tagErotic CouplingsThe Tender Touch

The Tender Touch


There was a loud thud and Sven looked up from his laptop.



"There you are." Sven shut his laptop and walked out of the kitchen, it was 9:00pm and Mimi was only just back from work.

"Hey baby, I was getting worried. It's already - oh god. What happened?"

"Ugh." Mimi's face crumpled and she slid onto the hall floor, her eyes empty and her shoulders slumped forward. "I just..."

There was a crack in her voice and Sven winced.

"Oh sweetheart, no. Come here." He sat against the wall next to her and pulled her into him, resting his chin against the side of her forehead, "Don't cry sweetie. Shhh."

Mimi sobbed loudly, trying to hold it in. She hated crying in front of Sven, but it was too late, there threatened to be a full blown crying jag if she wasn't careful. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her temple gently.

"I'm so sorry." She gulped, "I just- oh god, I'm so tired and I've had such a horrible week and-"

"Hey come on. It can't be that bad." Sven turned her face to him and she blinked up at him, tears running down her cheeks. He smiled and wiped them away, stroking her hair gently. "Come here. Stand up."

Sven stood up and helped Mimi to her feet, scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the sofa.

"Come on." He whispered, "Everything is going to be okay. I promise. You're home now."

Sven lay her gently on the edge of the sofa and pulled her shoes off, placing them neatly at the side of the coffee table.

"Mimi, you need to stop doing this. You can't work so hard." He rubbed her leg and smiled up at her softly. "You can't take care of everyone, you know."


"Shh baby." Sven smiled and raised a finger to her cheek, stroking her face softly. Mimi shut her eyes and leant into him, sighing. Wishing desperately that she didn't look like such a mess.

"Oh..." she whispered.

"Oh what?" Sven asked, sitting next to her and pulling off her jacket, laying it down on the coffee table.

"I just can't believe I have you." She blushed.

Sven sighed and rubbed her back through her shirt, kissing her neck, his arms pulling her backward towards him. "Well, you know, you do."

Mimi blushed and hung her head, sniffing and pulling her hair out of her face.

"Now lie down." Sven instructed, standing up and swinging her feet onto the sofa. "Tonight, it's your turn. Tonight I'm looking after you."

"No, Sven, really, I'm fine. I-" Mimi lay her hand against Sven's chest and sat up, gasping.

"Stop it." He chided, "Stop trying to be a hero and lie down." He pushed her back into the pillows and kissed her gently on the mouth. "Now, let's take off this stupid work shirt." He whispered, pulling open the buttons gently.

Mimi furrowed her brow and watched him pull open the tiny white buttons, she raised her hand to reach for them herself but he batted them aside and pressed her hands into the sofa. He shook his head silently and she conceded, letting him pull the white shirt off her, shivering against the air in the room. Sven rubbed her arms and kissed her again, moving his mouth down her neck, leaving behind a trail of minute kisses.

"I'm going to make everything go away." He whispered, pulling at the zipper on her skirt and slipping the crackling fabric over her thighs. Mimi sniffed and smiled at him, blushing. No one had ever done this for her before and she found herself embarrassed by it, a strange, stark relic from her upbringing, cold and religious and full of the merits of that strange Catholic ideal of hard work.

She watched as the skirt fell to the floor and Sven folded it, placing it with the jacket and shirt on the table.

"Oh, you needn't do this." She whined again, rubbing Sven's shoulder, "You needn't. What are you doing stripping me off, like this?"

"Don't be silly," Sven looked up and Mimi shivered a little as she looked into his eyes. "Of course I should do this. You spend so much damn time looking after everyone else, who the hell is going to look after you, huh? Mimi, you'll burn yourself out. Let go a little, hmm?" Sven slid his fingers into the rubber band of her hold up and gave her a lopsided smile. "You won't go to hell for it, I promise."

Mimi gasped and sobbed loudly again, "Oh god, no, it's just- "

"Oh," Sven reached forward and stroked her face, "I didn't mean to set you off, it's just that..."

"I know." Mimi sobbed and looked up at him, "I know."

Sven squeezed her hand and ran his thumb over the back of her hand, "Now let me finish these, okay?"

He pulled the bands of her stockings down and folded them with her other clothes, massaging the red welts they left with his thumb.

Mimi sank into the cushions and smiled,

"There," Sven whispered, "That's it...kitten, just relax."

Mimi sank into the sofa and sniffed, the sticky trails of tears shining on her face, smiling up at Sven. He shook out a blanket and pulled it over her before leaning down to plant a kiss on her mouth, slow and gentle, with just a trace of stubble skimming her lip. Mimi rubbed his cheek in her palm and smiled at him, looking into his eyes.

"I like it when you look a little bit rugged, you know." She drawled, whispering softly, pulling him in again.

"Hmm. Really? That's good to know." Sven kissed her lazily and rubbed her arm. "Wait here."

He kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her shoulder before walking across the living room to the kitchen. Mimi watched him leave and then sighed, sinking under the blanket, trying to will away her headache. She wiped her eyes and let herself enjoy the silence that seemed so static and loud after the day she'd had. She couldn't remember the last time that she'd done nothing. Indeed, she always felt slightly guilty when that happened. She chided herself for being so silly, for feeling sorry for herself but then she wondered if actually, this was better out than in. She was so tense she couldn't think straight.

There was a loud click and the sound of a cupboard slamming and then the soft crish crish crish of Sven walking back across the carpet. Mimi looked up and saw that he was holding a tray piled high with what she couldn't see.

"Here," Sven placed the tray on the coffee table and handed Mimi a mug of hot tea. "Drink it. It'll calm you down." He kissed her temple and perched on the edge of the sofa next to her. "I got you a t shirt and some food too." He beamed, gesturing towards the tray.

"Aww. Baby, that's so cute." Mimi blushed again and put her tea on the table. "Thank you." She squeezed his hand and he unfurled the big grey t shirt that Mimi wore to bed sometimes. She took it from him and put it on, pulling her bra through her sleeve.

"Better?" Sven smiled and watched as she flung her bra towards the rest of her clothes on the floor.

"Much." Mimi smiled and tucked her legs underneath her, twisting around to lie against Sven's shoulder. "Thank you, sweetie." She kissed his cheek and he hugged her tight, leaving his arms wrapped around her, watching as she picked a thing sliver of chocolate from the tray.

"I didn't know we had this. I thought it was gone."

"Nope. There's soup there for you too."

"aww." Mimi whined again and kissed Sven on the mouth, her other hand resting gently on his stomach. She ran her hand around his waist, her fingers catching the edge of his shirt. He pushed his fingers into her hair and scooped her up against him.

"Hmmm." She sighed, "Baby, need you." She moaned, "Need you so bad."

"You sure?" Sven's breath caught in his throat, hot and heavy and thick with lust, "Mimi, are you-"

"Stop it." She sighed, grabbing his face and pushing herself onto his thigh, grinding against him, sucking his lip impatiently, "Stop being so polite."

Sven moaned and picked her up, banging his leg on the coffee table and swearing low against Mimi's neck. She wrapped her legs around him and purred happily as he strode towards the bedroom with her.

There was a slam and Mimi felt Sven crawl next to her on the cold sheets, nibbling her neck and pulling off his jeans eagerly. She twisted herself around and pulled off his t-shirt, running her fingers through his chest hair and purring happily against him, sucking his neck and rubbing him through the thin fabric of his boxers.

"Oh baby," Sven sighed and pulled her panties off, brushing her slit with his fingers and she sighed happily against him, rubbing his chest.

"Want you...in the ass." She whispered, "Do me, baby, please. "

Sven flipped her over and pushed up her t-shirt rubbing her boobs hungrily and kissing her neck. Mimi whined again and Sven straddled her, reaching around her thigh and plunging his fingers into her slit.

"Oh god baby," Mimi whispered, "Just what I need."

Sven rubbed his hard on against her naked thigh and inserted his wet finger into Mimi's ass, the tight ring of muscle giving way under his touch, Mimi whined and arched her back into him as he slid into her, adding a second finger, pushing at her hole enthusiastically. He rubbed her shoulder with his free hand and pushed her gently downwards so that her face lay against the cool sheets.

"You make me so hard when you do that." He whispered.

"Hmm." Mimi whined again and rubbed her bottom against his thigh. He kissed her side and straddled her, pushing his thick cock into her tight hole, shuddering with pleasure as she wailed under him.

"Uuuugggggghhhhuuu. Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh...oh...ugh...baby." Mimi twined her fingers into his and ground against him, angling herself up onto his cock as he pushed into her, tangling himself around her, pushing one arm up into the pillows and reaching forward with the other.

Mimi groaned against him and arched her neck into his mouth as she met his thrusts, clenching against him, making him moan and buck and curse, hot and perfect against her neck. Sven ran his free hand down her thigh and pushed open her legs, his fingers finding her clit in the dark, making her whine out for him, reaching backward and pulling him tight against her as they fucked. Mimi sighed and felt everything rush out of her as he held her against him, tangled together, writhing and groaning in the dark. The contact of their skin comforting, like coming home, Mimi thought.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck....going to come." Sven grunted against her, his hand pressed against her thigh, gripping her hard as he came, hot and wet in her. Mimi whined and clenched against him as he filled her, sliding herself against his cock, moving herself so that the tip of his member hit that sweet spot inside of her that made her stomach fizz and her nipples harden. Sven rubbed her hard, crushing her boobs in his palms and nibbling greedily on her neck. She'd have a huge bruise in the morning, but she didn't care, getting it was too good. She felt her stomach tighten again and she shook against him, whining and grunting and cursing louder than usual, telling him how fucking good he felt inside of her as the world caved in around her.

She wailed and then fell silent against him, curled up against his body, moaning happily.

"Svenny?" she drawled.

"Hmm-hm?" The larger man kissed her cheek and cuddled her tight, "What?"

"Never let me go, okay?" she whispered, snuggling against him.

Sven smiled in the dark and kissed her hair again, feeling her relax against his chest.

"Never." He whispered, rubbing her thigh gently, " I never will." He promised, "Never let you go."

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