tagLoving WivesSunday Afternoon at Home

Sunday Afternoon at Home


“I swear,” Jessie muttered. “This thing hates me.” She smacked the monitor like that was going to make a difference. Glancing up with a wry grin at the rumble of laughter that came from the doorway of their home office, she saw her handsome husband leaning against the doorframe. “What are you laughing at?” she half teased as she gladly got up, pushing away the computer chair with a slight kick.

“Is that mean ass thing getting the best of you again?” Todd teased, his brown eases glittering in amusement.

“It hates me,” she wailed, puckering up teasingly as if she would cry.

“Awww,” came his reply as strong hands reached out to pull Jessie close. Jessie couldn’t hide the grin that flickered over her lips and Todd instantly knew that she knew exactly what she was doing as he felt his wife’s slender arms wrap around him. “Brat,” he whispered into her hair.

Jessie batted her eyelashes sweetly at him.

“You think that will work?” Todd shot back, one of his eyebrows shooting up as he gazed down at her.

“I hope so,” she teased.

“It will, damn it,” he half swore and then broke into laughter as his lovely bride tried her best innocent smile on him. “You knew it would.”

“Well,” she laughed softly, pressing into the strong body that was her husband. “It was just a hunch.”

Todd grinned and suddenly kissed her hard, his lips crushing fiercely against hers. He was rewarded with Jessie’s soft moan and the grip of her fingers into his shirt as she leaned into him. He growled into the recesses of her sweet mouth before he suddenly grabbed her, half dragging her into the living room to throw her succulent body over the arm of his chair.

Jessie cried out in surprise and groaned in absolute lust as she suddenly found herself face down over the thick arm of his chair, knowing what was to come. Her auburn hair streamed down loosely into her now flushed face as her heart-shaped ass was presented beautifully beneath the short skirt she had on to him. In one swift motion, she felt her skirt thrown up over her ass and her thong from Victoria’s Secret ripped off her in one sharp movement. “OH!” she cried out, jerked back a bit at the ferocity of it.

“Hush, my slut,” her husband commanded as the sting of his hand resounded on her tight ass. Todd grinned, knowing she would obey, seeing the shiver of delight ripple down her exposed flesh as his strong hands ripped away the unwanted material and lowered his jeans, his hard cock springing free.

Jessie’s flat belly was thrust forward into the arm of his chair as she felt him position his cock at her weeping slit and then slammed it into the moist depths of her cunt. She cried out, blue eyes widening in lust as his strong fingers tightly wrapped in her long hair, snapping her head back to expose the beautiful line of her neck. Long lashes fluttered down as his teeth bit down into soft yielding flesh, marking her as his and pushed back eagerly against his as his cock unmercifully raped her cunt, her movements matching his as if he couldn’t get deep enough or fuck her hard enough to her satisfaction.

Todd slammed his cock into his wife’s beautiful cunt as he continued to ravish the flesh of her neck, feeling her shudder in absolute ecstasy as they raked over her skin. He loved the way she trembled beneath his lips in a display of wanton lust. Her juices were leaking out to run down her shifting thighs and he slammed his hips forward to send her into the arm of the chair.

Jessie screamed out in both surprise and delight as his free hand suddenly lifted and came down hard on her ass in a stinging caress. The loud {SMACK!} reverberated through the room as her clit throbbed against the brusque material of the rigid char arm beneath her. Jessie dug her nails into the arm of the chair as her clit burned and throbbed. Her husband’s cock was rubbing against it with each savage thrust, driving her insane with wanton need. With her hair streaming in a wild array around shaking shoulders and flushed flesh, she pushed back for more, fighting to withstand the strength of his onslaughts as her walls began to collapse and milk his throbbing cock. Her teeth bit down into the moist softness of her lips as she fought the raging need to cum.

Todd pulled harder on his wife’s soft tresses, his breath caressed hotly over her ear as he leaned into her, biting her earlobe as he growled out, “Cum, slut … NOW!”

Jessie cried out as his hand yanked her head back again, eyes widening in absolute lust as his words rang clear in her ear, sending an electric shock down to her clit causing her walls to collapse in a shudder of need. Suddenly she was cumming hard over his flesh as she screamed out his name. “Oh, Todd! Oooooo, yesss!!”

That was enough to send her husband over the edge, feeling his wife’s hot nectar flood his cock and released a flood of hot cum into her shuddering cunt. The thick ropes bathed her walls as the pulsing of his cock sent her over the edge again. Her screams of release caused him to growl out again as another orgasm ripped hard through her. “CUM!” he commanded.

Jessie shuddered uncontrollably, her whole body quaking as another spasm rocketed through her, sending a flood of warm oozing honey over her husband’s cock that was working in and out of her like a piston. “Ohhhhhh!” she moaned as he continued to thrust into her as he emptied. She jerked suddenly as he reached beneath her to push in on her belly. He knew just how to trigger her multiple orgasms and the strength of his hand pushing into her belly pushed her over the edge. One orgasm after another ripped through her as she heard him command her to cum yet again. She was breathless as she panted in ecstasy, thrashing as his hand pressed deep and yet another wave of lust washed over her. The walls of her cunt tried desperately to grab hold of his thick rod as she coated it yet again in thick creamy juices. God, the things he did to her! She couldn’t stop cumming and he damn well knew it!

Jessie shuddered helplessly, moaning uncontrollably as her body was ignited in an uncontrollable flash of light, bathing her husband in her cum. Soft, pitiful whimpers began to fill the air as her body continued to jerk and spasm beneath her husband’s hard body as she collapses over the arm of the chair. Her voice tried to lift beyond the cries of passion that continued to erupt from her throat as she began to weep. “Please Todd … mercy!”

But Todd only pushed harder on her belly one last time, sending a final orgasm ripping through the woman he loved. He could feel her coat his cock in sweet honey cream as he commanded in a deep voice, “Cum! NOW!”

Jessie screamed out as silver tears sprang to her luminous blue eyes, her body responding reflexively to the sound of his voice. She shuddered helplessly beneath him, her thick sweet juices running out of her well-fucked hole as she melted beneath him in a pile of wanton lust.

Todd slowly pulled his cock from her with a soft popping sound. His own knees were weak and shaking as he turned to sit heavily into the chair, pulling his wife around and into his lap.

Jessie whimpered as she felt him pull out, her cum spilling out of her still spasming cunt and almost collapsed in a heap on the floor before being captured in the strength of her husband’s arms. She trembled almost violently in his arms as she fell against his chest, gasping for breath. She could feel his heart thundering in his chest as he pulled her close in a tight embrace, mini orgasms continuing to ripple through her.

“Mmmmm … damn!” he whispered into her hair, tightening his arms around his beautiful wife.

Jessie trembled uncontrollably against him as tears of relief began to slowly slip down her cheeks from the strength of her response. She shuddered in his arms as her fingers clung in desperation to the man she loved. “Oh god, Todd,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby,” he whispered, pulling her closer.

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