tagGroup SexOld Friends, New Experience

Old Friends, New Experience


Maria and Jill were best friends. They lived next door to each other and were always busy going back and forth between their places. They spent a great deal of time together and had much in common. They would play tennis twice a week, shop, have lunch and watch "chick flicks" all the time. The big difference between the two was that Maria was married and Jill divorced. Jill's husband had since re-married but Jill barely dated. Of course, Maria's husband traveled a great deal for work, so it worked out well having each other.

One day after tennis, the two women decided to take showers at the club and go right to lunch rather than go home first to change. It was a nice club with a very comfortable locker area. Although the showers were private, there were certainly open areas where the women could see each other. After their showers, the women were standing by their lockers. Maria took off her towel and wrapped it around her head to dry her hair. Jill's jaw dropped to the floor when she saw Maria. She knew she had big tits, but never realized just how large. They had to be at least a DD cup if not bigger. Jill had always been proud of her own body. She kept trim, had nice 36c breasts and very tone legs. And Maria had a nice body as well. But seeing Maria for the first time was amazing. She had a very curvy body, strong thighs and to Jill's amazement, a shaven pussy. Jill caught herself staring and tried to look away. She had never thought about women in a sexual way and was now embarrassed by staring at her best friend. The fact that Jill had not been laid in some time was not helping in increasing aroused state.

During lunch Jill couldn't keep her eyes of Maria's cleavage. "Is it warm in here?" Jill asked as she fanned herself. Maria just said it was probably a hot flash, but Jill could feel her pussy start to leak. She was picturing Maria's huge mounds of flesh and those incredible nipples. She was squirming in her chair trying to get comfortable. Jill was able to finally gain some composure. But then Maria started in on love and matchmaking.

"You just have to meet Bill," said Maria. "I can fix you up. I know you'll like him." Maria went onto describe Bill. Good looking, great job, etc. etc. And then Maria accidentally blurted out, "and he has a great cock." Maria went red and held her hand up to her mouth. "Did I just say that?" They both laughed, and Jill now wanted to know more.

The girls continued talking and Maria described how she had met Bill at the club and they ended up in bed fucking and sucking that same night. "Oh Jill, John is gone so much and I get horny. It just kind of happened with Bill.... and boy, when it happened…..whew! I haven't cum that hard in a long time." All this talk made Jill even wetter. She wasn't sure how much more she could take.

Just then Bill walked up. Apparently Maria had previously arranged a "chance encounter." "Jill, this is Bill. Bill, meet Jill." They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Maria was right, Bill was good looking. But by this point, Jill couldn't think straight. She was flush and extremely horny. Jill just laid it out on the table. "Look you two, I'm horny as hell. I know from Maria that Bill is a good fuck. So why don't we just get out of here, and fast."

They didn't even wait for the check. They threw down some money and left. All three got into the front of Bill's car, Jill on Maria's lap. As they pulled out onto the road, Jill gave Maria the biggest French kiss of her life. Maria was taken aback at first but then responded to Jill's advances. "Listen hunny, I'm ashamed to say it but from the time I saw your tits and pussy in the locker room, I've been one raging hormone," gushed Jill. "My pussy is soaking wet and I just can't help myself."

"It's o.k. hunny," Maria reassured Jill. "Finding another woman attractive is perfectly fine." With that, they began kissing again and feeling each other all over. As for Bill, he couldn't believe his eyes or ears. He lived close to the restaurant and couldn't drive to his house fast enough. He had a raging hardon and wanted to get in on the action. In the meantime, Jill had unbuttoned Maria's pants and was reaching beneath her now very wet panties. "Oh baby, your shaven pussy is soooooo sexy. I need to feel it." Maria just spread her legs wider. With that, Jill's finger slid between her wet slit and Maria let out a gasp of pleasure.

"That's it hunny, put you finger in me," pleaded Maria. Jill had one finger in Maria's pussy and the rest of her palm against her outer lips so that Maria could hump her. "Oh that's it, do it hard. Make me cum." And with that, Maria let out a loud moan and had an intense orgasm.

The three lovers parked the car and went into Bill's house. The women were stripping their clothes off as they headed for the bedroom. Bill was not far behind. "Get on the bed my little slut and let me eat your pussy," commanded Maria. Jill obeyed and lifted her legs high in the air, presenting her waiting pussy to Maria's mouth. As soon as her tongue hit, Jill let out a scream of Joy. "Oh baby, that's it. Lick my pussy you slut. Suck my clitty. Make me cum." Maria couldn't lick fast enough. Her tongue was probing and Jill was breathing so fast and hard that she almost hyperventilated. Maria probed her best friend's cunt. She paid special attention to her puffy lips and protruding clit. Maria also allowed her tongue to wander past Jill's pussy and towards Jill's ass. She gently flicked her hole and then let her tongue search deeper. Maria had never done this before but she was strangely aroused by it. Jill was kept delirious with delight. Maria soon went back to work on Jill's pussy, savoring her juices as they covered her face.

Maria had been on all fours with her ass in the air. Not wanting to be left out, Bill took his cock and easily slid it into Maria's gaping pussy. He started to pump in and out, his balls slapping against Maria's ass. Jill looked on and encouraged Bill. "That's it stud, fuck my girlfriend. Give it to her harder. Fuck her like the slut she is." Jill was out of control. She didn't know if it was because it had been so long since she had sex or if it was because of her new found desire for pussy. Quite frankly, she didn't care. Bill just kept pounding Maria and Maria just kept eating Jill. As they were fucking, Bill lubed his finger from Maria's pussy and then slid it into her ass. This made Maria pick up her head from Jill and let out a long gasp. She looked back at Bill. "I can't believe you are filling my pussy and ass. Keep fucking me…pleeaassee." The bed was shaking so much it was a wonder it didn't collapse. Maria could feel Bill's big cock filling her. She contracted her pussy muscles around him and held onto his cock. Bill then took his free hand and began squeezing Maria's big tits as the giggled back and forth.

Maria looked at Jill. "Oh god lover, his, uuhhhh, cock feels, uhhhh sooooo good. I can feel him filling me up. Keep watching us as he fucks my cunt. I know it's turning you on. And your pussy is so sweet. I'm going to eat you all day while my pussy is full of hot cock."

Finally, it was Bill could take and he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out. Maria got up and came close to Jill. Bill shot his wad all over their faces. They began licking each other and licking Bill's cock clean. They made sure to get every drop of cum and pussy juice all licked up. They kissed each other passionately as lovers.

They all collapsed and were breathing heavy. After a minute, Jill looked at them and said, "What about me?" Maria and Bill looked confused. They had just been through the ride of a lifetime. Jill went on, "I still need to get fucked…it's not fair!" They all laughed. Then Bill got up and told them he would be back in a minute. Jill and Maria gazed into each other's eyes and started kissing again. Jill began to fondle Maria's perfect tits. Her nipples and aureole were huge and just waiting to be sucked. She took them in her mouth. The more she sucked, the more pert became Maria's nipples. Jill buried her head between Maria's tits and basked in their warmth.

Just then, Bill came back holding a banana. "Where there's a Bill, there's a way," quipped Bill. The women laughed and Maria helped her new lover lean back. Bill peeled the banana part way and handed it to Maria. She then ran the passion fruit up and down Jill's cunt lips. They could see Jill getting wet again. Maria carefully inserted the banana into Jill's waiting pussy. In and out it went. Jill just closed her eyes, leaned back and enjoyed the feeling. Soon Maria was moving faster. Jill started whimpering. Then all of a sudden Jill yelled, "I'm cuuummminng." She bucked her hips up and down several times and she could feel her body twitch with pleasure. Her pussy grabbed onto the banana tight and broke it in half. Jill then let out a deep breath and smiled. Maria began removed the fruit and began to lick it. She then shared it with Jill so she could taste her own juices. They split the banana into three pieces and they all enjoyed one final treat before their afternoon ended.

As they lay on the bed together, Jill turned to Bill and Maria and said, "O.k., now what's for dinner!" They all laughed eagerly anticipating their next meeting.

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