I found my vagina, (No, Annie, I thought, you're fucking yourself while thinking of fucking pretty young girls, including your own daughter, it's a cunt, a cunny, a pussy, a gash, a slash and worst of all; a twat.) awash in my juices. I had a naughty thought as I coated my fingers in the hot, slippery, goo that was oozing from me. I wondered just how much Kat's juice tasted like mine.

Normally, I only tasted myself off Alex's penis, after we fucked and I was trying to get him back up. My juice was always combined with his and I didn't have a clear memory of how mine tasted, alone.

I pulled my slimy fingers out from my pussy (that's better Annie) and from under the bathing suit. I looked at the cream sliding down my fingers and my pussy pulsed and made yet more. I brought my fingers to my nose and, inhaling, found the aroma to be familiar as my own, yet enticingly like Kat's.

I slipped my fingers into my mouth and the tangy, musky flavor, tinged with peaches was almost exactly like Kat's. Maybe mine was muskier, but definitely the same strong, sexy flavor. I heard a noise from the house and looked up and the blinds at Kat's were moving like someone had been looking through them.

'No,' I thought, 'the girls are too involved with each other to watch me.'

I figured one of the girls had kicked the blinds, or brushed them in walking past. I returned to pleasuring myself without concerning myself with the girls. If they could enjoy themselves in Kat's room without me, then I would enjoy myself without them. Yeah, right. It was more as if I would make do without them.

I closed my eyes and the vision of Kat's naked body filled my mind. The pert breasts, the rosy pink nipples, the tiny slit and her mouth-watering ass made my breath catch in my throat. I had given myself over completely to the crushing desire that I felt for her. My fingers had found their way back to my cunt (the slang coming much more easily, now) and I felt the sparks as I made contact with my rigid clit.

My breath started coming in gasps as I pictured my baby sliding down my body. Just as her little face drew even with my pussy the orgasm that had been building exploded in light and colors behind my closed eyes. I felt the tingling in my hands and feet that I usually felt when Alex made me feel the most loved. I felt an overpowering love for Kat as I descended from the heights of the powerful orgasm.

I withdrew my hand from my bathing suit and, with eyes still closed, again brought the fragrant digits under my nose and into my mouth. I opened my eyes as I thought I heard Kat faintly say 'Oh My God!', but when I looked around, there was no-one there. I looked to her room and the still closed blinds.

I returned my attention to my dripping fingers and finished cleaning them with my lips and tongue. I looked down at my bathing suit when I was done and giggled. My boy shorts were twisted around, the crotch was soaked, and I could clearly see my lips, as they were well engorged and outlined through the soaked material.

I lay there reveling in the afterglow of the orgasm. I settled in, closed my eyes, and I must have fallen asleep. I opened my eyes sometime later and realized that the sun had slipped behind the house, almost setting, making it a little chilly. I decided I needed to go in and get cleaned up.

I got up, checking Kat's room one last time and went into my room. Instead of taking a shower, I drew a bath, using plenty of bubbles, planning to pamper myself a little. Going back into the bedroom, I queued up Norah Jones on my Ipod and plugged it into the stereo. I stripped off my bathing suit, giggling at how soaking wet the bottoms were. I eased into the hot water and slid down to a seated position. I wriggled around, got comfortable and laid back, closing my eyes.

The warmth, the soft, gentle music and the relaxation after the earlier orgasm almost lulled me back to sleep. It was comfortable, and I temporarily forgot the stress of my lust for my daughter. The water started to cool and I thought about getting out, but then I realized that I was enjoying this bath immensely. I let a little water out and then warmed up what remained with fresh, hot water.

I stayed in the bath for longer than I could remember ever having done previously, heating the water up several more times. Ultimately, I concluded it was time to get out. After I started drying myself off, I realized that I was pruny everywhere and it made me giggle once again. Still feeling like pampering myself, I used lotion all over my body, making the tingling start all over again. I felt really good and relaxed after my orgasm, nap, bath and lotion rubdown.

I hadn't brought any clothing into the bath with me and I walked naked into my bedroom and found a clothing choice already laid out for me. Kat had obviously been through my lingerie drawer and found a sexy silk camisole for me to wear. It was another item that I had purchased for the anniversary trip to Aruba. It was ivory with matching panties that were the tiniest I had ever owned.

The top of the camisole was fashioned from silk lace, through which my breasts were clearly visible. Kat had also laid out a pair of ivory, thigh high, silk stockings with delicate lace tops. I had worn this entire outfit for Alex five or six times in Aruba and since we came home. The cumulative time that it had been on my body was maybe thirty or forty minutes. Alex went crazy every time I wore it. Evidently, Kat enjoyed it also.

I looked around the room and Kat had spread candles around, lighting the fireplace and closing the drapes on the windows and patio door. The candles were scented and with the flickering fire made a very romantic setting. The shimmering candles and the warm, sensual feel to the bedroom started to arouse me, yet again. I walked over to the bed and ran my hands over the silky material of the camisole. The sensuous feel of the silk made me shiver with the memories of Alex's reaction to the wispy clothing, but also in anticipation of what I imagined was to come.

I sat nervously on the bed, taking the smooth, soft stockings in my hands. I truly loved the feeling of the stockings and I gently ran them over my cheek, which, again, made me shiver. I slipped my toes into one stocking and reveled in the smoothness as it slowly encased my leg. I tugged it firmly into place and then put on the other stocking. I stood to look in the mirror, first to make certain that the stockings were on straight, then to appraise the woman in the mirror, critically.

I was pleased with what I saw. The breasts were still high on my chest with a minimum of sag, I turned and looked at my butt and it still held its shape. I liked the sexy look of the lace-topped stockings on my legs and, giggling, briefly considered waiting for Kat wearing only the stockings.

Rejecting that idea, for fear of disappointing Kat, I turned back to the bed and the rest of Kat's choices for me. I stepped into the panties and they glided up my legs, smoothly slithering, silk on silk, over the stockings. The feeling was luxuriant and delicious.

Just the act of dressing in the sumptuous silk, knowing that my daughter had chosen these soft, smooth, enticing items for me to wear, heightened my anticipation and desire. I tugged the panties into place, inspecting the result. I didn't want a wrinkle or a crease to mar Kat's first impression of me and the outfit.

Again, briefly, I was struck by the thought that I was quivering in anticipation and excitement over the possibility (probability?) that my daughter would soon be joining me to make love. I felt a brief pang of conscience before I remembered the feeling of Kat's lips on mine and the sight of her glistening, naked body in the sunlight.

Whatever hesitation, trepidation or whatever else you might want to call it, fell away in that moment. I wanted this; I wanted my daughter, even though I had never experienced sex with another woman before. If she didn't come to me tonight, I did not know what I would do. The disappointment would be unbearable.

I shook my head to clear the negative thoughts (come on Annie, you know she's going to come...well, I CERTAINLY hope we both are!), then giggled at the idea of arguing with myself. I put my hands up and allowed the slinky camisole to glide down my body, shaking myself gently to get it past my boobs.

I stood and looked in the mirror again and this time the woman there nodded approvingly. Both of us thought we looked pretty hot. I turned back to the bed, which I had made this morning and tried to decide if I should lay on top of the bedspread or just on top of the sheets. I giggled again, thinking that I had been so wet all day that when something actually happened between Kat and me that the bedspread might be ruined from my excitement. I pulled it off the bed completely, folding it and putting it in the closet.

I lay down on the bed, propping myself up on the pillows. I didn't know when Kat would be in here, I just had to try to be patient. I got back up and went over to my Ipod and tried to find some music that would be appropriate. I realized that Norah Jones was a pretty good choice and I added Diana Krall and Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' to the playlist and just started it over. I turned it down so it was background music, just loud enough that the music was washing over me.

I lay back down and closed my eyes, waiting for Kat and enjoying the warm, sensual atmosphere that Kat and I had created. With my eyes closed, I pictured Kat coming close and kissing and my arousal started returning. The sensual aroma from the fire and candles filled my nose and the music filled my ears. Almost imperceptibly, the sound in the room changed and I knew Kat was there.

I slowly opened my eyes and there she stood at the end of my bed. She was wearing an outfit that I had never seen. The top was a strapless black bustier with snow-white accents and had what looked like a hundred hooks up the front. The top pushed up her tiny breasts so that the edges of her pink areolas were barely visible. The bottoms were snow-white with black accents. If it were possible, I think her panties were smaller than mine were.

I smiled at her and made a twirling motion with my finger so that she would turn around. She smiled shyly and slowly turned. The bustier had laces up the back, pulling it tight. I saw that the bottoms were not only tiny in the front, the string of the thong disappeared into her bottom so from the back, it looked like she was not wearing panties. Her appearance in the outfit made me take a deep shaky breath, my excitement growing by the moment. By the time she had turned all the way around, I had sat up and was staring at her.

She walked to my side of the bed and sat next to me, facing me. She took my hands in hers and looked in my eyes. "Momma, I want to be sure this is what you want." My little Kat said softly. "I don't want things to go badly for us if you have regrets after this. I love you and I don't want us to lose our friendship, our closeness, anything. You don't know how badly I want you, but, I couldn't bear it if this were to come between us." Her eyes were shiny with tears as she spoke, holding my gaze in hers, and then she dropped her eyes to where our hands were joined.

I leaned forward, propped myself up on my elbows and kissed her, eyes still downcast. "Sweetie, you're right, I don't know how much you want me, but, if your desire for me is anywhere close to my desire for you, I think we'll be fine."

Her eyes snapped up to meet mine and the biggest smile I had ever seen on her little face burst across it. She threw her arms around me and hugged me. "Oh, God Momma! I love you sooo much. I still love you like my Mom, but much more and differently, too!" She breathed into my ear.

She didn't release the hug, so much as she shifted in my arms. I could feel her gentle breath on my ear as she brought her lips softly to it. Just as she done on the couch, she started kissing my ear and I melted in her arms. I felt her lips smile against my neck when I relaxed and she continued with her licks and kisses. My pussy (all right Annie!) had recharged and I could actually feel the lips engorging and my clit growing.

Kat came around to my lips and we gently kissed; soft, sweet, loving kisses. Kat's lips parted and her tongue slipped out and touched my lips, encouraging my lips to open and let her in. I couldn't believe how softly and gently she touched me with her tongue. It was as if a butterfly were dancing on my tongue. I hadn't closed my eyes because I wanted to see everything. But, I was so overwhelmed by the tender, loving kisses that my eyes were losing focus, so I closed them. Kat moved from my lips to my chin and then slowly, oh so slowly, she worked down my throat until she reached my chest.

She sat back a little and I opened my eyes, now able to focus a little. "What's wrong?" I whispered.

"Nothing, Momma," Kat whispered back. "I just wanted to look at you, your head tilted back, eyes closed, accepting my love. That just makes me so happy and," she started giggling, "so horny. I want to savor this...I just love you so much." She leaned back in and kissed me again, letting her tongue graze mine before withdrawing.

She sat for a moment looking into my eyes, I looked back, holding my breath, not knowing what to expect, not really wanting to know and yet... growing wild in anticipation, because of not knowing. She was playing me as a concert violinist would play a Stradivarius, a light touch when it was warranted and a heavy hand when it was least expected, bringing out the best in the instrument. In this case, she was plucking the strings of my desire and pulling them tight. I felt like I was about to burst when she leaned in and rubbed her nose against mine, Eskimo style. The soft, gentle touch of her nose to mine was so exciting and made my heart skip a little beat.

Kat withdrew and smiled, kissing me briefly and then resumed kissing my neck. My head fell back again, exposing my neck to her tongue and lips. She worked her way back to my ears and licked the edge, blowing on the moist skin, eliciting a small shiver from me. I heard her giggle and then she started back down my throat until she reached my collarbone.

She hesitated as if deciding where to go. She moved to my shoulder kissing and licking, but then added a new element to her approach, biting in little nips. Each little flare of pain spiked in my pussy, causing a new gush. Kat worked down my shoulder until reaching the spaghetti strap.

She pulled the strap over the edge of my shoulder and sat back looking at me, eyes twinkling. The soft, silk lace cup of the camisole didn't hold up very well without the shoulder strap. The silk sagged until it caught on the pointy, hard nipple, hanging there. Kat and I stared at it, waiting for it to fall. When it didn't, Kat moved to the other side, repeating the strap removal. The other side hung up on my nipple also.

Kat giggled, "It looks like I need to work harder to get your boobs some air."

I laughed and the shaking of my breasts made the hold of my nipples on the silk even more tenuous. "Do my boobs look like they are in need of air?"

Kat giggled, "No Momma, your boobs don't need air, they don't need anything, they're perfect."

With that, she reached up, hooked her fingers in the silk, and slid it off my nipples, sliding the camisole down to my waist, leaving me naked from the waist up. I pulled my arms out and slipped them around my baby's back, drawing her to me. The soft silk of her bustier bumped into my chest as our lips came together.

I loved the feel of her body next to mine. I kissed her soft lips and she sighed, hugging me tighter to her. Scooting back, she tugged at the camisole, wanting to take it off me. I raised my hands as an obedient child would and she slipped it over my head. (I told you it never lasted very long.) Briefly, she stared at my boobs as her hands slowly, gently ran over them. Then she reached back and tugged on my legs. I didn't know what she wanted and shrugged my shoulders.

"Momma," she whispered, her voice hoarse, "I want you to lie flat on the bed. Please?"

I giggled because the 'Please' sounded exactly like when she was small; asking for something, again, that had been denied. I slithered down the bed until I was lying flat as she was pushing me to the center. When she had me where she wanted me; her leg crossed over and she was sitting on my tummy. She sat there for a moment with a small smile playing on her lips.

I could feel her excitement in the warm wetness seeping from her silk panties. She looked so happy and content, I was hesitant to disturb her, but I wanted to touch her. My hands found her thighs and I tenderly stroked the soft, firm, young skin. She felt so fresh and alive in my hands that I wanted... no, needed more. I slipped my hands around to her firm bottom, naked, save for the string around her hips and disappearing between her sweet cheeks.

Tenderly, I caressed her smooth warm bottom, reaching further and further until my fingers met at the mysterious split between her cheeks. I ran my fingers up and then down the downy soft skin until I met the skin of my own tummy. I tried to lift her up so I could find the end of the string and at first, she resisted, then she leaned forward the tiniest bit and I found the slippery, wet triangle of fabric that I was seeking. She made a small 'Oh' sound as I touched her and then she mewled happily.

Leaning forward completely, her lips met mine in another soft tender kiss, her warm, wet tongue gently tickling my lips and then my tongue. She got on her knees and propped herself up on her left arm and began skimming her fingertips around my cheeks and chin.

Her fingers left my face and slowly, softly, gently traced my neck, and her lips soon followed. The soft touch of her fingertips and lips were raising goose bumps on my skin and raising my temperature and desire for her. She slowed her motion as she approached my aching breasts, my nipples straining in desire and lack of attention.

I pulled my hands from her bottom, reached up, and found her breasts, confined in the bustier. In the back of my mind, I was hoping she would mimic my actions and touch my bursting nipples. Instead, she sat up and started unhooking the front of the bustier.

"No, no!" I whispered, and she stopped with a hurt and confused look on her face. "Let me, baby, I want to."

She broke into a radiant smile and her hands fluttered first to her side and then to my breasts. She was doing what I had wanted, but now my concentration was entirely on all those hooks. I started at the top and as I worked my way down the garment Kat's skin and her breasts were slowly, agonizingly slowly, revealed to my lusting eyes.

Though I had seen her naked body hundreds, maybe thousands of times in her life, the latest just hours ago, my hands were shaking in desire and lust, wanting to see her naked, now, in my bed. The cups of the bustier hung stubbornly to her breasts until I finally got the last hook undone. The garment fell to the bed and finally freed Kat's tiny breasts, revealing her rosy nipples. I covered her breasts with my hands, reveling in the softness of her skin and the hardness of her nipples poking my palms.

Kat was still kneeling over me and I started to sit up when she pressed me back into the bed. She leaned over me and pressed her lips to mine, closed and resisting my attempts to break through to her tongue with mine. I opened my eyes and her eyes were smiling at me. I twisted my head away and gasped, "What's so funny? Why won't you let me in?"

She just smiled and, with one finger, turned my head back to face her and kissed me again. This time she flicked my lips with her tongue and like a petulant child, I refused to open them. She giggled into my lips and moved down my chin to my throat. In spite of myself I moaned as her buttery soft lips glided down my throat to my collarbone. She nipped at the skin over the bone and I felt the spike in my pussy.

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