tagHumor & SatireOh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 02

Oh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 02


The Monday after the week of my incident with Aaron and were sitting in the cafeteria eating breakfast after cheer practice she told me about her weekend with her boyfriend, Scott;

"Well, Scott and I went to the park after school, the baby was with Mom at her works daycare He had his hands were all over me, as usual," she breathed winking at me, as my eyes took a little peak at her swelling chest, "I swear my tits are like, magnetic or something. Anytime that boy's around me, his hands are drawn to them. Then, he had his hands between my legs before I knew what was happening. He was rubbing my pussy and had two of his big fingers inside me moving in and out. We don't usually do more than this, if we don't have any condoms, but I was so horny, I had to do something to get me off!"

"I pulled that big cock of his out. I wanted him in so bad, but I didn't have any condoms and Scotty never does, ya know..." My nipples were getting so hard thinking about what those two were about to be doing, my panties were even starting to get a little damp. She must have seen the horny look in my eyes, 'cause she just grinned at me and continued her story, in that sexy voice of hers.

"I told myself to just give him a blowjob. So I wrapped as much of my hand around it as I could, and I began to gently stroke it. Scotty had swollen to the point I thought he would explode any second. Just looking at my big tits can bring a boy to orgasm." Boy, do I know that feeling, I thought. My hands had been twitching this whole time, as Erin was leaning forward, so I could see down her bright green tank top at her mile long cleavage, almost bursting out of her bra, from all the milk in there. Plus I think she was wearing too small a bra, just for mer. My heart skipped a beat every time she took a breath, hoping she would bust out of her clothes, and I'd have to help her to the restroom to stay decent.

"Somehow, he had pulled my shirt up and had removed the panel on my nursing bra. You know that bright pink Baby-T that I love, the one with 'boy crazy' on it, and you can see my black bra through? He just dived for my boobs, when he unclasped my bra and freed those puppies (other cute name for boobs?, like my son does. He had my poor little nipple in a death grip. I was about ready to explode Britt! You know how the feel of being nursed gets me horny, especially when its your full lips on me!"

She was leaning on closer to me now, I could feel the hot breath from her sexy, red lips. I really had a good look down her front now, as she scooted forward, the tops of her breasts jiggled like butterscotch pudding in the cups of her huge nursing bra. She had a soft hand on my thigh inching its way up to where my panties should've been.

"Now Scotty had three fingers inside me," she breathed, like she was about to cum just from telling me the story again, just like I'm about to cum retelling you this! ". Up and down my clit. I was going insane, bucking my hips so his fingers would go deeper in me. God, Scott was hard, so hard I thought he would burst right then," our full lips were inches apart as she said that, and her hand gave my kitty a nice squeeze, I gave her a moan and tried to lean to kiss her, but she pulled away, that grin still on her face.

"I started to feel slippery stuff come out the end of his thing, and I tugged on the end of it faster and faster. And I moved my hips faster and faster until I just lost it. I was squirming, moaning, and writhing under Scotty's hand and Scotty was twitching under mine. I don't know where these words came from, but I screamed out, "Scotty, put it in me now!!!"

"Oh!" I gasped, not just from the tension that had built up in me from her story, but from some of the release of it as Erin jammed two of her long finger up my pussy. As I leaned forward, unable to hold myself up any longer, she sticks out her tongue to slowly trace the outline of my full, pink lips. I about came right there. I reached up to grabbed her boob as she pulled away, but keeping her finger in me, to continue her story.

"Scotty rolled over on top of me, and stuck that dick, the size of a rolling pin, in my wet, throbbing young pussy. My legs were up in the air, and Scotty was moving in and out of me like a machine. A big, hard, huge, fucking machine. He was fucking me, fucking me like a madman. I was screaming at this point; "please don't come inside me, don't make me pregnant, please pull it out Scotty". Then I start-ed screaming, "Oh fuck me Scotty, fuck me baby, I want to feel you deeper inside me. Oh God, you're so fucking huge. I can't believe how fucking huge your dick is Scotty". He just kept fucking me, and fucking me, and fucking me. I knew he was going to lose it any second. I begged him to pull it out, but he just kept shoving it in. and out, and in and out until I felt it. It was splattering inside me; it was so hot it made me cum. Then we came together for what seemed like an hour."

Boy, it sure felt that way for me too, finally being able to cum, after all the build up! I stroked her soft, sexy inner thigh, planning on returning the favor in the immediate future, but Erin had a worried look in her eyes.

"I never thought that I would let a guy do that to me again. But something has swept over me. I feel like I'm on drugs or something, what's wrong with me Erin?"

I didn't know how to tell her what I'd found out last night, but I was saved by the bell. After getting up, and cleaning up the mess I'd made on the seat, I promised Erin I'd tell her everything I found out at lunch. We parted ways with a pat on my part, on Erins sexy little, cheerleading butt, as she headed of for Sex Ed class.

5: Two weeks pass

"Are you sure those were birth control pills you bought, Britt?" Erin and I were at my house chillin' after a big test in History about four week after the steamy events between us and Daniel and Scott. We had crashed on the couch in the living room. Erin was wearing a pair of tight jogging shorts with a loose peasants blouse with a plunging neckline that covered her sexy tummy.

"Yeah, like, you were there when I bought them," I mumbled into her neck, giving it a little nibble.

"Duh, but what about that lady you ran into as we were leaving?" Erin sounded almost annoyed as she punched my arm, " I mean, like, what if you got her pills instead? Do you know what she had?"

"I dunno same thing as is I guess, she was a sexy little fox." I was so tired I really didn't care about why Erin was so worried.

"Well, the reason I was wonderin' is cause of..." Erin shook me off her shoulder and pulled her blouse up so I could see the tops of her shorts: the reason for her liberal choice in clothing was staring right up at me in the form a tangerine sized bulge in Erins normally trim and tight tummy. I could resist, I had to touch her! I ran my finger tips up and down her little bulge over and over again. The top of her stomach stayed washboard flat from the bottom of her breasts till just below the bottom of her rib cage where it gently rose up to the top of her belly button then quickly dipped down, making a nice little slide down under her shorts, where I would have loved to go and play had Erin not stopped me; her "Oh my god, Britt! You're pregnant too!" shook me out of my reverie.

"Do you think its mine!?" I exclaimed.

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