Real Life


I glanced at the clock ticking away on the bathroom wall. It was already nearly 8 PM. I'd have to hurry or I'd miss THE BIG BANG THEORY. That had been my favorite show on television for the past few years and I prided myself on never having missed a first-run episode. Still, I had an important job to do first. It was my boyfriend's birthday and the one thing he asked for from me was his birthday blowjob.

The blowjob had become an annual tradition. Oh, I had no problem giving him bj's throughout the year--I kinda liked 'em really-- but the birthday one had become special, symbolic I guess. He looked forward to it like a little boy getting a special treat. It was so cute!

So when I had my makeup all perfect and my seams adjusted, I walked into the living room where he was sitting playing a video game on the PS3 he had gotten for himself this past Christmas. "Hi," I said in my sexiest voice.

"Hi," he threw off quickly as he swerved to avoid what looked like attack missiles or something on the 56 inch TV. The room shook from the sound as he had it filtered through stereo speakers dotted in the corners. I glanced at the time on the cable TV box. Yeesh! Getting close. Subtlety was no longer an option. I walked over and hit the off button on the TV.

"Hey! I was just about to..." At that point, I could tell he saw me. "I mean...'Hi, there. What brings you here?'" His eyes lit on my deep cleavage and then on the new pinker than pink lipstick I had added thickly just so it could get all smeared.

"Hi," I said sweetly again as I walked right up to him and began to run my hands through his hair. I could tell he was sniffing mine as I leaned into him on the couch. I wished I had used a fancier shampoo than the L'Oreal.

I started to think that he really needed a haircut, too. It wasn't that his hair was too long, just that portions were uneven and stringy and it looked awkward. Made him look kind of hot in the right situations I guess but kind of shabby the rest of the time.

Having once been a Girl Scout, I was, of course, prepared. I had carried a kitchen towel in on my shoulder. I dropped the towel on the floor right in front of him and then I slowly lowered myself to the floor as well. His face lit up with a smile all the way across it as he put aside his electronic toys and rose in anticipation of his birthday treat. I loved to see him smile.

He stood stock still letting me do all the work so I unzipped his jeans, noting as I did so that his zipper was in disrepair and he would probably have to replace it soon. Who was I kidding? He was a man. He'd throw these perfectly good jeans out and just buy a whole new pair. While I was thinking this, I fished out his half-mast pecker through the opening in his shorts and grasped it tightly around its middle. I looked up to see him lean his head back with closed eyes. I smiled that I could make him so happy so easily. It made me happy.

I put my lips together and leaned in to literally give a little butterfly kiss to the thick mushroom head with its little slit smiling sideways up at me. When I smooched, I left a lipstick stain. I could hear him moan as if already lost in some deep, secret pleasure. I glanced at the time again and figured I'd best get to work. I opened my mouth wide and slipped it over his still thickening flesh without letting it touch the sides of my mouth. As it went in deeper and I got closer to him, I could smell the urine stains on his underwear. Men could be such slobs, I thought. I wondered if he had even changed them today.

When I finally squeezed my mouth snugly around his dick, that thick head was further down in my throat than I had ever had it. I nearly choked. Stories I had heard of the hardened heads getting stuck in girls' throats came back to me. I gagged just a second, more from the thought than anything else I think. I pulled off and coughed, cleared my throat, assured him I was fine and opted for a more traditional approach as I continued.

I reached behind and grabbed his butt through his tight jeans as I carefully bobbed my head up and down for a few minutes--not too far, mind you. I was just concentrating on licking the head with my tongue as it went in and out. Well, that and what I should make for dinner. If we didn't use that ground beef, it would go bad but I definitely wasn't going to have time to do anything with it before my show came on.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my head as if guiding me on to suck him off. I didn't need any guidance, though, and since he couldn't feel his cock in my mouth the way I did, I was always worried when he did this that he was going to push too hard or at the wrong time and I would choke on it. I pulled my mouth off it and shook my head as sensually as I could as I gulped a few breaths. "No, darling. Let me do it." I removed his hands. Sometimes he really didn't make this easy.

I was thinking I might have to settle for cold cuts during BBT. Of course, maybe I was being influenced by the bologna I had in my mouth already. That sticky stuff men make for lube had started bubbling out through his slit so it was all syrupy and everything now as I rolled it around in my mouth. He moaned so I did, too. He seemed to like that so I kept it up, almost humming.

I held onto the middle tightly as I bobbed on it up and down for a while. Up and down, up and down. I noticed that the nail polish on my hand needed to be touched up again and wondered if maybe I should just take it all off and try something new this time. Black with gold stars maybe? Every once in a while, I'd remember to jack him a little and that elicited murmurs of great approval which made me laugh and nearly gag again.

It tasted like sucking one's thumb as a child. There was a certain calming feeling to licking the flesh that I kind of long as he had showered recently, of course, which, thankfully, I could tell he had here. Otherwise...well... probably not a good time to think about that.

One also never knew until the payoff how a man's cum would taste as it really was affected by what he had recently had to eat. There were lots of foods like pineapple and watermelon that could actually make it taste good. Unfortunately, beer and pizza gave it a unique flavor all its own and that, of course, was closer to the average for most men.

Oh, my gosh. I had lost track of time. We were only minutes away now and sometimes the bit before the opening credits was the funniest part. I started pumping his prick faster and harder now as well as slipping it in and out faster. His balls had been bouncing off my chin and I could feel them well up. I was in complete control. As I kept sucking, I kept my eyes on the time and literally pushed him back onto the couch just as I started to feel the thick, warm liquid flood my mouth. He moaned almost as if in pain rather than release. I captured the results of all my hard work in my cheek until he was close to done. Then I gulped a couple of times to swallow. I coughed and he absent-mindedly handed me an open bottle of Pepsi from the table, without even opening his eyes. I took a swig to help wash it down.

I grabbed the towel off the floor to wipe my face, mainly just the smeared makeup. Then I plopped next to him on the couch, his quickly waning penis still on view, and grabbed the remote. Less than a minute to go until Sheldon and company! Whew! I had made it.

"Honey? " I asked. "Could you do me a big favor?

"Oh. My. God. That was the most amaz..."

"Yeah. Okay. We can talk about it later. Right now, can you run into the kitchen and make me a sandwich, please? My show's on!"

I laughed. He laughed. "Happy birthday!" I said with a wink.


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