tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 08

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 08

byM.R. Alicante©

Saturday night (late)

Steve was sound asleep, but I was wide awake. He was a sweet guy, but after everything I'd been through this past week, vanilla sex wasn't enough for me. I needed more.

I grabbed his penis--no response.

I gave up and walked into the kitchen. As I fixed a sandwich, I wished DJ would get home. He'd be up for something dirty--no doubt about it. Who knew where the little pervert learned it all? Porn flicks at the frat house? More likely his secret talks with Joe and Roxy next door (as if I didn't know).

Beer in one hand and sandwich in the other, I walked towards the TV.

A key rattled and the front door swung open. Two strange guys walked in!

They were obviously frat boys and I could hear DJ's car outside, driving away.

I was trapped in the middle of the room, hands full and stark naked. What could I do? I walked right up to them!

Their jaws dropped and their eyes fixed on my chest and my smooth crotch.

"Come on in, guys. Can I get you a beer?" I smiled as they just stood there, mouths still hanging open.

"Uh, we're friends of DJ," the red-headed one finally said. "He forgot something--he'll be right back."

"By the way, I'm Susie," I said, putting down my sandwich and holding out my hand.

"I--I'm Matt," said the tall guy with glasses.

"I'm Bret, We--we've met--I mean, I've--uh--seen you before. Last Tuesday."

I felt myself blush as I remembered that night. "Oh. So I didn't see you but you saw me, right?"


"I guess you saw all of me, huh?"

"Uh, yeah." He laughed nervously, trying not to stare at my chest.

"It's OK to look at me, guys. I'm used to it. How about those beers?"

They sat on the couch as I turned to walk back into the kitchen.

I handed them their beers and sat down in the recliner across them, giving them a quick peek at my pussy as I curled my legs underneath me.

Silence. More staring.

Matt finally spoke. "DJ said you'd show us your pussy."

"He did, huh."

"He said you'd know what 'penalty' meant."

The little shit. He's not even here and he's trying to control me. Maybe he knows I'm horny enough to go along.

"Yeah, I do," I sighed. "I guess I'd better show you my pussy." I scrunched down in the chair and draped my legs over the arms. "Except I call it my cunt," I said (hopefully warding off more penalties), placing my arms above my head on the top of the chair.

They crowded between my legs.

"Can--can we touch it--I mean her--er you?" Matt asked, looking at Bret, then me.

Both boys looked up at me with big pleading eyes.

"Um--"I felt my middle tingle. "Sure." I had gotten so used to this. "Help yourselves."

Matt timidly touched my labia.

Bret said, "See her hole? Go ahead--slip a finger in--like this."

With his free hand he slid a finger deep inside me. "She's so wet she's slippery," he said, pushing his finger in to the knuckle.

Matt gingerly copied him, slipping a finger halfway in me, then yanking it out and wiping it on my pubis.

He looked at his finger. "She--she smells fishy."

"That means she's turned on," Bret (the expert) said. Go ahead--try it again while I rub her clit."

With two guys stroking and fingering me, I was breathing heavily by the time DJ finally walked in carrying a bag. He leaned down and gave me a kiss. "I see you've gotten to know my frat buddies."

"Well--they've gotten to know me."

DJ gasped. "You're--you shaved! This is beautif--ohmygod. I've got to check this out." His hand caressed my shaved crotch. For a long minute three guys worked over my now-throbbing cunt.

DJ stood up and reached into his bag, pulling out a scarf. He tied it around my eyes.

Matt slipped another finger inside me and asked, "Do you really enjoy being naked?

It's hard to think with fingers moving around in your cunt. "Um, yeah. I do."

Bret asked, "And people staring at your private parts--does that turn you on?"

"I guess my parts are all public now. Yes, it turns me on."

DJ said something to them and the fingers pulled out. My pussy gaped open, wanting more but the room had fallen quiet.

"What--what's going on?"

Hands stood me up and guided me towards the back of the duplex and into a room. DJ's bedroom. I was gently laid on the bed. Someone slipped soft ropes around my wrists and tied them to the headboards.

Hands caressed my breasts and pinched my nipples. Other hands pulled my legs apart and lifted my knees. More ropes fixed me in that position. The guys crowded in so close I felt their breath on my cunt.

Hands returned to my breasts, and other hands opened me up and slipped inside my once (a long time ago) secret place.

DJ said, "See, if you flip up this little hood you can see her clit--"

Little jolts shot through me as they took turns flicking my most sensitive spot.

"Why is she so wet?" one of them asked.

"She's ALWAYS wet," said DJ, "but she actually drips when she's turned on."

Picturesque, DJ. Thanks. But I had to admit he was accurate.

"Like now?"

More fingers slipped inside me--two, three, even four at a time.

"Can--can we do her anus, too?"

DJ said, "How about it, Susie? You like being fingered back there, don't you?"

Ever since last Tuesday night, DJ had been putting as many fingers in my anus as he could. Every day. I didn't mind it anymore. Maybe he was right--maybe I liked it.

I nodded my head.

DJ showed them how to finger my cunt first, then spread my juices around my asshole before plunging in. At least he had the decency to tell them not to put the same finger back in my cunt.

Before long the fingers opening me and stretching me and sliding in and out of me had me closing in on a really big orgasm.

I heard DJ's voice. "How many fingers inside of her?"

"Um--we've got six in her pussy."

The other one said, "Three--make that four--in her asshole."

"That'll work." I heard him rustle his bag.

"You--you're putting that inside of her?"

"Sure. Watch."

The fingers slid out of me. My holes gaped open--THROBBING to be filled again. I was about to beg when DJ smeared something cool and slimy in my open asshole. Something hard and cold and big slid inside. I shivered and started to pant. I felt bumps and ridges on it as he shoved and twisted it deeper inside me.

I instinctively pushed down and realized those ridges kept me from pushing it out. DJ was putting a butt plug inside me!

My anus was already so stretched it only took a few seconds for me to relax around the plug.

But it was my pussy that cried for attention. "DJ, my front--"

"Sure, Susie. In a minute." He pushed the butt plug in past another ridge--stretching me even further.

"Not there! My front!" I was almost in tears. "Just--rub my clit, OK? Please, DJ--I--I'll leave the thing in my butt."

"Susie. You're tied up!"

Just rub me a little--I'll do whatever you want--"

"We--we can fuck you?" I heard one of the frat guys ask.

"No--no--" I moaned.

DJ quickly answered, "Sorry, man."

"But my hard-on is killing me! I've got to have some relief."

HE needs relief?

The other on chimed in. "Me too, DJ. And SOON. How about blow jobs? You're always talking about how many she gives you--"

He'd promised me he wouldn't talk about what we did together! But it was too late and I was beyond caring. "Please, DJ--I'll give you all blow jobs, whatever you want--just make me come."

"Well--I guess so," he said.

I heard several whoops.

"But you're gonna make me come, right?" I pleaded

"Sure, sure. Who's first?" DJ said as he untied my right hand.

I tried to sit up a little, but that just pushed the butt plug further inside me. I felt like I was splitting in half until my anus accustomed itself to its new size.

A hard cock brushed my lips. I put my hand around it and pulled it into my mouth.

I love young cocks. They're so smooth--and they come so fast! This guy--I didn't even know which one--already had precum on his tip and only held out for a minute or so before he grabbed my head, groaned, and pushed his pulsating dick into the back of my throat.

When he was through I gently pushed him away. Someone else quickly knelt in front of me. This guy was a little more imaginative. When I reached for his cock I felt a hand stroke my boob. Nice! Gently I put my lips on his shaft and pulled him into me. He was much larger than his friend. Or DJ for that matter. He held out longer, too, and when he came I had trouble keeping all of him in my mouth. Some dribbled on my chin. I tried to wipe it off with my hand but DJ grabbed it and tied it back to the headboard.

Bret and Matt thanked DJ as they zipped their pants back up.

Why are they thanking DJ?

"Oh crap. DJ, you need to get us back to the frat house right now."

"You're right, dude--our curfew is 2 am."

"Damn. We'll need to really move," DJ said.

"What--what about me?"

"Don't worry, Susie--I'll be right back. And I'll take good care of you." I yelped as he pushed the butt plug in another notch.

I heard them leave. I felt like a stuffed turkey--trussed, blindfolded, impaled, spread-eagled on the bed.

Then I heard noises just outside the room--did DJ not even close the door?

I knew Steve was asleep two rooms over, but I was scared.

But worse than that, I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life.

I was desperate for someone to bring me relief.


Inside--in the room!



A hand fondled my breast.

"Who--who is it?"

The hand twisted my nipple.

"Ooh--that feels great but come on, guys. You're scaring me."

A hand touched my lips, then recoiled. "Damn--you have cum all over your face! Didn't they even wipe you up afterwards?"


I felt him climb onto the bed, between my outstretched, upturned legs. "My turn now."

He unzipped his pants and lay down on top of me. His cock slid into my swollen cunt. I caught my breath. He pushed deeper and I almost came.

"Joe--what are you doing?"

"I've waited a long time to fuck you--I'm not passing up my chance."

"But what about Roxy? She'll kill me!"

"No she won't--she'll think it's hilarious."

I moaned as he pulled back and thrust deeper inside me.

I sighed. "Joe--she'll never be OK with us having sex like this."

"That's because we're not going to have sex like this."


"Damn, Susie. You're so tight with that thing up your butt. Let me help you with that."

His weight shifted and I gasped as he yanked the butt plug out of me. Before I could react he slid his cock, lubricated with my own juices, into my gaping anus. I was stretched so open it hardly hurt. When he pushed further inside, it actually felt good.

"Damn--it really worked. The butt plug worked!"

"You--you knew about this?"

"You know DJ--can't keep his mouth shut," he said, thrusting deep inside my rectum.

Great. Who else has he told?

He thrusted faster and harder, and when he was all the way inside me his pubic bone pressed against my labia.

"But--he never even asked me!"

"I told him not to. You'd never agree to it." He grunted and I felt him come, deep inside my rectum.

When he was done, he pulled out of me and got off the bed. I heard water running in the bathroom.

He came back in. "I've waited a long time to do that, Susie. Was it was good for you?"

"Fuck you, Joe."

"Looks to me like you're the fucked one, Suze."

We heard a car pull into the driveway.

"Oops--gotta go. Let's do this again sometime."

"At least untie me. Your sperm is leaking out of me. I'm all sticky and now I'm starting to cramp up."

"Nah--your asshole looks so nice all gaping and gooey. I want DJ to find you just like this. Wish I could see the look on his face, though. See ya."

I heard him leave.

A minute later, DJ walked in.

"Susie--what the--what the fuck happened?"

"Joe beat you to it. To me. My asshole. Whatever."

"Joe? Are you sure it was Joe?"

"Just let me loose, DJ."

He untied me and took off my blindfold. I got up and stood in front of him. My anus was a little sore and I really needed to shower and brush my teeth, but first I had something to say.

"DJ, look at me. This whole crazy week, I've let you play with my body however you wanted, right?"

He nodded.

"Have I ever told you no?"


"Guess what, DJ. I've learned a lot about myself this week. I found out I like to be naked, and I found out I can take whatever you guys and Roxy dish out. And most of all I had fun doing it. You and Steve and I had fun together, and I thought we cared for each other--until tonight. This was different, DJ. You put me in danger when you left me alone and helpless. I could have been hurt--and almost was."

I turned and went into the bathroom.

I realized I couldn't live with the guys much longer.

I had some unfinished business with Roxy, though.

When I came out of the bathroom, DJ was changing the sheets. I finished up while he took the damn butt plug into the bathroom.

Even though my clit still needed attention, I couldn't bring myself to sleep with him so I went into Steve's room and snuck back into his bed. Snuggling close, I reached for his penis.

A finger probed my tender anus.

"Ow! Wha--why did you do that?"

He pretended to wake up. "Do what?"

"Bastard! You knew about everything! I don't believe this!"

I rolled away from him, wrapped the sheet around me, and tried to get some sleep.

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