tagLetters & TranscriptsSummer Camp Letters #02

Summer Camp Letters #02



Dear fucking god your letter made me so horny! I'm sorry I didn't write before now. The boy's camp has been so busy, it's crazy. First off, I got a different job. On the very first day, I was asked to work in the office and I stupidly said yes. This means instead of being outside sun tanning and fixing things, I'm inside doing computer work. There is a cute blonde named Tiffany that is working with me, but don't worry I won't fuck her.

So, I work in the office all day and then get evenings to myself. I went to the beach and played my guitar a bit. I haven't had a chance to write any new songs, but just playing my music as the sun sets in the background is soothing enough.

I'm glad things are going well at the beach. I do remember that day and what you forgot to mention is what happened when we got home. If I remember correctly, we fucked like bunnies in the shower. We were soaping each other up and the next thing I knew, you were begging for your ass to be fucked. Who was I to say no? Your ass felt so good. It was so tight and you moaned so loudly. Thank god your parents were gone for the weekend.

I've been jerking off so much since getting to camp. I miss you like crazy and I have no idea how I'm going to survive. I'm sharing a room with another guy, Jake. He's a lifeguard so there's sand all over the floor, which is gross. I go to the washroom to jerk off. I did it three times today because Tiffany was wearing a tank top and jean shorts. You know I have a weakness for jean shorts.

I got into the washroom and pulled down my shorts. I rubbed my cock up and down and squeeze the tip. My hand was covered in precum. The first time I did it, I came so fast it went all over the wall of the bathroom stall. It was so gross to clean it up, but I was still so horny I had to do it again. The second time it was still so much. Every time I jerk off, I imagine your beautiful large breasts and your waxed pussy. Are you going to keep it waxed all summer? You know I love sliding my tongue all over it. I wish I were in bed with you now, between your legs. I'd spread your lips and lick your clit gently. As you started squirming, I'd finger fuck you until you came. I know you love my fingers inside your hot wet pussy.

So Tiffany is such a cutie, but she has a big black boyfriend who I'm not going to mess with. She's older too. I think she graduated from college already. She saw that I got a hard on from staring at her jean shorts and she told me to back off. Would you let me fuck her? I know we haven't talked about this, but I have no idea if I can truly go all summer without a pussy. I'd rather your pussy, but would it be fine if I fucked someone else?

You masturbated while writing a letter to me so I'm going to do the same. I'm sitting up in bed stroking my cock. Jake is supervising some night beach activity so I'm alone for a bit. I'm stroking so hard and fast for you baby. God I want to fuck you so badly. I wish you were sitting in my lap riding my cock. I love how your hot pussy wraps around my cock. I bet you'd squirt all over my cock like you did the night before we left for camp. Oh baby I'm so close to cumming.

There. I came all over my hand. I cleaned it up with tissue. My cock is so hard still. I'm going to need to jerk off again before bed. Do you remember the first time we fucked? It was a few weeks after your eighteenth birthday and we went at it all night. By morning, I was so sore and had cum probably five times. I thought as you got older your sex drive decreases. Maybe it's because I'm away from my gorgeous sexy girlfriend.

I can't wait to hear from you again. I'll be thinking of you every time I jerk off and you know that I'd rather put that hot cum in your pussy as opposed to on some tissues.

Your Horny Boyfriend,


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