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Exhausted after the five days of the science conference with Emera I was finally seated and headed home. It took what seemed like hours to get through the security check and I could not help but wonder what threat an older professor could be. The security lady did not smile and in fact started to reach for the alarm button when I mentioned the rocket launcher I had concealed in my boxer shorts. The pilot had just announced "..... We’ll be cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet with and air speed of 480 knots, the weather is clear and we should reach Houston right on time, and thank you for flying World Air.” I glanced at my seatmate who was reading and had just ordered a bloody mary and as I turned to look at her she turned slightly and asked if I travel often. I explained not if I could help it thinking of NY on September llth. This was a lovely well-dressed lady with short skirt and white blouse, which revealed the shape of her generous breasts. She was probably a bit younger than myself. As I paid her a polite moment of visual respect she reached out her hand and said, "Well since we're going to be traveling together for a few hours, my name's Jane".

I took her hand, and with a grip one would use to draw in a hand for kissing I replied, "It's nice to make your acquaintance, my name is Dick.”

Jane’s drink arrived and while making small talk, I discovered that Jane was a 45-year-old widow whose husband had died three years ago. I remember her saying, "So, enough about me. Tell me about your family.” I described them explaining in some detail my three college educated and professionally employed children and a wife with a teaching degree in mathematics. Also, that we have little or no time for sex so I had to extemporize on occasion. I was hoping this would stop the conversation so I could take a nap. However, upon finishing her cocktail she patted my leg and stated, “you're a very handsome gentleman who shouldn't have any trouble finding ladies."

I recall thanking her for the compliment then spending a while longer chatting about other things, until I finally offered with a yawn, "I'm sorry, but I'm really tired, so if you don't mind I think I'll take a little nap"

In less than a minute I fell into a deep restful sleep while I guess Jane turned on her overhead light opened her book and started to read. It was during this time her hand that was touching my leg because the armrest had been put back, moved casually into my lap. She mentioned later that almost immediately my cock stiffened until the full erection pushed insistently against the front of my jeans. Jane apparently continued both reading and caressing me at the same time. Jane pulled out a blanket from under the seat and covered both her lap and mine before sliding her hand back to my straining shaft. As I reflect back it was incredible really, here she was feeling the cock of nearly a total stranger, while I, none the wiser, slept. What she really wanted was to unzip that fly and extract his love shaft for her mouth.

She could not resist awakening me any longer and with a gentle shaking of my arm she whispered, "Take out your penis, I want to suck you off."

"Huh? What? I don’t think I heard you correctly", I murmured and as I awoke, she again shook my arm and in a low but urgent voice repeated the request for me to release my cock, I want to suck you." By now my eyes were wide open and I could feel her hand kneading my shaft through the clothing and almost in a shocked voice I whispered, "Are you crazy, we’re on an airplane full of people, someone might see us."

"Don't worry," she whispered hoarsely, "all the lights are out and most are asleep, and besides, I'll slip under the blanket so no one can see I actually have your pecker in my mouth." When he didn't reply, Jane pressed on, "You're hard as a rock, you need to ejaculate and if nothing else I need for you to do it in my mouth, please, let's help each other out, I promise that you won't be disappointed."

"I don't know," I stammered. After a brief hesitation after glancing around, I extracted my stiff member from its denim prison and had to admit ... the setting and circumstances were causing an enormous erection.

"My god," she sighed while gently jerking on my cock under the blanket, "it is so warm and alive in my hand and so thick too, I'm really going to enjoy this." Jane glanced around the dark cabin to see if any other passengers were paying any attention to them, and when she was sure they were not, she lifted the blanket and plunged my throbbing cock into her hot mouth.

I moaned softly as she concentrated on licking and sucking me toward climax and just as my breathing became shallow and inconsistent with me on the verge of an orgasm a hostess tapped me on the shoulder and asked in an icy voice, "and just what do you think you two are doing”.

I jerked Jane's mouth from my erection (which could be a dangerous move), and stammered, "Well uh, you see it's like this, she was just uh, I mean she was just..........."

"I was giving him a blow job," Jane interjected, "that is until you interrupted us." Her tone was that of someone whose rights had been violated. The female flight attendant was rendered speechless and that allowed Jane to press on, "and now look at him." To make her point she pulled back the small blanket thus exposing my still rock hard wet cock. She continued, "and you expect me to leave the poor man in this condition, what are you anyway, some kind of sadist?”

With a look of total consternation the hostess finally stammered, "Well I'm sorry, but I was afraid some of the other passengers might complain."

"Do you see anybody watching us," Jane demanded while casually jerking my straining stiff shaft, "because I sure don't."

"Well uh, I guess not," the hostess replied softly, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. She said with hesitation"

"That's okay," Jane replied, "how'd you like a little taste for yourself, He’s got an incredibly yummy cock here. Look it is uncut and see how the skin rides up and down.”

“Ohhhhh I couldn't," the hostess replied softly but not taking her eyes off my erection.

"Why not," Jane shot back, "he's got plenty of juice for both of us, you do swallow don't you, and I don't want to see any of Dick’s cum going to waste"

The hostess was now completely flustered by the personal nature that the conversation had taken on and in a small quiet voice she replied, "I don't think that is any of you business."

"Well it is if you plan on sucking him off, I found him first, but I'll be happy to share him, and by the way, when's the last time you sucked a big pecker like this?"

"Keep your voice down," the hostess admonished, "do you want someone to hear you?"

"Not really," Jane replied casually, "but if you don't hurry, I'm just going to have to suck him off by myself." I was in shock and disbelief as I listened to the two women debating the merits of this entire activity. However, this was solved when Jane grabbed the hostess by the arm and physically pulled her face into my crotch. When her face contacted my shaft the hostess automatically opened her mouth and with an experienced motion sucked me in. I sighed as her mouth engulfed me in a most wonderful delicate way. Jane snuggled up and without warning, turned and gave me a deep kiss, while forcing her tongue deep inside my mouth.

I was beginning to lose it and by now was to far-gone and only thought about shooting a load into the mouth of the flight attendant. Jane extracted her tongue from my mouth and whispered, "are you about ready to fill her mouth, she really needs it?” I nodded as my body stiffened and a gusher of hot semen was put deep into the hostess’s throat while she continued to pay oral homage to my still half hard cock.

Regaining my senses I commented, "I can't believe we just did that, I mean with all these sleeping people around."

Jane kissed him again and then offered, "Now don't think for a minute that we're finished Herr Professor, you’ve still got to get me off."

"But how," I asked softly? I am a large fellow and could not move in the small airline seat.

Jane motions the hostess to stand back and says, "like this," as she quickly stands up and throws a leg over my lap and with perfect timing mounts both me and mine. She had no panties under her short skirt so her pussy was clear to slip right onto my erect shaft which now fully inserted, again stiffens.

"You're fucking crazy," I moaned as she worked herself up and down on my huge erection, "we're going to get caught for sure."

"Oh shut the fuck up," she says, smiling while rocking back and forth on my thick stump, "we've got little miss cock sucker hostess here to keep the coast clear, so be a good Texan and give this Maine girl the fucking of her life, come on, stud," she gasped, "move your fucking ass and get Jane off"

After regaining my train of thought, I shot back quietly, "You're on top Jane do it yourself, besides I could only flex my lower back to her cadence. My personal obligation was to keep my willy stiff and thick.” This was not hard with the feeling of Jane’s pussy fully clenched and sliding up and down the length of it. She began bouncing up and down until without warning she stiffened as if she were electrocuted. The orgasm flowed throughout her whole body while my synchronized second Cumming flowed into her pussy thus giving the sperm she so desperately desired.

Nearly the moment we climaxed, the hostess, as she wiped her chin, whispered harshly "Okay now, that's enough, both of you back in your seats and keep your hands to yourselves."

Jane twisted back down into her seat and even though looking out the window into the pitch dark her smiling face reflected in the window she said, "How did you like the turbulent flight?" I did not have an answer.

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