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[This story includes lots of cunnilingus, some coitus and some fellatio. One small bit of anal non-consent. And, the consequences of beliefs that some people have. The story is the outgrowth of a conversation I heard four men having over lunch in a sports bar. It is fiction. The attitudes are real.]


For the last eight years I've held the belief that I was a regular guy. I have a regular job, not an executive and not a peon. I get a good paycheck every two weeks and my wife and I have a tract home in a nice, regular neighborhood. We each work and when we aren't working, we have fun.

About the only thing out-of-the-ordinary is that we don't have any kids. We certainly have made the effort often enough to have started something cooking if there was heat in the oven. In our third year of marriage we went for testing and discovered that I make about one one-hundredth the number of sperm that most men make and mine don't swim very well. Most of them drown on the way to the goal. Marcie has only one ovary and it pops an egg out about three times a year. I think those eggs have shells on them. The doctors let us know the odds of us making babies were so low that if it happened we should expect a visit from an angel.

Marcie cried and we were both pretty bummed for months after we got the news. It's a shot to the ego to find out that kind of news. But, a few months later, one of the couples we know had a baby with lots of problems and our sadness turned to gratitude. Not having those kinds of problems is a blessing. In the last three years we've talked about adopting, but never seriously enough to actually set the process in motion.

We thought we had normal lives. We thought most of the couples we knew had marriages a lot like ours. Because of my work in energy research my circle of colleagues was small. Most of them are very technical thinkers and not too social. Marcie works at a middle school, in the office and has a very social group of friends from work.

We take three trips a year. Around Christmas we go somewhere warm. At the beginning of summer we go somewhere with lots of sunshine and water and at the end of summer or early Fall we go visit our parents. As I write this the beginning of summer trip has been over for three weeks.

We went on a road trip with some friends. Actually, we wanted them as friends and thought a camping trip might help. The group is the four women. They work at the same school. Somehow they planned the trip, attempting to include lots of activities the men would like. We rented motor homes and planned to travel from Yellowstone up into Canada as far north as Jasper and as far west as Vancouver before heading back and turning in the motor homes. We reserved two motor homes with two couples in each. The ladies found places for us to hike, swim, boat, fish and maybe take a white water raft trip.

We picked up the RV's on Friday afternoon and spent the evening loading them for the trip. Both RV's came to our home as we had a good sized parking lot next to our apartment building. I helped get things stowed away. Marcie and Pat had lists of things we needed to make sure we had inside the RV's before we left. I met Pat, Sarah and Ann during the packing. I heard a lot about their husbands. Not all of what I heard was good.

Marcie asked Ann where Carl was. She made a face and said, "He needed to stay a little late at work. That always happens just before a vacation. That way all the packing is up to me."

Sarah said she didn't think Bill had any idea what it took to go anywhere. They had been married seven years and he had never packed for anything. Pat just nodded and kept working.

I bought blocks of ice for the two big ice chests, loaded them with beverages and used bungees to strap them down so they wouldn't slide around while we were on the road.

At about seven the husbands arrived and so did the guy from the pizza delivery place. The husbands looked at the two RV's and gave their approval to the packing job the wives had done. I noticed the wives served the husbands their pizza, opened their beers and cleaned up after their husbands were finished. Frank, Pat's husband said he thought it would be good if he and Pat slept in one RV and in the morning drove over and picked up one of the other couples. Marcie and I would take the other RV and pick up the other couple.

That idea flew and two couples drove home while Frank and Pat spent the night in an RV. Early the next morning we were up. Marcie made a big thermos of coffee and gave Frank and Pat a mug each. Then we were off, agreeing to meet at the rest stop about twelve miles north of our homes.

During the days we swapped seats a lot, making sure we all rode with every other couple. We had sort-of planned for the men driving and the women cooking all the meals that were cooked inside. The guys would do the outdoor grilling.

I thought it was a great trip at the beginning. I started as driver of motor home number 821. Each motor home had a number painted on it, otherwise they were the same. The first driving day we were joined in the RV by Bill and Sarah. I drove all that first day. About once an hour or hour and a half the other three would shift around and the shotgun seat would have someone new in it. When we stopped for lunch everyone from both RV's gathered at picnic tables we found at rest stops or city parks. We had two-way radios so we could stay in communication.

We discovered when we stopped the first night that privacy was almost impossible. The bed up over the driving seat was only about ten feet from the bed at the back of the RV. There was a curtain that could be drawn between the two sleeping areas but any moving around or noise was shared.

We discovered this the first night when Bill decided he wanted to have sex with Sarah. They had the bed at the back of the RV. We had gotten in bed and the RV started a rocking motion. Marcie held on to me and whispered, "Is it an earthquake?"

"No. It's lasting too long." I opened the curtain a little and saw Bill's pajamas between Sarah's legs. The pose told me they were screwing. I held the curtain so Marcie could see what was causing the motion.

When I closed the curtain Marcie stripped off her panties and opened her legs for me. Two or three strokes and I was in a motion that matched Bill's and the RV was rockin! Bill tends to bellow when he cums. We were parked ten feet from the RV driven by Frank and a short time after Bill bellowed we heard another bellow from that RV. Marcie started laughing. Sarah laughed and in two seconds we were all laughing. I kept stroking and when I came I did my best imitation of a bear. That got us laughing again. Eventually we did go to sleep.

The community breakfast was going well until Sarah asked Ann, "Did you hear the bears in the campground last night?" It was a mean question to ask. Ann was taking a drink of orange juice when Sarah asked and Ann sprayed her husband with a mouthful of juice when she laughed. All of us laughed.

Ann and Carl rode with us for the morning. We got to know them better and had fun. I did notice that Carl acted like Ann was his personal servant. He was sitting shotgun, all of ten feet from either the fridge or ice chests and he asked Ann to bring him a beverage twice during the morning. He interrupted what Ann and Marcie were doing both times. She got him a can, opened it, wrapped it in a paper napkin and handed it to him. He didn't say "Thanks" either time.

After lunch Carl and Ann went to the other RV and Frank and Pat came with us. Pat and Marcie talked on the radio with the women in the other RV while Frank and I sat up front. I had driven the morning so Frank drove the afternoon shift. Pat and Marcie worked out a plan for who was doing which meals for all of us. By the time we stopped for dinner they had a menu and assignments for the rest of the trip.

The next day we didn't drive. We stayed camped in one spot and did some hiking and enjoying the outdoors. From our campground there were plenty of hiking trails so we all didn't go on the same trail. Marcie and I hiked with Frank and his wife Pat. They were the oldest of our group. Frank was three years older than me. We hiked about an hour then sat on a fallen tree to rest. As we rested we heard a bellow from quite a distance. We looked at each other and Frank said, "Sounds like Bill." We laughed. When I stood up to start walking again Marcie said, "It sounded like bragging to me."

Pat said, "Or maybe a challenge?" She unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them to the ground. Frank watched her do it and his hands went to the belt of his hiking shorts. Pat stripped everything off but her boots and leaned back on the fallen tree. Frank wasted no time in sending his body into connection with hers.

I froze and watched them for a few seconds. Marcie called my name. I looked and she was standing by a different fallen tree, naked but for her boots and her hand was holding her lower lips open for me. I looked back at Frank and Pat, realized they didn't care if we did it too, so I stripped and accepted Marcie's invitation. Before either Frank or I completed the challenge we heard another bellow, from our distant friends.

"I'm so close Pat! Squeeze me! Yes, here it comes!" Frank leaned back and yelled as loud as he could. Pat had her legs wrapped around him and she screamed in her orgasm as Frank filled her.

I looked back at Marcie and she screamed, "Fuck me hard! Fill me up!" I pumped hard and we used our hands and her legs to help slam us together. "Blow my ass off with your spunk, Pete! Give it to me! I'm cumming!!" I followed Frank's example and leaned back as I shoved my cock in as deep as it would go. I bellowed and Marcie screamed!

When my balls were empty and my cock wilting I pulled back a little and felt my cock slip out of Marcie. "God, Babe, that was incredible! Thanks."

She responded, "That was the best! I just love being outdoors!" She got off the log and dropped down onto her knees. In one swift move she captured my cock and cleaned it with her mouth. I looked over at our hiking companions and they were dressed again, watching us. When Marcie stood back up I noticed something white drip out of her and land on the pine needles between her feet.

I picked her up and put her back on the log. "I don't want you leaving a trail on the trail." I said as I bent to her pussy and drank in all our combined cream. She held my face against her pussy and I did my best to make sure she gave me everything she had inside. She screamed twice while I ate her. Finally she said, "Honey, stop! I'm too sensitive!" I stopped and helped her off the log.

Frank and Pat were dressed and the look on their faces was shock. We dressed and started the hike back to the RV's. Frank hiked near me and the girls lagged behind.

"I guess they want to talk." Frank said.

"Making plans or something." I added.

"I can't believe we just did that." Frank said. "It was so weird."

I assumed he meant because we were outdoors or because we watched each other.

When we got back Ann and Sarah were filling the area with the smells of good food. The men got out our maps and books and planned our next stop. We decided to stop at a lake, rent boats and explore the lake that way. We would stay overnight there for one night and head up into Canada.

That night we had different people in the RV with us. Ann and Carl. Carl is huge. He played for Michigan State as a tackle about six or seven years ago. He hung off the end of the small RV bed. We had the upper bunk again. There was no way Carl would have fit up there. I got in bed first. Marcie got in with me, closed the curtains and stripped off her t-shirt and panties. Then she surprised me, she parted the curtain and looked out at Ann and Carl. I looked over her shoulder.

As big as Carl was I expected to see the schlong from a porno film. I expected it to be long, fat and have a head like an apple. I smiled when I saw that as big as he was his package wasn't any bigger, longer or fatter than mine. Marcie closed the curtain and whispered, "I loved it when you ate me in the woods."

I got the hint and started moving towards a replay. She stopped me. "Fill me up first." Oral sex was better for both of us after. She stroked me and guided my cock into her. I kissed her face as we slowly melded together and she softly said, "Pat said Frank has never eaten her. She came while she watched you do it to me."

My juices were building up pressure quickly. Remembering our play in the forest and knowing that Pat watched me eating Marcie was so exciting.

"Fill me, stud! Make all the other women envy me!" She was whispering close to my ear and I was thrusting deep into her. I shifted just enough that I could keep thrusting and reach her clit with my thumb. It didn't take long and I could feel her starting to surrender to the feelings.

Her back arched and her pussy clenched. I shoved in hard and we bellowed and screamed together. I quickly pulled out and slid down so my face pressed against her swollen pussy. I closed my eyes and ate her. She lifted her legs and spread wide to open herself to me.

What I didn't notice was Carl and Ann pulling the curtain open and standing there, less than two feet away from us, watching. Marcie came again and rather than screaming out loud again she covered her face with a pillow. It muffled the sound some. I kept eating. I love the taste of Marcie and I love the taste of us. I love the feeling of power I feel when she shudders and surrenders to me.

Ann and Carl slowly closed the curtain and went back to their bed. Marcie and I slept well.

In the morning Marcie went out and brought me some orange juice and coffee. She was bubbling and excited. I asked her what that was all about.

"I'm outdoors, we're having wonderful sex and my friends envy us."

"What are you talking about?"

"Not one man on this trip is willing to eat his woman, except you. You are the only one! Did you know Ann and Carl watched you do it last night?"


"Ann is mad at Carl because he won't do it."

"Shit! I don't want the men all pissed at me."

"Stop worrying! By the end of the week they'll all be eating their wives and happy about it."

"I hope you're right." I got up and dressed. When it was time to get on the road again the seating arrangements shifted again. We had been traveling as couples. Marcie was always in the same RV with me. This time one RV had four wives in it, Marcie being one of them. The other RV had the four husbands of the four wives in it. Carl drove that RV.

We were not more that five miles down the road when Carl said, "Why do you suck your own cum out of Marcie?" He made a face as he asked.

"She likes it. She cums so easily when I do it. I get to feel powerful. She surrenders herself to me."

"But, it's disgusting!" Frank said.

"You let your wife swallow your stuff when she blows you?" I asked.

"Yeah, but that's different."

"I don't see how. Do you ever eat pussy?"

"No! There's something wrong about that."

"Wait a minute. None of you has ever eaten your wife?"

Carl was driving and he looked over at me like I was insane to even ask. He swerved back into his lane and didn't say anything. It was quiet for a long time in the RV.

Finally Frank spoke up. "I want you to stop."

Carl started to slow down. Frank said, "Not you Carl. Pete. I want him to stop eating pussy."

"That's crazy."

"No, it isn't. If you keep eating her and she keeps screaming four or five times a night our wives will never stop bugging us. If you stop, things will get back to normal."

"So, when Marcie asks me to eat her, what should I say, 'No, Honey, I can't because Frank doesn't want me to."

"I don't give a shit what you tell her, just don't eat her." Carl said.

"And," Bill said, speaking for the first time, "If she asks what we talked about in here tell her we talked about baseball. Not about eating pussy!"

"You want me to stop eating pussy and you want me to lie?"

"Do you think the Cubs have a shot this year?" Bill asked.

Frank answered, "They may, if the Diamondbacks falter a little."

Bill said, "We just talked about baseball. It won't be a lie."

I sat back and thought. When we stopped for lunch the boys were all smiles and laughter. I noticed they didn't help prepare lunch or clean up. I tossed my plate and Marcie's in the trash and got a strange look from Frank. Marcie asked me if I knew where her other sunglasses were. We went to find them. Once we were in RV number 821 she whispered to me, "We need to take a short walk. I need to talk to you."

"Ok." I found the sunglasses and we went back to the group and ate sandwiches. After lunch I walked away from the parking lot with the keys to 821 in my pocket. I didn't trust them any more. Marcie walked with me and softly said, "Pat is sneaky. She knew something was up and she hid one of the radios in the RV with all you men. As we rode we listened. They know all about the plan. I'm not sure what we can do."

"For now, no screaming. We'll go back and load up. I'll think while we travel and maybe I can think of something. You see what you can think of."

We went back and ten minutes later we were back on the road. John drove the men's group. I sat in the dining area. The men talked about baseball, work, money and about a movie or two. I didn't say much.

We got to the lake and found a small camping area that was just big enough for our group. We set up camp and I saw on the chart that Marcie and Ann were the ones on the list to make dinner. Everyone else scattered to explore and have fun. They were to be back by seven-thirty. I stayed and helped.

We didn't say anything about the problem while we made dinner. When the camp area had been just us for a while Marcie said, "We have a solution. I can't say anything until after breakfast tomorrow morning. It's gonna be Ok."

"Ok. I'll wait." We finished making dinner. At seven-thirty we served dinner and listened to people talk about what they discovered as the explored. Frank and Carl announced a fishing trip for the next day. They had reserved a boat and were going fishing after breakfast. Pat and Sarah announced they had found a bus that would take them to see fields of wild flowers. They invited Marcie and Ann to go with them. Bill asked me if I was interested in fishing or a hike. I asked if I could wait until morning to decide. He knew there were plenty of boats so waiting wasn't a problem.

After dinner Pat said she wanted to take a walk along the edge of the lake until it was pretty dark. I said I would stay behind and when it got dark enough I'd turn on the lights of an RV to guide the walkers back home.

Frank went with Pat on the walk. Carl, Bill and their wives walked to the boat rental place and looked at the boats. Marcie went with them. When it was dark enough I started the RV and turned on the lights. It wasn't too long before everyone was back. We made a fire in a fire pit. Sarah got out her guitar and we sang songs until nearly midnight. Near midnight people started wandering towards bed. Marcie and I were about the last to head for bed.

In our upper bunk Marcie kept her t-shirt on. She snuggled close and whispered in my ear. "Can you go one night without doing me?"

"If I have to."

As I lay there holding Marcie I realized I hadn't heard a bellow. The game had changed. I fell asleep wondering what the next day would bring.

The noise of Ann, Sarah and Pat making breakfast woke us. It was before seven. Carl was watching Ann tending the bacon, Frank was sipping coffee and Sarah was doing eggs and pancakes. The tables were already set. Marcie and I dressed and went outside. Pat gave me a cup of fresh coffee and gave one to Marcie. As each person came to breakfast they were met with coffee.

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