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Review: Goth Sex 02


Batman says that he describes goth sex as exploring the darker pleasures and that there's a beautiful dichotomy between the pain and pleasure. Batman is in his thirties, has reddish hair, goatee and moustache and has fangs like a vampire. His explanatory lines pop up: Batman, Marine Biologist By Day, Vampire By Night. He says that when he's had a hard time, that it's been a rough month or whatever, that he can go in and do a carving and have a friend run a scalpel through his body and as his blood is trickling down his back and as he feels that going through his flesh, everything leaves.

Clint begins by saying, "Maybe this isn't a good idea. Maybe I don't want another trip to the emergency room." He says the scene is not funny, not hot but just pathetic and that's what he was: pathetic. The explanatory lines for his segment pop up: Clint, Writer, Recovering Goth. From a coffee table book, he shows a picture of himself and explains that it was the first time that he drank someone else's blood but that he didn't ingest it. That came later, he adds.

Holding the book, he says that he can't look at this usually. He says that looking at the gothic version of himself makes him uneasy and makes his stomach churn. Clint says that he knew that his sexuality wasn't the norm in high school and that people were calling him a fag long before he ever knew what it was. What excited him about the goth scene was that his sexuality was accepted.

Wrapped in plastic wrap, Michelle says that she likes to think of herself as a hopeless romantic, searching for the bigger and better way to express her love. She wraps Phoenix up mummy style and pushes him back on the bed. Lines pop up to introduce Phoenix: Phoenix, Michelle's Boyfriend. He says that when you really care about someone, you can take your passion to an extreme without worrying about what the other person thinks, whether they think that it's sick. Phoenix is shown dripping hot candle wax onto Michelle's back.

He says that there are a lot of things about Michelle that turn him on. It can be a certain look that she gives him and that he'll be pretty turned on for the rest of the night. Michelle says that she brought him flowers and that each one has a meaning and considers that goth sex. She says that when she started doing S & M, she was looking for someone she could trust with her life. She shows cuts that they've made on each other and explains that it's the deepest they've ever cut each other.

Michelle says that middle America would think that what they do is sick and perverted. Michelle's mom states that Michelle wasn't accepted in the norm of things as a young child and that she's sought acceptance through her peers in the goth scene. Michelle is shown dancing on stage with another woman who has dollar bills tucked into her waist. Michelle says that she got yelled at for being happy; that goths aren't supposed to be happy. She says that just because you're goth doesn't mean that you have to be sad and depressed all the time.

Next segment explanatory lines: Goth Employment Opportunities. Michelle's mom says that Michelle called her and said that she was thinking about getting another job; that her girlfriend worked at a club and that she would have to wear pasties. Her mother says that if her daughter is comfortable with that, do it. Michelle then told her mother that her other option was being a dominatrix in an S & M club and her mother says, "Michelle, you're going to look wonderful in those pasties." Info line: Michelle Took The Dominatrix Job.

Michelle is shown in her new job, spanking and whipping people. She says that it's very psychological and very mental and that she's not hardcore into the pain aspect but she questions why someone would want to be publicly humiliated. Phoenix is also not too happy with Michelle being a dominatrix because it's all about sexual stimulation. He says that Michelle worked on the wife of a friend of his and the friend said that he had to finish where Michelle left off. Because of the sexual stimulation aspect of it, Phoenix doesn't like it because she's sharing that with other people.

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