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Review: The Taming of Felicia


Thrills. The Taming of Felicia.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Brad Bartnum (as Jamie), Jessica Lee (as Raquel), Iva Hasperger (as Marley), David Banks (as Alaister), Irina Stemer (as Commander Lupez), Stella Yan (as Tanya) and David Johnson (as Employee).

An editor learns some men like strong women.

* * * * *

In the midst of a jungle, Alaister is tied to a chair with a pillowcase over his head by two men in military garb. A woman, just off-screen, tells the men to leave them and to lock the door behind them. The Commander, a blonde also dressed in military garb, asks why an American reporter is here. He tells her that he was to do an interview with Commander Lupez and she pulls the pillowcase off his head, telling him that she is the Commander. She wants to know why she should give him an interview.

His first answer is because she can reach a lot of male readers and she tells him that she needs a better answer than that. When he says that she should give him the interview because it gets lonely in the jungle, she responds by pulling shirt off and kneeling to unbuckle his belt. She straddles him on the chair, shoving her nipples in his face, then unties him. He undresses completely and they fuck, first in the chair and then standing, with Alaister taking her from behind. Afterwards, she dresses and tells him that he's free to go. When he asks about the interview, she tells him that that was the interview.

Raquel comes into the conference room and warns everyone that Felicia is on the warpath. Tanya comments that Felicia's relationship went south and Felicia enters, saying that it would take more than a failed relationship to put her on the warpath. Alaister asks that happened and she says, "The usual. I think everything's going fine, then I get the speech. The I-really-like-you-a-lot-but-you-make-me-feel-inadequate speech." He says that some guys can't handle strong women and when Felicia asks if she's too strong, he says no. She reminds him of a commander who was afraid to show her troops that she was a woman.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a question that they put to the readers. The question: Who are sexy but strong women? 5. Brandi Chastain; 4. Ashley Judd; 3. Anna Kournikova; 2. Cameron Diaz; and 1. Lucy Lawless.

Raquel, the receptionist, buzzes Felicia and tells her that the contractor who is redoing her office has arrived. Jamie, the contractor, barges into her office without knocking and proceeds to tell Felicia that there's some bad 'feng shui' in her office. He gives her a drawing of what his idea of the new space should look like and breezes out without listening to Felicia. It's clear that she's not used to not being in control.

On Monday morning, Jamie is talking with Raquel when Felicia arrives and Raquel tells her boss that Jamie was just going over the work schedule with her. Felicia is angry to find two men in her office and tells them to get out. Jamie comes in and explains that they moved her over to the storage room and when she complains about a lack of privacy, he says that they'll put sheets up. She's not happy but Jamie brushes her off, telling her that he has a lot of work to get done. When she complains to Raquel that he's the most arrogant man she's ever met, Raquel responds by saying that she thinks he's hot.

Alaister walks into Felicia's office and comments that he's heard that she's having problems with Jamie. Raquel buzzes Felicia to let her know the senator is on the line and she is livid when the man tries to back out of an exclusive interview he previously arranged with her. Jamie comes by and asks if it's Bill. When she nods, he takes the phone and briefly speaks to the senator, reminding him of the S&M dungeon he built in the senator's house. When Jamie returns the phone, the senator has changed his mind and agrees to the interview. Felicia doesn't thank Jamie but realizes that he helped her out.

Back in her old office, Felicia is working on the computer late at night when she hears someone outside. It's Jamie, who's brought dinner and they talk a bit. Felicia learns that he doesn't mind that she's ruthless and that he thinks it's quite sexy. At first, she says no to dinner but she changes her mind. They start talking more and she lets on that she has no one to take her to the big Gala coming up. Jamie says that it's hard to find someone that you feel comfortable with. "Like you." He adds.

He drops a shrimp on her wrist and retrieves it, telling her that she still has some sauce on her. When she asks where, he rubs the shrimp between her breasts, then follows with his mouth. They start kissing and he removes his shirt. Felicia opens hers, spreads more sauce on her chest and Jamie leans in to lick it clean. They continue to kiss, removing each other's pants and Jamie moves behind her, playing with her clit and rubbing her breasts, then lays her on the desk, sliding into her pussy and sucking on her nipples. It's not long before they're coming together.

Another reader's poll pops up and the question is about sex with the boss: 27% say they did it, 59% say that they have fantasized about it and 14% said no, thanks.

The next day, Felicia brings breakfast for everyone and Alaister is astounded, coming to the conclusion that she got laid. When she finally admits it, the entire crew is happy for her. Felicia is sharing the story with Raquel, when a woman wearing a tool belt walks in. She introduces herself as Marley and says that Jamie couldn't make it so he sent her. Felicia says, "Oh, you work for him." But Marley answers that she doesn't just work with him, they live together and everything. Felicia and Raquel exchange a look.

Later on, Felicia's raised voice is heard and Alaister goes running out of her office. Jamie comes in and asks to see Felicia and Raquel tries to get him to leave but Felicia comes out just then. He doesn't understand why she's so upset and settles the misunderstanding. Marley is his sister and has been dating Alaister for weeks. Felicia apologizes and takes him into her office.

Meanwhile, Alaister finds Marley in the copy room, sitting on the copy machine with no pants. They start kissing and are almost caught. When the man leaves, Alaister puts her back on the machine and removes her shirt. He kisses her nipples, then lets her down, unbuttoning his pants. Marley gives him some head and he returns the favor, then backs her up against the copy machine and starts fucking her. They change positions and he takes her from behind and they cum together. They hide under the table when Tanya comes in and laugh together.

The final reader's poll question comes up and it about sex in the office. 68% said that they had done it and 99% said they'd fantasized about it.

As she puts her shirt back on, Felicia tells Jamie that she'd really like him to come to the Gala with her. Jamie doesn't like being on display and begs off. Later on, Marley tells her brother that he's made a mistake by not going to the Gala with Felicia. Just as she's getting ready to go, Jamie arrives with a rose and in a tux and asks to be her date.

After the Gala, they laugh about seeing the senator at the party. Felicia strips off and jumps into the hot tub and Jamie joins her in his tux shirt and pants. He removes his clothing and sits down, plunging Felicia onto his cock. They fuck for a while, then change positions, with both standing while he takes her from behind.

OPINION: Two out of four. Sex was much better in this one, even though there was no penetration and it was nice to see the boss finally get some!

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