tagRomanceThe Fitting Ch. 03

The Fitting Ch. 03

bySatin and Lace©

His weight upon her body was an experience she hadn't felt for a long time. She wanted this moment to be a like a day. She wanted to see his eyes in passion. Right now she saw a mixture of embarrassment and a wicked glint of perhaps desire.

"Well, Robert I didn't bring us here for this." Rachelle laughed musically.

"Darn the luck. Perhaps I should get off you? Help you up?" Laughed Robert.

He was so athletically adept he had Rachelle on her feet brushing the grass off her back. They realized she had a summer backless dress on. She didn't stop him he felt lucky touching this woman's velvet soft skin.

"I brought you here because I saw somebody I wanted you to meet." Rachelle said to quickly.

"Oh, all I saw were people and dogs." Robert grinned.

"No, my granddaughter she was running with wiggles." Rachelle said laughing.

Robert's face was perplexed he couldn't hide it. He thought she has a granddaughter? She didn't look old enough.

"Yes, Robert I have a granddaughter along with another granddaughter and five grandsons. Is this time for you to leave for another business meeting?" Rachelle sounded defiant.

"I am not running off to another meeting. You just don't look old enough to have grandchildren Rachelle." Robert said it awkwardly.

"I'm sorry I jumped you like that. I am a grandmother, I am very much a family oriented person. I don't give into impulsive behavior. Today is impulsive for me. I don't go off running like I did with you. I am very cautious. Well, until today when you walked into Vaughn's." Rachelle said with her hands on her hips. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

Robert wanted to pull her into him but right now he knew she was like a porcupine. She was a little defiant but he thought she looked beautiful. She must have been hurt she seemed so ready to run like a deer caught in head lights.

"Rachelle I am sorry. I didn't mean anything bad by it. You make a beautiful grandmother. You are so rare to find. Hey, look I'm a grandfather myself." Robert smiled broadly.

Rachelle looked into his eyes and in her mind she thought Robert was special. She looked at him closely, how did she get into this? She was always so careful, she had to be. When just then a thunder burst of torrential rain came pelting down on them. Robert took off his jacket placing it over her head and they both made a run for the nearest shelter. They found one hidden by some trees. Picnic table and a roof and a view of the skies as they opened their clouds for quite a beautiful panoramic vision.

Once under the protection they tried to dry off but realized they were going to stay wet. Rachelle felt vulnerable she had on a dress that clung to her curves, she might as well be naked. She felt it, Robert looked at her uncomfortable and wrapped his jacket around her. They both sat on the table looking towards the sky line.

Robert was sitting here with a complete stranger, beauty and amazingly witty. He saw her curves before he wrapped her in his thousand dollar suit jacket. He was amazed at this. He was going into a man's shop to be fitted for a wardrobe for a trip. He came out with a creature that had already changed his life. Rachelle was looking at the sky line he looked at her profile and felt himself moan with desire. He wasn't sure what to think about this fortunate chance meeting. Her face was so beautifully relaxed.

"Robert don't you love storms?" Rachelle said with awe in her voice.

"Yes, Rachelle I do like sitting outdoors and letting the storm surround my senses." Robert answered.

"So, Robert what's next?" Rachelle asked.

Robert sat there and thought of what was the question? What were they going to do when the rain let up? What were they going to do with the rest of the day? What was he going to do if he didn't at least kiss her? His mind was still trying to figure out the answer's when she laughed.

"I suppose that was a loaded question. I meant what were we going to do when this storm let's us leave here?" Rachelle laughed with a little devilish laughter.

Just as he was about to answer lightening struck a tree across the ball field and made Rachelle jump screaming on Robert's lap.

"Jeeze I hate lightening." Rachelle was shaking as she laid her head on his shoulder with eyes closed.

Robert would have given the lightening a high five if he could. She was as light as a feather. She had such beautiful soft curves. Her eyes closed her lashes splayed out over her creamy white cheeks. Jumping, caused her dress to go dangerously high. He looked down at her legs and felt a surge of desire. This day was just getting better. To think this morning he was feeling down cast. Like a gentleman he pulled her skirt down so she wasn't exposed.

"Rachelle you are safe now. It looks like its going to let up." Robert said softly as he kissed her hair.

Robert was so taken with her scent her hair was so beautifully long, thick. The smell caused his sense of smell to dilate the passage to his brain. His cock got rock hard. He knew she had to be aware of this. His discomfort was embarrassing. He wanted to kiss this lovely creature. So he did. A long lingering slow open mouth kiss. A kiss that held so much promise. A kiss that melted the senses into non action. A kiss that promised so much, yet so tenderly gentle. Rachelle responded with her lips opening for his access inside of her mouth.

Rachelle felt his hard on she was shocked but so intrigued by the feeling against her hip. She kissed him again they were lost in the first physical contact between two people. He started to move her around a little when they heard some children laughing over by the tree's. Rachelle jumped off his lap. Robert stayed sitting he couldn't move right now. Rachelle knew why she laughed at his predictament. She smiled and winked at him. Then she leaned into him and stole a kiss one more time.

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