me. There was one man I loved (loose use of the word) for a while who was most excited when he took me out wearing nothing but a long fur coat and high heeled pumps.

This one time (not at band camp) in the middle of summer he asked me nicely if I would wear the coat for him. It was a blazing hot day but there is something about the sun that just makes me horny as hell. If it was the coat that was gonna do it for him there was no way I was turning the opportunity down. Now this was a number of years ago when ford escorts with soft tops were all the rage and the go faster stripes were all shaped into flames. I climbed into the passenger seat after he removed the hood. Trying hard not to expose my bits to all the neighbours. Although, there was a particularly sexy gardener I had my eye on for a while but I didn't see him at this time, to fulfil that particular flashers fantasy.

Kev, yep that was his name, got into the drivers seat next to me and rev's up the engine and we were away. We were on the open road in no time and that was when his hand started exploring my naked legs. Running his fingers up and down my warm soft skin. Getting a little further and a little braver each time. He was really getting my juices flowing. It was a good job the coat was so thick otherwise I may have been leaving a snail trail on the seat. I was that hot for him. I wanted him to touch me, to feel his fingers higher, higher, right up to my pussy. Then to slip in between too.

I was making it as easy as possible for him. I had slipped forward in my seat. My legs were relaxed and spreading apart. I needed to feel him inside me. His fingers right on my pussy lips. Slippery in my pussy juice. Pushing, opening me up. Deeper inside.

"Mmmm. Yes!"

"Fuck me with your fingers, Babe."

Driving through the country, with the sun beating down on my body and the wind blowing through my hair. Me and my man, his fingers buried in my tight hot pussy hole. Felt like heaven to me. He parked up in a clearing, near a woody area, at the side of the road. He pulled his fingers out with a relish, rubbing up hard against my clit, teasing me.

"Don't stop, please ..."

"Come on lets get you out of there." He said smiling "Lets take a stroll" I looked at him thinking has he gone completely insane. I was wearing high heels and it was kind of rough terrain. At this point I was so hot to be fucked I would have followed him to hell; and it may even have felt chilly there.

He took my hand and lead the way. We walked for about 5 minutes, I could no longer see the road. He turned and took me in his arms. His hands running up and down my back. He kissed me hard. His tongue invaded my mouth, tasting and teasing me, showing me how much he wanted me.

He took the coat from my shoulders leaving me naked but for my shoes. He threw it on a nearby tree stump, fur side up and pushed me over it. No ceremonies needed. My arse was in the air and my heavy breasts were being pushed into the coat. He spread my cheeks with his thumbs. He pushed his face between them. Breathed deeply and ran his tongue over my tightest hole. Oh god he made me feel so filthy. He was such a dirty fucker. I was his cock slut every time and he knew it.

He spit in his hand rubbed it over his cock and slammed it deep inside my pussy. Rammed it home, over and over. He stretched me wide, fucked me deep. Pulled almost all the way out slowly, slowly and right back in. I pushed back on to him. His hands were on my bum cheeks, fingers digging in hard. Totally in tune, both going for it, the same beat in our heads.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"I'm gonna cum Suz. Suck my cock, swallow it. Come on bitch on your knees!"

I did as he told me. I could feel the dust and twigs under my knees but it didn't stop me. He thrust his throbbing cock in my mouth, forcing it deep, almost making me gag. I tilt my head back wanting to take him as far as I could, to please him. I covered my teeth with my lips and went to work with my tongue. Flicked it over his sensitive head. Tasting his precum mixed with my own pussy juice. He wasn't gonna take long. I slipped my fingers between my legs to finger my clit. His hands massaged my tits and rolled the nipples between his fingers. I was so close I wanted make him cum too. I sucked harder, quicker. I wanted to have him shoot his load.

"Mmmm" humming, willing him to cum. Wanting him, needing him to fill my mouth. I pulled back a little just to wrap my fingers round his shaft. I felt his balls tighten and readied myself, rubbing faster. He let loose and the first spurt landed on my tongue just as my orgasm hit. I swallowed as another spurt landed on my lips. He ran his cock over his juices rubbing it all over my lips and chin. I was cumming so hard, licking and sucking all his spunk up at the same time. He reached down and lifted me up to my feet. He kissed me passionately and shared the cum. Oh god he was so sexy.

He brushed my legs down, dusted all the dirt from them. He removed the rest of his clothes, shook the fur coat out and laid it on the ground like a blanket. We lay out on it together, lazily, talking and touching and kissing in the afternoon sun.

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