I should have known that silly frat competition would lead to trouble, and now it was too late. I'd joined up on a dare from my roommate.

"C'mon," she told me, "it'll be fun!"

Right. The competition turned out to be a battle of wits between two all-girl frat houses. Our frat lost. Now here I am, pulling straws to see who will be the one to pay up to the winners. And, of course, I pulled the short straw...

"Sorry Mary." Easy for her to say. She wasn't the one having to pay up.

I looked across at the winners. Five of them, standing there looking at me with smirks all over their faces. Who knows what they had planned? I had a sinking feeling that I was about to find out.

The leader of the group spoke: "Okay loser, step up to the center."

The two groups were gathered in a clearing in the middle of a grove of oak trees. It was a warm day, however it had rained the night before and the ground was still wet and muddy in places. I hesitated, and then reluctantly stepped forward. The five girls in the winners group eyed me up and down, as if inspecting a piece of merchandise they had recently purchased.

The leader spoke again with a smile: "Strip her."

I looked helplessly to my girl friends. I could tell by the sheepish looks on their faces that I would get no help from them. The winning team stepped forward. Ruthlessly, my clothes were torn from my body and tossed in the mud. I stood before the group totally naked. The open air made my nipples hard and erect, and goose bumps began to form all over my naked body.

"Very nice," spoke the leader. "Now turn around so we can all get a good look at you."

I turned around slowly. The leader spoke again, clearly enjoying her role in this little game of domination.

"Good. Now I want you to know that we are going to do whatever we want to you, and you must endure it with pleasure. Is that clear?"

I nodded my head silently.

"Excellent. I want your loser team members to see you in total humiliation." She turned to her gang and spoke:

"Girls, this loser is going to submit entirely to our every command. Any suggestions?"

One of the winning team members spoke up. She was a tall, slender black girl, with big tits and long legs. "I want her to kiss my ass!"

"Good idea!" spoke the leader. "Okay girls; bare your asses for our loser."

As I stood watching, the five girls on the winning team, each of who were wearing the school uniform of skirts and blouses, removed their panties. Giggling with glee, each girl lined up in a row and bent over. Their bare asses pointed right at me. The leader spoke again.

"Now, you other losers can come over here and help with this. I want each of you to pair up and grab an ass."

I watched helplessly as my fellow team members walked over and sided up with the winners. With their asses protruding prominently in the air, they grabbed hold of their respective cheeks. With a devilish grin the leader ordered me to step up to the first girls' ass.

"Now spread those cheeks so that our loser can get a good shot..."

The leader grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the ground, my face coming level with the ass before me. Then the leader took me by my hair and shoved my face right into the waiting crack in front of me.

"Lick that ass, you fucking loser!"

I began to lick her crack, my tongue moving in and out of her hole.

"Spread her cheeks wide. I want this loser to taste every bit of her!"

With the whole group watching I was forced to lick and suck this wide open asshole. I could hear the laughter as the losers took in the sight.

"Get your tongue in there deeper! Suck that asshole you loser!"

With saliva dripping from my mouth I worked deeper into the gaping hole. Finally the leader took my hair and pulled me back.


Now I was turned to face the second girl's waiting ass, which was all too eagerly offered. Again one of my loser team members was made to open the girl's ass cheeks so that I could fully access her hole. Once again my face was pushed hard into the soft flesh.

"Suck that filthy ass you slut!"

My mouth licked and sucked as the winner girl groaned with pleasure.

One by one I was made to suck each winner's ass until finally I had done them all. The leader of the winning team spoke again.

"Drag this dirty slut over to that mud hole."

I was literally dragged over to a nearby puddle of ooze, a remnant of last night's rain. The girls dropped me in the middle of the muck, and then laughed. There I sat, like a pig wallowing in the mire as the girls looked on. I could feel the ooze working its way into the cracks of my body. I wanted to cry with humiliation, but I knew I must remain strong.

One of the girls on the winning team spoke up: "Make her masturbate in the mud!" Cheers of approval rose up from the other girls. And was that my fellow team members cheering as well?

"You heard her," the leader piped up, "let's see you work your pussy until you cum in the muck!"

I hesitated only slightly, and then decided to go ahead and make it worth their while. Slowly I worked my hands down my mud covered body. I stopped at my tits, working and massaging them. Thick, brown muck dripped off them and dribbled down my naked body. Eyes closed, I gave them a show complete with moans of pleasure.

"Work that pussy you whore!"

My hands moved down my body until they reached my pussy, which by this time was throbbing with anticipation. You would think that a naked girl sitting in a puddle of ooze surrounded by leering faces would feel embarrassed. You would be right. I felt complete, abject humiliation. "Just give them what they want", I told myself, "you can get even later!"

"I want a better look", someone said, "spread your legs as you work your pussy."

I opened my legs wide. My gaping pussy was floating in the muck as my fingers worked. I thrust my fingers inside and felt my juices begin to flow. Harder and harder I thrust until I could feel a massive orgasm begin to take hold.

Someone got the idea to pelt me with a bit of the muck I was sitting in. Someone else joined in and before I knew it everyone in the group was smacking me with globs of the sticky goop. Laughing at my humiliation, they continued to slather my body until I was completely covered in muck.

The group surrounding me began to chant in unison: "Cum! cum! cum!" I thrust my whole hand into my gaping pussy and there in the oozing muck, in front of all those girls, I came with a vengeance. My body pulsated repeatedly as my pussy cum flowed into the mire.

The leader spoke again: "Lay her down in the mud, girls, it's time to ride her slutty face!"

The girls took hold of me and laid me out in the muck. With a girl on each arm and one on each leg they stretched me out spread eagle.

"Can I go first?" asked the tall, black girl.

"No", replied the leader, "I want her to tongue-fuck her fellow teammates first, then you can go."

Lying stretched out, naked in a puddle of ooze, I watched as my fellow teammates were made to strip off all their clothes. Then, one by one, they each came forward and planted their knees in the mud, straddling my face.

"Sorry!" Came the lame excuse as my roommate sat herself directly onto my face. Her wet pussy pushed into my face, covering me with her juices.

"Work that pussy of yours into her face. I want to make sure she gets a good taste of you! Good, now make sure you give her some of that asshole as well!"

Slowly at first, then faster as she gained momentum, my roommate worked her pussy and ass into my face. I licked and sucked as hard as I could. Pulling on her clit with my lips and probing her gaping pussy with my tongue I worked her until she exploded all over me.


One by one the girls came forward and rode my face as if I were some sort of pleasure pony. My mouth was made to fuck each and every girl there until they came.

Finally it was the black girls turn.

"I love to get fucked by white sluts like you", she said as she straddled my face, "and I'm going to make sure you know it!"

She pushed her pussy hard into my face. I sucked and licked as I had with the others until I felt something warm running into my mouth. She was peeing on me!

"Lick up my pee you little whore!" She squealed with delight as the others laughed. Her pee flowed into my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but it was coming so fast that it ran out my mouth and down the sides of my face.

"I want to pee on her!" someone shouted.

Before I knew it the whole gang was squatting over my naked, mud covered body, squirting their pee all over me. Laughing, they rubbed the pee and mud into every part of my spread eagle body.

After each girl had taken their turn with me, they all dressed themselves and again stood in a circle around me. Then they laughed. They laughed and laughed as I laid there in a puddle of pee and mud, exhausted from the ordeal.

"Now you are free to go back to your room," the leader spoke. "But you must do so without your clothes!"

And so my final humiliation was to walk back to my room across the academic quad, naked and covered with mud. How many people saw me I don't know. Yet the pictures that began to turn up around campus told me that at least a few people took notice. I guess some humiliations just never end!

The End

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